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09-27-2010, 06:30 AM
Week 4~ Can you all believe it? I hope everyone is doing a great job at this challenge.

After my initial drop of 5 pounds, the scale is just sitting there. But I did get in workouts on my days off last week. Not quite up to the 5 I wanted, but I did do some good runs.

This week I will challenge myself to 5 workouts as well.

W 64 oz
E extra laps. Maybe workout during Maks swim lesson
E 1400 cals
D keep up a good attitude.

09-27-2010, 10:44 AM
Hi everyone!

Jeni – I can’t believe the problems you’re having getting into PT. Hopefully it will resolve this week! Also, belated congrats to Mak

Mothermavis – Oh how I wish we could have a dog –allergies prevent it.

Mtiger , Freethetoys – my sympathies re: TOM. I am sooooo happy for chemopause (and crossing my fingers it turns into menopause)! I will be one :mad: girl if TOM comes back to visit!

WillsAngel – I love this: “Enjoy this beautiful weather and celebrate my transforming diva self!!”

My day is looking to meet up with this:
W-64 oz – looking good
E - exercise – it’s a strength training day
E - follow menu – so far, so good – only the cooking left to do ;)
D – To be, or too busy to be?

09-27-2010, 11:53 AM
I know I haven't been posting much, but I'm still here. I haven't really been setting a WEED goal, but I'm staying on plan pretty well with everything but the exercise. About the only thing I've been doing is some upper arm exercises, trying to get my arms ready for that strapless dress (5 1/2 more weeks). Saturday I finally reached that 40 lb mark that I thought I would hit no later than Labor Day (and had dreamt about reaching by the 4th of July - ha ha). I now weigh less than I have in probably 15 years (and I didn't stay at this weight very long back then). I'm also getting very close to onederland - a place I've not been in 20+ years.

Even though I've not been posting much in this thread, I've been trying to keep up with the reading. I've been dealing with some serious family drama and stress and because of that I've been a little (a lot) scattered :)

My WEED for today.

W: 100 ounces
E: Zumba video (hope I have time - have a funeral visitation to go to tonight)
E: 1200-1400 calories - low carb
D: I started some decluttering on Friday that I need to finish tonight.

09-27-2010, 10:19 PM
Hello Hello!

I think I have hit my first mini plateau - i am hovering at 286.5 I am having problems getting 1500 calories in. I am going to increase the amount of exercise, i was doing 30min every other day, I am going to go to 5 days a week.

W - 64 oz plus
E-Zumba class tonight
E - 1000 cals
D - don't be discouraged if I am at a plateau

09-28-2010, 07:36 AM
I am irritated as he!!. I have been busting my butt with exercise, making pretty good food choices and the scale has been going up for about 10 days. What????????

W 100
E Nothing!
D Take a break, see if it helps

09-28-2010, 08:41 AM
Kris (MamaP) - nice to see you again! Congratulations on the weigh loss and staying OP.

WillsAngel - I've been having problems for the past 3-4 days getting even half my calories in - what gives? Is it the time of year? :dizzy:

mothermavis - I would be more than irritated. Not sure what would cause that... :dunno: but I hope it's resolved soon!

As for me, I start my radiation therapy today, so my focus will be on getting things organized for supper before I leave, and getting a little nap before (haven't been sleeping well lately):
W - 64 oz – this shouldn't be a problem
E - exercise – I'll be taking advantage of being at the hospital to do some indoor walking, and I'll check out if I have access to their gym. There are days where I might be there a while, depending on how my transportation goes.
E - follow menu – this should be good today; yesterday, had forgotten an appointment and so ate out at a fish place. I thought I was doing reallly well (mussels steamed in a veg broth, and broccoli). Then I got home and input into SparkPeople -- OMG the sodium! the cholesterol! :yikes:
D – To sleep, perchance to dream zzzzzz

09-28-2010, 08:58 AM
Sea Wave - Yeah I have no clue on how to eat more without eating bad stuff, I am kinda worried I am not getting all I need.

Mother Mavis - I am feeling your pain, it will break soon!! Don't give up!!

Mama P - Gratz!! Whoo hoo on your weight loss!!!

W - 64 oz +
E - Knees are swollen and hurting, will try to do something in the evening.
E- 1500 cals
D - nap today

09-28-2010, 11:18 AM
MM~My best unscientific guess is that your body is revolting. It is saying NO NO NO I am comfortable!!! so its holding onto every bit of water and fat that it can. You will probably see a big whosh coming up.

