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07-01-2009, 04:18 AM
WELCOME EVERYONE ~ Please join us in our thread: to give support and encouragement; to share ideas, and/or just chat with one another about everyday issues ...

This special thread is for anyone with any kind of physical obstacle and/or challenge like SB, CP, MS, MD, PK, Lupus, Osteo, Arthritis, Rheumatism, or any other condition (s), whether genetic or acquired (like injuries), that causes some physical limitations and/or difficulties.


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07-01-2009, 04:34 AM
Good morning ladies

It is hard to believe yet another month has gone and we are into July. I am having a spare moment in this weeks busy schedule. I am so glad this is not my normal life style having appointment everyday sometimes twice a day. I am trying to balance this tiring week with going to bed early so to get plenty of rest possible. Also trying to eat healthy as well to give my body the best chance in the health department.

It has been warm here in the UK well we call it really hot :D. It is not so much the heat that is sapping but the humidity that we are experiencing. So air conditioner has been working in the home during those bad spells. Plus now I have air conditioning in the car it is helpful in there too big time :)

ROSEBUD I hope you don't mind that I started a new thread this morning but I remembered it was the 1st of July by some miracle ;) So thought I would commence a new thread as I am the first person to experiece the 1 july with my time zone who regular posts on this thread.

Today we are off to Newbury to do a delivery for DH brother so I have packed a healthy lunch for us and for our Rizzie. I have put in some cooked chicken for our Rizzie. I am taking our freezer bags then putting ice blocks in them to protect the food. Plenty of water and coffee for the journey has been made. So no doubt I will want umpteen potty breaks ;)

No further time for any more news but If I have some more time tonight I will drop by and post some more.

I hope everyone is well and thinking of you MEOWEE. VALDINE and RONNI I hope your managing well now the hot summer season is upon us. I hope your managing to keep cool and not feel too drained by it all.

Bye for now ladies and take care

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07-01-2009, 06:25 PM
HAPPY CANADA DAY -- to all our Canadian friends out there!!!

THANKS PURPLE ~ for starting up the new July thread -- I don't mind at all! Would you believe that when I posted last night that I even mentioned that today was Canada's birthday and it didn't click in my mind that yesterday was the last day of June as well?:dizzy:

We have had company the last 3-4 days, and been very distracted, so I think that is why it totally flew right out of my head. DH just went with my Dad to get some more stuff from the old farm to take to his cottage. We have had a lot on our mind over the last week.

We were gonna go up town to pay some bills, and then realized that this was a national holiday and everything is closed. So, we didn't get too much accomplished today at all. I just did my weekly and daily chores; and I always clean my washroom on Wednesday mornings each week, but do a check on Saturday mornings (actually, I check it each day when I visit there too).

I will send out a PM to RUTHxxx and ask her to put our thread up into a red sticky at the top of the forum. We've had some bad storms here yesterday and today as well, so I couldn't come on my PC until now. We don't know why, but it rains here almost every July 1st -- so weird ...

Hope you had a good trip to Newbury today, and that RIZZIE is feeling a bit better, and that your DH's mouth is healing up fine as well. I am actually glad to be taking it east today, as I overdid the walking a bit yesterday and my feet needed a rest, and my legs were a bit swollen this morning too.

:wave: HI to MEOWEE, and RONNI, and VAL ~ hope you all have a great evening ... :hug:ROSEBUD:hug:

07-03-2009, 05:31 PM
HI LADIES ~ I had planned to post in here last night, but when I put my legs up for a while, I fell asleep and didn't wake up until almost morning again. Well, as DH always says, 'guess I must have needed it.' It has been a bit of a stressful week for us, and I think that has tired me more than usual.

Anyways, the weather is really cool here right now, and I LOVE IT!!! I would rather have cooler weather than that horrible 100+F stuff we had last 2 weeks or so. We are getting lots of rain (seems like our spring finally arrived after all); and that is helping my new flowers too -- I noticed this morning that they are coming up already and we just planted them about 2 weeks ago.

Am doing some laundry right now to pass the day; DH spent a few hours trying to sort out his shed, tossing some stuff and making room for things that matter much more. Yeppers, we're back at tossing again, but I just don't want to keep things that we don't use anymore, might as well let someone else have it or throw it out ... I say.

Yesterday morning, we went up town and paid some bills; then picked up some bird seed bells, as lots of mommy birds are bringing their babies here to learn how to feed themselves. They are funny to watch, as the babies try to feed themselves from a small feeder we hid inside the tree for them, but they end up spilling more than they are eating, just like human babies do ... ;)

Well, DH just quit on his sorting job; decided to have a nap for awhile. Maybe I'll have to go out and supervise after dinner. Think I'll make some kind of roasted chicken for dinner tonight; I got my days mixed up this week, so we ended up having pasta on Thursday night instead of Wednesday, so tonight we will have chicken, or maybe fish of some kind ... hmmm ...

So ... I'd better get going and get things started. Hope you all are feeling well; and that you all have A FABULOUS FRIDAY!!! . Happy JULY 4th weekend to all the US folks here too!


07-04-2009, 08:56 AM
Hi Ladies

Sorry I missed Canada day so "HAPPY BELATED CANADA DAY" from a fellow chick in the UK. We have no such similar day in the UK to celebrate or a thanks giving day that you celebrate later in the year.

I think after today my life style comes back to normal after a week of hectic schedules that I would not like to experience again in a hurry thank you very much. I have found it draining to say the least but it has not helped that we have had a heat wave in the UK with temperatures in there late 20's which I know to many of you may sound bliss right now as you are experiencing blistering heat. Though for us in the UK they are very unusual so we call it very hot. We are not geared up for hot temperatures with very few of our homes air conditioned on only big department stores tending to have it installed. Though in recent years it has become standard on cars thank goodness.

The busy schedule has made it difficult to drop by here and I have missed it dreadfully as it helps so much in keeping me in check on my weight. Yesterday I went to my parents home then in the afternoon went to a small village just a few miles up the road from them to go strawberry and raspberry picking. I did the raspberry picking though by the time I had managed that I was worn out. So we stopped for a lovely coffee then DH and mum continued on to the strawberry patch. Oh my the heavens opened and they got absolutely drenched to the skin. I felt so sorry for them and heres me in the nice and dry. It was lovely up there in the fields with the songbirds singing their hearts out and the gentle breeze. There is a oak structure built there now to house a café and farm shop. ~Though when I was a child it was only tin hut virtually nothing else. So the business has built up over the years.

Today I have been to the farmers market. I had hoped to get some apple and blackberry jam though the owners said they had now run out of blackberries so no more of this sort of jam until another few months. So I bought tayberry jam to try instead. This evening we are going to friends for lunch so looking forward to that I must admit. This dinner we are having something light but also having some of the strawberries and raspberries picked from yesterday. Most of the raspberries I popped back in the freezer and the strawberries I kept out as they do not freeze so well unfortunately.

DH is a little down in the dumps as is weight is spiralling upwards so he knows he has to knock on the head is sweet treats that he has been having. So I have tried to be supportive and told him of alternatives that I can do for him so it does not seem that he his having nothing. Plus said to him that he could have a monthly one treat to look forward to that would help spur him along. I said I would also not have anything "naughty" either so not to be unfair to him so I suspect my weight may come down a shade with being more on the straight and narrow. It is only 10 weeks today until we go on our holidays to just outside the historic city of York (6 miles outside to be exact) in Yorkshire. It seemed ages away when we booked in December and now it is virtually on top of us in a blink of an eye. DH had bough some new clothes ready for holiday and like he said if he continues on none of these will fit him. I hope the weight drops off him with him being good so that he see something for his efforts. Though I am afraid it is not so easy for him to lose it as me as I have more will power than him.

On Wednesday I went to do a trip for BIL which turned out to be a blindingly hot day and needless to say the van did not have air con so windows full open and I managed to burn my arm a little as I forgot my sun cream. The journey took us South to a place called Newbury. We delivered bean bags a a very large old stately home with a gate house. We were greeted by a lovely kind lady who fussed over Rizzie and was so pleasant. Unfortunately not all customers are so pleasant and kind. This was a pleasure to deliver to. This home was out of this world to me. The tree house was about the size of my bungalow with a thatched roof :D It must have been a child's paradise this fantasy house with it's design.

ROSEBUD It seems that your life is busy as well as mind at present for different reasons. I hope you have had a enjoyable time with your company. I know time just flies by when you have guests to entertain and cater for.

I hope your stormy weather has gone and you have more clement calm one in it's place. Our Rizzie is back to is normal mischievous self and not bothering about his ear. He has not worn his collar since the first day as he is so much happier without it and is just carrying on as normal without it. We have kept a close eye on him to see that he is not scratching but no attempt as been made. I checked the other day when he was itching his fur so checked for fleas but nofleas found. So came to the conclusion it was just getting rid of his old coat. So he promptly got a shower and then good comb from head to toe. To groom out the hair though this is not so easy on a short haired dog. He was not in the least impressed by his grooming. Especially as I found the best thing to remove the hair was his flea comb :D

I was reading about your flowers in your garden it just reminded me that I have a couple of poppies in my garden not that I planted I think they must have come courtesy of some birds. So I am going to collect the seeds and plant some more over the garden as they have a nice splash of colour to them.

Just before I sign off I just remembered what day it is today. So may I take the opportunity to say "HAPPY 4TH JULY" to all our fellow chicks in America or wherever they may live or work now. I hope you have a wonderful day and celebration.

No further news from myself at the moment so bye bye for now and take care. I am going to get some rest before I go out tonight.

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07-04-2009, 07:57 PM
happy independance day! and belated happy canada day!

thanks for starting the july thread Purple!

new stuff happening for me this month:

1. I got contacts! I've worn glasses for 20 years. seriously since i was 5. I had to practice touching my eyes for 2 weeks before i could get the contacts in....

I originally showed up at my first contact lense fitting and this complete stranger thought I'd just let her put my contacts in... flashback to strange eyedoctor running tests on me for optic neuritis and not explaining anything when I was 20... I basically jumped out of that entire situation and the person didnt understand why it was SUCH a big deal for me.

2. teleconfrence with my neuro later this month. I'm on the half dose of rebif right now... have been for 3 years. im thinking about going up to the full dose finally. the amantadine has been miraculous for me. seriously miraculous. I have my life back and I can do my job. it's really great.

3. I decided i want to go back to school.. and it works out well if i go in 2011... right before the money im contributing to the municipal government employees pension gets locked in forever. we have a 2 year window of employment that we can quit and put the money in an rsp.. so im using that window as a way to get myself some life timelines...

i may be headed to minnesota to see a friend next month. we'll see! I'm so happy summer is finally here! woo hoo :)

07-04-2009, 11:37 PM
:wave: HI LADIES ~ we had lovely weather here today; nice and cool, with a nice mix of sun and clouds, and a lovely breeze all day. So, we went up to our lot today; didn't get back to 7:30 pm, but it was really nice.

DH got a row and a half of crossbraces done and it looks really good; but he was getting tired, so I suggested we pack it in and come home. We were there later than we expected to be though. We had a nice drive home and everyone else here is fast asleep -- DH and NIKO; all that fresh air, I'm sure ...

HIYA VAL ~ nice to see you drop by; and glad that some of your meds are helping you to feel better. I understand about the some experiences making us jumpy; I went thru difficult experiences as a child and that definitely affected how I reacted to doctors, dentists, and esp hospitals as an adult. What are you planning on going back to school for? Do you know yet? Might as well, while you are young. I went back to college for a second time in my late 20's and got another degree (in commercial business).

HI PURPLE ~ I was pretty sure that you were having a very busy week when we didn't see you for a while. Your trip sounded interesting. Glad that RIZZIE and your DH are feeling better. I can certainly identify with your DH; I am trying to tweak my plan to get my weight to go down some more, but it is a bit of an ongoing struggle. I am trying to cut back on treats, and trying to find healthier alternatives as well.

I have been buying baby carrots and preparing celery sticks and things like that ahead in containers in the fridge to grab and go. I also made a small snack mix of shreddies, raisins, almonds, and banana chips -- all carefully measured out and counted though. Even I make a small error on one day here and there, I am trying to get things down for at least 90% of the time.

I also bought some baby cucumbers this week for salads or by themselves and I really like them. We found a source of lower priced fruits and veggies here in town; a department store has decided to expand their food section -- and the customer is the winner for that.

:wave: HI to MEOWEE ~ I hope that you are feeling better and that your doctor has found some clue as to what has been bothering you; hope it is very minor too. Sending up some prayers as well ...

Well, I got in a lot of exercise today (esp for me); I took NIKO for a couple of short walks and then did some grass snipping with my hand shears. I had to take some breaks but I got quite a bit done around my SPIREA bushes; all of them are blooming right now. I then took all the clippiings and put them around our new Crab Apple Tree to help the roots stay cool and damp; that will also help feed it organically too.

So ... my feet and legs are very tired too; time to go put them up and rest for the night. NIce to see you ladies here tonight; take good care and hope you all have a great weekend ... :hug:ROSEBUD:hug:

07-05-2009, 05:14 PM
Hi fellow chicks

I hope those of you who celebrated the 4th of July had a nice day yesterday. Today has been a big day in the tennis calender for us as it is the men's finals at Wimbledon. I will not spoil it for anyone who may not have seen it. Though for the first time in many years we have had good weather over the 2 week period that it is held.

Last night was the first time I have tried the new regime that the doctor at the hospital wanted me to try for my trigeminial neuralgia. I have been experiencing more pain during the week and I kept a diary to when the attacks where happening. I panned out at about 3 per weeks roughly so the doctor wants me to have 100mg more of gabapentin in the morning and evening. I know that I can not increase that amount yet due to my MS and you have to take things slowly. So I decided maybe the night dose would be the best to start with. Well this morning I found it difficult to get up and slept in very late plus had a rest on the bed this afternoon for another hour. Lets hope this tiredness passes that was brought on by the tablets quickly.

VAL It is so nice to hear from you and what is going on in you part of the world.

I can imagine wearing contact lens for the first time being strange after wearing glasses for so long. I have worn glasses myself for over 24 years and I know the transition for me would be difficult also. I hope you soon adjust and get use to the contact lens.

I can understand that you were very wary of the contact lens being put in by someone else. Especially with your history of the scary journey with optical neuritis and no one explaining what was going on. It is horrid being left in the dark and in limbo land. We know something is wrong but no diagnosis to go with it. I found that the most stressful time for me not knowing what was wrong with me. OK I had a good idea it was MS but need confirmation. The not knowing was worse than finding out the diagnosis of MS. So you were perfectly normal in your reactions even if the optometrist did not understand where you where coming from. Some people have very little empathy for others.

I hope that if you get the full dose of rebif you find the benefit you need from that drug. The amantadine seems to have worked wonderfully for you. I know I find it beneficial when I need it. It is strange to think that it really used as an anti viral drug especially in flu.

I wish you all the best in going back for further education. I think it is a good idea many of us have a better idea what direction we wish to take our lives in by that time. So are able to take the right degree or qualification we needed. In my 20's I trained to be an NVQ examiner. In the UK you can work and also gain this NVQ qualification in different levels. It is not just in nursing but you have to show that you have different skill levels and able to do certain tasks correctly. I then went on to get a nursing diploma when I was in my 30's. I loved this study as it was what I wanted to do.

ROSEBUD Well DH and I are into day two of being on plan. We have eaten vegetarian all day today. DH has had two days on the trot doing a 2 mile walk so he has done well. I know it is hard staying on plan when there are so many temptations in the way. We had a lovely meal at friends last night but it was healthy. She did chicken wrapped in bacon stuffed with garlic, onions and peppers. Oh boy was it nice so tasty. We had butternut squash soup for starters and fresh fruit salad to start with.

Sounds like your DH is coming on with the work at the cottage your doing a grand job supervising ;)

It is good that the shop has expanded it range of vegetables. It is good as you say for the customer. Especially in the day and age when money is tight and we work on a budget. Plus we know that eating healthy food like vegetables are good for us.

No further news here just awaiting DH coming back from his sisters whom he has gone to see to here crashing PC. Not sure what is causing the issue but I will find out later when he arrives home if he finds the route of the problem.

bye ladies and enjoy the rest of the weekend. Take care

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07-05-2009, 09:56 PM
:wave: HI LADIES ~ we had a nice restful day today. We woke up to sprinkles, so we both decided this would be the perfect day to take a complete rest after doing so much yesterday. Boy, were my muscels ever sore last night and this morning, but once I got going, they started to feel a bit better. Just my left shoulder acting up a bit, must have overdid the clipping a bit for that shoulder; hopefully in a couple of days, it will be OK ...

Well, I wanted to get some exercise, so I have been pushing myself a bit; PUSHING THRU THE PAIN, that is. I told myself self to ignore the pain and just take more rest, which is what I did. I got out my metal folding chair and put it nearby and took a rest whenever I needed to.

Had a good OP day today; had lovely roasted chicken with lots of roasted veggies tonight for dinner (sliced onions, celery, carrots, green & yellow beans, turnip, small red new potatoes, and a few green onions too). It was all very yummy and totally filling, I must say. We had a small l/f yogurt ice cream cone for dessert (just now as snack really). I'm very glad to notice that the inside of my stomach is shrinking; now we just have to get the rest to shrink too. ;)

PURPLE ~ good idea to try a vegetarian day here and there; I think anything is worth a try to mix things up a bit. Some days, we eat meatless meals; and on others, I try to hold the grain & starch carbs a bit lower than usual (but I try not to go under 3 servings a day for health reasons). Hopefully -- something will work eventually. I am really trying hard to stick to plan better: EAT LEANER & CLEANER & MEANER -- this my new motto for the next while.

Anyways, DH is playing his stereo and playing ball with NIKO right now; and I spent some time doing research on the net. Looking for tips and stuff like that; more easy exercise ideas that I can do here at home. Reading succesful stories in the goal sections really inspires me; love reading their stories ...

Anyways, it's time for tea, not much else to report really. Then will put my legs up and do a puzzle and maybe some letter writing to family as well. HOpe you all are having a wonderful restful Sunday; take good care ... :hug:ROSEBUD:hug:

07-06-2009, 05:40 AM
Hi and good morning fellow chicks

It is a grey day which at the moment feels pretty cool out there after all our really hot days. Today Auntie Cath and Uncle Ray my DH Auntie and Uncle are arriving in the UK from Cyprus for a holiday. If my DH sister is unable to go to the train station to collect them then we are the back up plan to collect them from the train station. Not sure which route they have taken this year as normally we pick them up from the local airport on the Leicestershire / Nottinghamshire / Derbyshire border. This airport as you see is on the borders of many counties. For many many years it was known as East Midlands airport (and still is by many to be honest) A little while ago they changes name to Nottingham East Midlands Airport which was a controversial move seeing as it lies so close to other counties. Plus here in Nottingham we already have a small airport for light air craft called Nottingham airport. Why was the name changed in the first place I hear you ask ? The name was changed to help foreign travellers to the UK know where abouts it was in the UK. Most were found in a survey to not know the region of the East Midlands yet they were able to identify with Nottingham.

