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11-18-2010, 01:02 AM
Today is the first day of the rest of my life and I'm gonna make darned sure it's awesome. Has anyone heard of Enation's song "World in Flight"? I've been listening to it all day yesterday and it's awesome! Check it out if you can. I can't wait till next week Monday to find out how much damage I've done on the scales! It'll be intense for sure! Here's to an on plan day!

11-18-2010, 04:18 AM
Good morning, Okie. :) I haven't heard the song you're talking about or even the group that sings it. Hmmmm, I'll have to look it up later and give it a listen.

I'm still at work for another 2 hours and then it's off to the gym. I'm going to get up early today and try to make it to our Assistant Fire Chief to make sure I get those UGA/GA Tech tickets before anybody else snatches them up. I'm SO excited!!! I've never actually attended a UGA game even though I had several friends that graduated from there. Aside from that the only plans are gym, work, and then gym again.

Hope everybody has a good day!!!

11-18-2010, 06:29 AM
Good morning Okie and Natasha :wave:

I will check out that song, Okie :)

Natasha, I hope you get those tickets!!!

I don't have much to say that is not negative, so I will leave that part out :) I was up at 4am, I went ahead and took a shower. I am bone tired, but DH yelled at me and my feelings were hurt, I couldn't go back to sleep. I am hoping to stay OP today, esp with Thanksgiving coming, this Sunday for us. My family of origin as well as DH's family is not having a dinner :( So I am it for us. I am trying to make us as low fat as I can. I am going to allow myself to go off plan that day and then back to P1 again for a week or so.

Have a nice day everyone!! I am around for a little while longer because I got us sooo early :(

11-18-2010, 06:31 AM
Good Morning:sunny:

Thanks for getting us started here, Okie. I'm planning for an OP day here, too. I'll check out that song when I get home.

Natasha, you constantly amaze me with your dedication to the gym. I hope you get your tickets today!

BelovedK, I got to thinking maybe it's the moon that's setting your DH off...sorry you have to endure, but just keep remembering it's not you. Stick with it know we are all here for you.

It's supposed to be quite warm here and I have a lock changing project for later when it warms up, but right now I'm headed out the door. Our Sr Center was supposed to have Thanksgiving yesterday, but it was postponed because of the weather. Today is the day, and turkeys are going in the oven soon. Finally, something I can do at 3 in the morning!

Have a great day, everyone! I'll be back later!

11-18-2010, 06:46 AM
Seems like it's been an off week food wise for a lot of people, myself included. I start the day with the best of intentions and then stray....stray....stray. Not necessarily binging, but just eating too much on plan food or cheating with one item (like last night's bag of cheetos.) Then comes the thought - why be so strict right before Thanksgiving, you know you will go off plan then, etc. etc. SIGH!!!!!

11-18-2010, 07:09 AM
Good morning! We are going to be back to sunshine again - on the day that I leave for the Wet Coast. They even have snow predicted out there. Grrr! I'm hoping it's just a skiff, not a big drift, because Nanaimo shuts down with real winter.

OKie, it just struck me that your nickname stands for OK on program! Think about that and try to live up to your name. Believe me, I do know how hard it is. (Anybody notice that I killed my ticker?)

Natasha, yesterday was a Natasha sandwich :lol: since you cranked us up and were last poster. Thanks for welcoming BigLegCutie. I'm going to change her post into a stand alone one so she gets more welcomes.

Beloved, I certainly hope your day improves. I would really love to slap your DH! Stick to your guns.

Lexxis, yes early mornings are great for getting things done. No phone calls and nobody at the door. I can almost smell the turkey. I am hoping to persuade my DD to cook a turkey when I'm out there. I was in Italy for our Thanksgiving and can't wait until Christmas dinner.

Mathilda, I've been off program too! It must be something in the air. There's not a full moon for a while so :shrug:. We seem able to rationalize a lot of "sins".

Only one dog went to pet therapy with me yesterday. Disney went out late morning and came back streaked with black just before we were to leave. The guys who cleaned out my eaves on Tuesday left a pile of "stuff" on the patio and ... Yick! They were back yesterday afternoon to clean it up and hose it down - very apologetic.

A busy morning ahead with yet another bank run this morning and then packing. The dogs go to the kennel around noon and then I head for Ottawa for lunch with Shirleyanne before I go to the airport. This time tomorrow I hope I'm still asleep in the lovely Coast Bastion in Nanaimo.

Not sure if I will have PC access when away but will be thinking of you as some of you gear up for Turkey Day. Be strong!

