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08-16-2002, 10:12 PM
Stay at home Mom's #59

Welcome to a thread full of encouragement, support and humor, as we share our lives, restore our health,lose weight and raise a family! Welcome to all newcomers and also to our regulars!! Be sure to go back to SAHM's thread #58 to catch up on what has been happening in everyone's lives.

08-16-2002, 10:14 PM
Good evening!!!!!!!!!!
Well, I am glad that this week and day are drawing to a close......things could have been a ton worse (and I know that I should count my blessings) but this week has been stressful.
Today especially. Dd blew up at me.......and basically told me that she lives her entire life so that she can stay away from me- can't wait until she is out of the house and that I have been an awful mother for her entire life. My sister is enroute home- after squeezing my mother to pay for the entire week of her visit (car rental, food - as in she and her Ds ate her out of house and home). And my SIL and BIL have basically stuck their heads in the sand with regard to my MIL's insane behavior at last weekends family picnic. I consider myself fortunate that I still have some sanity after this week!!!!! One good thing is that Dd and Dh went to a softball tournament (just as spectators) so there is some peace and quiet in the house right now.
Needless to say, my eating has been pretty bad (keeping in mind that I am a stress eater). The good news is that I walked and my water intake is fine, I do not keep track but I drink a lot of it.

Melissa- glad that you are feeling better!!! You have what sounds like the bug I had a few days ago. Not really bad enough to be sick, but just not feeling 100%. Glad that you are on the mend. Go easy on the workout, but I hope that you got one in!

Tami- congrats on the weight loss!!!!!!! Hey 2# is nothing to sneeze at- and if you took that off each week........that is quite an accomplishment! Thanks for being an inspiration to us. Love that picture of you and Ds. You look like a fun, personable and happy lady. (but then we could tell all of that from your posts).
As a funny aside, about 2 months ago, we had a sort of game where we all guessed what each other looked like- just based upon how we post! The results were very interesting, and sure kept us all smiling.

Spryng- congrats on your 2# loss, and self control with that pizza!!! I am so happy for you that you are able to stay OP fairly easily (that is over half the battle, right?). Glad to hear that the brave mascot of the thread is back in prime form!!!!!!!

Jen- you sound as though you are doing fine also- getting both the tae bo and pilates work outs in! Great idea having us post our goals for each day. I will have to start that next Monday- sometimes getting online is tough during the weekend with Dh home and Dd hogging the computer so much.

Guess I had better go. Hope that each of you has a great weekend!!!!!

08-16-2002, 11:13 PM
Hi girls!!

Hey - I'm glad to see that so many of you are interested in doing the pledge! I plan to make mine on Monday morning - that way I can start my week out right! My intention was to have it be for the whole week but if doing it daily works better for you than that 's great too - what ever will keep you honest! ;)

I just wanted to pop in and say that I *still* haven't done my abs and thighs :o . I got a little overzealous with the cleaning today and ended up cleaning out cabinets and drawers that hadn't been touched in a long while! Nice that it's organized but I have to wonder if I did it cause it was really necessary or if I just didn't want to workout :^: ? I'm leaning toward the answer behind door #2 :lol: (Note to self: go back and re-read earlier post professing to stick to routine.)

Anyway, Ginny - I'm thinking about you a lot with all that's going on in your family - I wonder if we're somehow related :?: ??? Thank goodness my girls are too young to get all that mad at me, but I know it's coming sooner or later - it's only a matter of time before all the estrogen in the house turns ugly! I'm sending my good thoughts your way so you can de-stress and get back into your normal swing. ((((( HUGS )))))

Well chicas - I really need to go and do that workout I've been promising myself. I'm gonna scoot but I'll talk to y'all Mon when I set my pledge. Oh my, just remembered that's oldest dd's 1st day of school :cry: . Well, I'll get in here sometime that day. Have a great weekend all!!!!

08-16-2002, 11:27 PM

Ginny I'm sorry things are so out of balance at home, I bet you need a (((hug)))!! Still haven't worked out today, my stomach is just not up to it! I'm sure tomorrow will be a better day though?
Sassy, I can probably post weekly goals, it doesn't make much difference to me!? I guess I'll be back Monday, after this new server stuff is worked out. TTFN

08-18-2002, 06:03 PM
Hey ladies. Well I survived the weekend without the site, but I'm glad it's back up. Happy to report a 1 lb loss this week. Yea! No time to address everyone, I'll try to come back later.

08-19-2002, 08:39 AM
Good Morning!

Boy was this a rough weekend, I'm so glad that the site is back up! Things are more calm here now, but Dh has been grouchy ALL weekend!!!

Congrats Steph,on your 1 lb. loss, keep up the fight and you'll reach your goal before you know it!!

The boys are up getting ready for thier first day of school, so I'm gonna go for now. BBL

08-19-2002, 12:24 PM
Wow I hear everyone talking about the kids being back in school already. When does the school year run. Here, the first day of school isn't until Sept4 and runs until June with 1 week breaks for Christmas and Easter. Just curious.

08-19-2002, 01:09 PM
Well Steph, usually mid August till the end of May. But around here it's different every year? But they get plenty of holidays too, so that kind of off sets the shorter summer.

Going into town today to find something to do, BBL!

Have a good day!

08-19-2002, 06:40 PM
HI All! I had a busy week last week then the site goes down for the weekend! :( Oh well!

I have been doing good with eating.. although Time for TOM is drawing near! UGH! I am craving salt but sticking to just popcorn for the cravings!

I am back on the treadmill.. doing well with that too..

I cant stay too long to post. I just wanted to check in.. I promise to post a long update tomorrow! :)

08-19-2002, 09:21 PM
Well Hello (finally!!)

You know how you don't miss something until it's gone? Well that's how I've felt all weekend with this server change thing going on. It's funny too cause I don't even post much on the weekends but because I *couldn't*, I really really wanted to :lol: - go figure!

Steph - great job on the # loss! Keep it up and stay positive!

Mel - weekly is cool. I'm gonna post my pleadge later in this post... How was the 1st day of school for the boys? Oldest dd only had a 1/2 day and she really enjoyed it (phew!). I was afraid that she'd be a little clingy but she was like, "Bye Mom" so I guess I was really wrong! I think she was a little embarassed with me hanging around cause she was lucky enough to be seated next to the 2 boys that she had a crush on last year- I was cramping her style big time!! :lol: It all happens so young these days.......

