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11-10-2010, 07:09 PM
Ok I've been reading old threads about her.. how everyone thinks she's a quack/etc.. but anyone here actually follow her plan and lost any weight/kept it off?

I didn't she wasn't a real doc/quack etc.. I like her show.. disappointed to hear she is. I think her plan is good.. I want to lose weight..and trying to go vegetarian somewhat/do food combining.. I feel alot better..doing day 2 of her detox thing.

12-17-2010, 12:33 PM
It is as with any "diet", calories in;calories out.
Yes, you lose weight on this program. My daughter tried it for a short period of time. She has really bad acne. Amazingly her face completely cleared with a healthy glow. I know what this tells about her health, but oh well, I can't control an adult!!
It was fun for a while, but when the novelty wore off the diet went by the way side.
Again it is calories in; calories out. You will lose weight on anything where there is a deficit of calories.

12-17-2010, 02:39 PM
I don't know many people who would find it a sustainable way of life, but then again I guess it depends if you mean her all-sensational short-term TV diet or more the books where the marginally more sustainable version appears. It's a very significant change, and if you aren't ready to live it then it won't sustain. Yes it will take off some weight if you follow it, but this is the case with virtually every diet plan, the question is not of will it work but will it work for you.

A do have a friend who did well on it, but then again she's already a vegan so not much of a stretch for her, just a different balance of vegan goodies. I worry that the calories come in too low. Gillian's not exactly a glowing recommendation for her own program given that she is very underweight and has a long history of fainting, which has not been proven to be unrelated to her nutritional status (though not proven related either).

If you read a diet plan and think yes, I can see myself doing this for the next minimally 12 months then it's worth a shot. Look and think OK at xmas I'd have this, at Thanksgiving I'd be happy with that and when I go to Thingie's wedding we'll have those, on holiday I'll get the so and so and next time I go out for a family meal I'll choose the... If you can't see how you would fit those real life events into the confines of any plan then I think it's not the right choice.

Incidentally, much of the effect of these plans is placebo, if you tell people they are ridding their bodies of "toxins" then they will feel better because they feel toxin free. Small-scale experiments show similar effects for people drinking fruit flavoured water and being told it's "very cleansing" they often report huge improvements in the way they feel. I don't knock placebo, if it works it works, but it may not necessarily work in a physical way.

12-17-2010, 05:21 PM
I agree that it's a very reasonable approach if you're already a vegan. In fact, many of the meals she makes on YAWTE are very similar to meals I make normally. Some of her favorite tricks like adding seeds to everything are again things I already do. Some of what she preaches smells like quackery and is good for a laugh. But the benefits of switching to a mostly-vegan, high fiber, lower calorie diet probably far outweigh any negatives for the folks on her show. The plan she utilizes is very similar to the Eat To Live plan.
You can manipulate the calorie count of vegan meals to be as high or low as you need, even following G McK's very strict rules. Nuts, nut butters, tofu and tempeh are relatively high calorie, high protein, high fat foods that can be prepared a billion different ways, and you could increase the amounts of these foods if you're not getting enough calories with this plan.

12-31-2010, 02:26 PM
I think her diet is very healing and good if you have a lot of health issues, especially issues due to inflammation or gut problems. I have learned a lot from her books, but it's not for me.