Last night unfortunately for the first time with my condition trigeminial neuralgia I am having pain on eating. Maybe might be a good thing I might lose more weight :D Though on a serious note it is very painful to have this pain shoot right up the left side of my jaw. I know that reading about this condition this may happen for some sufferers though I had never had experience of this up to now. I hope it goes away quickly as it very unpleasant. Partly connected with this condition my increase in medication I have taken my extra tablet this morning as tomorrow I have to be up early and I think that would be impossible with my new regime at present. Last night was more successful with taking it at 8pm I have got up around my normal time. Yesterday with being in cuckoo land :dizzy: I forgot to take something out for dinner today from the freezer so I have taken it out this morning and having it for tea tonight. So I will swap our meals around to adjust.

ROSEBUD It is important to have rest days especially if you push yourself a little whilst doing exercise. This gives our bodies time to adjust to the rigours of exercise and time to repair the micro tears we all give ourself during this time. Like you I do push myself a little out of my comfort zone other wise I would do very little. Though normally on completing my exercise I feel so much better afterwards as my mood is elevated. OK I might ache a bit afterwards but nothing a bit a rest wouldn't put right. I think there are more of us who don't really like exercise than do. So I always have to put the effort in but it is rewarded afterwards with a good diet on the scales.

Talking of scales my DH has got it in to his head that he wants to lose 10lbs before his holidays even a stone which is 14lbs. Considering our holidays is only 10 weeks away I do not want him setting himself up for a fall if you know what I mean. We both know how fickle weight lose can be your up one minute down the next as your body adjusts to the rigours of daily living. I have not tried to put a dampener on his enthusiasm but tried to explain it may not happen this amount of weight loss. If it does all well and good but if it doesn't then don't give up. He is fast approaching the 30 mark on the BMI scale I know for me it was the point when thing slowed right up and I found losing weight much harder as I approached that all important 24 on the BMI scale which says I have a healthily body weight for my height. I think I have something like 21lbs to lose to get to that point. Though I am realistic and think I might not achieve it with having MS and plus not being able to exercise like I should for someone of my age.

You have some really great ideas about healthy food regime that we take. Firstly the motto of yours EAT LEANER & CLEANER & MEANER is such a clever mantra and ethos to live by. Yes I think it is good to have days of meatless fayre on the menu. My friend and her husband eat many days in a row of vegetarian meals. Not that she is vegetarian or vegan. No she does it for one other reason to keep her cholesterol level within normal range. She is so inventive when it comes to this and creating vegetarian meals. Doing dishes I can never dream up in a million years I don't know how she does it :dunno: She doesn't use a cook book as her guide either. One thing I know she frequently does it goes down the aisle which have foreign food. Here in Nottingham we have a large Asian population so supermarkets have cottoned on to sell the foods that they want. The other community that settled here after the war was the Czech and the Polish community. So food that they grew up with is popping up in supermarkets and market stalls. So my friend tries out all sort of beans, meats etc

When I began my journey of weight loss I did as much research on the internet as possible. This was based mainly on food and recipes that were healthy. So I have gleaned a whole host of information over time which I have found invaluable. The stories of success are great motivators especially of those with the amount of weight I have to lose. It shows me it can be done with will power and more importantly the knowledge of a healthy diet. I know it is not going to be done over night as I did not put the weight on over night but over years and years of poor diet.

Well not much more to tell at the minute so I will go and tackle the breakfast pots. Till tomorrow ( well hopefully as it is my treatment day so not much time) or next time ;) tara and take care

:wave:purpleorc :hug:

07-06-2009, 09:52 PM
:wave: HI LADIES ~ well, the day started out with drizzle but by this afternoon, the sun came out and it was lovely until this evening; and it's pouring :rain: out there right now. :lol:

Both DH and I were busy today; he sorted out a shed and picked up a load of wood and a few of our things from the old farm. He emptied one shed today and has one more load of wood left to bring to our lot, so he is doing very well. I stayed home with NIKO and did more laundry (as I let some go by while it was crazy hot) and housechores.

I also made a big pot of homemade, meatless, chunky vegetable, tomato sauce for my MEATLESS MUSHROOM & ZUCCHINI CASSEROLES. I made 3 casseroles and 2 lunch dishes, to put some in the freezer. We had one for dinner, and DH loved it. I'm winning him over in the meatless meal department -- finally ... ;) We've decided to have Monday for our Meatless dinner; who knows, more may be coming in the future too.

It took all day just to get all those things done and my legs were getting very tired; I also had my shower and did my hair (my hair is long and it takes many hours to dry too). So after I post, it's time for a rest and to put my leggs up again.

HI PURPLE ~ sorry to hear that you are having more of those pains in your face; hope that doesn't last too long for you. I could see your DH losing 10 lbs in 12 weeks if he is diligent with sticking to his plan and walking regular. As you know, I hit a wall there for awhile, but it is finally moving for me. I will have to weigh myself again soon -- just wanted to wait until my adjustments have time to kick in. I'm most grateful that I'm not gaining; now I'm working on losing some more.

Yes, thanks to ROBIN HOOD, most of the world notices a place called NOTTINGHAM right away; might as well take advantage of the publicity from all those movies and shows. Sherlock Holmes was quite popular too, but I think he mostly stuck to London proper ... :lol:

Hope you have a wonderful visit with your DH's aunt & uncle from Cyprus; nice that they are coming all that way to visit in person. I know that you write to them quite often.

Yes, like you, I have to have rest days in between doing lots of stuff; I am now convincing DH of the benefits of one day on and one day off. He isn't so tired and sore now -- he is finally seeing the benefits of resting every other day or so. He used to get so tired and sore that he would be irritable and grumpy, but that has changed for quite a while now. He is a lot more contented these days and it shows.

I'm glad you like my new motto -- EAT LEANER, CLEANER, AND MEANER! I put all these things on stickies on my PC, so they help to remind me each day. I also have a sticky that says ... DON'T SABOTAGE ME! And, NO JUNKY FOODS! Also, STAY THE COURSE and KEEP ON, KEEPIN' ON! I find this helps me and I like to find as many tips that work for others that might help me too. Hope you get to your treatment tomorrow as well.

Well, that's all the news for now; take good care of yourselves ladies and hope you have a TERRIFIC TUESDAY ... :hug:ROSEBUD :hug:

07-07-2009, 03:31 AM
Hi ladies and good morning

I am up with the birdies this morning as I am going for my treatment today and it is the other side of town. So we have to leave early in order to get there as we hit the tail end of the rush hour traffic.

At the moment it is grey and overcast and feels quite chilly. Rain is forecast for today so I do not think it is going to get much better than this today in the weather department. With the exceptionally hot weather we have been having we could do with the rain as the gardens are in need of them. Those gardens with bedding plants in them have had to water morning and evening in order to keep them alive. The gardens are looking very colourful now the bedding plants are in bloom and hanging baskets are in full swing.

Tomorrow is our shopping day then we are eating a meal out with our Auntie and Uncle as a whole family. So there will be in the region of 20 of us I would imagine merging on this pub for our evening meal. Will try and pick something healthy as possible tomorrow. I will eat lighter as well in order to pull back a few calories ready for the meal.

ROSEBUD The courgette (our word for zucchini :dizzy:) and mushroom casserole sounds yummy :T Glad your winning your DH over slowly with your vegetarian creations. Last night I made a chicken / carrot (chunky) lemon and ginger sauce for today. So all I have to do is reheat then serve with some brown rice. I have used carrots as I have much less meat so it is kind of half and half. Would have liked it to be fully vegetarian but it is shop day tomorrow and short in that department on vegetables and beans. I would have preferred butter beans or mixed beans to make the dish.

I have to wash my hair tomorrow as I am going out as I mentioned earlier. So like you it takes hours to dry with being long. I hate to use hair drier on my hair as it dries it out and it becomes brittle. I have not used a hair drier now for getting on for 15 years or maybe more. My hair is in much better condition since I ditched the hair drier.

Yes Nottingham is famous for Robin Hood as you mentioned so hence most people have heard of that name for that reason. Sherlock Holmes resided in London as you said. Another famous thing for Nottingham is the ice dancing couple Torvill and Dean whom won a gold medal in the winter Olympics with the infamous perfect score.

Good idea to have notes on your PC to keep you on track and away from the junk. I have 3fc as my homepage on my PC so as I open it up it reminds me daily to stay on track and be good.

Well I must run and finish getting ready for treatment till tomorrow bye bye

:wave:purpleorc :hug:

07-07-2009, 08:36 PM
HI LADIES ~ we decided to do our shopping and pay some bills today as the weather was too wet for anything else; funny thing is that, it has now stopped and the sun is shining right now. We really needed the rain as some of my trees were lost becuz of a lack of rain this spring. I'm so glad I bought all those spirea bushes; they are all blooming and thriving; and it was a good thing that I did plant so many trees, as it just takes one short period of drought to wipe out smaller fragile trees.

We picked up lots of fresh veggies and some meat. I am trying something new this month -- chicken burgers. They only have 7 grams of fat in eat patty, so we want to try them and see if we like them or not. We already like the jumbo chicken dogs (DH's favorites) and get them whenever we can. Sometimes, it is hard to get them; so in the summer, we try to stock up for the winter months.

So our day was pretty much taken up with shopping; we went to two stores and then paid some bills. Our hydro bill still hasn't came in; not sure why they are so late this month; I know they did a reading though. Hope they send it in time for the due date; I usually have all our bills paid by this date each month.

We had a slimmer kind of Italian sausage with beans for dinner tonight; made by the same man, but they are just slimmer in size. I also had some of my celery sticks, baby carrots, tomatoes slices, and baby cukes along with that. Boy, they sure fill you up; they cost a bit more, but they are well worth it. I had leftover casserole for lunch today.

So I got lots of walking in today and did quite well, I thought, but my feet were getting sore by the time I got home; I'm sure I will feel it tomorrow. They are predicting good weather for tomorrow, and DH is hoping so that he can go to the lot tomorrow and get some more work done on that floor. He is quite anxious to get that done. I'm gonna check the forcast and maybe make up some sandwiches tonight just in case so we can get an earlier start on the day.

MEOWEE ~ we are all thinking about you; prayers ascending too. Hope you are feeling better soon.

:wave: to VAL and RONNI and, NUMPSTER and her DH, and ROSEY49 from Alaska ... hope you are all well ...

Well, that is about all the news from here; hope all you ladies are having a great week. Do take good care of yourselves and have A WONDERFUL WEDNESDAY!!! :hug:ROSEBUD:hug:

07-08-2009, 09:14 AM
Good afternoon Ladies

Little bit better on the weather front here today we have seen a little sunshine :sunny: Though rain is forecast for today also :rain: Had to laugh last night I was drying off my umbrella in the shower. The shower is a big walk in one suitable for a wheelchair user. Well our nosey Rizzie decided to investigate this strange "thing" in the shower. He went sniffing and got closer to the umbrella and touch it in the process. On touching the umbrella it rocked slowly and moved onto another spoke. Well Rizzie jumped backwards on all fours. Though is curiosity streak in him pushed him to investigate further. So gingerly he crept forward to see what this "strange" object was. If I touched it he shot backwards and started barking as if to warn me. Oh dogs can bring you such a smile on your face by their antics they get up to.

Went to play cards last night but did no good though Dad got in for a prize as he did well first half but not quite so well second so did not get first prize.

There is a programme on television that I watch when it is on. Mainly as I love cookery and history. This programme each show takes an era then the two presenters eat the food for a week of that era. Plus guests come to the programme maybe due to their knowledge of that period to par take in a meal with them. This week it was the time of the French revolution. I must admit they are very brave people with the things they try which are totally alien to us. I am willing to try new foods but there is a limit to what I would eat. Some of the foods look positively revolting to say the least :barf: though on the other flip of the coin others look yummy :T

ROSEBUD Here in the UK nearly all of the bills one has to pay are cheaper if you do them by direct debit. Not sure if is a term you are familiar with all it means that they take the money directly out of you account on a designated day. You can choose to pay monthly as well for easier budgeting as we do. It also stops the hassle of having to go and pay them individually. It is much better for me on another level as my memory as holes in it like a sieve ( due to the MS unfortunately)

I picked up another new copy of the ABLE magazine which comes out bi-monthly and it has another interesting article on Spina bifida from a man somewhere around our age who has the condition. He is mainly a wheelchair user and has some impairment to the hands as well. It talked about the difficulty in getting employment. Though this gentleman concerned now has a post and has had for 5 years working with people with learning disabilities. This magazine has some super articles in another that caught my eye was canine partners. This was about dogs for disabled and there was a picture of a dog retrieving a can of food from a supermarket. The website for this canine partners is It never ceases to amaze me how clever dogs are and their ability to learn complex tasks.

Chicken burgers you have purchased sound yummy :T not to mention the chicken hot dogs. It is good that companies are slowly cottoning on to the fact we want things in white meat which reduces the fat considerably and the calories. I have bought some turkey sauces to try as well as I thought they would be much healthier than the traditional pork ones.

Today I have bought numerous tins of different beans in brine. Not that I use the brine I wash that very throughly off and use the beans itself. So I have a low fat chili sauce that will go nicely with that for a meatless meal. DH liked the reduced meat lemon and ginger I made yesterday in actual fact it sand it was wonderful meal :hug: Did a healthy dessert of raspberries and stewed apples with yoghurt.

I am holding off on the dinner today as late as I can as we are going out for a meal tonight at 6.30pm so it will not be at least 7pm before we eat. We are having fresh fruit salad with a salad / ham cob for dinner when I do serve it.

I will have to close I am starting to experience bad numbness in my left hand. I know it will pass but it makes typing difficult and I have enough trouble in spelling as it is with out anything making it gobbledegook :D

Though finally before I leave I will say hello to all the posters on this thread MEOWEE, VAL,RONNI and, NUMPSTER . Thoughts and prayers especially Meowee during this bout of illness.

bye for now ladies and take care

:wave:purpleorc :hug:

07-08-2009, 04:52 PM
PURPLE ~ here's that recipe for the Mushroom & Zucchini Casserole. I put my chopped mushrooms right into the sauce to make it simpler.

SAUCE INGREDIENTS: simmer for 1-2 hours to desired consistency.

4-6 x fresh tomatoes, chopped
28 oz can diced tomatoes (4 cups)
14 oz can tomato sauce (1.5 cups)
7 oz can tomato paste (1 cup)
1 cup water, or more, as needed (+ 1/2 cup later)
1 chopped medium onion
6 x sliced green onions
2-3 sliced celery stalks
8 oz sliced mushrooms or more (1/2 lb or 225 grams)
1/2 cup chopped sweet green peppers
1/4 cup minced green olives and/or juice, opt
1 tsp onion powder
1-2 tsp black pepper
2-3 garlic or 2 tsp garlic powder
1 tbl onion soup mix
1 tbl fat-free beef soup base
1 tsp oregano leaves
1 tsp basil leaves
1 tsp thyme leaves
2 tbl parsley flakes

PLUS Casserole Ingredients ...

2 x thinly sliced zucchini (or dice & cook in sauce)
3 x cups pasta of choice, cooked & drained
340 gram pkg shredded skim mozzarella cheese
24 pkg thin L/F cheese slices OR (cottage or ricotta cheese)
Parmesan or Romano for top
salt & pepper, to taste

METHOD -- cover bottom of casserole dishes with chunky tomato sauce; then spread 1 cup cooked pasta & more sauce (about 1/2 cup, or as needed to cover); cover with cheese slices & then zucchini & then sauce; then more cheese slices and 1-1/2 cups more cooked pasta. Top with more sauce, then sprinkle with mozzarella and parmesan. You can decorate top with any
remaining zucchini. Bake at 375 F for 45 minutes; let sit 5 minutes before serving. Serves 2-4 persons each casserole.

This made 3 casseroles (1 each: 1 qrt, 1.5 qrt & 2 qrt) + plus 2 x individual lunch dishes which can be heated in the microwave. Put 2 in freezer for another day. If for more people, make only 2 x 2 quart casseroles instead.

This is a creamy and very yummy casserole, but you can sub the cheese slices with low-fat cottage or ricotta cheese if desired, but it will change the flavor a bit (and you would need a large container). The method is similar to Lasagna and you can use any kind of pasta you want in the casserole including lasagna noodles (rotini, elbow, egg noodles, fusilli, and Kraft dinner type pasta; or use whatever you have on hand).

This is a very versatile recipe; it is also easy and economical. If you are in a hurry, you can just use any chunky-style tomato sauce you have on hand; this will speed things up a bit for you as well ...

Enjoy ... Rosebud (will be back later for my daily post)

PS ~ if you wanted to make individual servings; this would make several + single servings to put in your freezer for lunches or a quick supper.

07-08-2009, 11:30 PM
:wave: HI LADIES ~ well, it turned out to be a lot hotter today than they had predicted, but it didn't matter as we didn't end up going anywhere anyways becuz our car had a malfunction again -- DH went to hook up the trailer last night and discovered that we didn't have any brakes. :yikes:

So the garage came and picked up the car this AM; and we won't know until tomorrow what all the damage is (we suspect a broken brake line) as the mechanic was busy today. Poor DH was all stressed and worried that this may mean a total brake job -- and that could be tres, tres costly. We have sent out prayer requests that it won't be too big or bad or more expensive than we can afford. I told DH ~ one way or another, it will get fixed -- it may just some time to pay for it. ;)

Anyhow, you have to have brakes; and that's that! So DH spent the day working on cleaning out his own shed today; he's half done and will finish the rest tomorrow. I washed our king-size winter comforter and it will now go away until next winter; it almost didn't fit in our machine ... I just pushed and pushed until it was in there. :D

I'm doing catch-up as on the really hot days, I let the laundry go; it was cool this morning, then it turned hot, so I only got the big comforter done. Will now wait for the next rainy day (which sounds like it won't be long from now from the forecasts) to do the rest. We are fortunate that we have enuff linen, towels, and clothes that we can get behind and we are still OK; it just means more work for me later on, but I'm almost caught up ...

PURPLE ~ we do have a debit or PAW system in place here but it is optional (pre-authorized withdrawal); I am actually glad it is optional as I have seen some companies make big mistakes on people's accounts. I do have that for some of my bills like Internet and heat and so far, I haven't had too many issues except for the heat/gas bills, there was a large "overpayment" which I have asked them to rectify, and that will take until the fall to credit us, by the looks of it.