Karen - keep up the treadmill - even with TOM coming! I know it's hard but you'll be happier that you did ;) . Good job staying op last week!

As for me, I had an interesting weekend... Dh stops by an old friend's house to invite him to join the fantasy football league. He also invites his wife and their 3 y/o dd to hang out with me while it's all going on. No problem!! I was excited to see them cause it had been a long time since we had gotten together. Well, we order pizza and as I take my first bite, I realize that the cap on my tooth had come loose. The thing that really sucks is that it was on one of my front teeth! I've had this thing for more than 10 years and it decided to come loose that very night - when there were more than 15 people there. I was so embarassed - I tried not to talk that much (you're all thinking that's impossible, right?!) and also not to smile cause it was the most horrible sight you can imagine!!!! So all these people probably thought that I was being the worst hostess ever and now our old friends probably won't want to come over ever again!! So embarassing - I swear!:o

Needless to say, my dentist was able to get me in this am and it's "fixed" now. The only thing is that he gave me this little tiny mirror to look at myself in and I couldn't really get the whole picture and see if everthing was proportioned right. I'm thinking now that it's too puffy and that it's kinda bucked out compared to the other one - OMG, you all should see me - I'm a sight!

Ok so, moving over to the topic of goals and pledges, here's what I'm committing to this week. My weeks will run from Mon to Sat, with Sun as my off day. Here goes...
1) Complete *at least* 40 minutes of exercise daily
2) Drink at least 3 liters of water daily
3) Drink a maximum of 1 coke/soda per day (Yee gads!!!!!!:( )
4) Eat 3 meals with healthy snacks between daily
5) Post daily and report what I ate the previous day (no witholding!!!) as well as what w/o will be done current day

Ok that's enough! Good luck to you all - I'm off to do upper body and pilates after I get the girls a bath and into bed. Take care!

08-19-2002, 10:33 PM
Well Hello there!

Sassy, I'm glad Dd enjoyed school, my Ds did too but Dn didn't like it! I'm sure he was a little overwhelmed because of being at a new school, plus starting JR. High is a big step too! Dh told him that he needs to just give it some time, and it'll get better? As for me, I just went to town and did some window shopping so I wouldn't be sitting here bored. My stomach was hurting again too, so I figure the walking would do it some good too! If it doesn't get better in a day or two, I'm gonna make a Dr. appt.

I guess I'll set my goals for the week now!

1. Drink at least 1 gallon of water per day.
2. Exercise at least 30 minutes per day.
3. Eat within my WW point range.
4. Post in morning what my Water total, time exercised and points used the day before were.

I'm still working on them, just gonna be plain and simple. Good luck! I'll be back in the morning. Have a good night!

08-20-2002, 12:34 AM
Good evening all!
My weekend has been so long. My brother and his girlfriend spent the weekend here. So needless to say it threw my good eating off completely. But tomorrow I'll get back on track.
Ginny sorry to hear that life has been hectic for you lately. Someday your dd will realize what a great person you are and actually want to be around you !! I remember being a teenager. Very hard. But we all have to grow up.
mel, I hope your stomach starts to feel better soon. And don't hesitate to make that Dr. appointment if it doesn't.
Sassy!! You poor girl!! I feel for you! Does anyone else think your new cap looks funny? I hope you feel better about it soon. Was it painful when it came off?
Well, I'm just going to post goals for 1 day at a time or I'll fail.
So here goes...
for tuesday- drink 8 glasses of water
exercise for *30* minutes
eat within my daily limit

Oh guess what?? I got a whole new living room set. It's so beautiful. My very first "new" set. It just got delivered today. It's a burgundy couch and chaise lounge that is so gorgeous but durable material, and coffee table, two end tables and two lamps. It's like I have a whole new living room. It's very elegant but kid friendly. I am so happy with it. Like I said, it's my first "new" set. Everything else we've ever owned was handed down to us or bought 2nd hand. So I am quite proud of this one. (not that I don't like 2nd hand or hand me downs because I do, I just always wanted a brand new set of my own) :) Anyway, just wanted to share my joy with you all. :dance:
Guess I should call it a night. Talk to you all tomorrow!!

08-20-2002, 10:51 AM
Good Morning, All!

Well-It's another busy week for me again!! Next week will slow down, as DD starts her first day as a 4th grader on Monday. DS will be an 8th grader starting on 9/3. It s/b pretty well low-keyed
next week with ds just around the house. He's content if you give him cable TV, Game Cube, Game Boy & juice & snacks! :lol:
We might do something special together, but no plans yet. With DD, she's another story!! I'd have to keep her busy every day!!
This week-summer is going out with a bang by tons of activity for the kids. We go & see Kids From Wisconsin tonight. They are so awesome!! They are a song & dance group that is picked from the top talented kids in selected commuities around the state of WI. Tomorrow we go to Noah's Ark, the largest waterpark in WI & one of the largest in the U.S.! Thursday is a day to get my faculties together & then Friday is my DD's 9th Birthday party with her friends! Plans are to take them to a nearby state park, that is...if their beach is open! We went last night to finalize everthing & found out that the beach is closed, unless they get a good bacterial reading 2 days in a row. Yesterday it was ok, so hopefully for the rest of the week it w/b fine. Besides the beach, there's tons of other things to do there. Lot's of hiking trails with an explorer workbook to go along with them. They can play volleyball,frisbee,badmitten & other outdoor games & activities. So...hopefully they won't get bored. :eek: So ...this sums it all up in a BIG nutshell!! :lol: Spryng: I'm so happy for you that you got a new living room set! I'm jealous!! My set is going on 19 y/o!! It's so old that it's coming in style again! It's still in good condition, but I'm sick of looking at it!! It sounds as though things are looking up for you. You deserve only the best.
Ginny: I'm sorry to hear that your oldest dd is giving you grief! It's a scary thing, isn't it? Once those hormones kick in, look out! Just by what you say about your youngest dd, she'll be an Angel! Are you ready to start a new school year with your ds? My ds showed a lot of signs of maturity & responsibility over the summer. So-hopefully this is a sign of a good school year! Mel: Between your headache's & now your tummy ache...sounds like you still are under a lot of stress! Are you taking a good multi-vitamin? As for your DN, things should start falling into place for him in a few weeks. Did you say that your ds & dn are in the same grade? Do they have any classes together? I hope you enjoyed your day of window shopping & pampered yourself a little, as you so much deserve it! Sassy: I'm so sorry to hear about your front tooth! Did you explain to your guests what happened? If you did-they should have understood your situation. Hopefully it will be all back to normal for you soon! One good thing...It probably kept you away from the pizza,huh?
KarenW: It sounds like you've been a good girl lately with diet & exercise. Watch out for that lousy TOM though! It gets the best of us, doesn't it? Mine hit me at the very beginning of our week-long vacation in the Northwoods. My poor family had to deal with me, oh BOTHER!! As for the site not being up & running, I missed it too! The only good thing about it was that I wouldn't get any further behind with everyone's posts! Steph: Cogratulations on the 1# loss! Glad things are going great for you!! Well gals, registration for dd's school starts in an hour, so I have to wake up dd & get in the shower. One last thing: This is my challenge for the week: 1.) To drink 2 liters of water p/day. 2.) Increase my veggies. 3.) Keep my sanity!! TTFN

