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05-28-2009, 11:07 PM
Hi everyone!
I've been posting in another category but just found this one so I thought I would post here :)
My daughter had been watching this show since like halfway through this last season. My other daughter and I had never even heard of the show until Lynn (my oldest who had been watching it) made us watch it (we don't watch much TV here). My youngest daughter (Mandi-18 yrs old) and I were able to watch two of them, the one before the they announced who was the biggest loser and the last one.
We were so inspired by this show that after it was over I said "wouldn't it be cool if we could get on this show?" Lynn said that she didn't think they were casting for it or anything so all at the same time we said "why don't we just do our own?" So on May 14th we started ours.
We realized that we would need public accountability or we'd just slip back into what we'd been doing.. so we started out realizing we were going to put it on youtube. Shortly after that we decided to get a domain and make a site (we keep our blog there too).
Being that I didn't see much of the show I don't know everything they do in it, but we do have a cash prize. All of us (me, Lynn, Mandi and Lynn's husband Dizzle) are all putting in $20 a week and at the last weigh-in on Dec 31 whoever has lost the most gets all the money.
We just had our 3rd weigh-in today too and have it up online as well (on youtube, I still have to put it on the site).
I'm trying to think of some weekly prizes to keep us motivated through the week (Dizzle and Mandy have been slacking and we need something to keep them motivated). I also want to do something where people will vote for a prize for us, but I need ideas.
Anyway, I just wanted to tell you guys that we were totally inspired by the show- you can find us on youtube by searching for the user name biggestlosercontest if you want to watch us. If you have any ideas for our family contest, please let me know :)
Oh, btw, I linked this forum and site on our site too cause I like it so much :)