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09-06-2008, 06:41 AM
Good morning to you all. Just a quick post this morning, but I wanted to start a new thread and peek in and say hi to everyone.

Susan: Hope you haven't been blown away by the storms and are doing ok.

Gail: It was raining in Cinncinnati last night so I imagine you might be getting rain today. Hopefully it won't spoil your weekend.

Maggie: Hope things are going well for you and you are finding things to set up your house.

Jean: Hope school ended on a high note this week. Just a few more months until summer vacation...;)

Gloria: Hope your health is improving daily and you and Jack are having a fine time up east.

I am going to nap in the chair for an hour or so then get some chores done. Have a good Saturday everyone.

09-06-2008, 11:45 AM

It is a rainey day but what's new eh? Been raining off and on all August and now we are in September it is continueing. AH but we are not on the coast and look at what those folks are getting. Not much out of the ordinary happening around here. Ragg Mopp got a good bill of health from the vet and has all his shots up to date for the area. The cost here for that type of exam is half of what it cost where we were before.

DONNAWe are slowly getting "stuff." Yesterday Will got an office chair ~ one of those aligator types that are made to lean back in. I don't like sitting in it because I am uncomfortable leaning back. But that is his choice and I have a perfectly good one myself that suits me. I have had this one for about 2 years and want another just like it to put in my crafts room. Hope your nap left you refreshed.

A good day to all the Magnolias. Have a wonderful weekend coming up.

09-06-2008, 12:00 PM
Happy Saturday! Yes, it's raining here which we need badly. It started spritzing last night but now it's just continual rain. No high winds or hard rain yet but that is not expected until later. Yes, this is Hanna comin' for a visit.

Donna Faye, I have nothing planned for today. I'll just start another pot of coffee, settle back in my big old chair with my feet up on the ottoman, do some reading, thumb through some magazines I bought yesterday, knit a little (or a lot), watch some tv...and fall asleep. Wayne is working today. Like the true southern lady that I am I will be cooking up some butterbeans and bake some cornbread for tonight's dinner.

Maggie, good to hear that Ragg Mopp is doing well! :) An alligator leather chair? I bet that looks really nice. Well...Hurricane Ike is behind Hanna and it looks like he may be a bad one--I feel so sorry for those who live on the gulf coast--this may not be a good year for them.

Everyone have a nice day...


09-06-2008, 12:25 PM

Did I lose a day somewhere? My Friday post up there should be a Saturday post. Yikes,;)

GAIL Enjoy your day of leisure. Sounds like you have a plan. I need to get some planning done on our meals this day. Tomorrow we will go out for lunch and eat lite for dinner. I don't ever eat much before am services. I just know on Monday I will show a gain. I absolutely don't ever do well when there is a holiday which makes me go two weeks without the weigh in accountability. I still haven't learned that good control. I must work on that. We picked up a lovely not too salty spiral cut ham ~ sounds good for breakfast when I get off here. Ham and eggs.

Type at ya'all later.:wave:

09-07-2008, 12:38 AM
Good Evening, Flowers! It has sprinkled a few drops of rain off and on all day and was only 48 degrees when we got up this morning. I turned the furnace on after we got home from walking! :o I worked in the gift shop this morning; there was one sale on the sheet from the shop buyer who evidently came in last night and I sold a scarecrow. Other than the one customer I read magazines the whole time I was there. We made a quick trip to Sioux City to pick up my sewing machine. Now I wish I had ordered a cabinet for it, which I could still do I suppose. Tomorrow Bob will go to the lake and bring MIL back along with the boat. I plan to stay home and catch up on my chores that I didn't do today.

"Gma" -- I know you are looking forward to your Houston trip. I hope the Cubs win their game and you have a wonderful time. It's always nice to get away and see some new scenery. :)

Susan -- You are smart to put your furniture, etc., inside for the storm. I hope that Hanna and Ike miss your area. Stay safe! :yes:

Gail -- The GPS worked fine this afternoon. :spin: We are supposed to take it back to the dealership when it quits working. So far that has been when the dealership is closed! It's not that we use it on a regular basis, but just the fact that it doesn't always work like it should.

Maggie -- It sounds like you and Will are having fun adding to your household collection of furniture. :D Does his new chair look like an alligator skin?

I am heading off to bed. Have a relaxing day tomorrow!

