Weight Loss Support - Thinthinker invited me into your group

10-31-2002, 12:19 PM
I posted a novel on another part of the board, Thinthinker responded and invited me into your group.

I will try and not write a novel again, but give you the short version of my life

I have been a stay at home mom for 7 years. I have 4 kids. I went back to school in the spring (love it) and now I am a Partylite consultant. My life is in a constant wirlwind . Sometimes I like it that way, it makes life exciting.

I use to go to WW, but I my friends stopped going, and then I got tired of paying the weekly fee's so that was a good enough excuse to quite. I did loose about 27#'s, but of course I have gained it all back. I want to return to WW, but I just have not found the motivation to do it. My WW books sit on my desk, I keep telling myself that I will just start again, but I will just do it on my own. WRONG! I need to motivational support and encouragment. Plus it really does help to be held accountable to the scale every week.

Well that is about all for now, I have to get my kids to school and then I am off for school myself. I will try and check in later today.

Have a great one all!:)