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02-03-2009, 09:22 AM
Good morning to you all! Looks like it is time for a new thread again. We are such busy talkers. As you can see, I had a 5 lb loss this last week and Jack had 2 lbs so we are coming along.

Maggie: Hope you are coming out of your cold. You know, some of the medication, especially cold meds that have the expectorant guaifenesin in it will cause some of the mucus to come through the bowels so that may be why you had a little problem there. It usually happens with me because I always use the same stuff because it works better than anything else for me. Hope you are right as rain now. I remember the old days when everything was made from scratch pretty much except maybe pasta. I told Jack just the other day my mom had a full time job and a family of 6 and I don't ever remember her boxing anything, even most of our veggies were fresh or frozen from her garden or the farmer's market. I grew up eating them and still like them but a married life full of boxed stuff and cheap meats because that was all I could afford put the lbs right on. Good going on your loss

Jean: I haven't seen any of the patterns in the book as I just ordered it, but when you do beading, you place the beads through the yarn to place them. The sweater I am making for T won't have any beads though.

Susan: That boss of yours is some character. Congrats on the loss btw! Let's hope the remainder of your friends remain happy and healthy!

I guess I better get back to work. I am done with daily chores and almost done with my cleaning chores for today so I can knit, knit, knit!

Have a great day!

02-03-2009, 03:38 PM

Tad bit chilly here in the heartland. My meds came this day along with the new perscription they gave me since my hip showed some needed help when they gave me that bone density test. Take one tablet each week so I will be taking my one tablet on Tuesdays :D. Then in a year when I go back for my yearly physical they can see how much good these meds have done for my hip. Otherwise all my tests came out A-OK. Even that squeeze the boobs machine test. :o So I am good for another year. And my cold is getting better each day. I can breathe but ocasionally caugh but not the huge deep chested kind. So I am on the mend.

DONNA Thank you for starting a new thread. I have books on beading which are neat and very informative. Even in doll making along with making high falutin' clothing. But, no, don't put beads on Thomas' sweater.;) My mom always made her own pasta and I learned how but they make such good wide homestyle noodles now comercially that I haven't made any in ages. :congrat: on that weight loss. WOW ~ like I said you do lose in chunks. You go girlfriend.

Everyone have a lovely day. :wave: Type at y'all later.

02-03-2009, 06:48 PM
Good Afternoon, Flowers! It's another cold sunny day in my neighborhood. I am tired of below 0 being the norm! Another change at school today -- the BD teacher has been reassigned to a lower level special ed. where the teacher with breast cancer teaches. (She has resigned her position.) Supposedly the special ed. numbers will be down for next year so they are eliminating a special ed. teacher. Who knows, they might have eliminated my position too. The BD teacher was not at all happy about it, but she is the one on dialysis so really has no choice in the matter. The superintendent has called for an IA and support staff meeting to discuss "raises and benefits" for next year. It wouldn't surprise me to see them pull the health insurance away. We usually get the same % raise as the teachers get so assume he will offer the 1%. :(

Maggie -- Congrats on losing another pound that is gone forever!
:cheer: :cheer2: :cheer3: I've not tried the pound cake mix as I usually just buy them from the bakery when I need one. That does sound good! :T There is a new agent in Bob's office and his wife does not cook period! He does all the cooking and has brought enough lunch to feed Bob and the secretary once in awhile. Bob says he is a good cook! I can't imagine raising a family and not cooking even though I don't like to cook.

"Gma" -- Congrats on losing 5 BIG ones this week! Also congrats to Jack!
:cheer: :cheer2: :cheer3: Have you started on the non-beaded sweater for Thomas?

It's almost time to call my "mom." She told me that she has an aneurysm on the aorta and has an appointment with the specialist this week. I am worried about her! Perhaps I have all ready shared this, but I can't remember. :o

Have a relaxing evening and a wonderful Wednesday tomorrow!

Jean -- :wave: from Iowa!