11-18-2010, 07:29 AM
Good morning :coffee2: I can't believe how busy it is in the early mornings! I always feel like a slacker when I get here :) Yesterday I learned that you can get bacterial bronchitis and, apparently, I have it. Maybe all this tired isn't just the new job. I'm gearing down a little this week and next week is quiet too so that and the meds should get this out of my system.

Okie - Hope your day is sunny. Are you getting excited about your move?

Natasha - Good luck with the tickets! I haven't been to an SU game since I as a student but it was fun!

Beloved - Sorry he is being such a PIA. We could come down and have a little talk with him :club: Hope today is a better day for you.

Debbie - How's the internet connection today? Happy cooking

Mathilda - I've been on and off plan for weeks too. Cheetos, now there's a flashback. I was the snack food queen. We can all do this together - let's get through one on plan day today and not worry about next week.

Ruth - Have a wonderful visit! I'd love to see pictures if you take any :)

I've got another pick pot of fresh ginger tea on for after my coffee. I swear the tea with a fresh lemon squeezed in is the single best thing for chest congestion I've ever found. I'm spending the morning at home making phone calls then I have a really important meeting on the other side of the state at 4. I'd back out if I could but I really do need to be there.

Have a good on plan day friends!

11-18-2010, 07:44 AM
Good morning, everyone!

Moving off of phase 1 this weekend, and into phase "rest of my life" (ok, not really, but it sure does feel that way with the amount of weight I need to lose, heh). Today: on plan, again. Tomorrow will be more challenging as I'm out of my stockpile of pre-made lunches for work, but today is all joy and many-bean chili with cheese.

May your days be filled with joyful on-plan-ness. :D

11-18-2010, 07:48 AM
Good morning!
I'm running late (again) this morning. I was glad to read each of the posts though and I wish I could somehow give everyone a big hug! Some of you for cheering me up on a morning when I'm feeling so down and the rest of you just because it sounds like you need a hug.

I'll be back this evening - I need to pack my lunch and dinner and get out of here. I've got parent teacher conferences this afternoon so won't get home til about 8 pm.

:hug: to all!

11-18-2010, 08:04 AM
Good morning chicks.

This is certainly a tough time of year for many of us. I've actually had a much better week than last week. I am hoping to splurge a little on Thanksgiving day but not end up feeling as stuffed as the turkey! Quiet day for me. I am still learning a new software program and after yesterday's training call my mind was fried... so today I want to walk things through on my own and clean up my notes and hopefully unscramble my thoughts. Oh, and boring elliptical. And eat OP:)

Have a great day everyone.

11-18-2010, 08:07 AM
This place hopping today! I'm glad to see there are a lot of Early Birds up and about. I've been up, but putting together supper for tonight. I never know what time I'll get home at the end of the day, and it's so much easier just to prepare supper in the morning and refrigerate it. ;)

Okie ~ That song is unfamiliar to me, too, but I'm curious enough to check it out. I'm glad it brings you inspiration.

Natasha ~ by my calculations, you should be at the gym right now. I'm going to search for Rent! on Amazon, and thanks so much for telling me about it. I may buy myself a Christmas present! :)

Beloved ~ I hope your DH's disposition improves before your holiday dinner! Want me to help Ruth slap him? Try to hang in there and do the right thing.

Debbie ~ That sounds like fun, roasting turkeys at the Senior Center. The girls had their T-giving dinner for their school lunch yesterday, and it really put us all in the mood for one of my favorite holidays. Did you catch Survivor last night? I'm really rooting for Jane! She's awesome!!!

Ruth ~ Have a wonderful visit with your DD and family, and I'll keep my fingers crossed that the snow doesn't happen until AFTER you leave. I bet you were pretty annoyed when you saw Disney, but I'm glad they came back and cleaned up the mess. Did you call them back? ;)

Cyndi ~ I'm glad the tea and meds are helping your bronchitis. I've had a terrible cough and hoarseness for over a month, and I wonder if I had bronchitis, too. It's finally starting to get better, though, so I'm not going to bother with seeing the doctor. Jake thinks it's from working in the basement and the paint fumes. :dizzy: Be careful with all your driving today!

Ok, who else is going to pop in here before I get this posted?

I'm taking Tyler with me this morning, so that should prove interesting, and Andrea is picking him up right after lunch. I'll take him down to the barn to see the horses and maybe give him a ride on Blueberry, our miniature horse. I bet he'd enjoy that. :) It's going to be a nice sunny day, and I'm sure the girls will want to try to get a ride in after school, before it gets dark.
This week went fast, and I'm looking forward to my nice, long weekend again! And next week will be a short week, too!

11-18-2010, 09:10 AM
I'm like everyone else, and having a difficult time staying 100% on plan. So, just checking in to keep accountable!

