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01-08-2010, 08:12 PM
Hi everyone

I'm new here, and this is going to sound odd...

My problem is portion control. I can easily eat nothing - the first time I did WW I kept track for a week beforehand and did the points thing, and found I was often eating less than 10 points a day. Then I moved country twice and spent 18 months not in control of my food, but now I'm back to cooking for myself again and i'm charting and.....yep, I'm way under my 24 points.

So I know I need to eat more. The problem here is, a) I'm celiac. I can't just add sauces and the like, most are going to kill me. vinagrette is just about the only safe one, and mayo. 2) I like veggies. A lot. They are my favorite food. Preferably raw. 3) I have no sense of portion control. If there is cheese in the house for instance, I'll just as happily eat hte whole block once i've had a taste. 4) i've had it drummed into me far too well that calories in= > energy expenditure = weight gain so weight gain = too many calories.

It seems to be an all or nothing deal most of the time....and while my size does not suggest it, I lean towards nothing. I've been trying ot work on these issues for a while now, and now I have cooking options again (jay!) and I'm religiously logging everything I eat...I know I can do it.

Any thoughts, tips?

01-08-2010, 09:02 PM
I don't do WW, but I do count calories, so I hope it's ok if I respond. How about adding some eggs for breakfast? I have an egg white omelet with chopped up veggies. You could add the veggies at the end, so that they are more raw.

How about some raw almonds or other kind of nuts? Those probably have a good deal of points and are healthy. I would suggest you premeasure them so they are already portion controlled and all you have to do is reach for a bag.

At my health food store, they have some really great gluten free frozen meals, for when you're in a hurry.

How about a snack of celery dipped in gluten free hummus? They have it at a health food store, but you could also make your own.

The problem with eating too little is that your body ends up eating it's own muscle for energy and it really messes with the metabolism.

Best of luck to you.