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09-24-2009, 05:40 PM
I woke not feeling very well (Killer Headache). The headache was so bad I was too nauseous to eat breakfast. Hubby ran some errands, and brought back lunch for us. We've been really busy packing and don't have much food in the house - even the freezer is mostly bare. I requested a small burger and small fries (it's rare for me to want fastfood), and he brings back A WHOPPER, LARGE FRIES and an ICEE!

I ate a few bites and my headache disappeared (Ahah, low blood sugar from eating too little yesterday and not eating breakfast). I wasn't trying to avoid eating, I just was very busy yesterday with packing and wasn't feeling hungry, and in the morning I was too nauseous to feel like eating (if I'd recognized it as low bood sugar, I would have had some juice).

Turns out that hubby suspected low blood sugar, and didn't like how little I ate yesterday, but was afraid I would bite his head off if he mentioned it (I do get crabby when my blood sugar is low). Apparently his concern inspired the "super sizing," because he knew that supper was going to be light - the soup I started yesterday evening - a chicken vegetable soup - low fat, low calorie, and relatively low-carb.

I appreciate the concern, really, and I understand that I do get crabby when my blood sugar drops or when he "fusses" over me or advises me on my diet, but a super-sized junk food meal?

Well, anyway it did turn out fine. I ate about 600 to 700 calories of the meal, and threw the rest away. So with soup and a salad tonight and a couple pieces of fruit for snack (well one piece of fruit, but two servings - I've got a honey crisp apple in the fridge with my name on it for tonight) I'll still be on plan.

It just reminded me that no matter how long a person has been away from a bad habit, it can easily return. For the most part, hubby knows better than to bring me unhealthy or unrequested or "extra" food home for a "treat." I'm not sure why he felt today was an exception (even with the "blood sugar" reasoning, there were healthier and better options). But, I did notice that he had ordered more for himself than he usually does, so I'm thinking he was trying to rationalize his own indulgence.

I haven't spoken to him about it yet, and I'm not going to make a fuss because his heart was in the right place (mostly, anyway), but I don't want it to open the door to future "surprises."

09-24-2009, 07:46 PM
I find myself making extra nachos...just in case Angie wants some... ;)

although she never has....

it's tough being good Colleen....tough....:)

09-24-2009, 08:07 PM
I'm just glad I found it funny and kind of sweet, even if misdirected, and yet didn't use the old "he was being so sweet, I'm obligated to eat it all, because I don't want to hurt him" excuse.

Which is kind of why I didn't even mention it to him (and may not unless it starts to become a habit). I just asked him if he wanted any of what I had left (without showing him what I had left) and when he said no (as he always does, and did today) I just slipped it into the trash.

In the past, I might have called it "sabotage," and suspected that he had an ulterior motive. Which I guess he did - the desire to prevent me from being crabby and uncomfortable, but it wasn't an entirely unreasonable desire.

It's just a bit exciting to find that I only momentarily considered eating the whole thing. I didn't get angry or offended or disappointed, I just thought "how silly" he was for thinking I'd want so much food.

Weight loss is tough for me, in many ways tougher than it's ever been before (in terms of being successful in losing and maintaining the losses) - but the "trauma & drama" is gone. I don't jump on the emotional rollercoaster every time I face a piece of food, like I've done most of my life.