Exercise! - first x-c ski of the year, what a difference from last year~

12-12-2010, 04:55 PM
I just got home from the Collingwood area after a great ski at Highlands Nordic.
Last year my first few skis were so hard and tiring, and I could barely do the hills, I was stopping every 5 minutes at least to catch my breath.
This year, I have been exercising more, but not as much as I would like, and I had no idea that I was in MUCH better shape. I didn't stop except at the base of the biggest hill, and a couple of times to let racers by as there was a race on today.
It was great, the weather was fine, just below freezing so not too cold, but I was layered well and didn't overheat.
Have I mentioned I don't like to exercise? at least not traditional exercise. I walk the dog, and go to hot yoga, and in the winter, I enjoy cross country skiing. For anyone who doesn't think hot yoga is aerobic enough, this is my personal proof it makes a difference.
A year ago when I vowed to increase my fitness as part of my weight loss and pre-diabetes program I didn't know it would work so well. But I felt that I was working aerobically in the yoga classes, and its nice to have it so clear now.
Big snow here today, more skiing in my future!