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04-14-2002, 06:45 PM
Well Happy Sunday all!

My goodness, I hear chatting and laughter from teh passengers!

ANd a dtermination to be slimmer and trimmer as teh weather gets warmer! That's exactly what I need!

I really need to get refocused on my program. It seems all over the place as I am focused on other things. I have grazed all day today.
I was thinking taht I was seeing food as other than fuel for my body. Asa reward that I deserve. Even knowing taht my body functions better when it eats lo carb. I know this in my head. Thinking taht one peice of this or that won't hurt me. I was so focused at one point.
I am also letting my dreams become less important. Such as wearing a size 12, being more active. Being healthy. shopping in a normal section of the store. Buying something at Victoria's secret.

Gradually like peices of sand it is fading away and my old me is coming back. I have become complacent.
I am not the priority.

ANd this has got to stop. I have not, praise god, gained any of the weight back. And I will not! But I need to do things to stop what will be inevitable.

I need to eat the lo carb woe. Candy, cake potaoes are not lo carb.
I need to re aqauint my self with buying, cooking and planning lo carb meals. I am in control of this , I buy and fix the food in my house.
I need to move my body. I n some way at least 5 days a week.

I need to be honest with my self. What I am feeling, how I am coping.

I need to pat myself on teh back for all that I have accomplished.

I need to own what I do, waht I put in my mouth.

I need to remeber where I was and why I never want to bethere again.

I need to be here. I get so much from everybody.

Ineed to be good for myself.

ANybody with me?

04-14-2002, 09:32 PM
Right behine you on this one!!!! I am ready for all the same reasons!!!

04-15-2002, 06:45 AM
Good Monday Morning!

Well day 1 of the renewed me, enthusiasm, vigor.

I have already won the first battle. I stopped pushing the snooze alarm and got out of bed.

The other thing I have to be aware of are the many things I have been prcrstinateing about. Just little things that I know need to be done but I am ignoring. These things are sucking energy from me.

I have chickem in the oven. THere will be salad for lunch. eggs for breakfast. Not sure about dinner yet. ANd water, water water.

Must get the carb detox done again.

Sue. How much Easter candy was in your house? The weather is warmer here. It rained for 2 days and there are flood waernings.
Are you ready girl?

Dana. I can't tell you how glad I am to see you. I know you felt you had nothing to share. But I wish you hadn't felt that way. I know you did. The frustartion, desparation, complacency and struggling you were going through is just what you needed to share. Becuase this place is here for you. As we are!

Pam how goes it? Have you recovered from your flurry of activity?

Terri. I am so glad no one was hurt. It is good to see you here too!

Melody. How goes it?

Lee, I know I saw you here?

LK- I didn't realize you were lo carbing it.

Alright girls off to OPville!

04-15-2002, 09:36 AM
Good Morning chickees!

Well again I start anew. I am back on CAD, after a break. I tried to do the BFl diet. along with the workouts, but I couldn't stick with them....I was hungry all the time! So back to CAD for me. No more stomach pain, and no more bloating. i get so bloated when I eat carbs.

I have not worked out for 3 days!:o And it is my fault! I did not make myself a priority, I did not put that first. I am also going to continue to read my BFL book. It helps keep me focused. Eventually I will know it backwards and forwards.

Sue, What P-bar are you talking about...what brand?

Terry- the BFl exercises can be found at Or you can buy the book for $20 at any bookstore, Walmart, meijer, etc.

Today I will do lower body workout, and begin again. Beef jerky for breakfast. A salad for lunch, and Chicken fajita's for Dinner. I love chicken fajita's!!

Well ladies have a great day! Stay OP!!!

04-15-2002, 12:58 PM
Count me in!

