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08-08-2009, 01:37 PM
I don't even know what to do right now. I'm sitting here at work (it's work study in a library from 10-5:30) and just want to cry. Actually I already have several times today. I had a really busy week this week and totally forgot to send out these Thank you letters I was supposed to (I had job interviews and everyone says to send them out within a week of the interview-I didn't). I can't send them out now because I'm stuck at work and can't leave. I can't call anyone on the phone because it won't let me call long distance. No one answers their e-mails.

Do you ever just feel like you can't do anything right? And like when you need someone they just aren't there for you? I talked to my mother right before i had to leave for work to tell her about the letters and ask her if she could look something up for me (I don't have internet at home). She wasted an HOUR of time doing nothing! An HOUR! So I couldn't get them out before work. And I e-mailed her as soon as I got to work asking her if I sent them to her if she could send them out for me. She hasn't gotten back to me.

I realize this is a bit of a rant but I honestly feel like whenever i need my family to be there for me and to help me out they aren't there. And my friends? Off having a great old time. I'm just so tired and worried and there's no one there to help me and for me to lean on. They're all off busy with themselves. But the second my sister needs them, they're right there. It just makes me sooo upset and angry. Sorry to rant.

08-08-2009, 06:10 PM
Don't cry! I'm sending hugs your way! :hug: And don't forget, you have US to lean on!

salsa chip
08-08-2009, 06:39 PM
Do you ever just feel like you can't do anything right?

Please don't apologise for your post. If nothing else, it helps me a little because I'm also going through a really rough patch right now.

Feeling like I'm a failure in everything I do is, or at least seems to be sometimes, the overriding factor in my entire life. I've just started therapy but today's been a bad day; it feels as though things just aren't going to get better. Fortunately I'm visiting my sister right now and she's keeping me kind of grounded. But it is tough.

I'd say curl up and have a quiet cry if you need to :hug: In the meantime, we're all here.