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07-14-2011, 10:02 PM
Anyone else feel like they just dont fit into this workout? I see everyone all slim on the videos doing stretches that my stomach gets too much in the way for me to do and lasting way longer than me. They talk about the people in the video being cross country runners and I just feel like I'm no where near that league. And everyone I know whos doing this has been working out for years and is just doing this to lose a little extra. This is the first work out I've ever done and though I love it and the effects its having on me, I just feel like an impostor while doing the workout.

I'm getting back on my diet, about a year ago I quit smoking and decided to work out. I didnt have anyone to work out with me so I just gave up. I weighed 200lbs then, now I'm at 220lbs but my husband is working out with me (skinny little 6'3" man who weighs roughly 150lbs). I'll be glad just to get back down to 200

07-16-2011, 05:24 PM
We bought this a few weeks ago. This program isn't for me right now. My joints in my knees and hips don't like the workout. I simply can't do the workout. However, I may try it again once I drop down a certain weight where I feel like I can do it. My husband and children can do the workout. I just don't like all the jumping and weight pounding on my joints.