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01-23-2003, 11:23 AM
We got the call this morning!

Pre-Op testing on February 17, surgery on February 25.

OK, anyone want to share what I need to know as a caregiver?

01-23-2003, 12:43 PM
will be happy to, but i don't have time right now. will do it tonight. it's not too hard. at least i hope not!!!!

01-23-2003, 12:47 PM
Luna, how exciting!!

Feb 25th is my Mom's birthday.

As for being a caregiver.........I don't know.

My first couple of days home I did find it easier to sleep in the recliner, hubby slept on the couch.....which made me feel safe and sound.

He fixed my broth and anything else I needed, and was always there to help me up from the chair and yes, even the potty.

I think you will do just fine, follow your instincts, you know him better than anyone else.

Is hubby ready for his big day?

01-23-2003, 02:53 PM
Is hubby ready for his big day?

I think so. He is making sure all $$ issues are handled (his big "bread winner" concern). He went in early to work to find out what he needs to do there. We have put off discussing this with just about anyone while waiting for an actual date. We just wanted to be sure it was going to happen.

I also have the name of a support leader in the area. I will probably call her tonight. Unfortunately, they meet at a time John can not attend, but I figure if we could “phone a friend” or something to get him in touch with some guys to talk to, they may be able to meet at a different spot/time?

I have been buying protein shakes and taste testing to see what he likes, 0 carbs 26 grams protein.

We now just have to wait for a packet that is being sent out to us. It will list everything that he has to do to prepare. He said no eating 8 hours before the Prep work before surgery.

Did you all have to have a gallbladder scan? They are going to make sure he has no stones or anything, with the thought that while they are in there they might as well take it out if it needs it?! Sort of strange, but I guess I get the idea.

Please keep the ideas coming!

peach pit
01-23-2003, 07:44 PM
oh! Luna! Feb. 25th is not far off at all! Wishing your dh all the best and you too!


01-25-2003, 09:52 PM
and i'm sure there will be other along the way.

first, because of the malabsorption, rny patients can't absorb much more than 20-25 gram of protein at a time, so be careful not to overload with a 40 or 50 gram shake. john won't feel a thing, but it's a waste of protein and he'll end up getting less than he needs

ok. right after surgery, it was hard getting out of the chair and up from the toilet, but i did it alone. just slowly. but i just couldn't get my shoes tied for the first couple of days!!!

make sure there's plenty of clear chicken and beef broth [protein!!!]. and i found that tomato soup with melted cheese was wonderful after a couple of days.

sugar free popsicles.

and perhaps the most important thing: HE'S NOT ALLOWED TO SIT ON HIS BUTT ALL DAY LONG!!!! even if he just gets up and marches in place during commercial breaks, he MUST get up and move!!! helps the healing more than you can imagine. and YES, it hurts. but the more he moves, the better he'll feel.

as he's allowed to eat, his new tiny tummy will hurt, but he has to force himself to eat the two tablespoons of food. really.

and when he throws up, don't worry about it. it's really not a big deal, although the first couple of times can be scary.

and don't rush into eating real food.. we were told that we have just had serious stomach surgery, and we're following a diet for HEALING A STOMACH AFTER SURGERY, and the weight loss program starts a little later. but first, ya gotta give the stomach a chance to heal.

and just in case no one has told you what 'small bites' means [i had to guess!!!] i've decided that it's about the size of my pinky fingernail,. and it hasn't failed me yet, especially when i was trying out new foods. like steak. which sits just fine with me when i eat it this way.

oh. and about food., some days something will sit just fine, and other days it won't. if something doesn't work, wait a week or two and then try again,. my advice: don't get into a rut about only eating certain things because 'last time it came up.'

there will come a day when it will stay down. very well. and you'll have something else to enjoy.

of course, i'm still having trouble with turkey, but gravy helps.

oh. and gravy DOES help. just a tablespoon or two. it's ok.

more as i think of it...

01-26-2003, 02:46 PM
My hubby helped me around. I kept changing from bed to couch to recliner. He helped me put peroxide and antibiotic ointment on my incisions. He made sure I had juice and sf jello and popsicles when I got home and then when I went to stage 2 he made me some cream of chicken soup (strained) and cream of wheat and cream of rice. He made enough to put into containers and then I could just scoop some out when I needed it. He reminded me to take my vitamins and medicine. :)