Kris~I hope your famly stuff works out okay.

Willsangel~ If your are only eating 1000 cals and getting in 30 minutes of workout a day your body might just not be getting in enough calories. I think you should get in more calories. Maybe add a couple of more higher cal fruits to your diet.

Seawave~hope your radiation therapy works. You are so positive!

So TOM came early. Dang it anyway. I am extra irritated with everyone right now. and I am frustrated with Wills work because they are not able to get him into the payroll system for some reason. I have been expecting his first paycheck on friday and now it looks like it will be 2 weeks out. ERRR

I think I need a day away from everyone to regroup myself. Maybe My mom will take my kids for the weekend.

W 100 oz
E 40 minutes of cardio
E 1400 cals
D housework, laundry dishes and cook meals for 2 days.

09-28-2010, 11:36 AM
Jeni ~ I hope they get your husband's pay issues resolved soon. That can be so frustrating. A day away would be nice, too.

SeaWave ~ good luck with the radiation. I hope all goes well. I agree with Jeni - love your outlook!

WillsAngel ~ try adding in a protein shake or green smoothie. I was having trouble early this summer getting in enough calories so I started drinking green smoothies - they are loaded with healthy stuff and taste pretty good. Right now if I'm low I add in an extra protein shake or eat a can of tuna or sardines - that way I'm adding in calories and protein. If you like avocados they are about 250-300 calories and are very good for you.

Mothermavis ~ I agree with Jeni. Your body is just fighting letting go. Keep doing what you are doing and I'm sure things will start moving the right direction again.

I did pretty good yesterday. Got over 100 ounces of water in, 1200 calories (low end, but better than the 1000 I've been hitting lately) and got a chunk of the decluttering done. I didn't get a chance to do the Zumba video because I got home late from the funeral visitation.

I hope everyone has a great day.

My WEED for today.

W: 100 ounces
E: Zumba video
E: 1200-1400 calories - low carb
D: Finish up the decluttering project from the weekend.

09-28-2010, 01:36 PM
well done on everyone for keeping going through there various barriers.

im hoping TOM comes tomorrow been so blaoted and feeling sick the last 2 days from food, scales are up and i feel blue.
but my main focus at the moment is to just maintain and keep working out. Im gyming tonight, and going back to capoeira tomorrow (which is crazy brazillian exercise)

w-175 (up 1lb) damn tom
e- trying for 1500 today after a pitiful 2000 yesterday
e- nothing yesterday, gym today in about an hour :)
d- dont give up, 4 weeks till halloween get through TOM smiling, and work hard afterwards to get down the last 5-6lbs after the bloat and digestive system calms.

fingers crossed this wave is easily rideable.

09-28-2010, 01:57 PM
:wave: just stopping in to say I got in a 60 minute workout today :woohoo: first one in a while. :) I am going back after I drop Tommy off at school to swim for 20 (if there are no classes) and then a 25 minute steam. I am so looking forward to the steam.

09-28-2010, 11:29 PM
SeaWave, I agree with the gals! You are awesome!

Today was not my day, after this am, I threw my back out opening a door at work. Will be a forced few days off, which means I will need to be extra careful with food.

Hugs to all, bengaying my neck and back and going jammy! Enough already!

09-29-2010, 06:24 AM
MM~take care of yourself! get some rest.

Back to work today. two days left. I can make it.

W 64 oz
E extra laps at work. Maybe a quick workout tonight no swim team
E 1400 cals I'm doing pretty good with this number.
D stay awake. only got a few hours sleep

09-29-2010, 09:01 AM
urgh feelingsuper ill today mixed with TOM and food posioning.....urgh trapped in bedroom trying to feel better :(

09-29-2010, 10:21 AM
WillsAngel - Protein drink? I'm practically force feeding myself to get the calories in, and now they want me to do high protein (apparently it supports healing).

Jeni - Crossing my fingers that you can get your break this w-e. Keep up with the exercise - it helps with stress.

MamaP - glad it's going well for you!

freethetoys and mothermavis - snuggle in and duck until it's all over. Hope it's all better soon!

