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09-16-2010, 11:17 AM
Hello all!

I just signed up with MRC two days ago. I'm going in for my first "class" tomorrow. Can anyone give me a heads up on what to expect?

It's only been two days so I'm doing fine with the pre-conditioning menu but it seems fairly dairy at all? so I know I can't keep it up for the long term.
Are the program menus much different than pre-conditioning? Do you stay with the same program menu for the whole time? I'm down for 17 weeks.



09-16-2010, 11:30 AM
Welcome! Here are a few things:
-be ready for a big change. This is a lifestyle change and a whole new way of thinking. It takes a few weeks to catch on, but once you do and once you notice how great you feel you will love it.
-Depending on your weight (under or over 200lbs) you will usually do a yellow menu for 4 days (if you thought preconditioning was limited, this is worse. BUT it gets better) for days 5-10 you do a blue menu (still limited, but better than yellow) and then on to a green menu which you will be on until you reach your goal. If you are over 200lbs you will do beige until you are under 200 and then green. (this is where portioning is ESSENTIAL).
-Check out the recipies! they are AWESOME for switching it up and curbing cravings. Get the cookbook or see the recipe thread on here.
-Dairy will come back after you've hit goal. Just think of cottage cheese as your dairy. Also, you will be able to have vanilla pudding on the blue menu which is like a creamer if you use it with coffee.
-If you have concerns or questions, use this forum and ask your counselors. There is alot to learn but once you get it, it works.
-when you start the yellow menu, you add in High Nutrient Supplements. These you have with meals and as snacks. They are high protien drinks (and jello, and pudding!) that will keep you from being hungry and burn fat. And they really taste great!

Hope this helps!