General Diet Plans and Questions - "The Stress-Eating Cure" by Heller & Heller

K9 Crazy Girl
08-31-2011, 05:09 AM
I just got this book for my Kindle and I am wondering if anyone else out there has tried or is trying to follow this plan. I have attempted the "Carbohydrate Addict's Diet" in the past, but fell into the typical pitfall of turning my reward meal into a bacchanal of food.

I read "The Stress-Eating Cure" completely, and I am intrigued by the science/explanations about how hormones and stress and food choices play such a big part in weight and overall health. I am going to try to follow the plan for a month and see how I feel - Weight, cravings, mood, etc.

There doesn't seem to be much info out there on this plan (other than the actual book). The official website is very bare and I haven't been able to turn up much in the way of Google searches for recipes or support. Would love to chat with others who are doing this and compare notes.

A little bit about me: I am 34 and I am back up to my highest ever weight three years after losing 70 pounds on LA Weightloss to get to my lowest ever weight. Have been up, then down a bit, then up more, then down a bit, etc. since then. Arrgh!

08-31-2011, 07:34 AM
Interesting to see the Hellers come out with a new book. I was once a big low carber and theirs was one of the first plans I tried but I also fell into the trap of a carb binge at the evening meal so it didn't work for me. I have since learned that, for me, as long as I eat the right carbs (whole grains, fruits, even potatoes) and not a lot of fat, I can eat a lot of them and not feel cravings for sweets and other junk. But that's just me.

I did notice that Amazon is selling the originally priced book of $24.99 for $3.54. That seems like a HUGE price reduction, which makes me wonder at the success of the book.