W - 64 oz – this shouldn't be a problem
E - exercise – I was able to do some walking at the hospital while waiting, and some of my stealth exercises (see my blog for explanation) while waiting. Didn't get a chance to check out gym access; hopefully today.
E - follow menu – this went well. Didn't follow menu, but had healthy alternate. Also threw stuff in the slow cooker so supper will be ready when we get home tonight.
D – To sleep, perchance to dream zzzzzz - yeah, that was the problem with supper. Fell asleep after my boys left yesterday morning, and woke up at 11:30 a.m. Cleaned up, ate, and off to the hospital. Learned my lesson, though. It's called an ALARM CLOCK! :D

09-29-2010, 11:49 AM
Yesterday's WEED went well. Got in 120+ ounces of water, 1300 calories and my Zumba workout. It felt good to do a real workout - the first one in ages. I didn't get much done on my cleaning project so it stays on the list for today (even though I'm not sure I'll get to it tonight either, I may need to mow my mom's yard after work today).

Jeni ~ congrats on getting in the 60 minute workout.

Mothermavis ~ I hope your back is better soon.

FreetheToys ~ I hope you are feeling better soon too!

SeaWave ~ Protein drinks aren't so bad. The protein powder I use is called Gold Standard Whey Protein - I get it at GNC. It's not gritty, it tastes good and has 24 grams of protein per serving, 120 calories and 4 grams of carbs. You can mix it with water or milk, mix it in a shaker cup or in a blender with ice and other flavorings or fruit added in. A great way to add in healthy calories and protein.

My WEED for today:

W: 100 ounces
E: Zumba (done)
E: 1200-1400 calories
D: Decluttering project

09-29-2010, 08:20 PM
YAYYYY we are doing sooo awesome!!! Free and mothermavis - hang in their and pamper yourselves anyway you can!!! HUGS!!!!
JC - Gratz on the 60 minutes!! MamaP a smoothie is a good idea!! I always think to drink them for breakfast but don't think to drink them at night. I think I will have one a bit later!!
Sea Wave okay you wrote that you did your stealth exercise - I heard in my head the mission impossible theme song and the scene from The Emperor's New Groove where Kronk is sneaking along the wall!! :-D I am going to have to check out your blog.

I am pretty happy, I did 45 minutes on treadmill at 2.7 miles an hour on a 5.0 incline and then i did weights!!

W- I am 72 oz and counting (I don't know how MamaP drinks 100 oz without floating away)
E-45 mins, treadmill, circuit training
E-at 1293 right now so I did better today
D - Celebrating life!!!

09-29-2010, 08:44 PM
Back to doing some heavy duty DVD's. I worked hard tonight. I am pissed that I gained 7...yep7..pounds before TOM. How can that even happen. Now I want them now!!! I am begining to feel like I will always be in the 170's someplace. Distressing.

MM. Free. Others.....I am so with you on this TOM thing. IT SUCKS!!! I am feeling like all my hard work is for naught.

09-29-2010, 09:06 PM
Finally Physical Therapy. I'm very very sore, but I know it will be worth it.

09-30-2010, 06:26 AM
Yesterdays Physical Therapy gave me a 6 minute cardio and 20 minutes of resistance training. Nothing heavy, but I did something.

Its my Friday! YAY. I didn't think I would make it to the end of the week. But, I did. Swim lessons for Tommy tonight.

W 64 oz
E resistance bands and weights
E 1400 cals
D Get some extras done at work.

09-30-2010, 07:04 AM
Morning all!

No Boot Camp for me this am, but back is starting to feel a bit better, just scared to death to tweak it again so soon, so I will wait a bit.

W 100
E Walking only, maybe a little elliptical tonight if it still feels ok
E Have to be OP
D Hang in there!

09-30-2010, 09:08 AM
Kris (MamaP) – Yes, I’m relying on protein drinks to fulfill my caloric requirement, and get the extra protein the docs want me to have. I have a chocolate flavoured one now, and I want to try a vanilla one next – make a smoothie with it and frozen fruit.

WillsAngel – Wow - you're doing great in the exercise - keep it up!

mtiger – a lot of that weight gain could be TOM, but might it also be sodium intake? I recently found I gained 4 lbs overnight just from too much sodium (it’s in EVERYTHING!)

Jeni – What a relief to finally get your PT (and to get through to Friday!) Are the kids going to the grandparents’ this week-end?

mothermavis – glad you’re feeling better! Do hang in there!

freethetoys – hope you’re feeling better too!

W - 64 oz – this is going quite well, although I still have to check and remind myself, I don’t feel like I’m forcing it down anymore
E - exercise – I was able to do some walking at the hospital and some of my stealth exercises (see my blog for explanation) while waiting. Didn't check out gym access – they’re painting!
E - follow menu – only problem was a muffin I bought at the hospital. 820 grams of sodium –yuck!
D – To keep up with my zone for the next two days!