Jean -- :wave: from Iowa!

09-07-2008, 08:38 AM
Good morning to you all! We went and got haircuts and ran some errands yesterday morning. We came back home and puttered around the house, had some lunch and I talked to my sister in Indiana for about an hour or so. Her granddaughter, my great niece, is going to UNLV this year and she is having a tough time. She hasn't made friends, she can't find a job because she isn't 21, school is very difficult right now, much different than the IU extension school she was attending in Indiana last year. She is taking hotel management, so UNLV is the perfect school for her. Her birthday is tomorrow and she is kind of homesick. I don't do anything for my nieces and nephews nor the great ones, but I feel sorry for her being away from home for the first time and it being 1600 miles away so I bought her one of those silly singing birthday cards and sent her $50. My sister said she is broke because she won't spend the money in her bank account because wants that strictly for school and necessities so she doesn't have just spending money. I told her to splurge and have some fun with the money I sent.

Gail: I grew up in Indiana so don't particularly care for southern food, but I love ham and navy beans. I haven't had them in years because the only bean cooked like that Jack will eat is pinto beans as he grew up in the southwest. On top of that, when they are about done cooking you add sugar to them, ugh! The first time I had pinto beans cooked like that I almost gagged. Jack likes to put them over corn bread.

Maggie: Hope you have a good Lord's Day. I had the perfect computer chair and it finally wents kaput after years and years so last year while I was in the hospital, Jack bought me a new one. It isn't as great as the previous one, but he did a pretty good job. If you have ever seen the movie "Witness" with Harrison Ford, there is a part in the movie where he is eating with the amish family and the head of the family sits in a chair with wheels and rolls all over the kitchen getting food and bringing it back to the table. I do that sort of with my chair. If I am having one of those pain days, I can sit and unload the dishwasher, put it at the highest level and sit to cook, stuff like that. It sure helped me out when I first got home from the hospital. I could roll it into the laundry area and sit and fold clothes.

Jean: I am amazed they keep the gift shop opened, but I guess overhead is low being staffed by volunteers, especially those that contribute by buying stuff! lol Hope you gps stays now. Doesn't matter whether you use it or not, you had to pay for it. I imagine it came as part of a package for your car. It is ridiculous it isn't working but once in awhile.

Guess I will sit and knit for awhile. I am working on the last toddler hat. I got an email from my dd that was passed on from her mom and praise the Lord, the chemo has eradicated her cancer. Her bone marrow biopsy came back .047 which I guess is very low on cancer cells. She has lost almost all her hair now so I will be trying to hurry and get them done and sent to her.

Have a good day and keep dry and comfortable!

09-07-2008, 01:41 PM
Good Morning, Flowers! Bob just left for the lake and I've had my shower, started another load of laundry, and have the dishwasher going. We got up early to walk; it was 47 degrees, but the sun was coming up and there were ducks and blue herrons on the lake. It was a pretty and peaceful scene. My furnace was running when we got back to the house! I am NOT ready for it to be furnace weather!!!!!! :no:

"Gma" -- It is so thoughtful of you to send your greatniece a card with money in it for her birthday. I know she will be surprised! It is tough being so far away from home and family for the first time. I like to do things for people when I know they least expect it. :D When I look at the daily sale pages, for the gift shop, they do quite a business during the week -- mostly hospital employees. Being open on Saturday was started for the people who work weekends and nights, but we don't open until after the night shift people have left. :rolleyes: Anyhow, there is an apartment complex across the street where older people live, and quite often someone from there will walk over to buy a greeting card. The coffee shop is not open on weekends, but they do quite a business during the week also; some of the "regulars" come in everyday. The coffee shop has a paid employee plus a volunteer because when they remodeled and moved the coffee shop and gift shop, they put in an expresso machine to make the fancy lattes, etc. The OLD, set-in-their-way, volunteers refused to learn how to run the new machine so thus the employee. The volunteer takes the coffee cart upstairs for any visitors who might be there.

I need to keep moving; I hear the dryer so need to fold towels and get the next load going. Have a nice day!

Jean -- :wave: from Iowa!

09-07-2008, 02:22 PM
Good afternoon, ladies! A beautiful day today!