02-04-2009, 06:31 AM
Good morning to you all! I was fooling around on the computer looking at some news stuff on aol and they had a thing about top ten cities for home foreclosures and Las Vegas was one of them. The city which 2 years ago you had to put a bid in within hours or you would lose the house now can't get rid of them. I got curious and found a lovely house that is now owned by the bank with a gorgeous pool in back and great floor plan. It is $149,000 and I wonder what it would have been selling a couple years ago. Anyway, that made me think of vacation in Vegas and I looked at the site where we usually stay then at Bally's on the strip. Bally's is prime as it is directly mid strip. Anyway, if Jack and I were to check in on Dec 20 and check out Christmas Day, which is a Friday, they would comp my whole stay! I only have 329 pts on their "card" so they have really really got to be hurting for customers to comp a whole stay of a puny little player like me. You have to realize that 329 pts is for about 5 casinos as it is a Harrahs card so my play is very very low. If we stayed through Christmas Day, which Friday is one of their high priced days it would have cost us $80 total! I have always wanted to go to Vegas at Christmas as I hear the decorations are to die for, but it can't happen this year. I imagine the lower prices will continue for awhile as I understand it about 75% of Vegas tourists fly into town and because the airlines refuse to cut prices no one can afford to go right now.

Maggie: I would love to have a pasta attachement to my kitchenaid and make my own pasta. I really like fresh pasta.

Jean: Geez, Jack is getting a 3% col raise in July so 1% should just about buy you a pack of gum! How chintzy can you get? I am sure you will be glad you retired with all the changes happening.

The site is acting up again and so I better go. Hopefully it will post this.

02-04-2009, 02:05 PM
Good afternoon, ladies! Cold again. By the way, my cold never materialized as such so I think the spring allergies are starting.

I know the raises are tiny, but most people will be getting nothing and glad to still have a job this year. We won't be getting raises this year. If things are better than anticipated, we'll get a year-end bonus.

Maggie, sorry about the hip. I hope the meds work for you.

Jean, I know you are glad you are retiring. Time to get out of that mess! I hope things go well for your "Mom." Trader Joe's had delicious pound cakes. I am not a baker.

Faye, Congratulations on another 5 pounds gone! You are doing great. I make pasta dough in my food processor. I have a pasta machine to cut it. I like to do it, but it's too much bother for 1 person. Have you decided about what to do about the sleeves of your sweater?

My life has been boring this week - just work and home. I do have First Thursday Bee this week so that will be fun.

Have a good evening!

02-04-2009, 06:35 PM
Good Afternoon, Flowers! Another cold sunny day here. I don't know if the boilers were turned down or what, but the building was cold today. I/we got a half night's sleep last night. I got up about 1:15 and all was well. I don't know what woke me, but at 2:00 it was pitch black all around the neighborhood! I knew where the flashlight was downstairs so trucked down there and called the electric company. It's all automated and the final message was that there were several outages and they hoped to have power restored by 5 AM. The weather was fine so have no idea what happened. It was -5 at 2 AM and #$*%&^ cold in the house by 6 AM! I have a battery in my clock but the time wasn't showing so figured the battery was dead. By now Bob is awake and gets the flashlight from his closet and is looking for the wind-up clock he takes fishing. We settle back down after Ernie chases the light beam around a few times. :yawn: I kept checking the time thinking how will I put make-up on in the dark and decided I would take it to school if I had to. Our electricity came on about 5, but the teachers across the highway didn't have power until after 7. One teacher was still sleeping until another called her. I could have used a couple of naps today!

"Gma" -- I can hardly wait to find out how the meeting goes tomorrow. Every year he gives the same speech . . . "you are worth so much more than we can ever pay" yadda yadda yadda. I'm thinking he may mention that those who leave may not be replaced. I'm also thinking since benefits was included in the title they may pull the health insurance benefit. I've never been to Vegas but would love to go and people watch. I'm not a gambler just because I have no luck at all! :lol:

Susan -- Sometimes a boring life is not all bad. ;) I hope to try some new recipes once my time is my own again. I can always take baked things up to school to get rid of them. :yes: I don't bake much any more either.

