LA Weight Loss - Michael Thurmond's "Six-Week Body Makeover"-- does it work?

09-04-2009, 01:30 AM
I bought the "Six Week Body Makeover" program about 7 years ago, when I was 15, and had little success during the 1-2 weeks I followed the plan. I think it was because I was not eating all of the mandatory meals (those who are familiar with the plan will understand) and etc.

I recently found the kit and want to give it a "go" one more time, because I really do want to start losing. I am curious if anyone on here has any experience with it, I would be very interested in hearing any feedback.

Thank you:^:

09-04-2009, 01:54 AM
I had great success with it when I used it, BUT, I had a lot more to lose, and got very weary of the lack of variety. In the case of a person like me who needs varied meals and lots of choices, I don't think it's a viable option if you want to lose a great deal of weight.

I think it's probably ideal for people who have about six weeks to twelve weeks of weight loss to go who know how to maintian after. It also would work for people who don't mind eating the same things frequently.

09-04-2009, 11:18 AM
Hi Eumie,

I am so glad that you can relate. I know exactly what you mean about eating the same things over and over-- for me it was egg whites and plain oatmeal during the day, grilled chicken and broccoli at night-- not at all exciting stuff.

When I tried the program 7 years ago I weighed 190... I am now 230 and wanting to try again.

Are there any tips you can share about it? Struggles? etc? When you say "Great success," what exactly do you mean? I would really appreciate it. Also I was a body type "Endomorph" female. Thank you so much. :)

09-06-2009, 03:05 PM
yeah my aunt has this program and i was thinking of trying it too. she didn't even do it! please let us know your result. if i do this i will post my result.

02-15-2010, 11:17 AM
Hi, I know I am a little late to this thread, but I too, lost some weight with this before my wedding. I would like to try it again but can't find my cards. Can anyone PM me the Type C female diet plan. I remember the basics, but I can't remember the deal with the fruits.

03-12-2010, 11:11 PM
Hi i'm new to this - been a member for awhile just didn't know how to post properly...

Okay, bought the program - am starting tomorrow with 6 week body makeover and am excited about it - - am a ecto/endo body type with "E" body type for food and such -

Anyone out there doing this that is an ecto/endo body type E?

04-30-2010, 04:41 AM
I'm type A for food and and Endomorph so our workout will be similar... I look at it like this... let's just do it... let's be successful :)