20-Somethings - Please kick me in the butt before i totally fall of the wagon

05-19-2009, 02:41 PM
So i was doing SOOO well, I was down 13 pounds in about 3 weeks, exercising 2 or more times a day. and drinking water like crazy. Well last Week we had a total disaster in our new home we bought. The septic pipes broke and we ended up with crap in our basement, tubs and toilets.. It was HORRIBLE!!. They had to shut down our whole house so need less to say we were staying at my parents up the street where i just was stressed out and ate anything i wanted.. The whole thing had me so shaken up i just ate and ate and ate. We came back home at like 11pm Saturday night. ALL i have been doing for the past 3 days is Cleaning , Cleaning and more cleaning. it is a total mess with them having the jackhammer in the house and they had to cut the floor out of our bathroom down stairs that we JUST had done in March.. This new house will be the death of me i swear..

I feel like a total failure i am not eating right and with cleaning the house non stop i swear the last thing i feel like doing is exercising..

What would you all do?? I am about to go totally nuts.

hello pinki
05-19-2009, 02:51 PM
We all fall off the horse...Life happens, things happen.

I have had a week like that here and there and I just remember what my trainer told me: Look at yourself in the mirror, apologize, and get right back on track. Its never "too late" to get back into your good habits.

I've gone to him feeling like a complete failure and he just tells me that every now and then this will happen - its how you move past it that will help you meet your goal.

Keep going girl!

05-19-2009, 02:55 PM
Well, first off, deep breaths. These things happen, and you can't plan for them. Just do what you have to do, and get back on track. We all slip up, and for lesser reasons than what just happened to you - so don't sweat it!

And hey, so you didn't exercise/go to the gym - but I'd bet my favorite shoes that you burned lots of calories by cleaning!


05-19-2009, 03:02 PM
I feel the same as you!!!! well, not the same of course. There's been no natural disaster. However, I have 3 extra people visiting (staying over) at my house! and they're like everywheree, I find I can't workout around them and if I go in my room and lock the door, they might think it rude..gahh I don't know but just yesterday I had a MINI binge cause I was so stressed. It wasn't that bad of a binge just a 100 calorie fudge bar..and two hot pocket thingies. GOD. Ok, this isn't about me..sorry but I can relate in the fact that I'm stressing and worried that I'll gain my weight back and wall off the wagon! but you know what, I told myself that I CANNOT DO THAT. I've come too far to just jump off the cliff. You've come so far and you're just getting there! things like this happen but we just have to learn how to make the best of it, work with what we have. Good luck to you! and I'm sure all that cleaning is burning calories anyhow so don't worry about it :) take care~ and I hope things get better very soon.

05-19-2009, 03:26 PM
Take a deep breath, don't worry about the past, and move forward. Not tomorrow, or Monday - but now.

The one thing that I would point out is that perhaps you're trying too much. When I read your opening sentence I really did think that perhaps you're almost setting yourself up to fail. Then I read about the house, but still...

So i was doing SOOO well, I was down 13 pounds in about 3 weeks, exercising 2 or more times a day. and drinking water like crazy.

More than 4 pounds a week is a pretty fast loss. Exercising 2 or more times a day is a lot. I walk 5 mornings a week (with a little jogging) and lift weights 3 times a week. That means that two days I exercise twice a day, but the other days only once. As well, I take one day as a rest day. It's important to give your body a little time to recover. (Although to be fair I usually end up doing stupid things like big projects - canning, big garden projects - on my rest day.)

It's wonderful to have that enthusiasm when you start trying to lose weight. However, that intensity is almost impossible to keep up. You'll find yourself one week wondering why you're killing yourself and maybe not losing weight that week. For me, in the past, this has often led to the 'forget about it' mentality.

So, unless those workouts are really short, stick to one (occasionally two) per day. Getting the food under control is probably more important. Although, make sure you eat enough to fuel your body. It's sounds silly, but not eating enough only works for a little while. Oh, and serious house cleaning can count as a workout you know. I'd be willing to bet you burn more calories cleaning for three hours than working out for one and sitting down for two hours. So, don't feel guilty for skipping a workout if you're ripping the house apart.

As to homes being a time and money pit... can't help you with that. It sometimes gets better (fingers crossed as I type that as my own has been good for a while). :)