I have bell choir at 5 so better get myself in gear. Have a nice evening and a terrific Thursday tomorrow!

Jean -- :brr: in Iowa!

02-05-2009, 06:19 AM
Good morning all! Well, I see our tax refund will be deposited overnight. It is just about enough to cover the trip to Indiana! lol

Susan: I agree that people who have jobs should be thrilled to have them in this economy. I just think 1% raise is kind of an insult. I brought the sweater down last night and after doing my load of laundry for the day, will stick it in a tub of hot water in the washing machine and let it sit. I may drain it out a couple times and refill then roll it in towels and see if I can block it. I am not sure I can because the yarn in an inexpensive brand.

Jean: Hope you are all warm and cozy in your house again. I imagine it was freezing. I sure felt for the folks in Kentucky, some of which have had no power for a week in the cold temps. One guy said his house was only 30 degrees. Oh, here is a picture of the sweater I am going to make for Thomas and the two colors I am going to use. I think the colors in the picture are too girly so I chose beige and rust. The rust will be the main color and the bottom half then the beige will be the top. That way the rust won't clash with T's red hair. He said one of his favorite colors is orange so this was my concession to that. I received the knitting book yesterday and have ordered the yarn so I hope it gets here before we go to Indiana so I can take it. I will have Jackson's sweater too so will have plenty to do on the ride up and back and in the hotel.

Well gals, I left everything lay last night so I need to do a pick up this morning. Have a good one and keep those tootsies warm.

02-05-2009, 01:12 PM

I am just almost back to exact with this cold leaving my body. We have been checking papers and such to see how prices have come down on tent trailers. We do want to get one that we can pull behind the Jeep. This is the time of the year to get one at it's lowest price for sure. Also pricing of bows is coming down. We will get some straw bails to put up out back facing the side of the chruch building next door and some targets. I used to be pretty good with one when I had one before.:o Hope it all comes back. Well, each bow is different and I will lean my new one when I get it. We have plans. ;) I have really got to get a grip if I plan on showing a loss come weigh day on Monday. I went so far off the track yesterday. We went for a dirve way far away and ate out then ate out again last night and I know I over did it. Got to get a grip this day and stay OP.

SUSAN I am thankful for any raise I get. I don't know what I will be getting come April when I get it if any this year though. I am just thankful that I still get my safety retirement which comes out of the state of CA which is broke. However, my retirement comes out of a fund that the state cannot touch. I usually do get a raise but like I said, don't really know yet if I will be getting one this year.

JEAN Hope you catch up on cutting zzzzzzzzz's tonight. Did you ever find out what caused that electric outage? Stay under the covers. When is your last day at work? Are you counting?

DONNA That is so nice for you that your tax refund will cover your trip to Indiana. Don't you love it when a plan comes together. I love the colors for that sweater. I knited my daughter, a red head, a sweater with those colors in it when she was 5 and it looked great. That pattern is cute and you are right it is girlie looking in those shades. Don't want to be girlie looking.

Have a lovely day all you wonderful ladies. BTW ~ where are our newbies? Come back and walk with us on the road to thin. :) Type at y'all later. :wave:

02-05-2009, 07:20 PM
Good Afternoon, Flowers! It is 45 degrees outside. . . ."almost" feels like spring is on the way! I had cat chores to do after school and now I need to dream up something for supper. Nothing ever sounds good at 6 AM! My head still hurts like I have a hat on that is too small and my nose is running. I did sleep good last night since I didn't the night before. I could use a nap right now! :yawn:

"Gma" -- It's always nice to get a refund from Uncle Sam! We always have to pay in extra. :( The sweater colors are really sharp -- Thomas will look so nice in his new sweater! I hope the hot water bath will fix your sweater sleeves and not shrink the whole sweater. That would be terrible!