09-30-2010, 01:47 PM
hey all im not a happy bunny, been feeling rough as the last 24 hours, weight ha jumped u on the scales which is making me feel fat bloated nd wanting to emotional eat massivly, back at uni today about 10 girl have lost so much weight they make m feel HUGE and im just so angry and annoyed at everything, wish this fever would go away. i dont know wether to sit and starve myself to get rid of tis stupid weight gain or eat what i want and probably put more on because im in such a fowl body image moood. :( grrrrrr

09-30-2010, 05:20 PM
Did well yesterday. Got in 120+ ounces of water and 40 minutes of Zumba (20-minute express workout in the am and then again in the pm). Was a little low on my calories.

My WEED for today:

W: 100 ounces
E: Zumba (done)
E: 1200-1400 calories
D: Decluttering project

Willsangel ~ 45 minutes on the treadmill is great!!!

mtiger ~ hopefully that TOM weight will be gone in no time.

Jeni ~ Yay for Friday!

Mothermavis ~ glad your back is feeling better.

SeaWave ~ you can really dress up those shakes with flavors and stuff added in if you get bored.

Freethetoys ~ sorry you are having a rough time. Hope things get better soon.

09-30-2010, 10:18 PM
MamaP - I was on the stat bike today, listening to Tito Puente. Now that would be good zumba music!

mothermavis & freethetoys - You are people of impressive influence. I, too, am now feeling queasy. Hope that means you, mm, continue to feel better and that you, free, are starting to feel better at least!

W - 64 oz – pretty good here
E - exercise – did the cardio level 1 program on the stat bike - :woohoo:
E - follow menu – queasy, so not much appetite; sodium STILL a problem!
D – To keep up with my zone for the next two days! - worked out ok; I can find my CDs now!

10-01-2010, 10:47 AM
Good Morning everyone!

Will did get paid!!! so now my worries are basically over :) I am so absolutely happy.

I will have my kiddos plus one this weekend. My mom is heading to spend the weekend with my Aunt. Thats fine, I think we may look for halloween costumes. And new jeans for my boy who wont stop growing.

I am so excited to run today. :)

W 120 water, I need to get rid of end of TOM water weight
E 60 minutes.
E 1500 cals
D stick to the plan.

editing: My run was AWSOME!!! It felt so good. 4.44 miles. 50 minutes. Then I got on the elliptical for 10 to round out my 60.

10-01-2010, 04:15 PM
hey all feeling much better today, although sick boyfriend was no fun last night playing nurse :(
whats everyones plans this weekend?

w- 176 (+2 then before TOM) urgh, hope that goes soon!!
e- gonna go back to exercise tomorrow, woooo veryexcited. maybe a run, maybe gym, maybe capoeira, see how i feel in the morning.
e- 1200-1400 today, doing very well im on about 800 for the day after dinner, thinking about having a bdy shock day and just eating low calories for one day to shake up my metablism into the idea of loosing weight again! but back to normal diet tomorrow.
d- using new ideas on life given today in uni to help promote ideas that society cretes a world for me to live i, and eiter i can go along with it or make my own path. Learnt behaviours such as my own eating habits are given to me by society and only i cn choose against them ad whats right for me and my body.
hopefully this mantra will help me re-adjust the idea of neeeding food!
have a good day all xx

10-01-2010, 05:44 PM
Sea, hope you are feeling better.

Jeni, great job on the exercise!!

Free, me too, back on the path!

10-01-2010, 07:36 PM
Hello hello - Happy Weekend - even though I have to work!!

I am relaxing to day-

w-64 oz
e-a walk, maybe!!
e- 1500
d-Enjoy this gorgeous weather

10-02-2010, 12:41 AM
:wave: girls!

I hope you all had a good week. I was cramping today so I think TOM is right around the corner. :cookie: Next week will be difficult and my next WI probably won't be pretty. :headache: Today's WI was the same as last week, no loss but no gain which I'll take.

I got my Pullo back today so there will be extra walking for me daily, taking him around the neighborhood. :running:

Tomorrow, it will be 12 weeks till Christmas! :gift2:


10-02-2010, 09:23 AM
For me, yesterday looked like this:
W - 64 oz – no prob
E - exercise – walking around the hopsital waiting for my pick-up, about 20 minutes; able to set up my pedometer!
E - follow menu – queasy, so not much appetite; protein drink for lunch
D – To keep up with my zone for the next two days! - Done!