MY BEEF ~ I honestly don't like the idea of people being able to put their hands into my bank account; there is just too much room for error and/or dishonesty. I hear people getting so angry when they are overcharged for stuff they didn't even buy, or when mistakes are made (like over estimating usage instead of taking more readings). We really have to rely on their honesty and infallibility; but while some places are quite good, other places make errors constantly ...

Tonight, I made a stir-fry with a lean pork center chop and a few small pieces of steak that needed using up; and added some leftover veggies and rice. It tasted quite good and was nice for a change. I also did a bit of hand mending today; I sit in my rocker by the window and let the fan cool me down. I have the windows open right now and DH is basking in the bedroom with our A/C on -- he always goes to bed early.

Anyways, that's all the news for now; hope you are all feeling well. HOpe you all have a good day tomorrow (Thursday) too ... :hug:ROSEBUD:hug:

07-09-2009, 12:38 AM
today my brother was fired from his job. for good reasons (turns out he wasnt clocking out for his hour long meal break) he was part of a union... so we'll see if he gets back in.

and im headed to my parents place 7 hours south for an extra long weekend.

all the best ladies. take care!

07-09-2009, 11:47 AM
:wave: Hello and good afternoon from Robin Hood county :D

Today has been a semi cloudy and sunny day but warm. Actually it is pleasant and not too overly hot. Have been to the vet this morning to take Rizzie to have his stitches removed. He was much better behaved than I thought he might be seeing as the stitches had been in for a fortnight. Apparently the stitches were disolvable ones though they do cut the knots off. The veterinarian nurse said if he would let me take the full stitch out then it would feel more comfortable for him and not so tight on his ear. So far out of the 12 I have managed to take out 4 only another 8 to go though I am not sure I will get some out as he is very reluctant to let me touch some. I may bath the ear in salt water to clean it if it is oozing. The veterinarian nurse left the back of the stitch in as that is all Rizzie would let her do as he was cheesed off at this point which I can't blame him he doesn't know your doing this to be kind.

Tomorrow I am going into town to take some books back. I will go into the market there which is an indoor one, plus go to Boots which is a store that sells medicines, make up, baby things etc. Though not much in the line of food a few sweets, diabetic fayre and sandwiches. It is a popular shop and it started off many years ago in Nottingham but then spread over the years all over the country. I am going to get some favourite lipstick and day cream for my face. I decided not to go today as I am going out tonight and I did not want to over stretch myself.

Today I have had my Mum and sister at different hospitals. My mum was going to find out the results of her nerve scan. She is now scheduled for an operation for the end of this month. It is a day case procedure which is going to free a trapped nerve at the top of the ulna bone in the arm. This should solve the numbness in her little finger and ring finger. Although when the problem first started she did have numbness in all fingers. Mum now has some feeling in her middle and index finger which suggests if maybe freeing a trapped nerve by itself. So he will hold off a little longer before doing the procedure for carpal tunnel syndrome.

My sister had to go to a hospital 30 miles away only to sit 5 hours and find out the operation had been cancelled. Needless to say my sister is very upset has she had prepared herself for this big operation on her spine. Plus her husband is self employed and had not taken work for a short period of time till she was back on her feet. I feel so sorry for her as it happened once to me and I was just about to go to theatre when they said no. Though this was because of my weight on this occasion but I wouldn't have minded if I had put lots of weight on since the pre operative checks. But I hadn't I had gone a week earlier to have blood work , height weight, urine sample you name it they tested it :D So I know what it is like to be mentally prepared and then not to have it. I think they cancelled in her case as there was no bed for her. I know this can happen if there is a accident and this was unexpected use of your beds for example. You can not leave those who are injured they need medical and nursing care 24 hours a day until fit to leave hospital.

ROSEBUD Here in the UK they are usually very good with direct debit payment not the horror stories you talk off of taking monies they shouldn't. I can understand you paying your bills the traditional way as it certain that way no one is taking your hard earned cash. I would do the same if things were the same in the UK. I have all my bills I think now by direct debit my last to go was my rent for my home.

Sorry to hear the bad news about your car. Prays sent up that your bill is not a big one for you. Cars are wonderful things but they can be on the other flip side of the coin a worry when they break down. Like you say you normally find a way to pay for something it might mean tightening of the belt for a couple of months and saving hard. We have had to do that in the past when a bill comes unexpectedly. It is not easy I must admit but you manage some how. It helps that you are a bit of a whiz in the kitchen and can cook up tasty meals with a few ingredient which are economical on the pocket.

You sound like me putting my king size throw over for the bed in the washing machine. It amazes me how I get in there sometimes you just have it have it just right otherwise it won't go. Our duvet unfortunately can't be washed in the washing machine as it is feather one so off to the dry cleaners with that one.

Like you I have plenty of bed linen, towels etc just in case I can't wash them. We also have plenty of underwear and clothing so if I can a little behind it is not panic stations with nothing to wear scenario. I am a little behind with the washing at present after having that hot spell I need to catch up now we are cooler but it has been raining the days I have felt able typical :lol:

Your stir fry pork sounds rather nice I haven't had one of those for ages. Today for dinner had a ham/salad cob only to find out that the ham I had bought was smoked. DH like the sandwich so thought it was lovely but me I just ended up with salad cob which was nice anyway. Rizzie got my ham so he thought it was great ;) I do not like anything that is smoked in flavour and never have. I like the smell but the taste is something I can't get use to.

Thanks for the recipe for the courgette (Zucchini) and mushroom casserole. Some of the ingredient I am not sure we have in the UK but I can think of good alternatives. I am sure that you could use a different vegetable(s) with the mushroom maybe a squash for example for a different twist on the dish.

VALDINE Firstly I hope you have a lovely long weekend at your parents home I bet you are looking forward to going there. Long weekends are great way of having a short break away from that four lettered word called work.

Sorry to hear about your brother losing his job through not using the clocking in system during his lunch break. A hope this maybe for all the family sake the wake up call for him to grow up a little. Boys / men are so much slower to mature than women on average. You get some people who are like this when they are younger then something happens that kicks them up the proverbial and makes them take life a bit more serious. For some it is hard to make that transition from teenager to adult with responsibilities. It can be so infuriating for loved ones I hope things turn out well for him.

On a positive note like your say the union maybe able to put pressure on the the work place to get him his job back. Unions can have a lot of clout and drive them to do the correct thing. Especially if any procedure has not been followed to the letter as agreed. So fingers crossed this is the case and he gets his job back.

No further news plus must start making tracks in cooking dinner which I am having this evening. Take care ladies catch up soon

:wave:purpleorc :hug:

07-09-2009, 03:10 PM
HIYA VAL ~ yes, we really hope you have a wonderful long weekend with your parents this weekend!

ABOUT YOUR BROTHER ~ yes, he should go to the union and ask them to help him; explaining that it was a misunderstanding, and OFFER TO PAY BACK THE EXTRA HOURS. He can do this by getting them to take one hour off each day he works until they are all caught up (depending on how many days he works each week. Many companies are willing to make such deals, but he needs to be humble and apologize all over the place ... ;)

Hopefully, this will be a good learning experience for him becuz that really sounded like he had a great job there; not one you would want to lose.

Take good care and try to focus on yourself over the weekend and have a grand time with Mom and Dad ...:hug:

07-09-2009, 03:29 PM
Hello, Everyone! Feels like it's been forever since I've been able to post here and I've missed you all!

Val-have a great trip! And, I do hope and pray that everything works out for the best for your brother-it's hard when it's family, as you want the best for them, but also know that sometimes learning a lesson is a hard row to hoe.:hug:

Purple-hope you enjoy the visit with your relatives. It amazes me how over there people have relatives in so many different countries and travel from country to country frequently. Your Rizzie sounds so comical. Our dog has her moments too, when she just cracks us up! Hoping the facial pains go away quickly, too.

Rosebud-your casserole sounds delicious-I might try to make it without telling DH that there's zucchini in it and see what happens;).

Meowee-how are you feeling? Miss you!

You all sounds like you've been very busy while we've been away. We had a nice vacation to see my dad and aunt-enjoyed an amusement park and the Creation Museum, which was really awesome! Also, went to one of the casinos on the Ohio River with dad, as that's his main source of fun, and actually came out a winner-enough to pay for our whole trip, plus extras, and have cash leftover so we can maybe buy a new mattress and springs! Still can't believe it, but I really do look at it as a gift from God.

Dad finally went to the doctor and they found a mass on his larynx. He has a CT tomorrow of his chest and biopsy on Monday. Afraid it's cancer like my fil has. I may have to go back down there Sunday, as he needs someone to drive him to and from the biopsy and stay with him, but waiting to hear if my sister can go or not (she lives a lot closer to him).

FIL not doing well-chemo is out of the question, I guess. And, DH's sister, who's the executer of the estate(what little there is) is becoming a real problem, demanding that DH takes vacation time to clean out fil's apartment while she goes out of town every weekend for fun. She's also making sure that she gets anything of fil's that is worth anything, which is unfair to DH and his other sister. And, of course, I think all of it's premature, since fil is still alive and it seems morbid to be dividing up his stuff right now-I think it should just be put in storage until he's gone, but she insists it has to be done now:?:.

Well, anyway, that's my little rant for the day-thanks for listening! Hope you all have a great day!

07-09-2009, 09:44 PM
:wave: HI LADIES ~ We have nice sunny and HOT weather here today; but since the car was in the garage, we decided to make the best of a bad situation, and use this time to get some work done around home this week.

DH put up my large Wind Chimes today (will take a pic to show you later), near the front deck and I can hear them with every breeze -- they sound just like church bells. I have another set that will go up at the cottage when it is built too. Then he did more work cleaning out his shed while I cleaned out the back porch. Then, we tackled the spare room again ~ I had an idea how it could be arranged much better, and it worked out even better than we expected. We put all the cupboards along one wall (that divides us from the neighbours so that makes a good sound barrier too), and we have so much more room in there now.

Then I put some books up on the shelves; DH put up another smaller shelf as well as we have a lot of books. I have a few more boxes to do, but we were getting very tired and decided to call it a day at 1 pm, and have some lunch. Boy, did we work up a good sweat today; I felt like I was in a sauna, but it felt good too, in a strange kind of way.

I sent DH on an errand to get the mail, and he decided to go see if the car was fixed yet; he always get anxious like this when the car is in the garage. Well, he just came home and the car is fixed; and it wasn't too bad after all
-- the mechanic kept his word @ $275.00, so we may have no extra money for this month, but we aren't in the hole either ... so we are very grateful for that today!

During dinner, DH told me the mechanic said that someone had done a brake job on this car not long ago; and there is only one back brake line that hasn't been replaced yet, but he checked it and it looks to be in good shape, so he didn't have to change it right now. Phew -- that is good info to know!
We are trying to keep the repairs up so the car will last as long as possible but it can get expensive.

HI RONNI ~ nice to have you back from your vacation; glad you had such a great time, and wowie -- so happy for you for the wee winfall. I know how that can help when we least expect it; and good idea to buy the new mattress set with the leftovers too. You are going thru a lot right now; and we know how it can be when someone is terminally ill and the vultures seem to come out of the woodwork. The idea to put DFI's stuff in storage is a great idea; esp if he lives a lot longer than anyone expects him to.

We know people who got cancer and then panicked -- they sold their homes and belongings. They made really bad financial decisions, and then they got better and lived, and had to start all over again. It is so sad -- I wish doctors and other health care providers would impress on people with cancer ~ do not make any major life decisions or make big changes to your living arrangements right now. They need to take a wait and see attitude at least for a little while; but they could do small things like spend more time with family and friends, or do some things they always wanted to do, but leave the big stuff until it's absolutely necessary ...

We don't mind you ranting here; we all do it now and then. :lol: This is a great place to get things off our minds -- we all have things in our lives that stress us and one sure way to find relief is to share it with others. :hug:

HI PURPLE ~ poor RIZZIE; hope his ears are feeling better soon. Today, as I was cleaning out our porch, I had set an empty box on top our a credenza that we put in there to hold our shoes and boots (and it looks great too), but the box slipped off and sent NIKO jumping and running; and looking at me, like "Uh, uh, No, I didn't do it!" :lol: I think it just scared him more than anything. He hates loud noises and the landlord's grandson was whizzing all over the place today and scared NIKO a little bit (he was grass-clipping with a huge weed-wacker).

HI MEOWEE ~ hope you're feeling better soon and can get back to posting on 3FC's; people are starting to wonder if you are coming back, I think ... ;)

Well, it is finally starting to cool off now; thank GOD ... DH has gone out for a bike ride to cool off (don't really blame him). I told him that I'd just come on here and post and lurk for a while. He has been gone for a long time, so I hope he is OK ... time to go for a tea and put my feet up, so take good care and hope you all have A FANTASTIC FRIDAY!!!

Boy, this post was getting really long ... :hug:ROSEBUD:hug:

07-10-2009, 12:06 PM
Good afternoon fellow chicks :wave:

It is a lovely day here in my part of the world more like our traditional summers not the high temperatures we were experiencing last week.

I have been into the city centre today not for long but long enough for me. Feels like I have walked the length and breath of Nottingham so resting my legs now. It was nice to pop into the city it has been many weeks since we have gone. I have done everything I wanted to do so was a fruitful trip. Now just recharging the batteries and catching up with the post on here.

I forgot to mention our family meal on Wednesday it was lovely. Unfortunately we can not book at this pub for a meal though they are very accommodating and helpful. We did not have a table big enough for a party of 16 of us. Though they found us a little room all for our party so that felt intimate and easy to talk to others in there. Plus you could easily walk over and talk to individual people whom you haven't seen for a long while. It was nice to see Auntie Cath and Uncle Ray and catch up with them. Uncle Ray has lost a lot of weight with healthy eating and he looks so well. It is the best I have seen him look in many years so maybe his health has improved with the loss of the weight. Good for him it shows us that you are never to old to lose a bit of weight. It can't be easy when you are in your 80's and you are restricted to exercise like the people on this thread with health issues / age. I will see Auntie Cath and Uncle Ray this weekend again at DH sister's. We are well DH is going to sort their DVD recorder out to be able to record properly. Neither is sister or BIL are the least bit technically minded and things like that baffle them completely.

Today I have paid for the holiday which is in September. You put a deposit down and pay the insurance at the time of booking then pay the remainder 10 weeks or so before the departure date. The insurance is not expensive but we had to claim on in once when my mum had appendicitis and required an operation weeks before we were due to go on holiday. They allowed us to cancel and all we lost was very small amount of money the rest of it was paid back. So this gives us peace of mind because you just never know what is round the corner.

RONNI It is nice to hear from you and what is going on in your life right now. I know that you are very busy at the moment with family and illness right now. I know how time consuming this can be not to mention draining. I am lucky in the sense that there are not the great distances that can be involved as for maybe you or others living in a country spread over a great distance.

Glad you have had a holiday which sounded wonderful doing quite a few different activities during that time. Your windfall from the casino was a nice gift from god that was unexpected. Enjoy the mattress with springs :D it is so nice to have a comfortable bed. You don't realise how uncomfortable the old mattress was until you get your new one. I know that is what I found out when we had a new one bliss. You don't realise how uncomfortable it becomes over time and you just kind of put up with it.

Sorry to hear that things are not going so well with your FIL health I will send up prayers for your FIL and family. Unfortunately at times like this I have seen this at first hand how siblings react to situations like this. My fathers sister did something similar with her mothers small estate. This in the end caused a rift in the family between my father and his other sister due to her creaming off anything of any worth.

I agree with Rosebud that I feel someone in the cancer care team should stress about selling up and making big life changing decisions until it is time to do so. Some hear the world cancer which sends them in to panic mode and then they make some bad choices. Having cancer is not the only part of the care that is required but everything from psychological and spiritual care are equally important. Maybe if it is not already done psychiatric nurses come on board as part of the care. I am not saying that someone is mentally ill with cancer but they would like someone to talk to who isn't family to tell their worries to or to organise keeping contact with maybe their church/synagogue/mosque etc which can be so vitally important in keeping their spirits up. When I was working I was quite happy to attend with someone who would like some company at a religious event. I am not particularly religious but do respect others faiths. So I have been to various religious establishments and thoroughly enjoyed my time with the person especially knowing that it is so important to them. Sometime people do not like to go alone to these functions but feel they need the spiritual comfort and strength they need from church etc. Psychiatric nurses are trained in the art of listening to others and helping people talk through their worries and concerns.

Will send prayers also for your father and his own health worries. You have a lot on your plate right now your family with health concerns over cancer. This is often the trouble as we get older ourselves our parents healths become more fragile. I hope things to out OK for your father and if it cancer there are treatment options for him.

ROSEBUD See you and DH have been busy bees in the house. Are you both available for hire ;) I have got a bit behind here in the home at the minute and need to make some serious attempts this weekend to catch up. I know once I start it won't be so bad but sometimes I panic myself and get worked up that things aren't just as I like them (miss perfectionist here :lol:) I know what you mean about feeling good when you have tackled work and done it how it give you a good feeling. Not sure why but I will take it as I like the feeling.

I have bathed Rizzie's ear this morning as it was oozing a little but some hours later it still looks good. Wound does seem slowly to be knitting together but it is going to take some time. No further stitches taken out as he won't let me so it still remains 4 down 8 to go. Though there are some I can't see due to the fact the skin has grown up around them.

Oh dogs are so funny like your NIKO for example the way he looks to say I didn't touch that honest :D Loud noises are not for Rizzie either he soon stands still shaking if he hears a loud bang. So thunder is not his favourite or fireworks which frighten him in equal measure.

Glad your prayers were answered with the car bill I know you don't have any extra pennies for this month but as you say your not in the hole. It is expensive nursing cars along keeping them road worthy but they are so important in our lives now. Especially with our mobility being impaired they stop us from being so house bound and allow us to go out and about.

No further news right now I will go and put my feet up before starting tea as it was a busy morning but enjoyable never the less.

Bye bye ladies and take care

:wave:purpleorc :hug:

07-11-2009, 03:32 PM
:wave: HI LADIES ~ today started out with :rain: so we decided to stay home and do more stuff around here, and it's really starting to show. I spent a good portion of day sorting through all of DH's music tapes and put them all in catergories; we have a couple of cases that will be going to goodwill as they are not types that we listen to much anymore. As we have aged, our music tastes have morphed into something a little more settled, shall we say ...