Maggie -- I have never shot (?) a bow and arrow. One of the IAs at school goes bow hunting for deer and usually gets one before her hubby does. :lol: You will have fun, I know! Someone at school said the some "grid" west of us had a glitch in it and the power outage came across the fields into town. Strange, for sure. Our last day of school is May 26th is we don't have any more snow days. I have 15 weeks left and that's counting all of the early dismissal and no school days we have on the school calendar! :D

Hope you all have a nice evening and a fantastic Friday tomorrow!

Jean -- :wave: from Iowa!

02-06-2009, 06:49 AM
Good morning to you all! I hope your day is starting out well. It is supposed to get up to 60 today and stay in the 60's for a week or so, yahoo! I got my utility bill and it is $335 for this last month so I am hoping I can cut that down a bit.

I have to take Fortune to the groomer this morning. They were supposed to let me know if she was not going to be there on the day I had him scheduled and they didn't call me. I called to change it because Jack is going to take half day off that Thursday so we can leave earlier for Indiana and they had blocked her out that week for dr appts and all they had available was today so I took it. He looks like he hasn't been groomed in 6 weeks instead of one.

Maggie: I don't think bow shooting would be my thing. I have seen them and they seem awfully hard to do. Don't worry about a misstep it is bound to happen to all of us now and again. I am thankful Jack's two retirements are city and federal government. They aren't touchable either so when Jack retires from the city in 2016 he knows the money is there. I sure feel for these people that work for big corporations for years and their retirement has been raped by executives and such so they end up with nothing. I just got my AARP magazine and read a short article from Lee Iaacoca. I have said all along that unions have done their jobs and now are not needed and that the auto industry trouble is from unions $$$$ demands. He was saying no person is worth $50-75 an hour that works for the auto industry and that most employees of any kind don't deserve that. He says that unless the workers are willing to take big cuts and stay that way, the industry is doomed. We just had another dealership here go under a couple days ago. I think we are up to 4 closures in our area now.

Jean: I didn't sleep worth a fiddlers darn last night. For one thing I had one of those nights where I was up going to the bathroom all night then I only slept half hour at a time and would look at the clock. I am going to try and nap after I drop Fortune at the vets this morning to be groomed. I made a decision yesterday that after I get the boy's sweaters done and this cute little jacket I want to make for my sister's birthday in April, I am going to take out the stitching, rip back the sleeves and shorten them and knit them back and sew them back in on my sweater. It is the best way.

I am going to sit and knit on Jackson's jacket a bit until Jack gets up and I can go up and dress. Have a great Friday and nice weekend. We have commissary shopping tomorrow, ugh! I have to get the boy's candy for Valentine's Day. Thomas collects these stuffed animals called Webkins and they had this adorable pink monkey with red and pink hearts all over him so Kelly found one for me and then I found a little bitty fuzzy pink monkey with a set of red lips kissing his cheek and he is holding two heart pillows that say, "I love you" and "You are my sweetheart" for Jackson.


02-06-2009, 03:28 PM
Good afternoon, ladies! A cold day today! I'm staying in and letting the car have a day of rest. Working on a quilt I need to have finished by Tuesday evening, but I work better under pressure!

Faye, I love the colors for Thomas' sweater and the pattern. Sorry you have to take the sleeves out of your sweater, but as you say it really is the best way to do it and I know you are a bit of a perfectionist. I agree with you, the labor unions are no longer useful. They drove the rubber industry out of Akron with their high wages and incessant demands.

Jean, I hope you can get a few extra zzzs this weekend and get caught up on your sleep. You should make a paper chain with a link for every day until retirement and then tear one off each day! I plan my dinner at least the night before, if I haven't made a menu for the week.

Maggie, you never cease to amaze me - a bow and arrow and tent trailer camping! Neither are something you'll find me doing. A nice hotel is where I want to stay!

Tomorrow is WI. I doubt it will be much down since I had the big loss last week.

Have a great evening!

02-06-2009, 06:06 PM

It is in the 60ís this day and the wind has abated in the heartland. What a beautiful day it is. I got my bread machine today and am baking a one pound loaf of ricotta bread which is Willís second most favorite, sour dough being his favorite. I got a starter container of 250 year old sour dough mix and have got a batch of it mixed up and waiting for the next process. If anyone wants a start of it I can send it to you when I divide my mix along with a copy of the instructions that came with it. I also have a recipe of starting it from scratch if you would like that.