04-15-2002, 05:51 PM
get ready for a great ride LK!!!

yes i am ready!! I have 4 kids and they tend to hide the candy from each ohter then it comes out slowly!!! hopefully that was the last but i said NO!!! to all of it.

melody the EAS low carb bars the lemon cheese cake and the cookies and cream are the best. the others i do not like what you will find i think you will be OK doing the cad but doing PP or atkins your body does need more carbs than the 30 or so which is your limit. I find that if i stay at 30 doing bfl i will get shakey too soon and not be able to do the whole plan so i take in between 50 - 60 about when i am doing it. it works fine. and amy of the ppgals have had the same experience. so i do not have any problem with that it lets me eat more fruit and this season it is going to be good!

I did great so far today diet good eating when i start to get hungry so i do not blow it. and it is working!!

exercise i did run for 2 miles and then 50 twistng crunches for each side and then 100 crunches with 40 lbs. did great!!!so i guess i am starting with cardio today!

04-15-2002, 09:01 PM
Hello All!

Happy Monday!

The weather is hot here in Pittsburgh so hubby and I worked outside! I am trying hard to stay on plan! fralick----I love what all you wrote when beginning this post! True words, very true!

I missed you all and it feels good to be back!

Take care!

Dana (Hopeful.......and resisting M & Ms today!:dizzy: )

04-15-2002, 10:34 PM
I made DH eat all my M&M's HE HE HE!!! I know the feeling!! the kids made popcorn UGH!!! and DS made me dish him some icecream (I did nibble a bit on that) and then he went for seconds UGH!!!!

04-15-2002, 11:07 PM
Happy Monday!!!

count me in on is another day OP....didnt get the exercise in but I PROMISE to walk tomorrow...I OWE IT TO MYSELF...... I loved your message Pat.... I forget to make MYSELF top priorty and that is what it is going to take.....

getting ready to go to bed.....just popped in for a few....

have a great week everyone.........

04-16-2002, 09:15 AM
Hello everybody!

Boy the bus is noisy isn't it??? I love it!!!

I do have one question, WHERE IS PAM? Everyone comes back and now she is MIA.

Tried to stay OP yesterday, but I did slip alittle in the afternoon. Afternoons are really tough for me. Started back on ht chromium, 1 a day vitamin, and of course my twice a aday dose of Naproxen for this wicked arthritis...

I walked 3 miles yesterday, BLF says that 20 minutes of cardio is nough, but it was so beautiful that I just kept going.

Yesterday I got 2 more reasons to lose weight: #1 My sister has decided she is getting married in June, and I am going to be a bridesmaid! and #2 My 10 year class reunion is this summer...Must lose these pounds!!!!

Today is going to be beautiful! 83 degrees!!!! whoooppeeee!!!

I will do more walking tonight, and some lower body strength training. I have to get back on the ball!

HAve a terrific Tuesday! And a perfectly OP day!

04-16-2002, 02:03 PM
Hello chickees! Just stoppping in to say that I am OP, And my day at work is almost over! I have done great on Water so far....24 ounces, and counting, and have stuck to my plan...except for a handful of pumpkin seeds, low carb, but too much salt. I am hoping they do not come back to bite me in the butt! Tonight I have alot to do...must go to the store, cook dinner, take DS to karate, walk, and strngth train. My sister wants me to go play basketball, but am afraid I will hurt myself!!! (ankles) I'll just make sure to take my Tylenol, and go have a ball. Then the boys will have a bath, and Trini too, and then I shall collapse into bed!

May you all have a lovely, but busy evening!:D

04-16-2002, 03:46 PM
Melody it sounds like you do have a great day planned!!!

I have to get all my stuff ready for the meeting tonight i am busy!!! and trying to get all my avon orders ready to get in!

Pam has company comming and said that she was doing major renovations on her house and was going to be busy and able to pop in seldome but was palnning on being OP. so do not worry for net hearing from here. i should email her to check on her!

Your sister is not giving much time here. but that is great news!! makes you push that much harder. LOL my 25th renuinion is comming up in june too but i can not go to it. it is accross the country ao that is financially out of the questionn for me. :cry:

04-16-2002, 08:21 PM
Hi All!