Anyhow, it is now gorgeous outside with quite a breeze and :sunny: out there too. My church chimes are ringing away -- sure hope they aren't bothering the neighbours too much around here. I know the people on the corner have some and I can't hear theirs, so maybe mine won't bother others, but they sure are making a racket today! ;)

It seems that I was so tired last night that I forgot to come in and post, but I did do some reading on the net for a couple of hours; then realized it was past 2 AM -- :yikes: so I hopped off to bed. Yesterday, I did some more laundry to catch up (a nice pair of warm & cozy fleece sheet set that's great for the winter ~ we have two like that, plus I have some extra fleece sheets that we can use if we want to. For the summer, we switch to a lighter bedspread set and cooler sheets as well.

PURPLE ~ glad your holiday plans are sorting themselves out and nice to hear that you are having a great visit with our DH's family from Cyprus. Hope you are having a good weekend too. NIKO doesn't like thunder either, or any loud noises, for that matter; and comes a running or hides behind the couch when he get scared. Yes, we are glad that our car is repaired and that we didn't break the bank -- we're still solvent, but we would have prefrerred to put some of that into savings, but we could just look at it like an investment too. :D

Well, I am going to put my feet up as I have been so busy this week that they are throbbing. I told DH that I'm going to need a week to recover by the looks of it. So we hope that you all are feeling better this week. :wave: to MEOWEE, and RONNI, and NUMPSTER and her DH, and VAL, who is away visiting her parents this weekend.


07-12-2009, 10:11 PM
HI LADIES ~ we have had a mixed bag of weather today; started out with clouds, then a bit :sunny:, so we took a drive out to our lot to deliver some of our wood for the shed today, and we had a nice picnic lunch while we were at it. We decided not to stay for the rest of the afternoon as some big, dark clouds came rolling in and with winds to boot. Just as we drove away, hard :rain: 's started to fall, but we eventually drove out of the storm as we got closer to home; the town had rain earlier in the day.

It was still nice to get out and go for a peaceful drive and we always try to enjoy ourselves when the weather allows. We got so much achieved at home this week, that is was nice to take a leisurely break from it all too.

HEY PURPLE ~ well, I did my weigh-in this week and the scales claim that I lost another 3 lbs, but I am not sure that isn't water fluctuation, so I am not going to change my #'s until my next weigh-in when I'll know for sure. I don't want to get my hopes up too high or they'll get dashed, but I think that I am starting to go in the right direction again, but I have to be super diligent.

We had chicken and salad and veggies for dinner with new potaotes (DH has lots and I just take a very small one), so we had a good OP day too. I had l/f yogurt ice cream and DH had his favorite chocolate pudding for dessert tonight.

I'm afraid the scab on my right shin tore off this week and I had to soak it late this afternoon when I got home; it's back to the drawing board -- salve and wraps again (gonna pick up some OZONOL and see if that works; as someone suggested it to me). Even though it will take a long, long time to heal that way; it is better than starting and stopping all the time.

Well, not much else going on here right now, time to go put my legs up and give them a much deserved rest; I did get a small amount of walking done today. I was very busy this week and more than got in my 3 days of walking which I am trying for right now. Eventually, I will up that, but I read that it is good to start at least 3 days a week (every other day), and work out way up to 6 days and have one day off.

Hope you all have A MARVELLOUS MONDAY tomorrow; we will likely be doing a bit of shopping and errands, just for some wood and meds this week. Take good care ... :hug:ROSEBUD:hug:

07-14-2009, 12:01 AM
HI LADIES ~ this will be a short one, as there's not much going on here today. We had :rain: all day long, so we just stayed home and did small stuff around here. I am also trying to rest my leg, as it has been giving me a bit of grief and pain today. I am back to soaking it each day, and prayiing that it will not get infected and start to heal properly once and for all. It is a bit frustrating as it is taking so long.

Hope you all had a lovely weekend and are feeling better this week. It has been very quiet here this weekend, so I hope that means that you all had a good one. I know VAL is having fun at her parents place; and we hope MEOWEE is starting to feel a bit better too. PURPLE is busy with company visiting and I am glad they are have a good time together.

Our landlord will be coming over tomorrow morning to do a few small repairs in our place; good thing to do as they are expecting rain again too. Well, I think I'm gonna go take some pain meds and put my legs up, OR maybe even go to bed early tonight. Take good care ladies, and hope you all have A TERRIFIC TUESDAY tomorrow ... :hug: ROSEBUD:hug:

07-14-2009, 11:09 AM
Hello fellow chicks

A big thank you to Rosebud who has been keeping this thread going in my absence

What with relatives visiting and me catching up on chores I haven't had a whole host of time available. Then did a long walk for me and I think it was too far so paid dearly for in the subsequent days. I was hobbling round like an old woman of 90 ;)

Yesterday we had the opportunity to catch up with my side of the family and went to a pub that does healthy meals for lunch. It was nice to catch up together and have a good chinwag as we say.

My sister has had the discogram done on here back she showed me the needle marks on her back. They first put local anaesthetic in and then the gruesome stuff starts. Putting very large needles which she described as knitting needles. They did not tell her which disc they had gone to on her back she had to let them know. Also let them know if she experiences the really bad pain that she gets. She had to stop at hospital for some while as her leg had no feeling in it and on standing it just buckled away from her. She still remains very sore after this procedure which is to be expected. Now just got to await the verdict on the surgery date.

ROSEBUD Firstly :congrat: on the weight loss your tweaking and dilegence seems to have bore fruit for you. You so deserve to see results as you work so hard at healthy eating.

Sorry to hear that your sore on your leg has flared up again. It is worth trying ozonol as you might find that it heals it up beautifully. It is hard when you have an on going skin complaint that flares up occasionally. You get to the point you are willing to try anything once to see if it will help.

I have had a little amount of exercise today as another MSer came early to her appointment well she got the times mixed up to be honest. She asked me did I fancy going to a store close by. So I have trotted well hobbled ;) around the shop. You never realise how much walking you do when browsing. Only bought one thing in the shop which was a bag of pigs ears. for our rizzie. To me they smell horrid, tough as old boot leather not that I have been chewing on one ;) but our rizzie seems to think they are the bees knees. For the first time I actually a cows ear for him though being a picky dog I did not know whether he would take to them or not. He simply adored them and chomped through it without coming up for air :D

Talking of Rizzie he has allowed me to take 6 stitches out. I can see one more but he won't let me take that one out. Ear on the whole is healing well just two spots that are still oozing and that is from a stitch site not the incision that they made. It must be getting better as he is more tolerant at letting you do the daily clean to keep the site clean s possible. His days though are numbered as he has ordered a one way ticket to a shower. He is starting to pen and ink (smell) a bit to say the least. Not only that goodness knows what is stuck on his fur on his back hind leg. It is like a child has put their sticky hand on him after having a sweet.

Today's tea is beef with steamed vegetables. Followed by stewed rhubarb and apple. So healthy tea with lots of fibre to keep us full. This morning I made porridge to eat before going to the centre. Normally I have cereal with flaxseed but once a week I normally make porridge.

No further news this neck of the woods. So time to chill out and relax before going out tonight. Take care ladies till next time

:wave:purpleorc :hug:

07-14-2009, 11:45 PM
:wave: HI LADIES ~ well, the weather cleared right up today and it turned out to be quite a nice day. The LL came over and him & DH fixed that back door; now DH just has to get used to it: now he doesn't have to slam it over and over to get it to close. Our bathroom sink was also leaking so they fixed that and changed our toilet seat, which I wasn't too impressed with. DH bought the seat, but it seems very flimsy to me and I don't think it is going to last very long.

RANT ~ boy, are they ever making things 'cheap' these days (as in, poor quality): I remember when a toilet seat would last 10-15 years -- now you're lucky if it lasts even a month or a year. DH thought he'd buy us a nice new cushiony seat, but when he sat on it, all the air came out and flattened it out like a pancake. :lol: When you go back in an hour later, it is full of air again, but the same thing happens over and over. I feel like I'm sitting on nothing; and it makes you feel very self-conscious as well. You know that I now have a new mission in life -- becuz I will be on the lookout for a better quality toilet seat from this day forward; and I won't stop until I find one ... ;)

Anyways, this afternoon, I sent DH on some errands to the drug store to get that Ozonol and my vitamins, etc; and he also picked up a few groceries (fruit & veggies mostly). My feet were a bit sore, so I let him do all the walking around today, and he actually enjoys it -- lucky me. :D

HI PURPLE ~ glad you've been having fun with your company and visiting with your own family as well. My Dad & SM were only here one week: we saw them a few times -- once for coffee and pie; and one short chat outside where I got dozens of bites from NOSEEUMS (they came to town for dinner and a cone); and the last was my Dad came by briefly to pick up DH to go help him move some furniture. They had only planned to be here a few days, but it took them longer to move than they thought.

I hope this 3 lbs stays off and wasn't just water weight, but it is encouraging that some of the tweaking may be helping me a bit. I'm glad that Rizzie's ear is healing up nicely; you are doing a great job nursing him back to wellness. DH picked me up some Ozonol today and I am going to try that for a while. I do have antibiotic salve here as well; and today, it is feeling much better than it was yesterday.

DH hobbled off to bed early again, as he says that he was beat from all his slaving today: he says that I wear him out, and that's a compliment. :lol: Truth be told -- I got my whip out tonight and coerced him into tidying up the back yard again (the patio area). ;) It seems that I have to do this about once a month to keep it in order. I have to confess that my DH can be a bit untidy if I don't keep him in line! He says that it is just work creation, and I tell him, yah ~ don't work so hard at it! :D We jest around like this all the time ...

I feel bad for your sister having to go thru that but am glad that they are finally getting somewhere with her diagnosis. My middle brother said he was having a knee replacement yesterday; a tool had stabbed underneath his knee many years ago at work. It was too bad, so they had to finally replace the whole knee; hope things went well for him. It may be a while before we hear back how he is doing, as he lives so far away from us (about 500 miles), although he can call me anytime he wants.

I was just reading a message from a man named Nick Vujicic who was born with no arms and legs; he is such an inspiration to many people. He sure helps you to realize how blessed we are in this life; and to always be very grateful for what we can do. I think he even has a website called or something like that; may check that out too.

I hope to pick some Rhubarb this week at our lot; it was very late this year as we didn't have any rain or a spring for that matter. Now that we have had some rain the last couple of weeks, the Rhubarb is starting to grow, so I want to pick some and put some in the freezer too. Your dinner sounded really nice; we had hamburglers tonight, but I didn't have any buns. I had mine like a hamburger steak with veggies and a bit of potato salad.

Well that's all the news from here for now; they are calling for rain tomorrow afternoon, but maybe they will be wrong. Hope all our friends here are having a good week, and will have A WONDERFUL WEDNESDAY tomorrow ... :hug:ROSEBUD

07-16-2009, 01:00 AM
:wave: HI LADIES ~ well, we both woke up very early (6 AM) and the skies were clear with lovely sunshine and a nice cool breeze, so we decided to head out to the lot today. I was able to pick a 5 gallon pail of Rhubarb today -- enuff to put some up in the freezer too. We also stopped along the way and picked up some Hostas and another lovely tall blue perennial flower (which I am going to look up in my books later) and transplanted them to our girls stone garden.

I hope they take, but if they don't, we'll just keep trying until they do. I was told that is how many people get their perennial gardens started -- from transplants from their friends or other places. These ones are growing along the road of an old abandoned farmstead where someone obviously had planted these flowers many years ago and they have naturalized nicely.

Dh was happy and got some more crossbraces done today, but the clouds did roll in after lunch (we ate later today about 1 PM), but he forged on until about 3:30 when a real downpour came thru. We decided to pack it in and come home and got home about dinnertime. I just cooked up some leftovers for dinner tonight; quick and easy, for sure ...

I did also manage to get some walking in today; once with NIKO, and once by myself, so I was happy about that. I'm hoping to build up my endurance slowly over time. Well that's all the news and I am very tired from getting up so early. I put my feet up early tonight and promptly fell asleep. So take good care ladies, and I hope you all have a wonderful day tomorrow!


07-16-2009, 03:16 PM
Hi and good evening

Yesterday I did not manage to get on was busy with firstly getting up rather late after being shattered the night previously. Secondly we had lunch with BIL and then went on to do the weekly grocery shop. Then of course you have to put it all away. We go out on a Wednesday night to play cards, I did no good but my husband came second with his team.

It was nice having lunch with my BIL to catch up. Then yesterday I had to do some work for him and his g/f. Her grandfather passed away about a couple of months ago. Then on the 4th July BIL and his g/f let his ashes go whilst sky diving. A befitting end for his last journey seeing has he was in the RAF (royal air force). They had made a little video of this for the family including some still photographs of him through the years with family and friends. It was a beautiful DVD for the family and her grandmother asked for certain music to be added to this which they did. Then my job was to make a cover for a DVD case and label for the disc. We made up one for BIL and his g/f to give their approval to before I go ahead and make more for them. A big responsibly on my shoulders as I know how important this is for the family this last memento of their grandfathers journey. I am only self taught in design and making DVD covers so I have had no formal training whatsoever. I have learnt this over the years and find it interesting.

ROSEBUD Yes I agree things are not made so sturdy as they once once. Like you say my parents toilet seat I recall lasted donkeys years it was the only one I remember being there. Up until recent years their bathroom suite was the one they had put in the house when they married. It was a lemon colour (must have been fashionable at the time ;)) and it had a black toilet seat with this. Now they have had a new white suite when they had new bathroom tiles put in. I bet this toilet seat does not last that long over 40 years like the previous one.

I still have my daily battle to bath Rizzie's ear as he his none to keen on me doing it. It has got to the stage he knows what I am going to do when I pick up the container with the antiseptic wipes in. He's off not stopping for me so I call him back. He does come but reluctantly, not that I blame him I would be none to happy by this daily routine.

I hope your brothers knee replacement went well prayers on a speedy recovery. I know several people whom have had this operation and it has made such a difference to their life afterwards. Most of all not to be in pain for the whole day never being out of pain. The added bonus then for them being they can walk again like before the troubles started.

Nick Vujicic he is such a inspirational man considering the hand life dealt him. It does remind you to be grateful though for what you are able to do rather than focus on what you can't do.

Today had Thai turkey/butter bean chili with strawberries/peaches plus yoghurt at lunch. At tea we had the last of the cabbage soup I made with a slice of bread, then an ice lolly for after (low calorie at 65). So had a good day on plan today so please there. Tomorrow we are going on a trip to st Ives but not the one in Cornwall but in cambridgeshire near Peterborough so much nearer than we though. Instead of a 6 hour journey down there we are now looking at around 90 minutes. I have made some cobs to take with us to help us keep on the straight and narrow. Plus some fruit chopped up so we can have that also on our travels. I will make a couple of small flasks of coffee to keep us hydrated on our way.

No further news for now so take care for now

:wave:purpleorc :hug:

07-17-2009, 01:19 AM
HI LADIES ~ I spent the morning cleaning and chopping and bagging my Rhubarb: got 15 baggies, plus I also cooked some up with some apples and it tasted just like Mock Apple Pie (only with no crust). I simmered together until soft -- 1-1/2 cups Rhubarb with 3 apples + 2 tsp honey + 3 packets art/sweetener + 1 tsp cinnamon + 1/2 tsp nutmeg + 1/2 cup water. It was very yummy ...

I put the last of my books up on my shelf today as well; went thru them again and decided to give away or toss a few more that I didn't really like that much. We are trying to limit our books to two bookcases (one regular size and one smaller one) and by jove, I think we've got it ... ;)

I also did some reading up on perennial flowers, but still not sure I have found the tall blue ones that we have here yet; so I will start a search on the net too. Maybe I will have better luck finding them there. I want to have a more carefree and simpler garden than in the past; only perennials for me from now on.

HEY PURPLE ~ my you have been busy lately; and hope you have a great trip to St. Ives. You won't believe it, but just like your sister, my brother's surgery was cancelled at the last minute. He was even prepped and ready to go into the OP room; he was disappointed, but he is still on the list. He had more teeth extracted too; only 5 left apparently before he gets his bottom plate. Maybe they should finish that before the leg surgery so his body has time to recover first.

Oh, so you are a self-taught graphic artist; that is what NUMPSTER does for a living too. Well, I think she has a combo job; that and other stuff too. Hope your design works out for you and they are pleased. My sister does stuff for family and friends sometimes too; it keeps her very busy too.

Well, we had fish for dinner tonight; and although the day started out with rain, we ended up with sunshine and really nice temps for the rest of the day. DH went up town to mail out some letters for me and he also picked me up some of my favorite snacks -- sunflower seeds (not shelled); as I find they keep me from wanting to munch at night. My sister (Numpster) and I used to buy them all the time when we were younger, to help us keep from gaining weight. I got out of that good habit and have now reintroduced it back into my life.

I figured out recently that a bag of chips goes for about 1660 calories and can help you to gain 24 lbs a year; and I'd bet Nachos are very similar. So I really want to stay away from junk like that from now on. Now if as long as people don't sabotage me, I'll be fine. DH has kindly agreed to not bring junk like that into our house anymore.

Well, that's all the news for now, take good care ladies and we sure hope you have A FANTABULOUS FRIDAY!!! TGIF! :hug:ROSEBUD:hug:

07-17-2009, 04:43 PM
Hello fellow chicks

We (DH and I) went on our delivery today to an industrial estate in Cambridgeshire one of our shorter journeys at 78 miles one way. I must admit I prayed very hard today as DH said he could feel the clutch racing thus it was on its way out. So I prayed that it would get us there and back without breaking down. The man upstairs answered my prayers and we made it without incident. (phew) So prayers of thanks for letting us have a kind journey under the circumstances. The weather in parts was atrocious with thunder storms and bucketing down with rain. Poor Rizzie when DH was delivering and unloading the van decided that he would hide from the noise in the drivers well where all the foot pedals are located. Here we tend not to have automatic vans or cars. So there are 3 pedals so it was not actually the most comfortable position he had selected. Then deciding that was not helping hide from the bangs of thunder he leaped from the front of the van to the back seats. He would not come back. So I had to get out of the van and open the side door before he bolted in the unit where DH was delivering. These can be dangerous places with forklift trucks around and the last thing they would be expecting was a frighten dog. With some coaxing he came out the van and into the front area. I heard on the radio though that there had been some places with flooding due to the hard down pour. Not flooding as peoples homes in water but the road awash with water as the drains can not handle the shear volume of rain in a short period of time.

I went to bed early yesterday after feeling shattered slept extremely well. I felt much better and refreshed this morning, I definitely needed that long sleep my body was telling me so I listened for once ;)

ROSEBUD Your mock apple pie sounds very nice and right up my street I must admit. I am big lover of fruit of any kind and sometimes go overboard and pay for my indulgence.