DONNA That is good that Jacks retirement is safe like mine. So many folks are not so fortunate and my heart goes out to them. I think it is a good idea that you do take those sleeves out and redo them for you will be so much more pleased with that sweater. It is too beautiful not to have it fixed ya know.

JEAN I do hope you have gotten caught up in your sleep. That is such a horrible feeling to have that tight band around your head and lack of sleep. Hope you are back to exact now. I like Susanís idea of making a paper chain and tearing off a link each day which gets you closer to retirement. My first introduction to archery was in high school gym class. I loved it then and got quite good at it if I may say so. I used to have my own bow and did some light hunting with it way back in my younger days.

SUSAN Good to stay in on such a chilly cold day and do some hand work. I too work well under pressure. We started out with a tent, then a tent trailer, then a pull type trailer, then a motor home. Our most favorite which we enjoyed the most was our tent trailer so we are going back to one. Isnít it nice that we can do what we want ~ camp out or camp in a hotel. Choices.

Everyone have a lovely evening. :wave: Type at yíall later.

02-06-2009, 11:01 PM
Good Evening, Flowers! It is 45 degrees outside as I type . . . ."almost" feels like spring is on the way! They are predicting rain on Monday; I hope it does rain to wash away the dirty snow. It was pretty quiet at school today -- both the principal and asst. principal are in Texas for a meeting of some sort. I'll bet the district picked up the tab on that little trip! I do think I am on the downside of whatever I have had this week -- my nose isn't running like last night and I don't feel as much pressure.

"Gma" -- I hope Fortune looks spiffy tonight! ;) I hate those sleepless nights; I don't have many of them but know how frustrating they are. I'm sure you will be happier with your sweater once you have redone the sleeves. I admire your patience! It seems like we just were buying Christmas gifts and now it is Valentine time. Bob's birthday is on the 14th and Will's on the 13th so think the "gang" will be here next Saturday to celebrate.

Susan -- We sat down to watch TV this evening and I promptly fell asleep! :o Two hours later Bob woke me to say he was taking the paper to his mom and then back to the office to see if his computer was fixed. A tech from the home office worked on it all day long and it still didn't work when he came home at 5. I'm with you . . . the Holiday Inn is my idea of camping! :lol: Good luck at WI tomorrow!

Maggie -- I remember the starter bread! :cb: It made the rounds and back again when Beth was a baby. I finally gave up because I had more starters than people to give it to. I haven't thought about that in years. I have a big desk calendar, at school, and I have been Xing off the days as they go by. I'm sure it will go fast once we get through March. For whatever reason March always seems longer than January to me -- maybe because I am impatient for spring and Mother Nature tends to tease us with nice warm days and some windy/snowy days mixed in.

I need to round up the laundry and start a load or two tonight. Tomorrow is my morning to work in the gift shop. My house could use a good dusting and vacuuming since I haven't felt like doing anything all week.

Have a nice weekend!

Jean -- :wave: from Iowa!

02-07-2009, 09:24 AM
Good morning gals! We have commissary shopping today so I have to get going this morning. It is so nice and warm here today and I am thrilled to death. I think I will wear capris to the commissary. It is supposed to be high 60's today and by Wed it is supposed to be 74!

Susan: I have often told Jack that roughing it is Red Roof Inn! I have always disliked camping and wilderness "stuff." We used to camp some when I was a kid with a tent style camper and I have never really been tent camping. Kelly, Tom and Thomas like to go camping and they do a lot of that kind of stuff with scouts. Jay and Alicia are campers too though I am not sure they have done it since the baby was born. We took Jay on a camping trip when he was about 2 to Borrego Springs in CA. It was a church group thing. The baby fell of the mountain and tore up his little knee and that did it for me. lol

Jean: Your mentioning the district paying for the admin trip reminded me of something I read a week or so ago. It wasn't long after Obama got into office. One of the corp this country bailed out was going to buy this fancy executive jet and Obama put a nix to it. Takes courage to go and try to make yourself comfortable again on this countrie's dime. Brother.

