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03-02-2011, 04:59 PM
hopefully this will be the right spot to ask these..
i am calorie counting right now and i am thinking about adding some carb counting also to see if that helps. so for someone just wanting to cut back some on carbs to help with my calorie counting..what do you think would be a good number to stay under..
and does it matter if its a fruit veggie or grain..should a certain percent of my carbs be from a specific food group, and i can subtract the fiber from the carb..is that correct???
i did atkins years ago, before his death so before it became a more mainstream diet i personally don't remember net carbs...but i was young and basically just following what my mom said to do..i just remember a lot of eggs, cheese, meat, and greenbeans and peeing on sticks checking for ketosis
i don't want to follow a low carb diet per se, i just want to be more aware and hopefully get a better balance of foods/nutrients etc...

any advice you throw my way would be greatly appreciated
oh and my calories vary from 1400-2000 a day if that makes a difference

thanks :)

03-02-2011, 05:20 PM
I personally eat under 100 grams of carbs a day, I only pick lean meats though and I'm not eating much cheese right now.

A typical dinner for me is:
6 oz grilled chicken
1.5 cups grilled squash or zucchini
1.5 cups lettuce mix
1 cup sprouts
2 tbsp of balsamic vinaigrette

That's 284 calories, 12 grams carbs, 8 grams fat, and 43 grams protein.