Sorry I haven't posted here in awhile. I have been having trouble logging in! Then when I get it everything takes forever, and I am not exactly the most patient person in the world! :)

Nice to see everyone how well everyone is doing! I am really motivated right now and I think it is because of spring! It is sunny out, everything thing is new, and I want to be new too! I hate winter, brings me down from all the rain. Don't want to leave the house because I don't want to get wet, it is gray out and I am gray inside! But no more! Spring has sprung and so have I!

Been completely OP for the last two days! Drank more than enough water! Been averaging about 12 glasses a day. I have just given up drink anything but water. I know that won't last to long, but lately it is all that I want! !!

Woo Hoo this bus is rollllling!

04-17-2002, 06:53 AM
It's Hump Day!

Hi all, didn't have time to get on line yesterday! It is just awesome to see all teh activity again! I get so much from hearing from everybpdy. Good days or bad days.

Well so far so good teh scale reasd 228 this morning. Back to the last loss weight! I ahev really been focusing on what goes in the mouth. Have worked out both MOn and Tues. Got a gollon of water in both days. ANd teh metal taste is back in my mouth. The carb calling is getting weeaker and so far I haven't caved. Am trying to think of ways to shake up the menu so I don't get bored. I also haven't had any cappachino( my downfall) in days.

Well enough about me.

Sue good luck with your meeting tonight. Let us know how it goes.

Dana. This weight loss thing is so hard at times. Such a coomimwnt and it really takes alot of focus. But look how far we've come. We will be in teh 100 land soon!

Melody- Arthritis sucks! My knees and hips have been killing me.

LK- Sounds like you are doing well

Terri- How are things going? How is your weatehr there?

Alright girls tiem to go work out

04-17-2002, 09:43 AM
Hello girls!

This is going to be short today! Got a "BIG WIG" coming to school today from central office:p Yuck!

Yesterday I walked one mile, and did alot of yard work. It was hot again....80+ degrees. Today it is suppose to be 81. It is humid too. I will get the weights back in to my plan. They take alot of time, and I am having trouble squeezing in 45 extra minutes. But i will get it.

Sue- How is BFl going.

Pat- Glad to hear from you, you too LK.

Have an excellent Day!:)

OH YEAH!! I almost forgot!!! I was totally OP yesterday!! No cheating!!! WHOOOO HOOOOOO!!!!

Today...carb withdraw!:(

04-18-2002, 06:26 AM
Good morning all,

Day 3 was OP! But I lacked one bottle of water.

Worked out though.

Plan on working out this am. That will make it 4 days in a row! I haven't done that in months. No carb calling yesterday. Thank god and I am even facing PMS. The weatehr this week has been awesome. sunny in teh 70's . the kids have been off school. they have had a great week. I reaally do feel in more control. House hunting sucks. There rae 2 I am going to scout out this morning.

How is everyone else doing. Are you able to hold on to your new resolve. I want to say that it has been hard for me. In some ways. I have to keep reminding myself that I really just have to worry about today. what goes in my mouth and move my body. I still have so much that needs to be done. things I have been putting off. But I am working on it.

Melody brought up time. Boy time can be a hard task master. Finding time. I I have no trouble finding time for others. I can get more out of a minute that most. But when it come to doing thinmgs for myself... well I can make myself wait. It is so hard.

Well I am off to the room you all have a great day

04-18-2002, 09:47 AM
Hello Ladies!! Just one more day left in this miserable week!!!

How are you all today. It must have been a busy day for all, since Pat was the only one able to post since me.

Went off plan yesterday. It's TOM and I could not resist the ice cream that one of my student's parents brought for the kids to school.

I went to Kmart this morning to pick up 2 things, and ended up spending $85 dollars!!!! I am about to have a heartattack!

Didn't get to work out yesterday...too busy. Did yard work and house work, fought with my BF. He can be such an @ss sometimes! This whole week has sucked!!!! Thank God itis almost over!!!

04-18-2002, 05:21 PM
I am still here. Mom was in town. and i am off agian to take the kids to a bike ride. so i will be posting tonight. but just did not want everybody to feel that i had fallen off the face of the earth. i id dhave cake and pancakes so that was offf plan but i am getting back on the sooner the better!!! (feeding the family)