South Beach Diet - Question for triathletes and long-distance runners...

05-15-2009, 08:33 AM
I am training for a Triathlon in late July and then a marathon in late October. I've never trained this intensely while being on SBD. I KNOW that I'll still be on Phase 2 for the tri and, most likely, the marathon. I have recently noticed that if I go off plan and have some refined carbs (like I did on Mother's Day) my body DOES NOT AGREE and I am an emotional mess the following days. I REALLY do not want to experience this during my training but HOW do I get the energy during workouts without drinking sugar-loaded Gatorade (I already dilute it with water) or consuming gels, etc? ARe there gels, etc on the market that are sugar-free? I can deal with the caffeine but not the sugar? Or, should I not eve be concerned since I will be burning off the sugar quickly during the workout?

Also, as far as eating complex carbs, I am still not at 3 servings/day each for fruits and whole grains. I really do not think that I'll be able to make it that high. Right now I am lucky if I can get one serving/day of whole grains. I am sooo afraid that I will not be able to consume the necessary amount to help me with training, let alone for race day carb loading the two days before. UGH!!!! Any thoughts/suggestions??

Thank you so much!

05-15-2009, 08:47 AM
I've never trained and did SBD either but, I trained for a marathon last summer with out too many gels or that kind of stuff. There are non sugary gatoraid type drinks, I think propel or something is one of them. I would use the shock blocks or luna things only on my really long runs. My shorter runs I felt like I could make it to the end and then just munch on something. IMO The long runs, burned off all those calories plus some so I wouldn't worry about it. I would use my nike+ ipod thing and a long run would burn like 2000 calories:eek:
My biggest problem would be the day after my long run, I was always so famished and would eat everything in sight. My body did not like the rollercoaster of burning a lot of calories one day and not many the next.
All the runners I talked to said that while trainging for a marathon, you should not be concentrating on loseing weight at all, because your body needs the fuel. I did lose about 10pounds but since I was averaging 40 miles a week I wanted to have lost more. I feel like the body balances it self out.
Unfortunaltey, I started a stressful job and after the training, could barely fit in 3 work outs a week so those 10 pounds crept back on. Now that its nice out, I'm going to start getting back into things, I dont' know if I can do the marathon again but I need to get my train on!!!
Good luck, you can do it!!

05-15-2009, 09:18 AM
I'm starting running more, but no where near marathon status (I'm trying to get to 15-20 miles/week).

BUT, my SIL who eats very healthy (most avid runners do) said she'll even make herself a PB sandwich to eat part way through her run.

I know it's very difficult for me to do Phase I while running. Just need the easily available carbs sometimes!! If I were to kick it up to that, I'd get a lot of fruit and increase my whole grains. And I don't touch the gatorade, etc...only water for me!!

If you go to, you might find some more good tips!

Good luck! I'm jealous you're that ambitious!

05-16-2009, 10:57 PM
I found the emotional mess comment VERY accurate for my situation as well.... I have only just returned to higher intensity running/cycling/weights as Ive gained fitness from the winter and while I havent been on SB I had been indulging in the carbs too much again lately and boy... can I TELL. Its bad and I have no idea why I have such an emotional reaction but its time to clean things up here again and go back on the plan.

Most of the time after swimming or cycling I just want to eat SUGAR.. period. I dont know if thats a learned behavior (I raced in college for the bike team and remember being practically force-fed post races because we expended so much energy on a weekend) or my body just really needing the sugar. That being said, you shouldnt need much protein/complex carbs after a workout- something like some cheese and a banana are supposed to do it for most people. I have tried some Cytomax post ride (maybe half a water bottle) diluted pretty well and thats worked to even things out for a little while at least.

07-12-2009, 12:32 AM
For shorter races you probably don't need to take in any additional nutrition...

Have you actually tried training with normal gels and such? If your only taking in just enough gels etc that you'd burn off those carb calories I wonder if it would effect you the same?

I don't have any suggestions since I'm not low-carb myself, but you might want to try doing a search on running or triathlon boards as I know I've seen similar discussions. There is a "nutrition" board on the board maybe try there for some better advice?