100 lb. Club - Exercising while sick & gross cafeteria food x_x

10-06-2009, 10:48 PM
Heya chickadees ;)

Sorry I've been MIA for a couple of days, I've had a lot of stuff going on :halfempty I just have a few questions before I finish my tea and spend the rest of the night in bed. I've been under a lot of stress lately, just starting up school full time, starting a new job, and planning/canceling my mother's 60th surprise party because my grandma wound up going in for emergency surgery the day of the bash. I've been eating well, but I haven't had much time for exercise. I really see my weight loss has slowed down because I just haven't had it in me to get moving. My schedule is as follows:

Monday: School 8am-8pm
Tuesday: School 8am-10am Work 4-midnight
Wednesday: School 8am-8pm
Thursday: School 8am-11:30am Work 4-midnight
Friday: Work 4-midnight
Saturday: Work 4-midnight
Sunday: MY ONLY DAY OFF :dizzy:

Yesterday I wound up starting to feel sick, and today it hit me full force. I took a nap after class, and woke up feeling absolutely horrible. I went to work anyway, even though I have a huge psych test to study for and homework to catch up on :mad:

So back to my questions..

Is it wise to exercise while sick?

What food should I pack when I'm in school for 12 hours? I have to commute to Brooklyn and I already carry like 40 pounds of books and textbooks so I'm looking for something that isn't a pain in the booty to carry around with me all day. I've been to the cafeteria a few times, and the selection they have there is far from healthy/appetizing. They have a lot of Chinese food, pizza and hamburgers..they have a tiny salad bar with some fresh fruit but that's about it. I tried to get a turkey sandwich on whole wheat the other day and they didn't even have whole wheat bread x_x

Thanks everyone..off to read a bit then sleepy time for this chick! :book2:

10-06-2009, 11:16 PM
http:///www.hormel.com/products/pantry/HormelCompleatsMicrowaveMeals.aspx Some of these would be handy, they have a few healthy ones and they don't have to be kept cold, come in their own little container, all you need is a plastic fork or spoon and a microwave. No dishes to pack back and forth.

Apples, carrots, low fat cheese sticks, boiled eggs, lean turkey lunch meat, tuna in pop top cans, Dannon yogurt smoothies, just a few ideas, tried to think of stuff mostly east to pack that would survive the backpack, and doesn't require a lot of dishes.

10-06-2009, 11:53 PM
My mum used to make my dad's sandwiches a month in advance and put them in the freezer. It means you can't put veges in them, but grab a tomato or a lettuce leaf of two and you've got an instant meal. Plus the frozen sandwich helps keep the other food cold. Single serve pots of yoghurt can be frozen too, which means you can carry them around all day before eating them. Also, nuts and muesli (granola?) bars.

Invest in a bunch of small containers and ziplock bags, and spend sunday planning your meals for the week. Really, it'll make all the difference.

10-07-2009, 04:24 AM
If you are carrying around all those books and you are not used to it that could be contributing to making you tired. If you don't have one, get on of those small suitcases with wheels that you can take on the bus or subway. they are cheap at Walmart.

First thing in the morning, if you can afford them, drink an EAS drink. Few calories 110 and 17 grams of protein. Gets you off to a good start with few calories. Use a blue frozen pack to keep anything, like boiled eggs, chilled.

With a little planning, YOU CAN do it! And I admire you for attending school and working all those long hours. You sound pretty determined. :)