08-20-2002, 11:59 AM
Good morning!

I think I am going to jump in on the pledge too!

1) Drink 8-10 glasses of water today.
2) 35-40 minutes on the treadmill.
3) only one cup of coffee today!
4) add one more veggie to my day!

I am going to join Spryng with the daily goals as I do better having goals daily!

Spryng - How Wonderful! A new living room set! My couches are now 2 years old.. but I remeber the newness! Enjoy them!! :)

Ginny - Hang inn there! I dont have teenagers yet.. (Although my four year old is going on 20!) but I do see my nieces and nephews and their moms going through it! If I remember correctly.. 20 is about when I discovered that my mom did know what she was talking about! LOL! I hope the rest of the family stuff is getting better too!

Freckles - do you EVER slow down! WOW! I would never keep anything straight with all your activites! :spin:

Mel - School sure starts early there. My kids dont officially start until September 9th. Although The 1-8th grades actually start on the 3rd. I am getting ready for it though! The scary part is that the district might be going on strick on the 27th... but since my kids are in Parochial school.. they will be in school and their neighborhood friends wont be! And that will bum them out....

Sassy - Was it you who told us about the Pledge! I really like the idea! :) Thanks! I need stuff like that to prod me along! I have a short term goal of being down 15 pounds by Christmas! I think that is realistic and I know I can do that! So having a pledge daily or weekly will really help! :)

As for me, with school quickly approaching, I have been busy with the school website! Last week alone I put in over 10 hours on it! (I am only 6 hours away from the year commitment of 30 and the year hasnt even started yet!!!) But the site is starting to shape up. We are going through an accreditation process and they needed a more "Professional" and user friendly site! if you want to take a look, the beginning is here St. Mary Magadalen School (http://www.stmarym.org )

Yesterday, I finally got the PROOF of my new book, Simply Baby Afghans! It Looks AWESOME!!! I am so excited! There are just 2 things that I need them to correct, and then by Friday I will have my first run of them! :) I am really excited because I have just launched my own Publishing company! The Major publishers are all being bought out... in fact for crochet, there are only 2 "Publishers" now Leisure Arts is under Time/Warner and now Annie's Attic, The Needlecraft Shop, House of White Birches and American School of Needlework are all owned by A company called DRG. Diversity will be long gone now! So hopefully for you crafters you will start seeing more smaller craft businesses starting! :) If you want to see my leaflet it is at Crochet Legacy (http://www.crochetlegacy.com)

Well, I am going to run now! My kids are asking for breakfast! I will check back in later to see how everyone is doing! :)

08-20-2002, 01:11 PM
Morning all :)

Great job on all the pledges - I am so inspired by all of you!! Here's my confession for yesterday......UGH!!!...
1) Did upper body and pilates (approx 50 min) :D
2) Not really sure about the 3L of water - didn't keep track before I set my goals - maybe about 1/2 - 2/3 that :?:
3) Had 0 pops!:D
4 & 5) Ate 2 slices peanut butter wheat toast for breakfast, homemade beef stew for lunch and dinner with 1/2 biscuit. Did very well until...({dastardly music plays} dah dah dah....) my MIL sent home homemade peanut butter cookies with chocolate chips!! :o :o Lost track I ate so many - was reading the paper and not even paying attention :dizzy: . So, needless to say, I need to use the power of resistance - really bad! I am such a lush for cookies - doesn't matter what kind......sigh!.......So, today's a brand new day and I will do better!!! W/o du jour is Latin dance.

Spryng - new furniture - how nice!! I love furniture (sounds weird, but I love to check out all the different styles and craftsmanship). I'm a little green thinking of you right now :p !!
ACtually, the tooth doesn't look that bad - it's more me than the tooth. It just feels uncomfortable in my mouth (different). I'm gonna live with it a few days and see what I think.

Jackie - you are the busiest gal I know! I hope you're organized by nature!! Sounds like you're gonna have a blast though - I've been to Noah's Ark before - that place is HUGE!! So much fun too!! The talent show sounds interesting too - I like watching things like that - have fun!

Karen - I checked out both sites and I just think you're awesome! You must be very diciplined and dedicated to keep chugging away and getting your booklet published as well as keeping the site updated for your school - Way to go!! I thought is was interesting - your school looks *a lot* like my dd's Catholic school - I wonder if they all look similiar?

Mel - sorry that dn didn't like school too much. Your ds is right though - he'll like it in time, once he meets some new people and starts to find his niche. Jeez, I hope your stomach's feeling better! First, headache, now stomach ache? You need some pampering!! Take it easy ok?

Hope Ginny's able to make it here ok :?: . I'm off - gotta w/o and shower quick before dd's preschool conference this afternoon. Have a great day and remember to stick to your pledges!!!! Bye :)

08-20-2002, 03:07 PM

Well I had started a LONG post but the electric went off for a second and i lost everything! So, I'm just gonna have to make it short now. I'm feeling much, much better, thank you all for your concern! :) You're all so very sweet! I'm about to get some cleaning done and have lunch. My meeting and weigh in is tonight so cross your fingers, cause I think being sick has put a damper on the loss this week? My Dh has left for La. his Dgf passed away, so Dn went with him. Ds stayed home with me to help tend to the dogs, we can't travel together much cause of the heat. One of us has to stay with the dogs, just to keep check on them in this Texas heat.
As for me and my goals, so far so good!