Hanna brought a some rain and wind gusts of 50 mph but that's all. Minimal damage, praise the Lord! The rains started early Friday afternoon and quit yesterday evening. The water did get up a little more than usual, but not bad.

Faye, thanks for the update on the little girl. I'll keep her in my prayers and on the prayer chain at church. I don't much care for pinto beans unless they are in chili but love any of the white beans. They are good for you, too.

Tell me, Jean, does your hospital have a Subway? All the hospitals here do and now they are starting to put them into the schools. I'd sure love a cup of any kind of coffee. It's hard to do without when I've been drinking it since I was a little kid. The gift shops at our hospitals are really expensive, is yours?

Maggie and Gail - Howdy!

I have a ton of work left to do before quilt guild Tuesday night so off to the sewing room I go!

09-07-2008, 05:16 PM

Another cloudy overcast sprinkley day in the neighborhood. We had a good morning service and then out to lunch with a bunch of college students at Barbacuties ~ a wonderful place for BBQ. I know the one in TN has been there 50 years. This one is fairly new to this town and has started a Sunday buffet with ribs and all their other BBQ items plus lots of different salads and potatoes and what nots. Good food for sure. I am stuffed to say the least. I had put a rost in the crock pot with some pink potatoe before we went out this morning and it sure made the house smell good. I felt sorry for Ragg Mopp being home alone with that yummy smell all around him. ;)I will really be happy to be back on program come tomorrow. Take the hit (which I have done before) and go from there, however, I have not regained all those 60+ pounds I lost. Got to get a grip and keep my FOCUS

DONNAHow nice to send that card and money to you neice. I know she will totally appreciate it. I had an aunt that would on occasion send me some money and say "take a friend out for dinner & show & enjoy the night on me." Bless her heart for doing that for me. It always came when most needed time also. I remember one of the neatest things that a dear elderly lady did in her will ~ She left a ton of money for me to pick some christian college students that had loans and to pay them. I enlisted the aid of my sis and we chose 3 and paid their tuition in full. Such a deal.

JEAN Nice walk in 47 degree weather. You can breath better when it is that cool, you go girl. Beinga volunteer do you get at least a discount when you purchase something?

SUSAN Minimal damage is good when you can get it. Subway is a good choice for them to put in institutions. You can pick some real healthy meals from their menu.

All Ya'll have wonderful rest of the Lord's Day. Type at you later.

09-08-2008, 08:26 AM
Good morning to you all. I don't think we have storms today, but am not sure. It is warming up to around mid
80's everyday so I know slowly fall is coming. It is supposed to be in the 90's with rain while we are in Houston.

Maggie: A roast will surely smell up the house nicely. I usually put a roast in with carrots and potatoes before going to church as that way you have lunch as soon as you come home. I always hated walking around in high heels in the grocery store picking up stuff for lunch. One of the reasons I do the things I do with regards to like the little girl and the hats and money to her and her family and the card and money to my great niece is because I remember the days when we had no money and sometimes not enough between paydays to buy groceries. Many a time we had pancakes from a mix that didn't need eggs or milk and I would make syrup from brown sugar for dinner. I remember taking a lb of cheapest hamburger and dividing it into 2 half lbs and using a half lb with a box of hamb helper to feed the four of us. It is something that hurts me deeply thinking back to those times. Poor Kelly when she was away at college would call us begging for us to put more money in her checking account because she was broke and we didn't have it to spare to give to her. Many a time I remember crying over what my kids had to do without or the suffering they endured because we didn't have enough money. I know that my great niece's parents have money and I am sure she is not destitute, but I still remember those days with Kelly and the pain is still there so I am bound to make things better for others when we can. If I have it, I give it, I don't loan, I give. It is sort of the pay it forward except we rarely had anyone that helped us. We had to struggle along in poverty without help. I do remember getting help from our church once then getting wind of rumors spreading about us within the ladies group at the church. They were ugly and hurtful and I don't want others to go through that if I can help it. I have to tell you that one thing that gets my goat is people complaining about how much money military people make and the tax breaks they get. I can only talk about enlisted, but unless the wife has a good job too, believe me, they live at poverty level. In the Navy, you live in high cost areas because of where the ships are stationed so a lot of your money goes towards housing. It is very hard usually to get into base housing as there is usually big waiting lists so we always had to rent. Anyway, I am not whining over what our life was like, but wanting to make it a little better for someone when I can.