Jeni - I'm glad everything is coming together! Cash flow, PT... you're lining up for a good week-end!

free, mothermavis - nice to hear you're both getting back on track!

JasonsLea - I've started my Xmas shopping! It's the baking that will be a new experience for me this year - bake, but not eat (at least, not as much as in the past!)

They say we have a sunny week-end lined up, so I'm planning on at least one outing to take photos. Other than that, prepare for next week and Thanksgiving & In-Laws' 25th wedding anniversary next Week-End. Have a good one everybody!

10-02-2010, 11:14 AM
Happy Saturday everyone. I hope everyone has a good weekend. I didn't get my Zumba workout in yesterday and not sure about today. I did go to a fall festival here last night and walked for about 2 hours, so that was good. I also managed to stay away from all the food, even though a funnel cake was calling my name. Today will be a real test - my mom wants me to go back to the festival and get a funnel cake for her. How fun will that be? I have 5 weeks until the ball, so I won't be eating any funnel cakes today. :)

I also tried to do some planks ( ) last night before bed. I could only hold it for about 10 seconds, but I did it 5 times. Might have to try this every day.

10-02-2010, 12:39 PM
getting into a nightly routine, is really good to see daily and weekly improvements. My boyfriend helped me set up a weekly programme wher ei increase my strength slowly.
so i started doing 5 situps, 5 pressups, and 5 leg lifts with holds, this has developed each week and i now do 20 situps, 30 cruches, 15 press ups, 5 legs lifts, 5 leg lifts with shoe, and inner thigh workout each night. i rotate if im hurting or strained etc always leeting myself heal, but its a nice thing to do to see your strength improve.

w: 176 in the middle of the day (dont count, hopefully a loss tomorrow)
e: exercise : still none but im walking and healing still, gonna swim tomorrow very exciting.
e: eat 1300 yesterday woo! and on about 550 for today, with dinner ahead of me :)
d: i ran away from my student home for a break, felt a meltdown this morning happening. need to escape it all to reflect on it all. i feel so much better being away. i get so bogged down in numbers and inches and competition and urgh horribleness makes me very sad....not happy like i want to be with my life. :S

10-02-2010, 01:51 PM
hi all! happy saturday! can you believe it's OCTOBER?! i hope everyone is doing well.

been busy busy, but staying on track. I don't think I've been drinking enough water bc my gallon jug cracked and started leaking! but i have been getting my exercise and counting my calories. and the scale is moving in the right direction! all good news. must run, but I'll be back next week. :hug:

10-03-2010, 03:14 AM
Today was crazy. We decided to run to costco, nearest one is an hour away. DH gets called into work. so for an hour the kids and I wanderd through halloween stores and toystores. Then we get our costco shopping done, then DH gets called in again. (oh yeah, he is on call today). This time there are two problems. So I drive the kids home, put the groceries away, take the kids to Nana's then drive the hour back to pick DH up. (he works an hour away :) ) After waiting for 3 hours he finally was done. Then the drive home. Nana offered to keep the kiddos overnight so we didn't have to wake them up. Yawn. Its time for bed.

No workout today, letting my legs rest up for a good long run tomorrow.

10-03-2010, 08:16 PM
I can't remember if I weeded yesterday so here are my two

w- somwhere between 32 and 64
e- 1487 cal - had a tiny piece of pudding cake with my dad but still under calories!! YAY
e- work - bussing talbes
D - today i was fighting major major depression - all my energy was focused on not binging, i am not going to let it get me down

today's weed

W- 64 oz
e- under calories and following plan
e- work-bussing tables
d- breathe in peace, breathe out stress

Good Job everyone!! Sorry no personals today, I am zonked from work so in general: YAY for no funnel cakes!!! Good work on the steady strength increase, I will have to look up what a plank is, watching the inches and the numbers and the calories gets me down too sometimes - but I think the alternative is worse, when i don't watch em that is when I bungle me eating plan!!

I love you guys!! Woot Woot!!

10-03-2010, 09:39 PM
No personals today, I'm afraid. I'm finally getting over this flu-thing that I had, and my appetite is coming back (no, really, that's a good thing!). Things are on track to start the new week.

Have a good one everyone!

10-04-2010, 07:53 AM
Hello. I've been away for a long time, have put on a few lbs. since my last post but am getting back on track. Not going to change my sig because I'm optimistic my post next Monday will be at or below what is shown. :) I can do it this time I know! Exercise will be a focus. Look forward to catching up. Jeanette

10-04-2010, 10:44 AM

Welcome back Janette!