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02-20-2010, 11:08 PM
Hi Everyone,
I'm having RNY on Mar 1 and I'm supposed to be on a liquid diet for 2 weeks. I started liquid only last Monday, Feb 15th. I made it 4 days and then totally lost it yesterday and today. I've eaten all the carbs that I could - bread, cheese, tuna helper, corn bread muffins... I thought today I would be o.k. again but all I can think about is food - so today I went out and got fast food. Am I screwed? Have I blown my surgery date? I've got my pre-surgery visit on Wednesday, Feb 24th. Should I tell them I blew it for 2 days and risk them not doing the surgery? I need to get it back together. I just got soooo hungry - plus I'm working out with a personal trainer 2 days a week and I'm so sore... I feel like everythings coming apart....

Thanks for any feedback,

02-20-2010, 11:53 PM
I think you need to speak to your doctor or whoever you are seeing and tell them the truth- if you are supposed to do a liquid diet for 2 weeks there must be a reason for it.

Also- um maybe cancel the stuff with a personal trainer until after you have recovered for surgery? Being on a liquid diet for pre surgery and working with a trainer just don't seem to go hand and hand right before surgery.

You wouldn't want complications because you weren't honest with your doctor would you?

02-21-2010, 12:28 AM
Here's the thing:
A preop liquid diet is not a necessity for surgery. I was not required to do anything like that except for the day before surgery (clear liquids). BUT the thing is that YOUR surgeon sets his/her own rules about what they will accept from their patients. What is your surgeon's take? Some surgeons will not think of operating on you...so you'd have to talk to your surgeon.

The carbs were better than the fast food. Remember, fatty foods = fatty liver. You want your liver to be pliable and not in the way during surgery - that's the whole point of weight loss before surgery.....this is to make surgery safer for you and easier for your surgeon.

Get back to the program NOW :)

02-21-2010, 08:46 AM
Remember, fatty foods = fatty liver. You want your liver to be pliable and not in the way during surgery - that's the whole point of weight loss before surgery.....this is to make surgery safer for you and easier for your surgeon.

Get back to the program NOW :)

Yes, what Dawn said... this is the the most important part of the liquid diet.

Get up, brush your knees off and try again... YOU CAN DO IT !!!!! :hug:


02-21-2010, 03:24 PM
It is done because of liver. Maybe you dont have to be on liquid really, treat yourself with some mash food, but stop everything else...

02-22-2010, 02:18 PM
I'm still on the pre-op side hoping to have RNY on March 30. But, I agree with the above. Don't push yourself too hard. Focus on what you need to do to make it through the surgery as successfully as possible. The personal trainer might be putting you over the top. The stress of this time before surgery is huge. If you feel like you aren't making it, it won't help you.

Hang in there!! You are almost there!! One hour at a time. One decision at a time. What's past is past. What matters is what is ahead. You can do it!!!

02-22-2010, 03:28 PM
oh honey....I'm so sorry you're stressing. It gets better for a while after surgery but WLS fixes the body not the brain. Be honest with your surgeon...its the only way for surgery to work and the only way to prevent as many complications as possible afterward.

hang in there!!

Angela :hug:

02-24-2010, 11:08 PM
Hi Everybody,

Thanks for your support. I had my pre-op appointment today and I did talk to the dietician. I've been on liquids now since Sunday. She did tell me I could do the solid food pre-op which is basically low cal/low carb. I'm trying to hang on and do just liquids. I stopped the workouts this week - I just can't do it and do liquids at the same time. I'm scared about the surgery but am also getting excited. Excited to start a new life.


02-25-2010, 07:47 AM
kIM - Glad you had a chat with the doc and the dietician. please don't torture yourself - if you want to eat, go ahead and eat sensibly, like your dietician told you. and do it before you have another meltdown so you don't feel guilty. we ALL have more than enough guilt - enough to last us for the rest of our lives even if we never ever add to it!!!

great news!!!

02-25-2010, 02:45 PM
An all liquids pre-op diet may or may not be necessary in your surgeon's opinion. I have heard some people say their surgeon told them to go crazy and eat whatever they wanted, referencing it as a "last meal" sort of thing, while other surgeons are very strict about it.

The reason for a liquid diet is to shrink your liver, which lies directly over your stomach/intestine area where your surgeon will be working. Your liver is very sensitive & your surgeon may not want to poke and prod at it, so the smaller it is the better. And yes, surgeons can tell if it's enlarged from having eaten or if the person followed the liquid diet, causing it to shrink.

Some surgeons (like mine) require it and I know that mine up front told all of us patients that if we did not do the 2 weeks liquid diet and he went in to find an enlarged liver that he would sew up back up, send us home with a 1 month diet and see if we could stick to it.

I would advise anyone in your position to ask your doctor what his/her intentions would be if you were to fall off track with the liquids diet. I would hate to think you would go into your surgery day prepared and excited, just to be told "Go home & do the real diet, THEN we will do the surgery."

Good luck & just believe in yourself!!