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Loving Me
09-23-2010, 11:29 AM
I am 12lbs from my initial goal weight and struggling. I keep seeing 156.5 then bump back up to 157 mostly, was even up to 159 at the beginning of the week which I couldn't explain. So when I saw a special offer on at my gym for personal training sessions and knowing that this PT is highly recommended and has always been helpful and friendly to me in the past I decided to go for it in the hope of maybe getting the kick I need to get rid of these last pounds and tone up the saggy bits (there's lots of 'em :()
I had my first session last Friday and although it was hard and I was sore on Saturday it felt do-able. This week with the scale jump a few days ago I've felt so down, like someone is trying to tell me I'm done when I myself know I'm not ready to be done yet. But I've kept going and I'm back to 157 (even saw the magic 156.5 again this morning for a second).
Anyway I had my second session with the PT at lunchtime and OH MY GOSH! He joked the other day when I saw him that last week was just a warm-up :dizzy: Today he seriously kicked my butt, he worked out a new programme for me in which I barely had time to rest before moving onto the next exercise. When it came to the treadmill he asked me about my running and I said that I can run for up to 50mins or so now, but slowly at 8kph. Shorter runs I can do faster, 5k at up to 8.5kph and I've done 2.4k at 9kph a few times. I told him the fastest I'd gone was 10kph for a minute or so one day. I can't remember exactly because I had my mind on not falling flat on my face off the back of the treadmill, but he had me doing 1min interval runs with a 1min walk in between, the first run being at 9.5kph, 10kph for the next, 10.5kph for the third and then 11kph for the last two, and I did it :carrot::D I really couldn't believe I'd done it, I felt like I used to when I first started running and was increasing the time I could run for, like I was so strong and invincible and shocked and just what I could achieve:D
So even though that scale is being really stubborn right now, I'm happy to have had a much needed NSV today which proves how my fitness is improving and shows me what I can do if I push myself a bit harder. Let's just hope the scale realises I mean business quickly and follows suit.

09-23-2010, 11:53 AM
LovingMe, this is a GREAT NSV!!!! I love the feeling of being fit and physically challenged. The scale will give way eventually, never fear, with hard work like you have and do put in to the effort. :D

09-23-2010, 01:49 PM
I think the increased hysical ability is more indicative of your success than any weight loss - way to go!