Sorry that your brothers operation was cancelled I hope that they reschedule soon. Yes hard one to call whether his body need more time to recover between procedures. I am not sure whether he is having general anaesthetic to have the teeth removed or under local anaesthetic. Nearly all teeth extraction here in the UK is done now under local anaesthetic unlike a few years back where they used general anaesthetic. I remember having that done when I was 11 years old. Not that my teeth were bad but to make room for the rest of my teeth. The dentist felt there would be crowding and he made the right call as I have very straight teeth now. Not that I was very keen at 11 years old having 4 teeth out and a baby one which was hanging on by a thread.

When you have a smaller property you have to be strict with yourselves and stop your hoarding as you just do not have the room. Every so many years we have to be ruthless otherwise we would be over run. We tend to store things in the walk in cupboard in case we might need it. But normally we don't we are just hoarding big time. DH is worse than me at squirrelling things though my faux pau is having tonnes of books. I love reading and now I do not read as much as I used to as my concentration is less. So hence I do not get through the volume of books that I use to. I must stop buying books but old habits die hard.

Good idea the sunflower seeds I bet they are high in protein and so keep you from nibbling and filled up for longer. I sometimes have a small portion of unsalted nuts. I know they are high in calories but better calories than a bag of crisps. Not to mention they will keep you fuller for longer. It is a shock to find out how many calories are in junk foods we love. They are lethal as you have proved how much weight gain they could give in a year :fr:

I have been able to breath a sigh of relief as BIL said that the DVD cover and label that I did for his girlfriend grandfather's shattering of the ashes was excellent. I was fearful that it would not be well received. I must have more confidence in my ability though this does not come easy.

Well no further gossip the part of the world so till next time take care ladies

:wave:purpleorc :hug:

07-18-2009, 12:03 AM
:wave: HI LADIES ~ Well, this morning, DH went out to our shed to try to find my MP3 player (which we still haven't found yet), and we discovered more music tapes and boxes of office stuff and you know ... more stuff that needs sorting and uhggg ... I thought I was finished and I wasn't. :(

So my nice and orderly spare room now has more boxes in it that I have to sort out; more tossing is in order for sure. We had planned to go to the old farm and see if the Rhubarb there was still good, so we decided to go after lunch and we did manage to get another half pail -- there was still lots of small ones left, but we just took the big ones as I'm sure I will have enuff for the winter now.

Boy, the bugs were really bad over there: now I know for sure that DH and I made the right choice all those years ago, buying our lot where we did -- there aren't near as many bugs and the temps are about 10% cooler there as well. DH had also wanted to bring home a few things as well; so we did that too and I found my patio table there and we brought it home. I want to paint it to make it look nicer and then put it on our deck. Then we took a long drive back home to see some friends of ours who just bought a house and so we swung by there as well.

Tonight, DH went and picked up some DELI BBQ SPIT CHICKEN; we hadn't had that in a while and we have enuff left for dinner tomorrow as well. That was nice for me to not have to cook and it was getting warm out there as well, but tonight, it cooled down nicely.

PURPLE ~ I am so glad your trip was successful and safe; and that your prayers were answered too. Poor Rizzie and those big mean thunderclaps; our NIKO doesn't like them either and he hunkers as near to me as he can get. Our Pin Pin used to get really scared of them and would even start panting from fright; but NIKO isn't as bad, esp if I reassure him that it is OK, then he relaxes and lays down but within eye range of us. They are just like kids in so many ways ... ;)

I'm glad that your CD cover was a hit; I bet that was a relief to you. Like you, I love to read -- and I do have some books that I have already read that I won't likely read again, so I have already filled one box to give to goodwill. Any that I really disliked, I just toss into the garbage now.

Well that's all the news for now; I put my legs up earlier and just changed my bandage on my leg, but it was stinging a bit tonight -- not sure why. It does look better today, but I may take a mild pain pill so that I can sleep well tonight anyways.

Hope you all have a WONDERFUL and RESTFUL WEEKEND ... and do take good care ... :hug:ROSEBUD:hug:

07-18-2009, 10:32 AM
Hi ladies

Weather is more clement today at present though rain is forecast for later today.

Today I am making a chicken soup from the bones of a roast chicken we are having for dinner later today. So cooking lots of vegetables at present then all I have to do is add the chicken stock ( from boiling the bones in water). Then finally I will strip the carcass from the remaining meat to add to the soup. This way I get the most out of my chicken. I have 2 chicken meals ( what I mean by that 2 meals for 2 days) plus soup for several days not bad value considering it was £2.30 for the small chicken. I could get more meals but I am a soft touch and give the leg meat to Rizzie. Before our Rizzie then I would make this normally into a curry so another meal would be eked out of the chicken. Old habits die hard of getting the most for my money but not a bad thing in this age of limited funds. I am so glad that I paid attention to my Dad's tips from when he was feeding our family on only his wage. ( my mum was a stay at home mum until I was old enough to start cooking the family meal and take care of my sister for a short period of time) I was 13 by this stage and I had to care for my sister for 30 minutes and start the family tea. My sister was the holy terror trying to get up to all sorts of mischief then blaming me :dizzy: She use to drive me to distraction at times and my parents were lenient towards her due to her being sick for a lot of the time. I think a lot of parents would react in the same manner but you do not realise that as a child and just think it is unfair. Though my sister and I are best friends now but as children we were sworn enemies just about. Though we would quickly come to the others defence if we found anyone picking on them :hug:

ROSEBUD The rhubarb is just about over here now till next growing season. Though I do have quite a bit stashed in the freezer for the rest of the year. Along with rhubarb I have blackberries and raspberries. In about 6 weeks time it will be time to go blackberrying again. It is nice to pick up the wild blackberries as they are a free food (not had to pay). The wild ones are not as sweet though as the cultivated variety. Talking of fruit I saw my first blueberry plant at friends house they have two plant pots with a plant in each. I like blueberries but did not know what an earth the plant looked like they were harvested from. To be honest until resent years blueberries were not on sale here in the UK but now we have a whole variety of fruit many of which can not be grown in the UK accept in green houses as our climate is not hot enough.

You are so right when you describe our dogs like children it is so spot on. At times he makes as much mess, as mischievous, playful, loving and need as much care as a child. You have to feed them, give them enough fluids as they are incapable of doing this themselves. Bath them gosh the similarities are endless. When I do a trip to deliver I have to pack another bag just for him with water, food, poopy bag and lead. Plus covers to place over the seats to protect them cos you can guarantee he will find a muddy spot if there is one about to tread in :lol:

We are fortunate regarding the bugs in UK as we are not normally get bugs like you describe. Yes you get them around water or under a group of trees. Otherwise the worse we have to content with is the house fly (aka the blue bottle) Glad you and your DH made the right choice to buy in the cooler climate of that area of Canada as it has reaped it's rewards. Sounds like you have been busy visiting friends and refreshing garden (patio furniture)

I hope the stinging in your leg eased off last night even if it was with the aid of pain medication which if it gives you some ease I believe in taking them. Like my MS doctor says why be in pain and miserable what quality of life is that. The key is to have the minimum your comfortable at and have a good quality of life that your body limitations gives you. Such sound advice it is a balancing act of getting aches and pains until some control so that you can be the boss of them. I hope you see some improvement with the new ointment regime soon. I know things ain't going to happen over night though if things are not deteriorating then that is a blessing.

Went to a local shop today to pick up a magazine and bananas and unfortunately a lady was brought into the store after having a fall. We were seated in the cafe having a coffee. The first aider was one of the cafe staff. The first aider was excellent how she dealt with the incident. The lady had fallen face first and given herself a mega nose bleed in the process. Ambulance was called and they were seeing to the lady when we left. I must admit if I had injured myself I would have felt reassured by her calm efficient manner.

No further news for now I must go an start making a move on the next process of my soup. So till next time bye bye and take care

:wave:purpleorc :hug:

07-18-2009, 11:45 PM
:wave: HI LADIES ~ hope you had a super Saturday. DH and I bagged up the rest of the Rhubarb today (he washed it while I cut it into chunks and put it into baggies); then put it in the freezer; managed to get 26 baggies in total between the two batches which is great. We also went out and picked up some fresh groceries, esp fruit and veggies, etc. We also had to pick up some keys as DH lost one of his and so I had some extras made and I also picked up some flower bulbs on sale (very good price), so hope they come up. I got enuff to do here and up at our lot too.

HI PURPLE ~ you sure get a lot of meals out of one small chicken; I get two meals and can use the carcass for soup too. Your prices are much better than ours for whole chickens; we pay anywhere from $5-10 bucks, but this week they have a good sale, but I sorted out my freezer this week and found 4 in there, so I want to use them up first before buying anymore. We had the other half of the chicken tonight; it works out well for us as DH likes the legs and I like white meat.

I was wondering when you put salt in your cleaning water solution, how much salt would you recommend to put in the water per gallon or liter of warm water? What kind of salt do you use? Table salt or large pickling salt? Have you ever tried baking soda?

I have been soaking my leg and it is starting to look better again, but it will take a while for it to get smaller again; I must be patient and let it close up on it own. It is difficult to wait like this, and can be scary too. I'm sure that this must be so scary for people with cancer and other serious health problems too. Waiting and hoping that the meds will work for them so they can breathe a bit easier ...

The reason the Rhubarb is good here (and much of it was very small) is becuz we had rain late this year. We usually have lots of rain in May and June to get the Rhubarb then, but this year we are having rain late June and early July, hence why the Rhubarb is ready now. Everything is a bit late this year and when it was hot, it was way too hot. My onion sets haven't come up right this year; either they were too old or the weather caused it. Next year, I will go back to a former source; I changed this year and that was a big mistake.

Anyways, I am in here late while soaking my legs; by the time I am finished posting and reading, I will be able to put on my new bandage for the night. Then maybe I'll do some puzzles or read a bit too.

Hope you all have a lovely, restful Sunday tomorrow; and do take good care ... :hug:ROSEBUD:hug:

07-19-2009, 11:19 AM
:wave: happy Sunday ladies! I've been reading the chit chat you've got going on about your dogs -- while I dont have a dog I can attest that my parents recently got a chiahuahua =terrior cross lap dog who they spoil absolutly rotten and take eeeeverywhere with them. He really is their baby boy - and I joke now that I dont go down to see them anymore, I just go to see their puppy who is so excitable and hyper whenever I see him. It helps that he remembers me and my car whenever I arrive :)

News on my end of things is:
1. I'm headed to Minnesota for a few days next month. I was granted the time off from my boss on Friday and will be carpooling down with a coworker who is headed to a wedding. My best friend from college lives down there and recently quit her job in LA to be able to move closer to her family (she's 25 and felt compelled to prove herself in the world by moving as far away as possible in North America - it tooks some talking and affirmation but I spent my Mexico cruise last year telling her to do what makes her happiest!) She also did the MS 150 mile bike tour in honour of me several years ago and stuck by my side through my entire diagnosis. She is a beautiful soul and I"m so happy to be able to see her in person (skype is a free video call utility we use online but it's not the same!)

Last month I finally decided to stop staying in contact with an ex boyfriend from college. We dated before I was at my highest weight, and before MS -- then for some reason I felt obligated to stay in touch with him afterward! (which makes me mad at myself) Four years later, I turned 25 and was able to remove the messenger program I used to keep in touch with him. Since all we did now was communicate online.

Which brings me to my next exciting point! I 'met' a really cool guy on the one dating website I'm on. I cant explain why I stayed on it after I joined several sites in college with a friend, and quit them all shortly after. maybe it was a nice ego boost now that I had lost weight.

Anyways, we spent two hours on the phone last night - our first phonecall. We've been emailing back and forth for a couple weeks now - and he asked to add me as a friend on facebook -- which made me really anxious, because my profile on that site is allll about MS (I use the site for work and I connect with a lot of political influences on it, so I like to use it to advocate for MS and raise awareness) Anyways, I didnt want to snub this great guy so I figured the best thing I could do was tell him about MS (over an email! ugh!!) and see if he ran for the hills.

Well he didnt. Turns out his Dad is an 'incomplete quadripilegic' and has been since the guy was 1 year old... not that it's cool or anything but.. wow. Even if it doesnt work out with this guy (he lives in Winnipeg so that's 700 kms south, though everything is far away from where I live) It's nice to be reminded I'm not going to be single forever :) Since I'm carpooling to Minnesota next month, we'll be overnighting in Winnipeg so I should get to meet this guy in person.

I also got my contacts into my eyes - and have been wearing them for several weeks now. It is exciting to 'see my face' for the first time. I feel like a new person, it's really exciting to be able to change up my appearance a little bit and get some more confidence. I went and had my hair highlighted last week as well.

anyways, one thing that has happened with all the newness and changes is that I've lost a large part of my appetite. Hopefully it returns pretty quickly because we all know what skipping meals leads to! I am doing my best to eat salads even when I'm not hungry, and have fruit for breakfast. I will have to guard that pretty closely right now so I dont get weak. Perhaps I'll go to the grocery store and load up on healthy snacks.

take care ladies!

07-19-2009, 11:22 AM
and only nine more posts until I'm over 1,000 so I think I'll go take care of that right now!

07-19-2009, 11:33 AM
Hello fellow chicks

Good afternoon from the UK. Today it is very changeable weather wise one minute sunny the next throwing it down with rain.

Well last night I reformatted my PC I don't know what I had put on it but whatever it was it was slower than a tortoise. So I finally lost patience with it and reformatted it. Though I spent sometime before hand saving pictures etc to another drive which would not be touch during the wipe clean. I had to try and find out where some of the games I played where they saved. They weren't simple and in a saved folder in program files under the named game. No they were squirrelled away in places I would not have found if I had not done a search then took the file out to see if it was the right one. I did though manage to mess up one and that was my favourites from firefox. I must have saved the wrong file. Fortunately most of the favourites are also duplicated on internet explorer so I just transferred those. I think I am just about square now and it is completed apart from the digital camera drivers. Though I am sure there will be something else I will have forgotten you can guarantee that.

Last night my tummy was swollen and then it started to hurt a little. Though first thing this morning it was bad the pain used heat as a means to easy the pain and that worked wonderful. So now the pain is virtually nil. I suspect it was my ulcer rearing its ugly head. Not that I can think that I ate anything that would aggravate it.

Well as I said I bet I would forget something well I have found something. I was using internet explorer and was going to spell check my work so far. Well no spell check, so I save my post download the spell check but I can't get it to work so need to try shortly and sort the issue out. So I transferred my post over to firefox though that had no spelling checking facilities so I had to download the the add on of the UK English dictionary. Gosh what a palaver just to check my atrocious spelling. I was never brilliant at spelling though in recent years I have found spelling even the easiest word taxing. I am not sure if it is due to the MS as I know it had hit my speech centre with me struggling to find the right word when speaking. Frequently having to go around the houses to describe what I mean. For example if the word iron eludes me I would say it was something for making your clothes free of creases.

ROSEBUD Yes chickens are dear for you in Canada though I must say they are shot up in price here but not to the dizzy :dizzy: heights of your prices I must say. Yes I am good at eking out meals from a chicken we had about 3oz - 4oz of chicken breast for that meal each. Then plenty of vegetable well four to be exact not including potatoes. That makes it a filling nutritious meal not too overloaded with calories.

If making a saline solution (salt in water) there is no hard fast rule how much. All I do is put as much as the amount of water will dissolve. It will not harm if you are a bit heavy handed on the salt. If it has not dissolved it all I would just add a tad more water till it disappears especially if you are using it to wipe over the wound. Though if just using salt water as a soak it doesn't matter it just will feel gritty if you are in a bath of it. I use table salt or I have used rock salt if I have not got any. Though I prefer table salt as it is finer and dissolves much easier. Has for the baking soda, I have not heard of that for irrigating wounds or soaking them. I have heard it used in stings to reduce the pain from those. I can't imagine there will be too much to worry about with it. Though I would do some research before hand if thinking of using this method.

Just before starting this post I made a fresh fruit salad for tea. Plus sliced up some bananas on a baking tray. Tried as much as possible for the slices not to touch. I am going to use the bananas to make mock ice cream. You take out the frozen slices let them defrost slightly then blitz them in the blender to form the consistency of soft ice cream. I will be serving this on the fresh fruit salad. There is more than one way to skin a cat ;) I will get more fruit down my DH even if it by deviant means :D He will see the ice cream ;) and think he has a nice pudding. I have tried to give him more of the sweeter fruits like mango, melon, strawberries and grapes.

Spotted a stitch in Rizzie ear this afternoon which I was able to take out very easily. So that is 7 I have managed to remove in total. I also was able to cut stitches which were very tight and pulling his ear. Hopefully he will feel a wee bit better for the release of those tight stitches.

Hello to NUMPSTER, VAL, RONNI and a special mention to our MEOWEE. I hope you are slowly on the mend Meowee still thinking of you frequently and sending prayers for your recovery.

I have no other news this weekend so have a lovely Sunday everyone. Till tomorrow take care ladies. I am going to put my feet up now and have a little rest.

:wave:purpleorc :hug:

07-20-2009, 12:41 AM
:wave: Just had a quiet restful day today. This afternoon, we all went out for a nice drive and it was really nice. WE stopped at a favorite place and had a ice cream cone each. Mine was too big; Dh thought it was funny, but promised to get me a small one next time. It's been a year or so since we did that, so I ate leaner for the rest of the day to make up for that. I told him that was my dessert for the day and next week too! lol ...

PURPLE ~ glad you have been able to get so may of RIZZIE's stitches out; and got your PC stuff sorted out. Sounds like you know quite a bit about computers now. I have a second drive for storing pics too, as they take lots of memory. I try to save things as I go so as not to lose them, but I am due for some catch up pretty soon.

HIYA VAL ~ it's so nice to hear from you; boy, you've had lots of changes in your life lately. You sound very excited and happy. Now when you meet this fella; keep it in a public place until you get to know him -- OK, I'm being a mother hen, but we want you to be safe and happy.

Yes, it can be tempting not to eat under these circumstances, but make sure you eat some protein of some kind to protect your major organs and your muscles. Fruit and salad are fine, but you do need some protein from some source. Lean protein can be found in fish and chicken too; eggs and cheese, plus unsalted nuts and seeds. Hope you have a fabulous visit with your good college friend and meeting your new PC friend too. Yes, do take care of yourself and be sure to eat well.

We had steak and veggies for dinner; DH had a pork chop as that is what he prefers. Had a bit of salad with mine too. It was very nice. Well, it's time to go and change my bandage and put my feet up too; I'm getting a bit tired too.

So, take good care ladies and hope you have MARVELLOUS MONDAY! :hug:ROSEBUD:hug:

07-20-2009, 10:29 AM
Hello fellow chicks on this Monday afternoon

I had planned to come on this morning to make my daily entry but my BIL and his g/f dropped by for a cup of tea :coffee:. So the morning just past me by so swiftly. It was lovely to see them both any road. I had not realised till today how tall his g/f was on kissing her goodbye I realised that she towered above me. Not many ladies do that with standing 5ft 8" in by bare foot. Not that is really tall by today's standard as I know each generation since the war has got taller.