1. I'm not sure about the water, but I'll keep track today!
2. I walked on my treadmill for 30 minutes!
3. I ate my max points, but didn't go over, so that's good!

Today is gonna be hard to get all my water, cause I go easy for weigh in! But I'm about to go get on the treadmill, then clean my house. I'll BBL to let y'all know how weigh in went!

Have a good day!

08-20-2002, 06:06 PM
Good afternoon all!
I'm doing ok so far on my goals. I have yet to exercise. I'm just so overheated already today but I plan to get on this eveninng.
I don't really have time to give individual commments, but I'll check back in later when it cools off. Have a great day!

08-20-2002, 07:52 PM
Hi Gang!

I am doing pretty good today! Just got off the treadmill about an hour ago and I am feeling less stressed and bloated. I hate that pre-TOM feeling! Tomorrow is weigh in day and although I know I am bloated and might show a gain, I wont worry about it!

I have a nice salmon steak in the oven for dinner and It smells heavenly! :)

Mel - I am glad you are feeling better! I am thinking about you! You are going to have a loss! I just know it! You are doing so well!! :)

Sassy - OH! I LOVE Peanut Butter Cookies! Actually, Peanut Butter ANYTHING! I used to live on peanut butter in college! I would eat a WHOLE Jar for lunch some days! You did good anyway with the other stuff! Today is a new day with a clean slate! You can do it! :) As for the school, I think that many of them look alike! I went to cathlolic school too but that one looked different... I think it depends on when they were built! :)

talk to you all later! :)

08-20-2002, 09:30 PM
Good evening ladies!
Good job Karen on getting in your exercise. I have yet to do mine. I took the kids outside for a couple of hours and sat and thought hard about things, dieting mainly...
I'm doing ok on eating but really need to focus on exercise more. So I wrote up a plan for me that I will start incorporating into my daily goals here. if I stick to them I should be able to transform this body into what I hope is a healthy and fit one. We'll see. But I'm re-motivated now anyway.
Got lots to do so I'll talk with you all later!! G'nite!!

08-21-2002, 12:17 PM
Good morning!
I did very good yesterday and even got my exercise in after the kids went to bed. It took me all day to get on that bike but I did it.
Todays goals are:
1. drink 8 glasses of water
2. bike 20 minutes
3. denise austin tape
4. stay within my eating allotment

I revised my exercise for this week. I'm trying to get more in and some toning exercises too. So I'll do my denise austin tape twice in the week now. It's a great tape. It has two workouts on it. the first one is low impact aerobics for 20 minutes and the 2nd one is high impact aerobics with weights. It's 3 minutes aerobics and 1 minute weight training intervals, and it's also 20 minutes. So I'll do both once a week along with my bike and then the other days I'll just do my bike and use my dumbells for strength training. I just finished reading Denise Austins book last night and it was very motivational. I think exercise will be the key for me to get this weight off and keep it off, along with healthy eating. I just need to do more than 20 minutes a day.
Well now that I went on and on about nothing.... :)
I hope everyong has a great day and all can stay OP!!

08-21-2002, 01:07 PM
Guess What! You'll never guess! I am so excited, I lost 4 lbs. this weigh in, yes 4 , for a total of 34.8 lbs.!!!
I went in to my meeting worried that I was going to do bad because I haven't done much exercise, and I haven't drank alot of water. But I did add more fiber, and I guess that's what did it, cause I haven't had a loss like that since week 2 OP! YEAH!!!

But now for the bummer, I didn't get in my exercise or all of my water yesterday! I did stay in the middle of my points range, and I did break a sweat! I had to tend to the dogs, so I worked outside for about an hour and a half, can I count that? I was soaked with sweat, and had to carry 5 gallon water buckets, to water the dogs! And as for my water, I had probably about 80 oz. and it would have been more but my freezer went out AGAIN so while I was cleaning it, my house dog Hershey spilled my glass and I never got around to pouring any more.

Spryng, sounds like you've got a good game plan now, just hang in there and you'll reach goal!

Well I'm gonna go try to get some work done, and I need to go check on the dogs too! I'll BBL


08-21-2002, 01:38 PM
Wow Melissa!! 4 lbs is so great!! What did everyone say at your meeting?? I'm sure they were thrilled for you! You are really doing great. What is your motivation? Is an event coming up or you just thought it was time to lose? Well whatever it is it's working!! You are so encouraging to me.
I just got off my bike. But I'm a little bummed. I was reading that Bob Greene book and there is a chapter in there on aerobic exercise and he rates types of exercise that has the most benefits. Recumbant bike was at the end of the list and he says he doesn't encourage it because you won't get much benefit from it. Is this true??? I sweat like crazy when I'm on it and I use the arm bars too so it works out my legs and my upper body. Is that not a good enough workout to see results?? I wish I would have known this before I bought it. I thought it was great. My arms are getting toned well and my legs look great. I felt like he put me down personally when he stated that people who choose the recumbant bike aren't trying to lose weight or change their bodies much. UGH. Jackie, you have a recumabnt bike don't you ? or is it a regular bike? Do you sit on it with your legs out in front of you or do you have a stationary bike?? Because you mentioned that you saw good results with yours, that's why I'm asking.
Well, time for lunch. I'll check back in later.

08-21-2002, 02:40 PM
First for my good news! Even with all my bloating.. I lost 1/2 pound this week! WOO HOO!!!!!! :):):)

As for my goals yesterday, I did them all but I was short 2 glasses of water. I am working on that one today!


Spryng - I have read Bob Greene's books and seen him speak. the reason the Recumbant is low on his list is because it doesnt give you the WHOLE body toning that the others higher up on the list do. The Recumbant is designed to take the stress of the joints and spine so you arent working those muscles as well. It is good for aerobic exercise.. but not the muscles... does that make sense? He is a HUGE advocate for whole body workouts! That is why I walk an soon will be running... more of my body gets a workout with those. Although I will be adding weights in a few weeks...

My Pledge for today:

1) Drink 8-10 glasses of water today.
2) 35-40 minutes on the treadmill.
3) only one cup of coffee today!
4) add one more veggie to my day!