Maggie: They did the starter thing when I was at the law firm and like Jean, I would end up with a ton of the stuff and I got tired of having to mess with it so tossed it all out and refused further offers. Since you lived all those years in northern CA isn't sour dough done as a starter? Love sour dough bread.

Well, Jack just came downstairs in his underwear to ask how warm it is so he has had his shower to go and do shopping. Guess I better get upstairs and get going too!

Have a great one ladies!

02-07-2009, 04:18 PM
Good Afternoon, Flowers! My accomplishments so far today are the gift shop (one looker and one buyer, so kind of a waste of time), lunch, a load of laundry, and here I am! I need to go do cat chores and make a grocery run after the dryer finishes. It's a beautiful day in my corner of the world . . . 46 degrees and sunny although a bit cool with a breeze blowing.

"Gma" -- I wish someone would have the nerve to speak up at a board meeting and question the freebies that I have mentioned before. If our property taxes go up next year I will have a fit although there is nothing I can do about it. If the packing plants ever close down we will be sitting with a new state-of-the-art elementary building (built to hold 400/500) for 25 white students! Bob asks where I would like to move to and there is no place (out of the country) but close by where he could still connect with the farm and his tractors. :shrug: As long as he is working we will stay put right here.

Our church is having a "garage sale" for the Relay for Life and I should get some items together for that. I hope they will take furniture because we have a single bed that is almost like new and I'd like to get rid of it. I need to get busy!

:wave: to everyone!

Have a nice rest of the day!

Jean -- :dancer: in Iowa!

02-07-2009, 08:51 PM
Good evening, ladies! It was a lovely day today - still 62 degrees at 7 pm!

Maintained at WW today. It's okay because I had a big loss last week. I went to Curves today. Put the binding on a quilt so that's what I'll be doing tonight, the hand finishing and labeling.

I think we've all had the same experience with the bread starter. It was fun the first week and then it was a chore and then when no one was looking I threw it out.

I think I did a little too much quilting this weekend - now tomorrow I have to clean house, go to the grocery store, do 2 loads of laundry and my bible study to Monday night - after I go to church, of course.

Well, I need to get sewing. Have a good evening!

02-08-2009, 07:12 AM
Good morning to you all! It was cloudy all day, but gorgeous here. Got up to near 70 yesterday and supposed to be a repeat today but I have mucho housework to do. We did the shopping yesterday and that took up most of the day then Jack got called in to work so I gave myself an excuse to sit on my bum.

Jean: I was talking with Jack yesterday and telling him our part of town is beginning to look like the trash section of town. We have whole shopping centers empty except for title places and check loan joints or clothing stores for blacks only. Pawn shops here and there and some fast food places. It has gotten horrible. Even the mall by our house is dead except for trash stores. Nothing we can do about it but just stick it out. It is sad really as this used to be a beautiful part of town.

Susan: I am working on the sleeve for Jackson's sweater. I ended up doing it with a seam instead of seamless as I am really having trouble trying to knit with double points or shortened circs. My hands ache almost immediately so I just tore out the few rows and started over and will just seam up the sleeve no biggy. I, like you need to work today instead of play.

I have Jackson and T's Valentine's Day bags done. I decided to just get stickers and put on little lunch bags and stick the stuff in them. I thought Thomas would get a kick out of the hamster stickers with me being so phobic so I go tthem and plastered them on the bags then wrote in red marker things like "I'm Nonny's favorite animal," "XXXOOO from the Rat," etc. I bought him a card and put in a $20 then got him gumballs, candy hearts a chocolate sucker some jelly hearts and a couple other things. I needed to get Jackson stuff without chocolate so got him some jelly belly candy corn and the candy hearts and jelly type hearts, got him a card and put in a $10 and they both got valentine pez dispensers. I have gotten T a pez dispenser for every holiday gift since he was about 2 so had to start the tradition with Jackson too.

