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08-15-2002, 11:35 PM
Good Evening, Flowers!
It's kind of a sticky cool evening here. It was a beautiful day but it did get a little warm at school this afternoon. I am really tired tonight -- I set my alarm for 5 AM, to walk, and decided I didn't have enough time to do my route, shower, and make it to the wellness breakfast by 7:15. So we walked tonight!

Maggie -- Thanks for the olive email! :D When I finally found
"my" desk, it wasn't mine! Last year I had trouble with a drawer and the custodian thought she would do me a big favor and exchange mine for a smaller, older desk. I liked mine because it had a big top and I could spread out on it! So I asked her to please bring my old desk back; she did, and everything that was in the drawers is piled on top! Oh well, I needed to sort through it anyway!

Brenda -- CONGRATULATIONS on losing a pound while on vacation! That is GOOD! I'm glad to see you are back with us! :)

Gloria -- Building projects get to be a real pain sometimes! Somewhere along the line DH thought he heard the builder say he could do it in 3 days but it ended up being closer to 2 weeks! We had to order the tile for the floor and he was starting on a duplex so didn't work on ours all day, every day. Your "nana time" sounds special! :cb:

Bubs -- I don't like the individual tuna thingys either! :( What are Breakstones Cottage Double? Sounds interesting, whatever it is.

I am going to head off to bed! Have a terrific TGIF day tomorrow! I won't be here until Sat., if we can get in to post. We are going on a mystery dinner train ride with another couple and won't be back home until after midnight.

Jean -- :wave: from Iowa!