Have a good one! I will check in later! :)

08-21-2002, 02:49 PM
WTG Karen, that's great! And good job with your daily goals too, keep walking!! I'm about to go get on my treadmill, and I'm already half way trhough my gallon of water!!!


08-21-2002, 03:17 PM
Hi, I'm new here. I started my newest diet program a couple months ago. I have only lost 10 pounds and nothing in the last couple weeks. I am so frusterated. I have been trying to loose for 7 years now. I was successful with phen fen but gained it all back when I had to quit. Is there anything successful? I am beginning to think not. I am eating much better and doing my "walk away the pounds" video M-F. I guess I just want it all to happen now. It was so fast with the medication. I want to lose 90 lbs to get to 130. I am 5'6" is 130 asking too much? I just really need some support through this. Does everyone else have such a hard time loosing? I just want to know I am not the only one (not that I want it to ever be hard for others). I also need some ideas for snacks that I can bring to work. I get hungry around 3 especially when I am bored (which is very often!).


08-21-2002, 04:28 PM
Ok here are my goals:

Final weight goal is 130 or so.
Current weight is 219. :(

I intend to do my exercise video M-F (it is a 3 mile walk with weights). And do any kind of activity over the weekend with my husband (when it is not too hot outside!).

I also am going to try hard not to eat too much and not to eat sweets (very hard). I get this trait from my dad.

I am also going to try to have a journal. I have heard these are very helpful. I am not very good at counting calories but I can at least track what I eat.

That is it. Does it sound ok?

08-21-2002, 05:15 PM
Hi and welcome Tracy, I know what you mean about it being hard! Everything I tried up till now was hard too, but I've found a plan that I can live with, and I LOVE IT! I started Weight Watchers 10 weeks ago, and I've lost 34.8 lbs.!!!

Sounds like you're doing good in the exercise dept. what about water? It's a very important part of weight loss, I didn' t drink water until I started WW, now I drink bunches! I admit, sometimes it still makes me gag, but I know if I don't drink it I won't do very well at weigh in. I also eat more on the WW plan than I've ever eaten, but now I'm eating the right kinds of foods! Good stuff too, not nasty tasteing diet stuff! As for snacks, a serving of pretzels, fruit, rice cakes, a cup of dry cereal. My favorite cold snack is Blue Bunny's Healthy Smart ice cream bars (yummy!!). Oh, a little about me, I'm 31, I have a son-11yr. and I'm married. I've been struggling with my weight for most of my life, but more so since I've been a SAHM :^: . Well good luck, and I look forward to getting to know you.

Well ladies, I've already walked 35 minutes on my treadmill, and I'm gonna TRY to get on again later. I'll BBL!

08-21-2002, 05:59 PM
Hi gals -

Quick one today - not much time before I gotta get dinner started. Confession time for Tues:

1) Did Latin aerobic dance (40 min)
2) Drank 1.5 L of water- not enough darnit!!
3) Had probably equivilant to 3-4 pops - dh brought home a HUGE pop from the gas station when he went to get gas. Nice guy, but I'll have to remember to tell him NO MORE!!
4 & 5) Had cinnamon and raisin bagel plain for breakfast, 2 pieces PB wheat toast for lunch, homemade chicken pot pie for dinner, 2 double stuffed oreos, 1 plain yellow cupcake with fruit.

Better than the day before except for the water. I was on such a good pace too.....sigh!!! Today's w/o du jour is stomach and thighs. Tons yet to do today and dd just started school and I'm not even back to work yet! ACK!! I'll try to pop back in tonight and I'll probably start posting in the evenings (after the girls are in bed) from now on. Sometimes the time just escapes me in here and I end up getting off the pc hours later :o . I can't afford to lose that precious time during the day any more!

Sorry no personal responses now - I'll try to get to them later. Take care!!!

08-21-2002, 10:58 PM
Good evening!

Thought I would check in one more time! Where is everyone today??

I did my treadmill! :) I also met all my goals except the coffee. Had 2 cups.. but it was soooooo cold here! :)

I have had my monthly PMS headache today, but it got a ton better once I got on the treadmill! That is a first.. ususally it gets worse!

I usually read when I am on the treadmill... mostly either Shape or fitness Magazines. But today I started a book I bought that the dietician recommended. it is calledIntuitive Eating It is so good! I'll give you all a synopsis later, but basically it has 10 strategies on how to improve your "relationship" with food. I only have read the first 2.5 chapters, but I can already tell that I am going to have to incorporate it in my journey!

Hope all are doing well! Post when you get a chance! :)

Tracy -Welcome! You will love this group!! They are really supportive! Sounds like you are off to a good start!

Sassy - you are doing great! Water is my hard one too! But keep up the good work!!

08-21-2002, 11:34 PM
I am still alive here- just up to my eyeballs...........soccer season has begun, so I spend a ton of time getting Dd to and from there.
Plus I had a 3 hr training course this am- and have had a bad cold. It actually prevented me from walking yesterday- I was barely functional. But, I'm feeling better..........so expect me to be back to my usual obnoxious posting self!!!!!!
Sorry, no time for personal replies tonite- I got online only to pay a bill and just had to see how y'all were doing. I promise to check in again tomorrow and "get personal".
Have a great nite!

(Jackie, where are ya?)

08-22-2002, 12:15 AM
Welcome Tracy! May I ask what diet you are presently on?
I'm Spryng. Mother of two (1 and 8 months and 2 and 7 months) ben married for 4 years now and have been battling my weight for 4 years. Birth control pills + two pregnancies = FAT. But I'm working on it. Yes diet journals can be very helpful, be candid about your feelings and what you eat. I write in mine everyday. And about your goal weight of 130? Well you'll know if it's too low when you get closer. My goal is 125, but I'm thinking that when I get there I may want to get to 120. But I won't know until I'm there. Well, I hope you like it here and post often!! :)
As for my goals today, I did very well. I drank the water. Did my two exercises and ate very well (even had fat free icecream tonight, yum.) So I would call today a success!! :lol:


08-22-2002, 12:38 AM
Hi chickadees :)

I said I'd pop in tonight and so here I am - not for long though. It's late and I just got done doing abs and thighs. It's soooo long!! The tape actually has over an hour and 15 minutes of exercises on it but I only did 50. My legs just couldn't take it anymore and with Taebo on the menu tomorrow - I needed to save up a little strength!