Well gals, I am going to sit and knit for awhile until it is a little later and I won't disturb Jack to start cleaning. Have a wonderful Sunday!

02-08-2009, 06:14 PM

The weather here in the heartland is so so. We were told we would have rain today and snow on Wednesday. So far this day no rain. Services this morning were good. We have such a good preacher here that delivers the truth ;) ~ my dear husband of course. A bunch of us went out for Mexican food (which is this towns version) after services. It is aways fun to go out with the group. Next Sunday evening after services we will be going over to a members home for a candle light valentine dinner. Pot luck is for the lunch meal that day. After she figures out her menu then I will know what I will be taking.

JEAN I wish we lived closer and we would purchase that bed. We could always use it downstairs for company. Don't they plan on raising crops in your area even after that school is built? I thought it was the workers children that mostly filled up your schools. But if they do close down the sheds and quit growing crops then the workers will migrate on.

DONNA You deserved a day of to just sit and recoup. You are one busy gal. Your valentine bags sound so cute and those boyswill love getting them. You are such a good grandma.

SUSAN :congrat: on that maintain. It usually falls that way for me after a real good loss the previous week also. I am hoping for a maintain on weigh in tomorrow. I haven't been real true to myself this week for some reason.

Everyone have a lovely evening. Stay warm :wave: type at y'all later.

02-08-2009, 07:29 PM
Good Afternoon, Flowers! Our sunshine has disappeared and it looking pretty dark and gloomy outside. I was to be at church by 10:00 this morning to set up the bell tables, music, etc., and practice through the piece a couple of times. Just before I got there another one of the gals slipped and fell on the ice :headache: injuring her wrist and arm. She was on her way to the hospital as I walked in the church. We listened to the singers practice and then took a vote to play next week instead. It's hard to play without a part. The injured ringer was subbing so the regular ringer would be able to play next week. It was so nice yesterday but froze over night -- everything was slippery this morning. We stayed for church and then headed off to a neighboring town that is on the way to the lake. We ate lunch at KFC; our local one no longer uses the original recipes and is terrible. It was bought out by Mexicans :stress: a year or so ago. Made a quick stop at Penneys and Staples, then home for a nap. I got in the recliner first, but Ernie thinks it is his chair and if he plops down thinking we will move out. I fooled him so he stayed sprawled across my lap -- he is too long to be a lap cat. :twirly:

Susan -- Congrats on the maintain :cheer: . . . better than a gain any time! :yes: It sounds like you had a busy day planned for today. Knowing how organized you are I'm certain you got everything done. :D

"Gma" -- The way you describe your area sounds like a place called North Ridgeville in Ohio -- a suburb of Cleveland sort of. I don't know if it had any shopping areas or not, but we went there to look at a house to buy. The realtor didn't give us a clue and as we drove through the shabby streets with run down houses and broken down cars in the yards, we looked at each other in horror. When we arrived at the vacant house we refused to even get out and look. Every once in awhile we will see a rundown property and both will refer to it looking like NR! :( It would be nice if the city fathers would help get the shopping businesses up to snuff again. The Valentine goodies sound like fun. I know that both Thomas and Jackson will get a kick out of them -- especially the hamster stickers. :lol:

Maggie -- We have not one, but TWO, packing plants in town and that is where the Mexicans, Asians, blacks, and the rest work. Tyson is one of, if not the biggest, pork processing plants, and we get hogs from as far away as N. Dakota and Kansas. Sara Lee is a turkey processing plant and some area farmers have quit raising hogs switching to turkeys. Tyson actually recruited Mexicans in southern Texas because our neighbors spent the winters down there and saw the signs. They promised a free bus ride, a motel room, and 2 weeks pay if they would come and work. It's not too likely they will shut down any time soon. :(

I have another load of laundry to finish and some plants that need watering. I hope you are having a nice day! Enjoy the rest of your day and have a marvelous Monday tomorrow!

Jean -- :wave: from Iowa!

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