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03-10-2009, 10:29 PM
Today I weighed at the doctor's and I was 188, which is two pounds higher than the low I hit last week, but I've never weighed that low on record at the doctor's office. It's always been 190+. Not a huge difference but it was nice to see 188lbs on my prescription (yes, right there on the prescription for the world to see) instead of 198!
Today I've been sick and lazy and self-indulgent. Last night was worse though, I ate KRYSTALS! Today I had my favorite O'Charleys soup and rolls, and then I've been binging in spurts since dinner.
This may be because my very serious boyfriend is days away from signing with the army and entering 3 years of active duty far away from me. I feel miserable about it, but its the most amazing decision he's ever made and its going to be really great for him and for us if we have a future. My body doesn't seem to be handling the stress well though. I know there are army wives on here, and you all are so strong.
I know I can make it through this hard time On-Plan, but it will be so much harder now. I'm glad I have this forum to help me get through it.

03-10-2009, 10:34 PM
:bravo: on the 188!

The thing that always pulls me through tough times is planning. Plan, plan, plan. A, it gives you something to do, to distract yourself from whatever it is that is making things hard. B, it ensures that you can auto-pilot through, even when things get really rough.

That's all the advice I can offer...along with a congrats for the all-time-low scale weight!

03-10-2009, 11:54 PM
Congratulations on the weight loss!:cp:
Tell your husband "Thank you!" from me for wanting to defend our country. You are right that it is an amazing opportunity for him and for the family. It is also tough. You will discover wonderful things about yourself in the process. I enjoyed being a Navy wife. My husband retired after 28 years. I hated to see him have to leave and to be in dangerous situations but homecomings were WONDERFUL! It seemed like we had honeymoon phases a lot! There is also a whole lot of support our there for military spouses. Many groups, clubs, and communitys on each base. You will not be alone. In learning to do things on your own and supporting your spouse you help him to do his job of defending our country.
I enjoy the moving and traveling we have done. I enjoy the many people and friends we have met on the way. Our lives have never been boring. Our kids have gotten to know many different people from many different countries and have learned something each place we go. It is a start of a wonderful adventure for you!
Along with all of that you cannot lose sight of taking care of yourself. Stay on plan and stay strong. I know you can do it! Embrace this new adventure and enjoy each minute!