Mel - great job!!! (I'm sounding like a broken record - but I'm sure you don't mind ;) ) 35# is fantastic - I wonder how many cookies that would be? :lol: Keep it up girl!

Hawkeye - welcome! Glad you joined us! I'm Jen, married with 2 girls and a dog. I've been battling the fat since my second dd. My routine consists of working out 6 days/week and watching what I eat. So far I've lost 7# and next week, I'll check to see if I've lost anything in inches. Please feel comfortable to post often and chat about anything that hits your mind. We're not just about losing the weight!

And as for everyone else - sounds like the pledge was a good thing after all - everyone seems to be doing very well! Keep up the good and hard work!

Well, dh is giving me a look, like, "What are you doing on the pc so late?" Guess it's time to clue him in on my new and improved back to school/work routine. Talk to you all tomorrow!!

08-22-2002, 12:00 PM
Good morning all!! :hyper:
Here's my goals for today:
1. drink 8 glasses of water
2. 2nd half of denise austin tape
3. eat within my daily limit

That's all I'm doing today because the 2nd half of that denise austin tape is really hard, so I don't want to over do it.

My DH sister is in labor today with her 2nd child and right now she is at 8 cent., 80 % effaced. So needless to say she is having her baby today!! :cloud9: They live in Kansas so I think we might go up this weekend to see their new addition. I really want to anyway. It's a 4 hour drive but surprisingly I am looking forward to it. All I can say right now that I'm glad it's her about to push and not me!! :lol: I loved being pregnant with both of my kids and labor and delivery was a memorable thing but I'm just not up to it today, plus now my DH is talking about wanting another one. I'm not sure if that's a great idea. :ziplip: But I love hearing about other women's labor and delivery stories. Hey that gives me an idea :idea: Since we all have kids we should share those stories with one another! What do you think?
Well, if we are going to travel to kansas this weekend I need to get some laundry done so I"m off here!!

08-22-2002, 12:46 PM
OH MAN! I just had a huge post and I lost it!!!!!!!!!

I just have time now for reposting my goals! I will get back to you all later!

1) drink 8-10 glasses of water
2) 35-40 minutes on the treadmill
3) More fruit!



08-22-2002, 01:05 PM
Well shortly after I wrote my SIL had her baby!! Now she was only 35 weeks along and the baby girl weighed 9 lbs 11 oz!!! Can you believe that??!? That's HUGE for a premature baby!! But everything is ok, the baby was named Kaitlyn Chyanne and is healthy and beathing normally and all that. I'm so excited for her. Almost makes me want another one.... but just almost :) Hopefully we'll be going up tomorrow night to see her and the rest of the family.
Well just wanted to let you all know the good news!!

08-22-2002, 01:09 PM
Oh Karen I wanted to let you know how to avoid losing posts..
after you write your post drag your mouse over it and highlight it and then right click and hit COPY. Then hit send. If the message gets messed up and not posted you can just put your cursor in the reply box and right click again and hit paste and your message will be right back and then hit send again. Works everytime!! Hope I was some help!:goodvibes

08-22-2002, 01:22 PM
Good morning!!!

Sorry about your post Karen - I hate when that happens!

How's everyone doing today? Spryng - good idea about sharing our labor experiences - it would be fun! I won't go into mine now though cause I have a sick baby :( . 4 y/o dd spiked a fever last night and is all stuffed up with a cold - and the worst part is that she's supposed to start pre-school tomorrow :( . I'm gonna baby her all day and hope for the best.

Here's my confession for yesterday and my w/o plan for today:
1) Did abs and thighs (50 minutes) :D
2) Drank 2.5 - 3L of water :D :D
3) Drank 0 pops :D
4 & 5) Had no breakfast :o , had leftover homemade chix pot pie for lunch, had 3 soft tacos (homemade) for dinner, one yellow cupcake with chocolate frosting and sprinkles for dessert. No snacks - yippee!! I don't know if I'm too busy and that's why I'm not feeling like snacking or if I'm slowly getting away from wanting to altogether. Lately it's just been the meals. I know that healthy snacking is actually good but I haven't been doing that either.

W/o today is taebo - advanced about 45 min. Better get going - need to get back to little sweetie. Take care and I'll try to get back on later tonight. BYE!!!

08-22-2002, 02:08 PM
Morning, what's left of it! Oh please, now my sinuses are killing me, but my stomach is better! My dh went in late because he didn't get home until after midnight, and Dn decided to stay in La. so I had to go to the school and turn in books, so I'm just getting online. I'm doing pretty good with my daily goals, except the water. I'm getting between 80 - 100 oz. but I just can't get the whole gallon down? I will keep trying though!! I walked on my treadmill for 35 minutes, and my eating was good too! So, I'm gonna leave things as they are for now.

Spryng, I'm glad sil and baby are fine! Congratulations!!!

Sassy, I wish I had your get up and go when it comes to working out! I still have to make myself, and I most of the time dread it like pulling teeth!

Karen, I think it's going around, I lost a long post yesterday and I wanted to cry, Grrrrrr... Oh well, I'll get over it and try what Spryng said!

Well I better get busy around the house, I might try to go to the gym tonight? BBL

Have a good day!

08-22-2002, 03:44 PM
Just wanted to let you all know I won't be around this weekend. We are leaving tomorrow for kansas to see that new baby! I'm pretty excited about it! So now I'm going to take a shower while the kids are down and then work on laundry the rest of the day so we will all have lots of outfits to choose from to take with us. I need variety on a trip. Even though I may be gone for only a day I have to have three outfits to choose from, makes me feel nice. Weird huh? Anyway, I'm going to try my best to eat well and not over do it (his family is big on eating everymeal away from home) but we will be back sunday night. I'll try to post tomorrow before we leave but no telling if I'll have time. But I'm sure I'll be on tonight again.

08-22-2002, 10:42 PM
Hi all -

Mel - what's up with you lately? I hope you get to felling better soon! Did you say that your dn is staying in La? Does that mean that you're not going to be looking after him anymore? I hope everything's alright. Sounds like you've got the exercise thing down pretty well - 35 minutes on the treadmill is nothing to sneeze at!

Spryng - Wonderful news about the baby! Sounds like she's healthy and big! I don't think a baby that big would fit into my body - I'm only 5 ft - it was hard enough when I had almost 8lbs of baby in my belly! Have a great time on your visit and give her a sweet kiss for me :)

Gotta run - see yall tomorrow!