11-18-2010, 12:58 PM
Morning everyone :coffee: time

FO, great attitude! We will all have :fingers: for you for good news from the scale. But regardless of what happens, you are so better off being on the beach. No, haven't heard that song nor the group but I'm pretty much a country music gal.

Nat, I'm impressed that you can go to the gym after getting off work. When I worked, I was tired after putting in a long day and no way could I have exercised then. Would (and should) have done it before work in the morning. Hope you get those tickets!

Beloved, hoping things get better between you and hubby. :hug:.

Lex, Getting turkeys in the oven is a good feeling and soon after they start smelling so good.

MM, We just can't have those "why not" kind of thoughts. If we do, they soon add up and we have completely fallen off plan. So girl, claw you way back up on the beach and get some good "on plan" days under your belt before TG.

Ruth, our youngest adult daughter took her French Bulldog to be evaluated for a therapy pet last night and he passed:). We are so proud of him as she rescued him and the one we have just last May. Hope you have a great time on your trip.

Cyndi, I'm usually the last one checking in in the morning and feel like I've been a lazy bones but heck, in order to be up as early as some of you, I would need to start at midnight out here and that's just not going to happen :). Ginger tea brings back a few long ago memories. My mom used to give it to me when I was having terrible TOM cramps as a teenager. As I recall, it did help. Boy, was that a long time ago :).

Hey Annie, don't think I've met you before. Congrats for completing phase 1. Best advice I can give you is to keep ahead in your planning and preparing of meals. Don't let yourself get in the position of not knowing what you have on hand to eat that is on plan. Hope to hear from you often.

Heidi, morning :wave:. Hope all the parents are nice to you.

WT, here's hoping you figure out that computer program.

Cottage, I agree! Jane is one tough old lady!

Hey Twynn, hang in there!

From the sounds of things, guess I'm the exception this morning about being able to stay on plan and I am so very thankful for being able to. One never knows though and I may be the one in trouble tomorrow. It is such a narrow tightrope that we walk on this journey. I know for me if I make one slip it is a nightmare trying not to make more so I am very hard on myself. Been there and done that too many times so this time I'm digging my heals in and giving it my all.

Also, great news! I conquered the hill yesterday! That was a big achievement for me. Not sure I will make it up and over it every day but now I know I can and will do it as often as I feel I I can.

Speaking of that, it's time to put on my walking shoes.


11-18-2010, 02:10 PM
Good afternoon everyone,

I am just feeling tired today and I am craving fruit... tomorrow is day 14- the end of Phase 1- so I guess I just know that I can have some soon and am really looking forward to it.

OKie- Hang in there girl!!! I too have not heard of the group will have to research as well.

Beloved- :hug: hang in there...I have learned to not take crap from my DH- I really think he might be bi-polar. I have told him you cannot retract mean words once they have left your mouth. Saying sorry later does not take the words back. Something they need to learn.

Natasha- fingers crossed that you get the tickets.

TallnThin- way to go conquering the Hill. Whewhoo!!!!

Tonight is DD2 Dance and that is about it- I can't wait till Saturday so I can sleep in- I think that is why I am so tired- getting up at 4:40 a.m. to work out is tiring. I felt great after the workout but ready for bed by 8:30 p.m. hehe

Have a great rest of the Day everyone!!!

11-18-2010, 05:20 PM
Hi all!

I'll never catch up with everyone today but I read posts and am current will all my beacher friends. Our luncheon turned out just great! Since new beachers have been asking about holiday meals this is how I handled my day.
At 3am I had my vitamins and usual breakfast smoothie, anticipating donuts:fr:
At 5am the crew started eating apple fritters, I had a slice of pumpernickel toast.
At 10am the crew had starbucks and apple fritters, I had a great iced tea, and didn't eat the apple I brought with me.
I pulled out veggies before the yucky cheese sauce was put on, and set aside a piece of pumpkin pie w/o whipped cream.
My plate was turkey, veggies,1/2 a whole wheat tortilla, a slice of pie and 1 T of dressing. I gave the pie crust to DH, and did not add the jello, white roll,dressing, mashed potatoes or gravy to my plate. I consider that to be a successful day. I didn't pick at the food at all while we were cooking.

I need to sit and take a break...although my house looks like a hurricane hit. :shrug: We did get leftovers from lunch so I'll put them out for dinner and let Kirk pick what he wants. I didn't bring home any mashed potatoes or gravy.

Hope you're all having a great day! See ya'll tomorrow!

11-18-2010, 06:51 PM
:wave: my meetings were canceled so I worked from home all day. 24 phone calls (yes, we track) but I didn't have to drive all over the state. I still have a conference call and one more survey call tonight but I'm home.

Wow, great job Debbie!

Time to throw dinner together before the 6:30 call.

