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01-16-2010, 11:28 AM
Down another pound and on target for making goal before Mother's Day. Some graphs predict end of March, but I know the last 5-10 #s could be slow. So somewhere between March-May, then it will be maintanence. I have already started thinking through this permanent state. Never again do I want to see my weight spike up as it has the past 3-4 years.

Going out to tonight with DH and another couple. As is my HABIT I call ahead to plan for the evening. Preplanning has been a wonderful new tool I have in managing my health which is a result of my calorie counting. Whether it is ice cream or a main meal, I like to know.

Much better to think through the selections in the comfort of my home, with access to nutrition information, then go blindly into a situatuion. I am glad I did this because the menu is limited. Sea bass is the choice. Sans mashed potatoes, who knows what the kitchen does to them. Roasted aspargus sounds good. Decaf coffee.

Also have another evening out this week with president of a small college, and will need to plan for that as well. I will eat lower calories to be able to splurge more freely.

DH and I set money aside each pay period for going out to eat. We don't use all of it so we can have some available for unexpected guests or nicer evenings every so often. Case in point is tonight and this upcoming week. I find many similarities to money and calories.

I will update my ticker when there is a larger loss to report.

Finally, I love my Tanita scale. Another nice tool in my deisre for good health.

Bright Angel, thank you from the bottom of my heart for your very wise posts. :D