I haven't much news to tell my end today so I will prompt go to answering each of the posts.

VALDINE So nice to hear from you and what has been going on in your life at the moment. I notice that we much have posted just about the same time on Sunday. I see by your last post you are so close to hitting the 1000th post here on 3fc. It is surprising how they mount up over the months each post you make.

I suppose I am like your parents in a way our dog Rizzie is like my baby I never had. I do try to stop myself from being to soppy with him and remember he is a dog. Though it is so hard when his big brown eye just look at you they melt your heart. So I can understand how they are with him. Dog's are so clever at knowing the sounds of like car engines and know that represents you for example. I know our dog knows the sound of our car. Also he knows where he is going on Friday when I visit my parents as he is so excited on the journey. When normally he is as quiet as a mouse.

Gosh a few changes in your life at present so you sound busy and full on. I hope working in Minnesota goes well. Your friend sound a wonderful lady to do a bike ride in your honour to raise funds for MS. Yes keeping touch by skype etc is not the same as you say. So I bet when you meet up again you will have a wonderful time together.

I am very pleased that you have met a new man in your life. I am sure it is a fun and exciting time in your life at present. Like Rosebud said when you take the steps to meet in person doing so in a public place might be a wise move. Hey I must be a mother hen like Rosebud ;) it must be catching :D I can understand your fears about him knowing of your MS or political believes etc that you have on facebook. ( I have just joined this myself so still learning the ropes on this) If he is loving man then these things will not matter as they make you who you are and they love you for being you. I know I was diagnosed with MS very shortly after we started going out and I thought he might go running but I have a wonderful DH who stood by me through thick and thin.

Has it turned out you found out that he has grown up with a father who has health issues of his own. This I am sure will make him view things differently to others not in his position. Like you I thought I was going to be single forever. Then when I least expected it my DH came into my life. The best thing was I had known him for years prior to our relationship. I think Rosebud can relate to that your man in your life comes in to your life when your not expecting it to happen.

I know that your appetite has decreased with all the events in your life at the minute. One thing I can suggest is what you do manage to eat make sure it is good calories with as much protein as you can whether that be vegetable or animal based. I know it is hard when your appetite goes for a Burton. I am prone to that when my tummy is playing up and then all I want is the sweet sugary stuff which got me into the 300lb mark in the first place.

ROSEBUD To think I had no PC knowledge until 11 years ago. I did not use computers at work or school/college. It was my DH who got me interested in using them first just to play a game. Then on to bigger things like reformat due to nephew studying IT. My DH is much better than I as he can put components in a PC like memory or hard drive.

We had chicken soup yesterday for Sunday tea DH said it was that nice he could eat it again (though he didn't) We had some fresh fruit salad for tea also with the mock banana ice cream. It has been a long time since I made the mock banana ice cream so I forgot how nice it is. Not to mention how like ice cream it actually is.

Just packed up a lunch for tomorrow to take to the MS centre wow it does come round quick does not seem five minutes since I was there last. I have done a sandwich, yogurt and an apple. Then tomorrow evening at tea we will have a chicken dinner.

Off I must go I need to bath Rizzie's ear not that he is going to be too enthralled by this especially as DH bathed him this morning after he was smelling like a barn yard.

Bye and take care ladies have a great Monday everyone.

:wave:purpleorc :hug:

07-20-2009, 10:37 AM

:carrot: :carrot: :congrat: on posting 1000 posts just noticed as I posted my entry :carrot: :carrot:

:wave:purpleorc :hug:

07-20-2009, 09:58 PM
HI MEOWEE ~ it was nice to see you posting in the DIABETES section today. We are glad that you are well enuff to come by and post again and read and catch up on things here at 3FC's. Take good care of yourself; ^PRAYERS^ are continuing that your health will be restored fully ... :hug:

07-20-2009, 10:03 PM
CONGRATULATIONS VAL ~ glad for you that you reached 1000 + posts here on 3FC's!!!

PS ~ When you mentioned that, I noticed that I have over 2000 + posts here; I had not idea I yakked that much ... :lol:

07-20-2009, 10:29 PM
:wave: HEY PURPLE ~ (and any other lurkers out there) You know, I have noticed that's lots of ladies that come here are very tall. I think 5' 8" is tall, so if your BIL's GF is taller than you, then she is very tall. I'm a shorty, and none to pleased about it, but I guess both ways have their advantages and disadvantages, though reaching for things is one of the most noticeable issues for me.

Yes, our NIKO knows the sound of our car and runs to the door as soon as he hears it, becuz he knows that means that DH is home. He has a keen sense of hearing and smell. Sometimes, he notices other vehicle sounds and runs to the front door, but then doesn't recognize the vehicle. I think that is becuz we live on a major thoroughway and it's busy most of the time, esp on weekends and during good weather in the summertime (a lot of campers and trucks go by here).

Gee, I wish my tummy would go for a BURTON, as you call it; it only does that when I'm very busy, like when I come on here. :lol: Your mock banana ice cream sounds good; must try that sometime soon.

HI AGAIN VAL ~ I do agree with Purple that often your spouse will show up when you least expect it; that is what happened to me. I met DH at 28 y/o and we got married when I was 30 y/o. Honestly, I didn't think I would ever get married and was OK with that; then that is when he showed up out of the blue. I met him at his job first, then later my brother was working with him, and my DB introduced DH to me.

I agree that a good man and a caring man will actually love you as you are and not even mind helping and supporting you. Many men like to feel wanted and needed (and women too). Sounds like this fella already knows what it is like to be with and love someone who has health issues.

Have you had any problems using FACEBOOK, becuz I joined there a long time ago and one day when I was in there just reading a message sent to me, and a TROJAN DOWNLOADER VIRUS was downloaded from that site into my PC. I wrote to them and complained but they never answered me about it. Luckily, my virus program detected it right away, told me about it, and then got rid of it (actually quarantined it for me). I didn't go back there, but if you think it is safe to go there, it may be a good place to put my pics becuz I have too much trouble getting them on here.

DH picked up some new wood today; so he hopes to go up to the lot this week and put in some more crossbraces. We may go extra early to get a good start before it gets too hot, and then just come home earlier too.

Well, it's time for my tea and to put my legs up again; maybe do a puzzle tonight as I haven't done one for a couple of days. I seem to fall asleep very quickly these days, but that is a good thing. Take good care ladies and do have a TERRIFIC TUESDAY TOMORROW!!!


07-21-2009, 11:29 AM
Hi Fellow chicks

What a miserable day in the UK it is raining :rain: cats and dogs most of the day. Where is our summer going :dunno:

Cracked on with the laundry last night only got the towels left to do now plus that horrid ironing ;) My flurry of activity last night must have made me tired as I went to bed early and slept well. Though as per normal for a Tuesday I don't want to get up at 6.30am.

Had a healthy hearty breakfast of porridge which kept me filled. Then a sandwich, apple and yogurt for dinner. So a good clean eating today. I have just made a sugar free dessert I bought this off the INTERNET a while back. All you do is add 115mls of water and whisk. I have the chocolate and banana flavour. They are high in protein as well so in practise should fill us for longer. If you use more water you can make a milk shake, or pudding (which is like the consistency of custard) or make a moose by adding water and egg. So pretty versatile and they pan in at 90 per portion.

ROSEBUD Just returned from my weekly therapy I forgot to pay so it is niggling me as I hate to owe for anything. I don't like forgetting to pay my fee so it is double next week.

Talking of MS I have been roped in with my DH on Saturday to go fund raising at a local supermarket. We are on the 2 hour slot from 3 till 5 all we have to do is hold a tin to put money in. Not to mention to thank anyone who cares to donate. We are in this local supermarket (namely Morrison's one of the 4 biggest supermarkets in the UK) they have kindly allowed us 3 days of fund raising at this shop. Slots are broke down into 2 hour slots and you pop your name besides the time that is good for you.

I like yourself kind of resigned myself at not finding Mr Right especially with a weight issue. Though my DH started dating me when I was not quite at my heaviest but getting there swiftly. He saw past that and it was ME he was interested in not the way I looked. Whatever I have undertook he has supported me 100% and been my rock over the rough patches life throws at you.

I personally have had no issues with facebook regarding Trojan horses. I have the Avast INTERNET security on my PC and it has not detected anything. There seems to be millions of user on there and groups for all sorts of things that may interest you. There are games as well if you like that side of things. Excellent way to get photographs up for the family to see. DH brother has quite a few from his childhood up there. So for the first time I saw a picture of my DH as a youngster. Has he hit his teen age years he didn't spent much time in the family home but in children's home's, Why, I think the top and bottom of it he and his dad did not see eye to eye. Plus a bucketful of raging hormones thrown in for good measure was not a great mix. He kept running away from home. So for his own safety they placed him in care. So there are few family photographs with DH only as a wee boy.

I will close as I have a few jobs I want to tackle before tea. Then it is on-wards and up-wards with tea. Gosh all go on a Tuesday it is so busy I do not know where the time goes to.

:wave:purpleorc :hug:

07-21-2009, 11:12 PM
:wave: HI EVERYONE ~ another scorcher :sunny: today ... good thing that we got up xtra-early for an early start today, but as it got hotter and hotter, we decided to come home earlier too. DH was happy with his progress, but he had to take a lot of water and rest breaks becuz of the heat today. We will stay home and gather up supplies for the next time, as he ran out of nails too.

We will pick everything up and then wait til the next good day (not so hot day); and go out then. He is happy that he will have half of the floor braces done next time; so I think it may take all of August to get it totally ready for the flooring material, but we are A-OK on our schedule. I would prefer not to put the flooring down til next spring, but he wants to put it down in the fall and cover it up, so we'll see what happens then. ;)

I planted about half my flower bulbs that I picked up; I'm not sure if any will grow but we'll see. I need to pick up some bags of good black topsoil to put on top of them for the next time we go out there. We had a good day, but I only got one short walk in today; maybe next time, I can do more as my feet were a bit sore today.

We had hamburglers for dinner and quite late as DH fell asleep for a few hours after we got home. Boy, the heat can sure make you feel exhausted, can't it? We have all the windows and doors open trying to cool this place down; it was 88F in here. :yikes:

PURPLE ~ good for you that you are able to help with the MS fund raising; a couple hours isn't too bad, is it? Esp if you can sit there while people donate; we don't see that much here, but I guess they do have fundraisers somewhere. I think they have walkathons and runathons here for MS a lot, like VAL's friend did on her behalf.

You bought some pudding over the internet; we can buy no sugar-added pudding here in the dairy case. I get them for me (they are about 60 calories each and made by JELLO BRAND). We buy the regular chocolate puddings for DH and they are much cheaper. I am not sure why puddings that have no sugar cost so much more than those that have sugar, but they do; unless, they are using artificial sweeteners as they are more expensive than sugar.

I splurge and buy these special puddings even though they cost more, but I eat them only on occasion. My l/f and l/s yogurts have only 35 calories in them too, so I am all set. Some of DH's pudding have only 90-120 calories depending on the flavor. I found a really nice lemon-merinque one for 120 calories. I used to be able to get one lemon one for only 90 calories but they don't carry it anymore, just the lemon-meringue one which is quite nice, I must say (and it's not too sweet either, like I suspected it may be).

You can also get fruit cups, jello cups, and apple sauce cups here which are quite handy for our picnic lunches. We sure are spoiling ourselves these days, but we deserve to eat healthy too. Your protein puddings do sound good though, so I can't blame you for wanting to try them; and they sound very versatile as well.

Thanks for the tips about FACEBOOK; I know that seemingly millions of people go there, so I'm sure whatever the problem was, has likely been fixed up by now. Sometime, I'll take a mosey over there for a see-see.

Well, that's all the news from here from now; think I'll catch up on some more laundry on the next cool or rainy day (not until Thursday or Friday, they say). I go by the weather now too; I cook soup or hot meals or do laundry only on those days. On hot days, we do different things and eat meals that don't take much cooking, if any.

Take good care ladies and we hope you have A WONDERFUL WEDNESDAY!!! :hug:ROSEBUD:hug:

07-22-2009, 11:13 AM
Hello there from the UK ladies

Remains a grey overcast with bursts of rain. Went to the local shops then on to a cash and carry store from that short journey the wind had picked up greatly and it nearly knocked me over it was so strong. Our weather is cooler that normal for this time of year I think I feel so sorry when it is so hot for others at this time and here us complaining where is our summer.

Our school children have now broken up from school for either one or two weeks depending which county you live. My sister children have broke up for one week which they have been spending in Ireland as it was her FIL 90th birthday this week.

ROSEBUD I hope the bulbs you plant come up next year. Bulbs are great way of giving a splash of colour without much gardening to be done. I have quite a few in my garden that spring up every year, from lilies, gladioli and daffodils to name a few. I did have more but our wet garden I think they rotted :cry:

It is not how far you walked the important thing is you did some exercise. No matter how little it is more than we did before that is how I look upon it. Each little bit adds up over the weeks and months. I walked around the cash and carry place today which is a very big place which is a good work out for me.

I had started my drug regime given to me by my doctor with disastrous results for me. I was hungry all the time so as much as I could I ate healthy snacks but the weight piled on. It made me very unhappy especially as I had been maintaining for a long time now at a constant weight. I did not want to pile the weight on with all the hardships it did took me to take off. I decided to stop the medication I need to talk to the doctor and ask what can I take that is not going to give me weight gain. I hope I haven't spoken too soon but I have started to see a downward spiral in my weight for the first time in weeks. I had crept up to 182lbs when I normally sit comfortably at 176 -178lbs. I know that how our bodies fluctuate with many things but my appetite had really changed. Now I normally do not feel really hungry on the diet regime that I have. I have not changed my diet in anyway but I feel ravenously hungry. For the first time yesterday after stopping my drugs I did not feel like it. I would never recommend anyone to stop taking drugs but I know what these are for and that you may stop them slowly which I did. I now just need to sort out something that is not going to cause me weight gain if possible.

Here in the UK there is very little with no sugar added products we have not cottoned on yet to that. There is a small range of diabetic produces which are sugar free or no added sugar but like you they are far more expensive than they should be. I am sure we will cotton on eventually as we follow trends from the states so fingers crossed this food will be marketed here soon. I am really envious of the range of products that you have available. That is why I have to be so inventive here as we just do not have such things mores the pity.

No like you said 2 hours of your time for fund raising is nothing for a good cause you believe in. Here in the UK frequently supermarkets have the type of fund raising that I am going on Saturday. Also supermarkets will annually support a different charity each year say like cancer research or heart research. I filled in a form in hope that one supermarket will raise funds for our centre for a year. We wish to expand our services so that we are able to offer to a greater range of people. We would like to tap in more with sports injuries, offering a service to parents with children with autism, cp to name a few. Though different conditions require maybe a longer time in the tank than say MS so things would need to be arranged differently. We have not the seating for many more people so are limited by this. A gentleman (will) recently left us a share in a bungalow which should give us around £70.000 which is a huge donation. It was such a kind gesture which means will such be able to expand if we find the right property to rent. Moving is expensive as we have specialist equipment such as hyberbaric chambers to move. Also refit the new unit with disabled facilities and section off usable spaces. For physio, reflexology, reiki etc.

No further gossip now and I want to have a little rest before we go out tonight to recharge those batteries. Bye ladies and take care

:wave:purpleorc :hug:

07-22-2009, 10:57 PM
:wave: HI LADIES ~ well, it was another scorcher out there today -- 105F in the full sun; but after dinner and lots of prayer, GOD sent some big clouds full of :rain: our way and cooled us off. I even went out on our porch and let the rain fall on me until I was drenched and it felt really good. Then I dried off and put a clean shift on; but was so much cooler for it. We used to do this a lot when we were kids; and I thought to myself -- why don't we do this anymore? Why suffer in this heat when GOD sends us cooling rain: it's a nice way to cool off.

Anyways, we planted some more bulbs; hopefully something will come up. I am going to order some for this fall too. I am totally sold on a perennial garden now and their are so many flowers, fruits, and bushes to choose from. Less work for us and much reward. My Spirea bushes and a neighbours garden are what convinced me to go this root. An elderly lady had made a huge perennial garden in her back yard behind our lot and it comes up year after year with no work; just cutting of the grass around the huge gardens she planted; it's so pretty.

HI PURPLE ~ we already have Irises, but we planted glads in the spring and they are up; plus we just planted tulips, hyacinths, daffodils now, but it may be a bit early or late. I will get some more in the fall (which is the proper time) and plant again in front of the glads. I am trying to build up a perennial garden at the lot and a few here in the gardens that are already here. They were started by a disabled man that used to live here some time ago. I think he would be glad to know that I am going to fill them with perennial flowers ...

Not much to talk about tonight; boy, does the heat ever tire you out. I woke up early again today, but now I am very tired earlier too, so time to go put my legs up and I'll probably fall asleep too. Take good care and have a great THURSDAY tomorrow ... :hug:ROSEBUD:hug:

07-23-2009, 10:54 AM
Hi Ladies

We have sunshine today hooray summer is back :lol3: It is the first time in about 5 days I think since we have seen Mr sunshine.

Unfortunately I started to feel some discomfort in my tooth and gum area late last night. So went to see the dentist today after feeling much worse today and somewhat unwell with it as well. Dentist diagnosed an abscess and prescribed me a weeks worth of antibiotics. Dentist was surprised that I had gone this long without trouble as the abscess looked as though it had been there for a little while. Maybe the pain is masked by my MS and my medication for my trigeminal neuralgia we shall never know. So come Wednesday of next week the tooth has to be extracted. I knew that it was one that was really needing to come out but dentist let it stay as it was not troubling me. I think due to the trigeminal neuralgia they do work when necessary to be kind to me. Not looking forward to Wednesday in case it triggers an attack but it has to come out.

DH also went today for his dental visit this was a fitting for a partial denture to cover the gap of the front tooth that had to be removed. Next visit I think will be last one where he will be given the partial denture.

ROSEBUD Sound that your hot weather continues which does wear you out even doing nothing. I like the way you cooled off in the rain natures natural way of cooling down. I bet it was bliss to cool down in this manner after a scorching day.

I am sure that the disabled gentleman whom use to live at your home previously would be pleased to know that you are continuning to make the garden nice where he left off.

I am going to close and get some rest this afternoon while I can.

See you all soon take care ladies

:wave:purpleorc :hug:

07-24-2009, 12:46 AM
:wave: HI LADIES ~ well the day started out hotter than predicted, but it did cool down by lunch time. We went up town to get those supplies that DH needed, plus a few things we missed before. He's all set now and so is the household for this month.