Susan: Have you given up coffee completely? I hate the stuff and have nevr drank it. I have more problems with soft drinks, but when I stay away from them I am ok for long periods of time. They ought to have soft drinks annonymous for us addicted ones. :D As long as I stay away from the stuff I don't go back to it, but if I even order a diet at a restaurant, that will send me back to drinking them. Hope you are doing ok with the rain and such you are getting because of Hanna. I saw there has been flooding.

Jean: The hospitals here don't have little coffee shops, it is either the cafeterias, which are expensive or the vending machine rooms. You can get sandwiches and such at the one at St Francis where I was at, it is just having the dollar bills or change to put in them. I have always thought that airport and hospital gift shops always hike prices to a captive audience. They stock stuff that is more expensive then price gouge.

I guess I better get upstairs and get the bed made and put the clothes in the dryer when the washer kicks off. Lots of chores and I need to start organizing our trip stuff too.

Have a good one, gals!

09-08-2008, 10:29 AM
Good Monday!

We got our fair share of rain and some wind on Saturday and through that evening. Goodbye Hanna! Now it's nice and sunny. I can see some green in that brown grass in my yard now.

Donna Faye, you are a sweet woman. Bless you for sending joy to your niece. I never heard anyone saying that our service men and women make a lot of money or get such great benefits! And if I had I would have laughed in their face because I know it's not true. Growing up in Virginia Beach, I saw first hand their housing and how their families lived. I went to school with kids whose dads were in the service. I never thought they had it easy by any means. I got my mother hooked on vanilla lattes at the Starbucks inside a hospital when my dad was in having surgery.

Maggie...oh. my. gosh. ribs and bbq! Yum. You are ready to get focused again I am sure. It will probably be a relief to you to get back on program.

Susan, Wayne and I talked with my parents and his dad and all said the storm was not too bad. My brother was cleaning up their yard but it was just some small fallen tree branches. Nothing major and no power outtage.

Jean, 47 degrees sounds great to me although Wayne would be whining. I love walking in the brisk air. I love fall.

Today, Wayne is taking the afternoon off so I had better get my chores done so I can relax with him.

09-08-2008, 07:58 PM
Good evening, ladies! A beautiful day today, 82 degrees and not much humidity.

Faye, I've given up coffee - none at all - it took awhile but I'm off it. Cola drinks are very hard on the kidneys so keep it to the occasional one. You've always been a kind and caring lady, you are very special. My dad was in the Navy so I know what you mean about being poor. When Stan and I were first married, we forgot to write a check in the checkbook and when we discovered it, we had $0 left for 9 days. We had had been to the egg farm and gotten 6 dozen eggs, we had popcorn and some ends of bread I was saving to make stuffing. That's what we ate for 9 days. I could have asked to borrow a few dollars from my family but we were too embarassed! I did lose a few pounds.

Jean, you are doing great with the walking!

Maggie, I love BBQ!

Gail, glad to hear from you!

09-08-2008, 11:19 PM
Good Evening, Flowers!I FOUND MY SCHOOL KEYS and I'M GETTING A NEW NAVIGATION/RADIO SYSTEM FOR THE CAR!!!!!! We got up to rain this morning and I had a few extra minutes so decided to change purses. My spring/summer purse has a skinny deep pocket that I keep a couple of sheets of note paper just in case I ever need to write something in a hurry. Well, my keys were at the bottom of this pocket; I could have sworn I looked there before. After school my "map error" reading came on and so off to the dealership I went. They put the computer on the car plus plugging in a phone line to the powers-to-be wherever they might be. Evidently all of the things wrong showed up on the computer and the solution is a whole new system. It will be interesting to see how long that takes to get here. The kids were in Monday mode today. My excitement was having a kid threaten me and I got to write him up again. He likes to tap his fingers and pencil on the table just to make noise because he knows it bothers me. During a 5th hour class I told him if he didn't stop I would write him up and he'd be back in in-school suspension like he was last week. He finally did quit. Then 7th hour the English teacher escorted him into a study hall where I am, with another teacher, because he couldn't behave himself in her class. Again he's tapping away and I kiddingly asked if I could hold his hand to keep it quiet. His reply was that he would break my hand if I touched him. So I asked him if that was a threat and he said, "yes!" The other teacher said to write him up, so I did. I have a feeling he is going to be a very slow learning freshman again next year. :yes:

Susan -- Our hospital has a chef who used to own a restaurant here in town. The patient's food is outstanding and the cafeteria is advertised for the public to come in and eat, which they do. :T Our school cafeteria is run by a company that leaves a lot to be desired. They have switched to soy products and the kids throw away more than they eat. There is an a la carte counter that is separate from the cafeteria and they do quite a business there. I've never eaten there because I don't want to stand in line and only have 5 minutes to inhale my food. I would say that some of the gift items are expensive. We have a new buyer and she has some decorative things that I would never buy. To me a hospital gift shop should have some lower priced, smaller items that one could purchase as a "thinking of you" type gift for a patient.

Maggie -- What a nice idea of your friend to pay tuition for deserving college students. We get a 15% discount on whatever we buy at the gift shop on the day that we work. We also get a free coffee and cookie from the coffee shop; I never do because they are closed on the weekends when I work. :(

Gail -- I'm glad you didn't have any major damage from Hanna. :) Some of my geraniums and other flowers are looking pretty sad even though we have watered them faithfully this summer. I think I will buy my flowers somewhere else next year. I love walking outside in the spring and the fall! In the spring the colors are so bright and in the fall the trees in the park, by the lake, are usually all different colors of fall.

I started this right when I got home and got interrupted. Now it is time to think about what to wear tomorrow (something warm!) and head off to bed. The evenings fly by! Have a terrific Tuesday tomorrow!

Jean -- :wave: from Iowa!

09-09-2008, 08:47 AM
Good morning to you all! Well, our trip make be in the trash can if Ike can't seem to veer more south and head to Mexico. What's wrong with the guy, he prejudiced, doesn't like Mexican food, Dos Equis beer, what? :D Anyway, we are closely watching what the storm does. The big problem is to save money I prepaid for a non-refundable hotel and it cost us over $500. I talked Jack into staying at Embassy Suites because it is really nice so I prepaid to save about $100. This may bite me in the behind! lol I emailed Embassy Suites to see if we can at least get a certificate or something if the hurricane keeps us from being allowed into the city since it wouldn't be our choice that we don't come. I prepaid the car too so we will go somewhere else. We thought about going up to the see the kids, but we really wanted to get away just us and on top of that Notre Dame plays in South Bend this weekend and you can't get a hotel within 50 miles and those you can have inflated prices by at least 100%. Who knows, we will find something to do.

Gail: We were stationed in Va Beach twice, once when we were first married and once after the kids were born and school age. We originally lived in an apartment, but finally got into base housing out by Oceana off of General Booth blvd. They trekked the kids clear out to North Landing to school and almost the whole school was Navy kids. I married into the military life and boy was it a change, but I adapted then it was weird once we were out not to have that "communal" thing going anymore. It is truly an awful life for a kid I don't care what anyone says. If you ask my two they would tell you how much they hated it and not just the poverty part.

Susan: Thank God things like that happen when you are young and seem to withstand it better. By the time you are old you have health issues, maybe chronic, etc and it is much harder to live that way. I think about the elderly in this country living practically hand to mouth. I am not a great supporter of the Welfare program in this country and I think it allows layabouts, but if there were a group of people I think they should help it is the elderly and many of them are too proud to take help. It is sad that this country is no longer one in which the churches and families support those that cannot support themselves. We wouldn't need programs or have hungry people if families, close and extended would bind together and take care of each other. No one wants their parents living with them anymore. They shuffle them off to nursing homes or facilities. I think it is sad that grandkids don't get that influence. I only lived with my in-laws for about 8 months when Jay was a baby, but he got the daily attention from his grandparents which I thought was so nice. I adore my grandchildren and would love to be in their lives to sit and read to them, etc. This old world has just gotten too darn big.