08-22-2002, 11:16 PM
:D Sassy, I'm fine now, thanks to Alieve sinus medicine! I guess my mom passed her terrible allergies on to me, but they've gotten really bad since we've been in Texas. And yes, to answer your question, Dn won't be staying here. He was very homesick and I couldn't deal with the constant complaining! I don't won't to sound like a grouch, but it had gotten to the point that Dh and I were arguing. Now things can get back to normal, what ever that is! Ds will really miss him, but football will be starting next week so he'll be pretty busy.

Oh, check me out! I got a burst of energy once we made it to the gym, and I got on the Lifecycle for 20 minutes then the treadmill for 30 minutes. But wait, after we got home (from eating out :^: )
I got on my treadmill and walked FAST for 25 minutes! I had too much to eat, but I earned enough Activity points to make up for it!!! I'm pretty close to drinking my gallon of water too! I really feel great now, but I don't smell too good though :lol: !

Well, I'm gonna go get freshened up, I'll talk to y'all tomorrow!

Good night!

08-23-2002, 03:21 AM
Hi Ladies!

I was just going to lurk here until Ginny wanted to know how I was doing! :s: Gee thanks! Now I'll get 5 min. less of sleep now!
:lol: This has been one crazy week for me. So, So busy!! We went to Noah's Ark waterpark as planned. Left at 7:00 a.m. Wed.
and didn't get home until 1:00 a.m. the next morning. We were having an awesome time until my dd decided to leave her "buddy"
that we agreed on & to go out on her own to look for her db & his friend! Her buddy was old enough to be on his own (15 y/o), but dd is only 9! Well-after 1.5 hours of looking for her with the help of the waterpark for over an hour, I found her walking along with ds & his friend! I was just steaming when I caught up with them! (I guess I made a pretty big scene & one lady thought I was just such a terrible Mom until she realized what I just went through!) She then turned to her kid & said: That poor lady, she must of been terrified! And then continued to say: "See-This is why it's so important to stay with someone you know at all times when you come to a place like this!" Question for you all: How good do you think you could do to describe in "detail" what your child looks like? To my amazement, I was pretty darn close, but didn't realize how close at the time. When it came to the part about her height, I really had to take a guess at it. I knew that my ds & dd were about a head in height in difference. I knew that my ds just reached 5 ft., so I just subtracted 10" . As for the weight, that wasn't a problem because dd weighed herself the day before we left. And for the clothing description: I just about had it exact from head to toe what she was wearing. Thank goodness dd had a pair of shorts over her swimsuit to be more precise on her attire. I couldn't believe how many girls were wearing purple & black Speedo one-pieces until I had to search for my dd!! After this episode-I'm seriously thinking of taking a polaroid snapshot of my kids just before entering the gates of an event we are going to. Well ladies-I guess you can see how this has affected me & I've stayed on longer than 5 min. My suggestion to you all is to get your measuring tapes out right away in the a.m. & measure your children if you haven't already.
Also, weigh them & look for any unusual markings that they may have. Well-I'm getting tired now & need my z's. DD's Birthday Party with her friends is at 11:00 a.m. C-U all later when my life slows down a bit. Oh! By the way....Welcome Tracy! I think you'll love it here. I'm tired & will go to bed right now. :yawn:

08-23-2002, 11:28 AM
Good morning all! I don't have much time to post since I'm packing and cleaning like crazy but I did pretty good yesterday on my goals. Drank my water but I didn't exercise. I think I just felt lazy yesterday. And as for eating my DH brought home pizza and I only had two pieces which fit into my numbers for the day so I'm happy with it.
Jackie how scary for you! Did you get my message on the little girl who was almost kidnapped from the Sam's club? Was in her mother's basket and the mother turned to get something and turned around and she was gone! The mother imediately notified an employee who ordered all doors and gates locked at once so no one could come inor go out and they started a search and found her in the bathroom in a stall with half of her head shaved and a wig dropped on the floor. Whoever was going to take her had it all planned out but got scared and ran! But the scary part is she was snatched right out of the basket!! That makes me think twice when I go anywhere. But I'm so glad your ordeal ended well. And the poloroid idea is a good one!!
Well ladies. My goals for this weekend is to continue to drink my water and eat well. I don't know how much exercise I'll get while gone but we may go swimming and take some walks to make up for it. I'll see you all sunday night or monday morning!! Take care and everyone have a great weekend!!!

08-23-2002, 02:02 PM
Hi all :)

Jackie - OMG!! That must have been such a scary situation to be in - I'm so glad dd was found safe and sound!! You have a great point about the polariod pics and measuring the kids often - you can NEVER be too careful! It's my biggest fear - more than anything else - that one of the girls will go missing or be molested. I probably worry myself about it more than I should, but with things as they are today, I just can't help it. Glad everything worked out - she'll never do that again will she :s: ! BTW, my dd's b-day is next month (she'll be 7). Got any good party games or favor ideas? I'm trying to get a jump on it while I'm feeling energetic. Please let me know if you can think of any - and have a great time at your dd's :).

Mel - Wow!! What a woman - over an hour of exercise - that is outstanding!! Sorry to hear that your dn was so homesick. It's too bad he missed them so much - it sounded like he had such a good set-up with you all and would've had a great school year. Sometimes you just can't predict what the future will be like, can you? Just feel good knowing that you did what you could to help :).

Well, here's my confession for yesterday (sounds like I did something wrong doesn't it :lol: ):
1) Did taebo (45 minutes)
2) Drank 2.5L of water
3) Drank 0 pops
4 & 5) Had 1 cinnamin, raisin bagel with margarine and more cinnamin on top for breakfast, had 1.5 chicken salad sandwhiches and fruit snacks (scooby doo - yum!) for lunch, had chicken club casserole for dinner, had 4 (yes, I did say 4) peanut butter oreos.
Plans for upper body and pilates today.

Well, gotta get lunch for youngest dd - she had her 1st day of preschool this am and she is soooo proud of herself! She was telling me all about the new buddies she made today - too cute! Take care all :)

08-24-2002, 01:51 PM
Hi everyone!