We didn't get much else done as we had to drive to more than one store to find what he needed. He did some hobby work and I did some research on the net this afternoon and evening. We had a good OP day; had fish with veggies and some lovely new potatoes we picked up today.

Sooo, I also got some good walking in today, and I am very happy for that! Yeah for me ... I was reading a synopsis of the Beck Solution and they give themselves praise for every little thing that they do right each day. They say CREDIT ME or KUDOS for that (which I say now anyways). We also say congrats and good for you doing this or that.

I do like the positive aspects of that plan -- it's not a diet per se, but a psychological therapy program to help you succeed with your chosen plan, but it was very interesting to read. I could very easily see how some people would find her tips (Dr. Beck's) helpful. We know most of her ideas already, but she offers solutions to issues that hinder us that can come up on our journey.

HI PURPLE ~ yes, the heat can exhaust you; I just want to lay down and go to sleep. :lol: I loved standing in the rain yesterday; it was very cooling. Sometimes, I will take a quick cool shower if I really can't stand the heat. We do have our fans and our A/C here though, to try and push the hot air out of the house.

I'm sorry you have to have another tooth removed; prayers for you going up that all will go well for you on Wednesday next and for your recovery. I have a tooth that needs work or extraction; I am in a delamma (joke) where to go about it. I'm am none too pleased with the dentists we have here and we only have 2 (and one is only open 2 days a week, so it won't be him; plus he wants to remove my good wisdom teeth which I want to keep just in case I need them down the road).

Sooo, I'm in a pickle; may have to go to the other one and chance that he won't remember me. If I don't like how he treats me this time, then I will go out of town for sure.

I don't know; some people seem to go to the dentist or doctor all the time. I hate going and I hate the pain and nausea I get with it. It makes me feel like vomiting all over, and then the dentist gets mad at me. I'll have to pray for days for the courage to go again; cuz that's what it takes for me (had so many bad experiences in my life in that realm).

Anyhow, not much else going on here; and it's getting very late. Plus, I just wanted to pop in and say HI! If the weather is not too hot, DH wants to go out to the lot tomorrow, so we'll see. Take good care ladies, :hug:ROSEBUD:hug:

07-25-2009, 12:09 PM
:wave: HI LADIES ~ well, we did go out to our lot yesterday after all; DH insisted and we decided to risk it, and so I prayed for decent weather. I put more soil in my stone garden and clipped some grass too; credit moi for the exercise.

The thunderstorms didn't show up until last night, so I had to disconnect my PC, so didn't get in to post last night. The temps got way too hot by mid-afternoon, so I insisted that it was time to pack it in and come home, as poor NIKO was panting away.

Speaking of NIKO -- that naughty boy decided to roll in some doggy doo-doos yesterday, so DH had to give him a bath, which he didn't like one bit. Ohmygosh, what a mess! :yikes: The bathroom was soaked and his black hair was everywhere sticking to the walls, etc. While we were in there, the forecasted thunderstorms showed up and drenched our front livingroom and my rocker, becuz we had the windows open to cool down this place which was tres, tres hot when we got home.

So we had fun spending our Friday evening bathing NIKO and wiping up water and cleaning and such. I was exhausted and fell asleep about 10 pm and didn't wake up until about 5 am this morning, but I nodded off again and stayed there until closer to my usual time which is between 7 and 8 am. DH was already up and at 'em; made himself a lunch (although I already had 2 sandwiches made up for him in the freezer, so he took those also) to head off bright and early to do his hobby for the day.

Sounds like he planned to be gone for awhile becuz he told me that he had rehooked up my PC so that I could come on today. He knows that when he is away that I always come to visit here -- lol! I have a bunch of emails to catch up on, but it was acting up on me today, so I gave it up and came in here instead.

We are getting another rebate for our heating & hot water bill this month; yeah -- think I'll put that into savings this month. We were also ahead on our hydro bill last month too; so they waited until mid-July and sent us a bill of $12.00 to keep things regular, I guess. So we are doing good being thrifty, yet not really doing without anything. Those 2 fans we bought have turned out to be very helpful; we use them whenever we need to, so we have only used our A/C (air conditioner) 3 times so far this summer.

Only 6 more days left of July and we are into August and things will cool down a bit; but July has been pretty nice for us this year. We have had a nice mix of rain and sun this year to offset those days that were unusally hot. There is a nice cool breeze out there, hope it stays for the day.

DH went and picked up some chicken for dinner last night and I made some new potatoes and veggies and salad to go with. So, not only did I stay on plan -- credit moi; but I also got 2 walks in yesterday (one long and one short) -- so "KUDOS to me" again! I also did some hand-weights on Thursday night; credit moi! And I did some stretchy band exercises last night for a few minutes too; credit moi! It all counts!!!

I am going to borrow some terminology from the Beck posters from now on, becuz I think that we need to pat ourselves on the back more ... especially whenever we do something right, which I think is more often than we think! I also believe that applying these positive affirmations will encourages us all the more! So, please do join me in using this new strategy, ladies ...

Anyhow, I haven't decided all that I want to do today, but my "daily plan" so far, which is another new strategy -- is to brush NIKO's hair on the porch today as he is shedding from the heat; I already washed up and prepared some snacking veggies and fruit this morning (credit moi); I want to make something with some ripe bananas (either muffins or mock icecream); and get some more exercises in (I already did my tummy tucks; credit moi) for the day. I am also going to journal a list each day for the next day for what I would like to achieve the next day ... yes, that sounds like a good plan indeed!

Another new strategy is that I am alternating my daily exercises to keep it more interesting ie, one day I will do walking and the next I will do something else like chair aerobics, pilates, yoga, Tai Chi, rowing, or swimming (DH wants to go swimming more). I will be sharing some more tips with you all as I go along too.

I am also going to buy myself some BOXING paraphernalia, yes you heard me correctly -- I'm getting gloves, a punch bag, and mini-bag, as I am hearing that this is something that I could do to burn extra calories that wouldn't be to difficult for someone like us with challenges. This is going to be my non-food REWARD for hanging in for so long, and as a birthday gift to myself as well.

I am going to do another post which will incude "my new plan of action" for the next while. Keep an eye open for that. Well, must go for now; got some other things planned to do for today. Take good care ladies ... :hug:ROSEBUD :hug:

07-25-2009, 01:44 PM

A plan of Action --> Healthy Eating Plan --> Commitment (includes Accountability) --> Helpful Tools --> Moderate Daily Exercise --> Tips & Tweaking --> and Perseverance ...


1) Plan of Action -- a) your motto, and b) your methodology ...

a) My Motto is: EAT LESS, MOVE MORE! (you can choose your own favorite motto)

b) In this plan are strategies that you will use to achieve your Mini-Goals, and Keep on plan (KOP). Each day, you will make a list of all the things you want to accomplish the next day. You make up lists of mini-goals ie prepare veggies for the day, or do 5 minutes of walking or other exercise, etc. Try to do at least one goal from each group each day.

2) My Healthy Eating Plan -- is basically "Portioned" Whole Foods and Volumetrics; eating 6 x a day to stave off hunger and sugar spikes with an emphasis on nutrient-rich foods as I have an inherited vitamin absorption problem. My plan involves so many servings from each food group, with an emphasis on lots of veggies & fruit, lean protein, lower fat dairy, some good fats, limited complex carbs: by avoiding simple/sugary carb foods, ie dinner plate is 50/25/25 (veggies/lean meat/complex carb).

3) Commitment -- constantly reading and researching for more ideas for "ANYTHING" that will enhance your plan and help you to succeed. You can include "Accountability" and enlist help, by joining a online support group and/or a local club. You MUST realize that this is not a temporary fix; there is no start or end. This is a life-long journey to good health ...

4) Helpful Tools -- You can incorporate accountability by tracking and/ journalling your food intake, daily exercise, and other mini-goals. Ie, Positive Affirmations to 'pat yourself on the back' for every thing that you do 'right' and/ to achieve your goals; plus Visualization.

5) Daily Exercise -- Do up to 30-60 minutes daily (starting with only five minutes, if needs be); you can have one day off to rest if you want, but we all do some activity each day really. Alternate activities bi-daily to keep things more fun and interesting. Minimum: 5 minutes daily/morning.

6) Tips & Tweaking -- add all the best tips & tricks from other plans, and your previous successes; and be flexible to change, continuously improving and evolving your plan as time goes on.

7) Perseverance -- you can only fail if you quit trying; but becuz this is for life ... perseverance IS your KEY TO SUCCESS! The key is: you will be eating healthy for the rest of your life, so you will stay healthy ~ fulfilling your CIRCLE OF SUCCESS ...


07-25-2009, 05:04 PM
Hello Ladies or as I just originally typed Kadues ( must have not had my fingers on the home keys as taught with touch typing)

I did not come on yesterday as feeling right under the weather but today I have picked up as the antibiotics taken effect. The pain has eased considerably.

We still have our summer hooray it has been gloriously sunny all day but not over bearing. Though I did feel a bit warm after having a chili at lunch :lol: I had a turkey and butter bean chili with home made potato wedges. I wanted a quick as easy menu for today with going out this afternoon. We had a fresh fruit salad for afters. Then for tea we had a ham sandwich and then banana with a toffee yogurt.

Today we have been to the local supermarket to raise funds for the MS therapy centre. We did a two hour slot which went fairly quickly. We had several of the members of the public chat for a while which makes it worth while. We will not know until Tuesday how much we earned as the money containers has an anti-tamper sticker on. DH also enjoyed his time as well so all in all a good time by both of us.

ROSEBUD Firstly I can sympathise with you after NIKO antics of rolling in you know what ;) What an earth possess them to roll in the most disgusting thing they can find is beyond me. Rizzie has done it three times first time with fox poo, ( now that pen and inks :D or in English stinks) the second time the same as NIKO. The third attempt was in left over takeaway food like a Chinese or Indian we were out with him miles from home when he did this. So before allowing him in to the car I wiped him down as best as I could with the water we always have. That car seem to stink for weeks despite been cleaned after that antic. Now washing it all off is a mammoth task in itself as your bathroom takes the brunt of it. My parents dog when he was alive bless it decided that the perfume of the day was pig manure :lol: which had been delivered to someones garden in an allotment as Dad was walking him around.

Well done you and a big pat on the back for staying on plan and exercising. I have stayed on plan but not got any exercise in yet. May go for a little walk later when it cools down enough for me to regain my energy levels back. It is a good idea to reward ourselves for our hard work with non food treats. This is good training as in the past I used food as treats as many do. Many of my treats now are to do with buying clothing and we the same as I dropped down the sizes. I would only buy a few garments at each size not wanting to be to wasteful as losing the weight it does not take many pounds before your in the next size down. Now is the most clothes I have with being stable at the weight for quite a long time now as my body seems happy at this weight for the moment. Though many people still ask me how much more have I lost? They are shocked when I say nothing :D and that I am stable. I wonder if my body is adjusting to this new weight and jiggling bits around as I put it so hence it looks as though I am still losing weight. Everyone I know says I have lost enough weight now stay at what I am. I will continue to eat as I am healthily and on plan. I will eat the same quantity etc so if the dear Lord decides he has a different plan for my weight then so be it :) technically I am still overweight by I think 21lbs to just get in to what it healthy body weight. Oh it would be lovely to be in that region but I will be not too unhappy if I say as I am. I look how far I have come and if I was told at the beginning I would be this size I would have jumped at the chance :D So you get your boxing gear and use it I am sure it will be helpful as part of the exercise route.

Great plan this circle of success you have typed out. There are some super ideas we are good to be reminded of.

Well I am going to put my feet up now as I am tired now after what has seemed a long day today. bye for now Hope your having a fantastic weekend ladies :)

:wave:purpleorc :hug:

07-26-2009, 10:29 AM
Hi Ladies

Summer has deserted us today it is grey and overcast with little summer showers. Not sure what the weather forecast is for tomorrow as we are going to London for delivery to a school. It is situated fortunately in the outskirts of London. We are no going though until later tomorrow so no getting up with the birdies.

My antibiotics have worked in more ways than one. The swelling and pain have virtually gone now but I do have a the Rodney trotters. Antibiotics do not know the good bacteria in the gut from the bad bacteria in the abscess. So it kills them all so one of the side effects are just as I have described. So I have taken some Loperamide 2mg which should sort the issue out quickly. Hopefully in a day or so my body should start producing good bacteria again.

Very shortly I have to go making sandwiches for tomorrow and for Tuesday for that matter as I should think after hours on the road the last thing I will want is to go home and crack on making pack up for the next day. I will make a jelly as well I am thinking it will be a milk jelly as I have not had one of those for a while.

Found on my travels shopping Wednesday that weight watchers did a dessert that you just mix with milk. It is made with sweeteners and sugar but pan out at under 50 per portion. You add 125mls of milk and it gives two portions. They can be served either by putting in the fridge for a 5 minutes after making to set or frozen. Not tried the frozen version yet but the other on is very nice in the flavour strawberries and cream. The other two flavours they do is bannoffe pie and chocolate.

Next week is a busy week for my family health wise. Tuesday it is Mum's operation and Wednesday is Dad's operation. Wednesday is my day of my extraction. Then Friday it is Rogers final fitting I think of his dentures. Then Friday Dad has to have a blood test for his diabetes as he had to stop his medication prior to his operation as per medical instructions. Dad is having another angiogram done not sure what they are going to do this time while undergoing this procedure maybe stint is required to open a narrowing of a blood vessel to the heart.

No further news I can think of for now. So time for me to go to the kitchen so take care and have a fantastic Sunday

:wave:purpleorc :hug:

07-26-2009, 08:43 PM
:wave: I have an annual video conference apt with my neurologist onthe 29th! I think I will go on the full dose of Rebif instead of just the half dose.

I will also fight tooth and nail to STAY on amantadine.

Things are going well with Brent. ha ha but it's so not that serious right now. Hopefully we'll have fun when we get to meet up next month. After that who knows eh?

Josiah got a full time position at company - so that's exciting.

i like your circle of success Rosebud! I especially like that perseverance is the last item on there!

07-26-2009, 11:05 PM
HI LADIES ~ we had a :rain: day today, but the sun did come out tonight around dinner time. We had a dish for dinner from my niece -- noodles with a meatballs and mushroom sauce over top; very yummy ... DH loves it and so do I! I even have enuff left over for my lunch tomorrow. We had a wee l/f Yogurt Ice Cream cone for dessert (one scoop): pecan caramel ... really nice!

HIYA VAL ~ so nice to for you to drop by and glad that so many things are goin' good for those in your life. So glad that your brother got another full-time job; is it with another company or the same one? EIther way, we are very glad for him; and we had sent up some prayers for him too. Have sent up some prayers for your meeting with your doctor on the 29th as well. Glad that your friendship with Brent is going well too; yah, there's no rush -- there's lots of time to get to know each other.

Glad you like my CIRCLE OF SUCCESS; I wrote it to encourage myself. I didn't know whether to post it, but I saw others post theirs, so I thought -- oh well, maybe someone might like it or find it useful in some way. I have found that when you have a big dream that you really need A PLAN OF ACTION, or nothing will get done. I first realized this 4-5 years ago when we were trying to figure out how to get our cottage built; so I borrowed this terminology from the business world, as we had to have a plan, and I had to find a way to get DH into action! :lol:

WOW, PURPLE ~ you sure do have lots of health stuff going on in your family this week; have sent up some prayers for everyone, especially for those operations too. Will send up some more as the week progresses as well. Hope your antibiotics work and that you are feeling well again real soon.

Hope you have an enjoyable trip to London tomorrow. That's a good idea to make up sandwiches ahead; they will stay good in the freezer. I do that a lot for DH now; he just grabs his sandwiches and runs. He is a real pudding nut too; eats them almost daily. Glad that you found those easy pudding mixes; we have some like that here too. Just mix and chill; you reminded me that I may have some in the pantry, but they do have sugar in them. I used to make them all the time, but you can get the little snack ones for such a good price, as they seem to be on sale somewhere all the time now.

I meant to mention that I picked up some sugarfree applesauce cups last week; and also found some sugarfree applesauce with peaches (creamed). Haven't tried those ones yet, but it sounds nice. Next time, I may get some others I found that are strawberry jello with peach chunks in it. That will be very handy for our picnics too. I ususally eat the mix ones at home, and save the cups for our picnics as they are so handy.

:wave: HI MEOWEE ~ hope you are feeling better this week; prayers continue for you ...

:hug:RONNIE ~ thinking of you too; prayers going up for you and yours ...:hug:

I got lots of my mini-goals done today; credit moi! I made up my main list today so that I can check it each day as well. This AM, I made up my veggie tray and my fruit dish; yeah for me! I spent some time doing book research and clearing up my emails (answering them too; credit). Most of all, I did my AM exercises (kudos to me); and kept on plan (KOP); so credit moi for a great day!

Well, that's all the news from here; and boy, I sure made a lot of spelling omissions today -- guess I better go back and fixem'. :lol: Hope you all have a MARVELLOUS MONDAY; do take good care of yourselves too ... :hug:ROSEBUD:hug:

07-27-2009, 03:21 PM
Hello fellow chicks

Today is going to be a swift drop by as I am feeling tired after a long day. We have been on our travels today to London a very good trip traffic wise so can't complain. Though travelling makes you tired anyway then it got hotter as the day went on so that really shattered me. Since we have got back I have been rather busy to say the least. Washed up the pots from our packet lunch, got some tea ready, prepared tea for tomorrow as far as I can. Oh yes and played nurse well veterinary nurse to our Rizzie. His ear has all but healed except in one tiny spot which has a scab on it but looks healthy tissue. I spotted a stitch today so took that out which did not please Rizzie one little bit me taking something of his so chased me for it back :D That was quite funny really what and earth he wants with a stitch is beyond me. That is two more stitches I have removed as I did one yesterday. I think now I have taken them all out now in dribs and drabs. Tomorrow is recycle bin day so they went out this evening when we came back so we don't forget.

VAL Yes I understand your wish to stay on amantadine and wanting to fight tooth and nail for it. I find it a godsend when days are tough usually tomorrow is one of them as it is very busy for me. Like me you do not get to see/ speak to the neuro very often. Mind now is normally every 18 months.

Very happy for you that things are going well for you. It is nice to hear that your brother has a post and your INTERNET friendship is going well. I bet you are really looking forward to meeting in person the next step in any relationship.

ROSEBUD Thanks for the prayers for my family much appreciated. Spoke to mum today ahead of her operation tomorrow to wish her luck. I got the day around my neck for Dad that is Thursday for his operation why I though it was Wednesday heaven only knows. Dad must be on the afternoon list as he has to be in for 11am. Mum is on the morning list as she has to be there for 8am.

