100 lb. Club - Do you feel more in control when OP? and more questions!

05-29-2009, 09:53 PM
My very boring job allows me a lot of time to think. Here are a few questions I have:

When you're on plan, do you feel more in control?
I've noticed this time around, that I have felt more in control of food and (a bit) my life. Maybe it is because food isn't ruling me any more since most of meals are planned or readily available. I used to spend at least 30 minutes a day badgering my boyfriend about what we were going to eat. Also, since I do have binging/emotional eating problems, perhaps conquering those things have helped me feel better. I don't have that post-eating guilt anymore.

Does anyone get bruising when they lose weight?
Now, I've always bruised but after getting back on the wagon after a month gone, bruises with no cause started to show up again. I thought about this and realized the same thing happen in 2007 when I lost the weight. Am I missing some key nutrient?

What do you do to stay on plan at buffets?
My brother's graduation is in a week and that means my grandparents are coming. That means the only option is Golden Corral. Unlike my mother, I can't persuade them to go to a better restaurant for me. I know I can't avoid to buffets all my life.

Also, after some thinking and if my bank account allows me, I decided that I will get a haircut for my 10% celebration. Just a trim and getting my bangs trimmed. I loved having bangs but haven't been able to get a new cut since I first got my hair cut. Since my boyfriend "borrowed" my oil change money, I believe I will be getting EA Sports Active for that now. ^_^

Optical Goddess
05-29-2009, 10:57 PM
I do feel more in control when OP, I do Weight Watchers, but don't go to meetings. My problem is that if I slip up, I consider the whole day a waste and fall into the bottomless pit of guilt eating. I'm trying to get past that, get to where I can write it off and get back OP with the next meal rather than the next day....

As far as the bruising goes, I haven't noticed it, but I'm clutzy and walk into stuff fairly often. If I see a bruise I figure that's what caused it.

With buffets, I load up on salad so there's not that much room left on the plate, I'll take a spoonful of some of the less than perfect options, but just a tiny bit, and I choose stuff like grilled chicken.

If the buffet is an all you can eat situation, I eat what I have,telling myself I can go back if I want to, but usually I'm full by the time I'm done with my plate and don't want to go back for seconds.

It's a daily thing, takin' it one day at a time.

I dig the idea of hte haircut. It just feels good. If my hair allowed for it, I'd have bangs in an instant, but with my curly hair it just looks like tons of hair and a little face, like Roseanna Roseannadana ( Gilda Radner on SNL)...

Hope this helps... I also found taking pictures of myself through out this helps too, even if it's just my face, it tells me I'm making progress even if the scale doesn't.

05-30-2009, 12:27 AM
I feel more in control when I'm OP, too. I've had real problems with food all my life, I've always eaten either way too much, or way too little and my weight has yo-yo'd severely beyond both sides of the healthy range. Now I'm the heaviest I've ever been and I just want to be a healthy weight. I always feel better when I'm OP, when I know I'm working towards and I'm determined this time to get it right.

05-30-2009, 03:43 AM
Control - yes and no. I've been more motivated to keep the house clean and tidy, I am resenting having to stay in control of my finances (these have been my main control focus for 3 years, I need to keep up to it and not slide back into chaos), I am getting the job done at work but don't spend the time thinking about it that I should.

Bruises - no.

Buffets - yup, I put salad on my plate, not even a huge amount.

05-30-2009, 04:28 AM
When you're on plan, do you feel more in control?
I feel more in control of my FOOD yes. It does not help me feel more in control of the rest of my life though.

Does anyone get bruising when they lose weight?
I bruise super easily due to my blood clotting disorder ALL the time so this I have not noticed a change.

What do you do to stay on plan at buffets?
I'll be honest and say that in the 8 months I've been losing weight I've never gone to a buffet!

05-30-2009, 06:37 AM
When I'm in control of my food and exercise I'm not necessarily in control of the rest of my life. But the fact that I am in control of one part of my life makes me feel more able to control the rest. Success breeding success and all that.

I bruise easily anyway, haven't noticed any change there.

Buffets are ok. One plate, one time, sit, eat, enjoy. Avoid the bread. For morning tea type buffets, I can have two small things, say a chocolate biscuit and a handful of grapes. I am no good at the sit and nibble dinner though. I always seem to end up sitting in front of the cheese, and I've yet to work out a strategy to eat moderately, especially if there's wine.

05-30-2009, 09:44 AM
I defiently do feel more in control w/everything in my life,when I am in control of my food, I take better care of myself. I do more around the house.
Does anybody know why this is?

05-30-2009, 09:57 AM
Bruises- I think I'd get that checked out by a doctor.

Buffet- HUGE salad with minimal dressing. Nix the high-cal stuff like cheese and nuts (unless it's in small quantities) and you can spend your whole time munching on that salad. Or you can spend most of your time munching on that salad, and eat something else you know to be low-cal.