11-18-2010, 07:35 PM
Natasha, you're a rock star! Tell me what you think of the song!

Beloved K, hope you and hubby make up. Good for you planning out what's gonna happen on Thanksgiving Day and how you'll react. Tell me how u like the song and the band!

Ruth, lol on OK program, I caught that awhile back.

Have a great day everyone!

I've postponed my trip to July or August, gotta save up dollars u know!

Good for you Debbie, great day u had! How was the food?

11-18-2010, 10:37 PM
WHew- I am sooo pooped guys! Sorry but no personals from me tonight, except to say Happy Birthday ZEFF! :) I hope you got everything you wanted and more! :balloons:

I didn't workout per say today and its kinda a great thing because I came home to no water! and a huge hole in the pavement in front of our house, they have been working on it for like 3 hours now- I wonder if a pipe burst... anywho- I did get almost an hour walking around the hotel checking rooms today without stopping so I am counting that as my workout! Had gf rf pizza for dinner tonight with a big salad. It was pretty good. I will do better OP tomorrow, have to leave early to work in the morning they are expecting so much traffic they are bussing(sp) employees in. Oy. anywho- Hope you guys have a great Friday!!! :)

11-18-2010, 11:16 PM
Take care rdw1! Happy B-day Lindsay!

11-19-2010, 12:09 AM
Good evening, ladies. Writing again from work, of course. Guess who has 2 tickets to the GA/GA Tech game!?!?!? I'm SO excited!!! I told mom when I got home this morning that I was going to get up early to go pick up an early Christmas present for her. She was racking her brain trying to figure out what it could possibly be and the only hint I would give her is that it would normally cost us $200 but I was getting it for $100 instead. When I showed up back home and told her about it she screamed, LOL It was definitely worth the money...she's super excited. :)

Beloved - I'm sorry you're having such a tough time w/ your hubby. Perhaps you need to get away for the weekend or something and have a little time to yourself.

Lexxiss - Thanks for the kind words. ;) The gym has become an addiction for me...I miss it when I don't go. So glad to hear your luncheon turned out so well. Sounds like you did pretty good w/ the options giving...kudos to you!!! And good for you for not bringing home the mashed potatoes and gravy!!! ;)

Ruth - I'm JEALOUS...I want snow, dang it!!! :( I'm sure I wouldn't be so happy about snow if I got it as often or in the quantities that some of you guys do, but an inch or so every 8 years just ain't enough!!! Hope you have a wonderful trip!!!

Cyndi - Oooh, sorry about the bacterial bronchitis...that sounds nasty. I used to go to all the football games when I was in college, but Valdosta State isn't anywhere as big as UGA (although we DID have an excellent team). Mom's never been to Athens, so I'm excited to get to show her's a fun time. Hope you feel better!!!

annie - I don't remember seeing you around before, so welcome to the beach!!! :)

Heidi Hope you're having an okay day. ;)

WaistingTime - I have the same plans as you for Thanksgiving when it comes to splurging. We're not cooking at home this year and are instead going to Cracker Barrel so I won't have all those leftovers at the house to continue to eat on for days and days and days. Unfortunately that also means no turkey vegetable soup...oh noooooooooooooooooooo!!!

cottage - You were right...I was still at the gym when you posted, LOL Hope you're able to find Rent on Amazon. I was SO happy to see it that I ordered it right away even though it was still a month and 1/2 before it was even released, LOL I love love LOVE Rent!!! :)

TallandThin - Thanks for your kind words. ;) My doctor actually only recommended 30 minute walks on the days I don't work (5 days one week, 2 days the next) but as long as I'm not super tired when I get off work, I try to make it over there. I have to keep the momentum going or I'll just completely stop all-together. 4 years ago I was going every single day and then a co-worker passed away and I got wrapped up w/ his funeral and everything and I never went back. It's too easy to get off track so I try my best not to. Plus when you guys say something like that, it makes me feel accountable, so thanks for that b/c it DOES help me!!! :) Oh my, I totally read your comment to Ruth wrong and thought you were saying the dog had passed as in died...I was about to tell you how sorry I was, LOL Glad it's something positive instead...congrats to him!!! And CONGRATULATIONS on tackling your hill yesterday...that's awesome!!! I hope that you are proud of deserve it!!! :)

PearlRose - Oh yay...almost time for you to be able to have fruit!!! That and carrots were what I was waiting for Phase II for, literally.

rdw - Sounds like you have a mess outside your house...hope it gets cleaned up soon!!!

Anywho, I'm still on Cloud 9 from getting those tickets. I told him if he has any that he needs to get rid of next season to let me know. If I remember right, his wife is an alumni and they have season tickets. Eeeek, I'm so excited!!!