DH took yesterday off and we spent the day with the kids in Seattle! It was fun! Went to the Aquairum and had lunch at a little restaurant on the water then walked around for a while. Then on the way home we stopped at the pet store and bought the set up for DS hamster. (He gets one on his 6th bday - the 8th of september!)

Then I got home and on the treadmill, it was only 30 minutes instead of 45 because it was SO DARN HOT! :) I could do much more than that! LOL

DH is leaving for a drive with his Miata Club to Canada, so I need to hop off.. I wll check in later...

08-25-2002, 04:26 PM
Hi everyone -

Here's my info for Fri and Sat:

Fri - 1) Did upper body and pilates (50 minutes)
2) Had 2.5 -3L of water
3) Had 1 pop
4 & 5) No breakfast, leftover chix casserole for lunch, ham and potato casserole for dinner, 2 mint oreos for dessert

Sat - 1) Did kickboxing (45 min)
2) Drank 2L of water
3) Drank 2 pops
4 & 5) Honey nut chex for breakfast, corn on cob (half piece) and chicken on a skewer (of 5 pieces chix, I had 2) and a bit of funnel cake for lunch, chinese for dinner and cake for dessert

Sat, we went to our local "corn fest" and that's where I got lunch - I did really well though considering all the really fattening foods they had there. I shared all my food with the girls and ended up not getting much for myself! Then we had my MIL's birthday celebration at her house where we ordered out Chinese. Not the best food choice but not really mine to make that day ;) . Then we had b-day cake for dessert and I had a normal portion of that. Today's my day off from exercise and so far I've only had a pbj sandwich and 2 cheese crackers. We're going to have leftover chinese for dinner and then maybe some popcorn or something later.

I'm feeling really crappy now and sorta in a depression. I'll explain it all more tomorrow - right now I just don't feel like typing it all out. Both girls will be at school in the am and then I have a lunch date with my old boss so I probably won't post until later in the day. I hate not being able to get on here first thing anymore - it really kinda started my day off :( . With everyone here being so busy in the am now and me not even being an am person in the first place - this will just have to wait until I get a little more time for it. So sorry to be blowing you all off but I gotta get things prioritized so they work well for everyone. I hope you're all doing well - slow going lately it seems. Well, I know everyone's busy with school coming up - things will lighten up as the weeks go by - or will they? :p OK, I definitely rambling now.....I'll see y'all later :^:

08-25-2002, 06:51 PM

It really has been slow here!
Sassy, I'm sorry to hear that your down, and I wish you a speedy return in getting things together at home! I haven't done well over the past few days, first off, Friday I didn't exercise, nor did I get in even half of my water. Then Saturday I didn't exercise again, did a little better on the water, but didn't eat any veggies! And today still no exercise, only about 20 oz. of water and no veggies yet! I am cooking, so I'll make sure I have lot's of veggies!!! I'm about to go get a glass of water, and start on dinner! I'll TTYL!

08-26-2002, 11:29 AM
Good Morning!

Sassy! I hope you get to feeling better soon!! I am sending you a hug via this post!

Mel - You and I have had about the same weekend! No exercise although I did get some veggies in last night. I have a good recipe for you with veggies! I made it last night! It WW. 5 points per serving! (OH Wait, that might be different with the changed in how fiber is handled, but it worked for me at 5 points)

Nacho Chicken

10 oz cooked chicken cubed
2 cups dry instant brown rice
16 oz frozen broccoli or spinach, cooked
1 can Campbells Fiesta Nacho Cheese soup
1 can Campbell's Healthy Request Cream of Celery Soup
1 can Ro*Tel Mexican style tomatoes

Combine all ingredients in a bowl, mixing well. Bake 30 minutes at 375 in 9x13 baking pan. Makes 8 servings.

The cool part about this recipe, I have been using int since 1999 when I started WW. MY KIDS LOVE IT!! They will eat the veggies!And DH Loves it too! (If you have any left over, it is even BETTER the next day)

I had a busy weekend. We ended up getting DS's Hamster yesterday. His name is Stanley. (Yes after stanley on Disney's PlayHouse) Now we have to train him to be held. He is very shy. But cute!

OK - my goals for today

1) Treadmil 35-40 minutes
2) Drink 8-10 glasses of water
3) More veggies

TOM is a week late now and I am feeling it! Crampy, crabby and all the stuff that goes with it! I hate being irregular! At least I dont have the PMS headache - yet...

Ok.. I am off. I have to create a marketing brochure for my Pattern leaflet!

Hope all have a good day!

08-26-2002, 12:00 PM

Well ladies today is day 1 of a new week so I'm determined to get it started off right! I still didn't get in any exercise yesterday, but I did have plenty of veggies last night, and water & crystal light!

Karen, I love that recipe, but Dh didn't like it because of the rice? So I'll have to make it when Dh isn't home, and then have leftovers for a few days. Have fun with Stanley, what kind of hamster is he? Ds has a teddy bear hamster (Fuzzy) and a bird, so it feels like wild kingdom around here! Dogs, cats, bird and hamster! Crazy huh?

OK for my new set of goals:

1. Drink 100 oz. of water per day (a gallon was too much!)
2. Exercise at least 45 minutes
3. stay in my point range
4. eat my 5 veggies and fruits a day

We were in and out so much this weekend that my house is a disaster area! So I'm going get started cleaning, TTYL

08-26-2002, 03:36 PM
That Nacho chicken sounds really good. Well happy to report that I lost another pound this week, so that's a total of 5 lbs so far. Yesterday was my stepdaughter's birthday party and I have to confess, I splurged. Things started out ok. I had some celery sticks with fat free dressing and some tostitos. Now that doesn't sound so bad, however my sister in law made this taco dip that is to die for but probably laden with calories and I gave in and had some. I only had a small piece of cake and no ice cream. I drank my water instead of soda so that was good. Then we ordered pizza for dinner and I ate 2 slices. But you know what, now that I'm used to eating healthier, I didn't feel so good by the time the day was over so maybe I learned my lesson. Oh well, back op today. I had a bowl of oatmeal with sliced apples for breakfast and 1 slice of pizza for lunch and I've already drank 80 oz of water. I did WATP 2 mile this morning and also took my daughter for a walk in her stroller to the post office(about 2 blocks away)Needless to say, I feel much better. Getting back on track feels so good.

08-26-2002, 11:15 PM
Hi - I'm gonna try to start a new thread....let's see if I can get everything right :) See ya there!