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04-05-2010, 03:50 PM
Greetings all!

I lost a total of 41 pounds on BFC after about 8 to 9 weeks and I was very pleased with those results. However, I have now transitioned to the Full Plate Diet as a way of controlling my endometriosis.

I have been doing Full Plate now for almost 2 weeks and because it is EXTREMELY high fiber, it was the perfect match to control my endo flare ups.

My thoughts on BFC is that it is truly a very good diet. I learned a great deal and it has served me well. However, the last monthly cycle, I was in so much pain; I had to think about my diet (along with Dr. prescribed pain meds) as a way of only having more than 1 good week out of a month. The transition to a higher carb diet was no problem. My carbs are NOT breads, pastas and things like that. I now eat a TON of raw veggies and beans and my craving for sugar is still not there.

I still only eat low glycemic fruits, shun sugar 98% of the time, drink tons of water, use Truvia ect...But, the Full Plate Diet gives me the option of eating lots more plant based fiber.

I don't think I could have started the Full Plate diet if I had not already done the BFC. BFC trained my body to get rid of the "junk", the sugar and the highly processed junky carbs..So, in a way, BFC has been an almost 3 month "Induction Phase".

Good luck to all!!

04-05-2010, 06:23 PM
Hi SisterDiva
Congratulations on your success and better health. My daughter is getting married in the summer and my mother of the bride dress is the perfect color and style...it's also too tight around the tummy.

I am very much a sugar-lover. I crave sweets but, being borderline diabetic I could really use the help of a low-carb diet. My aunt has lost several inches with Jorge's book and she is an inspiration.

Thanks for sharing your update.

04-09-2010, 06:14 PM
Hey Sista,

I was wondering how you have been doing. Glad things have worked out for you.