100 lb. Club - Capsule wardrobe - advice, please!

02-05-2009, 04:38 PM
My medium term goal is to be 179 by June 14th, when I go to Spain for a week.

I am currently about 219 (going to get my scales back next week).

I am 5'2".

To help with my motivation, I'm already trying to plan a holiday (vacation) wardrobe - I'd welcome all advice for travelling fairly light!

It is a city break, I will be doing an amount of sight-seeing.
I may go look at/walk on the beach but I won't be sun bathing or swimming.
4 nights we're going to the opera - smart but not ball gown!
The other 3 nights will just be short stroll to the nearest restaurant and home again.

I am a total apple shape - plus side: good legs; minus side: absolutely no defined waist whatsoever. I didn't have 100lbs lighter ago.
Shoulders quite good, and, if I bothered to get a decent up and under bra, good bust too but Very fat and floppy arms, so no strapless/string straps.
Have worn almost flat shoes for so long, that I struggle with anything else.

Love to dress outfits up with jewellery. Love the Idea of dressing up with scarves but don't quite know how.

Have a weakness for handbags.

Like to stick to a colour theme for maximum mix and matchability, this year it's blue and white.

This is exciting as a focus! I'd love some help.

02-05-2009, 04:55 PM
Above all else wear comfortable shoes!

02-06-2009, 11:38 AM
When my cousin and I went to Europe this is what we did, we took navy blue or black slacks, I took a red jacket, she took a beige jacket, you can wear any conceivable color top with these combinations, we both took black sneakers , mine were Reebok and hers were Rockport, these will be comfortable and more versatile than white( they don't shout American tourist either),We could wear these clothes just about anyplace and be comfortable and appropriate. We didn't go to the opera but this is what I would do. I have a long black skirt that I can wear with a cocktail sweater or a dressy blouse with a Chanel type jacket. Hint, Lace packs well and doesn't wrinkle. that is another suggestion try to pick things that don't wrinkle, manmade fabrics are the best for this. Take a pair of dressy but comfortsble shoes for the opera. I only take cheap jewelry, a cheap watch and a simple pair of earrings, something like a pair of pearl studs. You might want something a little more dressy for the opera, but don't take anything irreplaceable. Take as little as possible and things that can be worn more than one way , and things that resist wrinkles. You won't want to be looking for an ironing board and iron. Have fun !

Thighs Be Gone
02-06-2009, 12:04 PM
As trite as it sounds, a black dress will get you a long way if it fits you nicely. You can never go wrong with black and it's slimming. You can try it with different pieces of jewelry to brighten it up. You could easily do scarves with it too. Either just tie them at the neck (think Laverne/Shirley) or leave them long and just pulled around your neck for enlongating effect. Yes, definitely plan on having comfortable shoes. Have fun!