Yes making ahead and popping in fridge or freezer is really labour saving. I do it with meal as you know make extra for portions to go in the freezer for when I am not so good. I know mornings are not good for me so that is why I have prepared all the food this evening for tomorrow to make it easier for me. Since having the MS i have become super organised in labour saving so cooking or making in bulk seems to do that for me. A friend suggested that to me or plating a meal up for the next day. This for me has been wonderful and freeing me up from the kitchen.

Antibiotics seem so have worked a treat and fingers crossed my tummy is fine today so the good bacteria is on the increase again. Unfortunately TOM has visited and this is explains the pains in my back I have been experiencing this weekend. Sometimes during this part of my cycle for some reason it seems to put pressure on my spine but as after a few days of my period is will go as fast it came. I have always had pains in my back at times of my period since starting just very fortunate it is not every cycle so that is a blessing.

My swift visit over now and no further news. I will try my best to pop on tomorrow but that is my treatment day and not lots of time available. Going to watch a television programme now called the heir hunter by the BBC. This about a person whom has died and appears to have no relatives. If no relatives are found within 30 years the money goes to the government. Would you believe every year 18 million pounds in unclaimed inheritance goes to the government. So there are now firms who trace their family tree and find the nearest living relative often with surprising results. They will get a percentage from the nearest of kin if they agree to sign up with that company and let them deal with the claim to the government for this money of the deceased.

I really like this programme as I like genealogy as I have tried to trace my family tree and I know how hard that is. I still have not finished going that myself as I need to apply for birth certificates now to get names so that I may move forward on my search but that is another story.

Take care ladies and have a great Monday :)

:wave:purpleorc :hug:

07-27-2009, 10:40 PM
:wave: HI LADIES ~ well the day started off with :rain: and then some :sunny: breaks on and off throughout the day. I was awoke by a phone call from my BIL that his daughter (DH's niece) was on her way up to visit us from down south (about 400+ miles). Not much notice there, so DH and I spent the next two hours quickly tidying up.

Thank goodness, our place is in good shape most of the time becuz there is only two of us, but NIKO is shedding right now, so we had to get out the dusters and the vacuum out. :lol: Anyways, we didn't see her until after dinner though as she was heading out for a fly-out fishing trip; but it was cancelled becuz of the rain. Guess they'll try again tomorrow. We have only met her once before and she is now a full grown young lady; and I know it made DH very happy to see her, even for just an hour.

Anyways, I got all my exercise in this morning for the day; and ate pretty good all day too. Was a bit hungry tonight though, as we only had a light dinner but I'm having some tea right now to help that too. It was weird sitting here waiting for someone to show up all day; DH gets really ansy, so he went out for a bike ride and I came on the net to read my mail.

HI PURPLE ~ glad you had a good trip, even if it was a bit tiring. Have adjusted my prayers for your Dad's surgery to Thursday afternoon (after 11 am) too. That show sounds interesting about the fortune hunters; isn't that something -- all those people who left so much money. I hope your gov used the money to help the less fortunate or something nice like that.

It's funny what you say about RIZZY wanting to grab the stitches. When I brush NIKO, (which he loves) he always tries to grab the hair clumps as I take them out of the brush and throw them in the grass for the birds. He even tries to eat them; maybe they are trying to get rid of them for us. Some of their behavior seems odd to us, but it may be perfectly logical to them; our Pin Pin was exactly the same way. We had to be careful about kleenex around as she would try to eat it to get rid of it for us; a real miss helper, that one. She was a darling though, and we sure miss those girls ...

I have the same problems as you: pain in my lower back when TOM comes to visit me. These days, he comes to visit only every other month. Glad to hear that your antibiotics are working for you. Hope you have a good day with your therapy tomorrow.

Well, it's that time to put up my legs and rest; as we had a busy day, and they are tired. Take good care of yourselves ladies, hope you have a TERRIFIC TUESDAY!!! :hug:ROSEBUD:hug:

07-28-2009, 12:56 PM
:wave: HI LADIES ~ just popped in for an AM check-in while waiting for my laundry to finish. We have had :rain: here since we got up. I woke up early today, so got an earlier start on my daily chores, which is laundry today. I pulled out some chicken breasts for dinner tonight; gonna roast them with lots of veggies. There will be plenty leftover for lunches and maybe even dinner on Thursday as well. All this planning ahead is great; credit moi!

PURPLE ~ sent up prayers for your mom's surgery this AM ...

Hope you all have a pleasant day! :hug:

07-28-2009, 10:41 PM
:wave: HI AGAIN LADIES ~ well that :rain: finally cleared up and the sun came out again. That was so nice for our dinner and it stayed til dusk. I got all my laundry done and small daily stuff as well; not much to do today as the place was still nice and spiff from yesterday's cleaning. Dh's sister came by for a visit this afternoon. DH's niece and our BIL got away early this AM for the fly-in fishing trip (or out depending on how you look at it) ... :lol:

Spent the rest of the afternoon doing research and mail; and working on my daily lists again; credit moi. I made a 'Daily Exercise' list and a 'Daily Sample Menu' file as well. I went thru some stories of those who have succeeded losing 100+ lbs and noted the daily menus they used. I have to say that many of them seemed awefully scarce in calories. I have also added fruit desserts and healthy low-cal snacks to mine.

While I would like to lose more weight, I don't want to keep gaining it all back, so I am trying to find a healthy balance too. These folks are losing all their weight in 1 year or just a bit more. I don't really want to lose mine quite that fast, so I'm adjusting my plan accordingly.

Our chicken breast dinner was delish; I added chunks of celery, onions, carrots, and broccoli with a few small new potatoes too. DH loved it so much, he even had a bit more. I also had enuff leftover to make 3 lunches as well; good there's my lunches made for this week ... yeah for me! I also baked some apples for dessert; love baked apples!

I also did my hand-weights, and some chair aerobics today. I am also looking for some more cardio type things that could help me use up more energy; and housechores sure do that, like sweeping and washing floors and windows. I washed down my cupboards yesterday and that gets you sweating too; it was a bit humid in here though. ;)

Anyhow, that all the news from here tonight; just noticed that DH disappeared somewhere. He must have went to visit a neighbour or something as we haven't seen hide nor tail of him for a few hours. May have to send out a possey pretty soon -- :lol:

Take good care, ladies ... :hug:ROSEBUD:hug:

07-29-2009, 12:17 AM
BTW, PURPLE ~ I tried to make a dentist appointment becuz part of an old filling fell out, but they changed my appointment 3 x times. I dunno what the problem was; I had an appointment to go in tomorrow AM and she cancelled that to September 9th; and then again, so now it's set for the 14th of September, putting it off even more. My SIL says that she goes to the same place: they double booked her and cancelled one today.

DH says that maybe I should go to the city where they have a lot more dentists and they may appreciate the business more. He has a point. When I was in college, I went to a really nice dentist there; I may yet see if I can get in there. Part of the problem is that we only have 2 dentists here and one only works 2 days a week in this town; so that's why some of my friends go to the city. I just thought it would be handier to go here, but maybe it's not necessarily better. Hmmm ... what to do? what to do? :shrug:

07-29-2009, 11:02 AM
Hello fellow chicks

Our British summer is back :rain: , today isn't even fit enough for ducks :D It has rained very heavily since I got up this morning. Of course today happened to be my grocery day shopping. So got a lovely dousing of rain when coming in and out of the store. The car park was more like a paddling pool as the amount of water on the ground as the drains unable to take the volume of rain.

Good news my mum has come through her operation and seems to be OK. Telephoned her today and not too much pain from the operation site though her shoulder is very sore. I would expect it is due to the position they may have sited the arm in during the operation. Mum has arthritis in some of her joints so this may have aggravated that by the movement during the operation. Many thanks for the prayers and well wishes much appreciated by me.

ROSEBUD Well I was really busy yesterday and as much as I tried to find a spare moment in my schedule it didn't happen so thanks for holding the fort.

Talking of dentists I have had a reprieve from my extraction today ;) My dentist Angelikza ( or something like that spelling as the lady dentist is from Latvia so expect this is a name from this language) unfortunately she is unwell so has had to cancel my appointment. If I was in any pain one of the other dentist's would have carried out the extraction for her on her behalf. Seeing as I was not in any pain I felt I would leave the slots free for one of the other patients who was not so fortunate as myself. DH dentist was unwell the other day so I wonder if a bug is going around and it is doing it's rounds. DH or I up to that point had never had an appointment cancelled so it is not a regular occurrence. Unfortunately we all become sick once in a while and a dentist is no exception. A dentist in their line of work is in close proximity to people so are prone to picking up any bugs going round even through she wears a mask during the close consultation part of the examination.

Now for your dilemma I would more than likely follow the advice of your DH and go to the city to see a dentist. There is nothing worse than experiencing toothache then trying to get in to see a dentist. You can guarantee that the pain will start when dentist's do not work like on a Sunday. So prevention is better than cure. I am like yourself and not very keen at all going to the dentist. Though going regularly to one dentist whom you like a trust makes a whole lot of difference. I am no longer daunted by going to the dentist. Yes still not keen but at least my tummy is not tied in knots and I feel sick at just the though.

Pulled in a few other chores today I am in the middle of doing laundry. I have hoovered and dusted. So just about everything in order now. If on Friday when I go over to see mum and dad they are able to come back with us (no hospital, doctors, chiropodist, cardiologist, diabetic nurse or practise nurse to see) . I will be much happier if they are under my care. Firstly I can make their bed, do their laundry, they will have no home to keep clean. So this way they have nothing to do but help me if or when they are able to.

I have lost over 100lb+ and I could never drop to a low calorie option. For myself I have never gone below 1500 per day. In the beginning of my journey I was on something like 2100 - 2000 calories per day. I know this seems high but when your body has been living for goodness knows how long on 2x-3x or 4x that amount per day. A drop to around the 2000 calorie mark is a big drop. I still lost well at the beginning even at those calories. DH or I alway check on items what it a portion size then weight that amount. My eyes and by belly even now tell me it should be more than that. Though you do gradually adjust. Never having to go too long before it is something else is to be eaten. I try desperately to go no longer than 3 hours before a snack or meal. That way you are never hungry, if I am then maybe I would look at some protein based snack which would fill me for the least amount of calories possible. Egg white omelet is great with a selection of sautéed vegetables is filling but not too high on the calorie intake. (i find this ultra filling by the way.) If you cook this regular you could sauté and refrigerate when cold the vegetables you wish to use for that week. Chop the vegetables fine then fry in a little spray oil until just tender. When making the omelet just take a portion of these vegetables and toss them in the cooking omelet. Very nice and can be of different as the seasons come round.

Taking ideas from others success stories is a good idea. This is partly what I did. Also looked at different recipes here on 3fc knowing that they would be healthy. I used all the different forums recipes sections and have found a whole host of yummy recipes. With being a whizz in the kitchen Rosebud you maybe able to tweak recipes you see but do not have the exact ingredient. This is what I have done on a few occasions with great success. Like you I did not want to gain my weight back that I had fought so hard to lose. So I looked for something I could keep up for life. Yes I have the odd naughty treat here and there. Though 95% I would say now is healthy food that I prepare this way I feel I can live without feeling deprived. It is as you say all about balance. Finding that balance that you are happy to live with. In the beginning the treats were few now I am nearer my goal I do have a few more treats as I put them. I am now on the right balance for me and my DH.

Our darling Rizzie today is not quite such a darling shall we put it. He has shall we put it rather delicately a rotty botty ;) In other words he has wind. His bottom today should have a licence to kill on it :D Normally we only ever get this problem with turkey. Though no turkey has passed his lips. So goodness knows why he has this delicate issue.

Well must go and rescue the washing out of the machine as the cycle has finished now. Then time for a little rest of my feet until it is time to start preparing tea which is a ham salad cob. Take care ladies till next time

:wave:purpleorc :hug:

07-29-2009, 11:51 PM
HI LADIES ~ Well, we had a day of :rain: and :sunny: again today on and off. We also did a wee bit of shopping today; not much, as we really didn't need much. Just picked up some fruit & veggies mostly, with some 12 grain melba toast for my snacks (you can have 4 of these for only 80 calories). I used to eat these all the time; but was out.

We also went to pick up some corn seed for our birdies, as we put the last we had out this AM for the four mourning doves that came by; and while we were there we also wanted to pick up some black earth that was on sale, and noticed that they had all their trees on sale for only $19.99 each. I have always wanted a regular apple tree and we already had our crab apple pollinator planted last month, so we picked one of those up too.

So we came home and had lunch (yummy leftovers from last night's dinner); and went out to the lot and planted it. It is called 'Hardy Prairie" and I will google that later to see the specs on it. Then we gathered some long hay that had been cut along the roadside by workers and put it around the trees as mulch. This helps keep the moisture in the trees on hot days, as fruit trees need lots of water.

We also transplanted one Spirea bush from the front yard to further back on the north side as it wasn't doing too well in the front yard. All the ones on the north side and back yard are doing well, and it was still alive, so well worth it to move it now and save it.

DH didn't want to move the lilac as he thinks it's dead, but someone told me that if they are moved to a better location, they can sometimes rebound. So we'll see if I can talk him into it next time we go up.

I sure got lots of walking in today; and my legs still managed to hold me up, but they were quite tired and wobbly tonight, so I put them up for a while after dinner to rest. Just wanted to come by and post a bit tonight.

We had a meatless meal tonight as we had something else on Monday. We had some Perogies with cheese and tomato sauce; boy, these are very filling, but awesomely quick to make -- only take about 5-7 minutes in boiling water.

PURPLE ~ I'm so glad that your mom's surgery went well for her; and we will send up more prayers for your Dad tonight for his procedure tomorrow. You are such a good daughter wanting to look after your parents when you have many challenges yourself; but you are also fortunate that they want to come to your house and stay. Sounds like you have a great relationship with your family; you are indeed blessed.

Well, that's all for now; hope you all have a great Thursday, and take good care ... :hug:ROSEBUD:hug:

07-30-2009, 03:44 PM
Hi Ladies

I am absolutely drained tonight. I think it is a week of worry that has compounded this with family health issues. Though I am glad to report that Dad pulled through his procedure very well. Fortunately the procedure was not so invasive as we were lead to believe on the paperwork he had had from the doctor. It said today they were going to do an angiogram plus something else for calcifications tests. I do not remember the name of this I know Mum told me be for the life of me can't remember. All Dad had done was a canula put into is hand and two substances injected into that. Then a scan was done it all took less than 45 minutes to do. So now they have to wait for the results which will be sent to his doctor.

So a bit thank you for all the prays for my family this week it has been gratefully received and answered as Mum and Dad are both safe if not quite sound yet ;) Mum tomorrow goes to have here dressing changed on her wound by the practise nurse and Dad has his blood work done both at the doctors. So Mum says this next week is scheduled lots of appointments for various doctors, nurse and diabetic clinic.

Today we had had a mixed bag of weather. Glorious sun one minute and chucking down with rain the next. This combination of weathers has created a big thunderstorm at around 1.30am. So poor Rizzie spent about 40 minutes cowering at the back of DH computer chair. There is no consoling him after being frightened like this and it is so difficult to near impossible to get him out of this heightened stayed. He is now back to normal I am glad to report.

Talking of Rizzie we received our cheque today from the insurance company for the treatment he received during the recent operation on his ear. So popped to the bank this afternoon to put the cheque in.

Last night unfortunately I had another bout of the Rodney trotters. This is due to the antibiotics and the worry I suppose has not helped. I am back to normal today and my tummy feels fine. No abdominal pain associated with the trots. Antibiotics came to an end yesterday tea so hopefully my digestive system will settle down and get back to some normality.

On Wednesday of this week I am going to see the doctor to discuss the recent increase in medication that caused the horrid ankle/foot oedema and weight gain that goes with that. I will also discuss the medication that I am on for constipation and that I need to up this to 2 tablets per day. I have never been this much to the doctors. Twice in about a month, I normally only go about once a year. Hey they will soon think I am hypochondriac ;)

Well no further news for today. Tomorrow DH is going to the dentist and then we are going to see Mum and Dad. So till next time take care.

:wave:purpleorc :hug:

07-31-2009, 12:50 AM
:wave: HI LADIES ~ the sun showed up today; we went up to the lot yesterday and I got so many blackfly bites on my face ... :yikes: We went up town to pick up a few things; and picked up a regular apple tree to go with the pollinator (crap apple tree), so then we went up and planted it yesterday afternoon. It kept raining on and off, that's why the bugs came out in force; but PTL, we got it planted and mulched too. We put them right beside each other in the back yard, so they pollinate better; and now, I will be sending prayers that they both grow really well.

This afternoon, I was busy working on my plan of action lists (credit moi). I've been making up list of tools to help myself on this journey: Daily Mini-goals list; Daily exercises (things I can do, starting with 5 minutes & up); Daily Menus (made out enuff for 31 days +); and next job is to make a list of MOTIVATORS (listing all the things that I know will be better in my life once I get this weight off) ... maybe we could share some ideas when I get my list done.

HI PURPLE ~ I am so glad that all went well today for your Dad; that test almost sounds like what we call a CAT SCAN here; I had that done to make sure I had no blood clots. They injected a dye into my veins and this tube machine scanned to make sure I had not blood clots anywhere; it was all clear for me, so I was very glad of that.

Yes, many dogs have trouble with thunder storms; NIKO doesn't like them either. Our poor PIN PIN used to hyperventilate from the thunderboomies; they scared her so badly. So we would let her hide behind us and pet her; but she was still scared. NIKO hides near us too, but if we console him, he is OK; like PIN PIN, he felt being near us was safer. Hope you are feeling better soon and that your doctor and dentist's appointment go well; and hope you have lovely visit with Mom & Dad tomorrow too.

Well, just stayed home and did stuff around here, becuz I got lots of walking in yesterday (kudos to me); I'm happy that I did but sometimes it tires my legs out and they feel like jelly. I put them up for 2 hours this PM; so that should help a bit. Just having some tea right now while I'm posting; and battling skitters while I'm at it. Have myself armed with a fly-swatter, and we have got two of them, but one is still after me. It seems that as soon as you turn down the lights, the skitters come out to get ya ... :lol:

That's all the news for now; take good care, and we hope that you all have A FABULOUS FRIDAY tomorrow!!! :hug:ROSEBUD:hug:

08-01-2009, 01:11 AM
:wave: HI LADIES ~ well, it seems it's that time again ... the end of another month: yah, August is here ... yeah! I like the month of August becuz the buggies start going away and the weather is nicer too. Plus that also means fall is just around the corner, which is my favorite season of the year, but I'm liking winter and spring much more these days becuz there's no buggies then ... :lol:

Anyhow ... it's now officially August 1st, SO, DON'T POST HERE ANYMORE, OK!!!