Jean: I TOLD you they were in a purse! :lol::lol::lol: I find most of my "lost" things in handbags. I lost my old sunglasses last Saturday (I laid them down on a store counter when I was running errands and don't know which one) and was using them because I had lost my brand new pair of sunglasses. Well, I went hunting and found them in one of my new handbags. I also found a watch, a pair of earrings and another pair of sunglasses while searching for the new ones! :lol: Maybe that's the way to save money, put it in handbags! Only trouble is don't forget to go through them thoroughly before giving them away! lol I was just talking to Jack about your GPS and he couldn't figure out why they weren't replacing it. He said it sounded like a major chip in the computer system was bad and needed replacing. Glad they are putting in a new one for you! Funny story about directions and trips. First off, the managers and coaches for baseball makes millions so you would think they would have gps systems in their automobiles. Last week, the Cubs were playing Cinncinnati. Lou Pinella the manager, and Sinatro the first base coach, who are close friends, decided to DRIVE instead of going on the charter flight. Lou has been to the baseball park several times and Matt Sinatro had gotten directions off of mapquest on the internet. Well, Lou was sleeping and Matt got lost and was two hours past Cinncinnati and heading to Cleveland before Lou woke up and got them back on the right track! lol They missed batting practice and everything.

Everyone have a super day. I am going to be having my eye on this darn storm all day to see where it tracks.


09-09-2008, 06:55 PM
Good Afternoon, Flowers! It's been a beautiful day in my corner of the world today. School was typical . . . "I don't feel like reading, I can't find the answer, come help me, this is stupid . . . . !" I'm thinking this freshman class is the laziest class yet and there are some real behavior challenges in the mix. :crazy:

"Gma" -- I hope the hurricane will fizzle before it hits anywhere. The southern area has had more than their fair share that's for sure. Will the Embassy honor your reservation somewhere else? I love the Embassy Suites! That is where we stayed when we went to Maui the first time and then it was sold to another outfit. :( When we were in the dealership, on one of our many trips there, GM refused to replace the system because "it is VERY expensive!" The gal we bought it from got on the phone and asked the guy if he thought the car we put it in was a junker! :lol3: Becky is from the south and has the accent; I'll bet the guy got an earful from her! Anyhow, it had to be in error mode, and the car running, so they could hook it to the computer and find out what all the errors were. It took 6 weeks to get the new disc so I'm waiting to see how long it takes to get the whole new system. :rolleyes:

It's almost time to call my mom so had better get a move on. Have a nice evening and a wonderful Wednesday tomorrow!

Jean -- :wave: from Iowa!

09-10-2008, 09:34 AM
Good morning to you all! I am getting a pedicure and manicure today and do some last minute errands before leaving on Friday. Jack only has to work two hours tomorrow then he is off until Tuesday. I have stuff set out on the bed to pack so we will do that tomorrow, pick up the suv in the afternoon and drop off Fortune at the pet hotel then back to the house to pack and get something to eat. We are planning on leaving around 3 am on Friday so will be going to bed early on Thursday.

Jean: I hope you don't have to be without your car for too long. You know, it is all well and good that they want to fix something instead of replacing it, but it is ridiculous the number of times you have had to take the car back in and get it fixed over and over for the same thing.

Not much else going on around here. It is hazy and a bit cool, but supposed to warm up today into the 80's again.

Have a good one ladies and if I don't get a chance to get back in here tomorrow, I will talk at you on Tuesday.

09-10-2008, 09:55 PM
Good Evening, Flowers! My excitement for the day was that the asst. principal called the threatening boy's parents and they had to come into the office for a conference on their son's behavior. The kid also had a talk with a police officer and I am to journal his behavior daily. He acted his usual obnoxious, noisy self today as if nothing had happened. :dizzy:

I got a hair cut after school -- her idea of a trim and mine are miles apart! I told her we were having school pictures taken in a couple weeks and I wanted some hair left. :(

Today in the last study hall of the day a girl decided to clean out her purse. She had 5 cigarette lighters and several condoms! Guess I've been around long enough that it didn't phase me, but it did embarrass some of the other kids. I'm not sure if they were surprised she dumped everything out in front of me or that I would know what condoms look like. :dunno:

"Gma" -- I hope you and Jack have a wonderful time away and that Ike leaves you alone! :yes:

I'm off to do some ironing. Have a terrific Thursday tomorrow!

Jean -- :wave: from Iowa!

09-11-2008, 12:06 PM
Good morning, ladies! Still drizzling rain here.

I had quilt guild on Tuesday night - our big unveiling of the challenge quilts. I was really nervous that everything go off well and it did. The quilts were beautiful and a lot were turned in, we got them hung on time, they liked the game I came up with for them to play while they were viewing the quilts and the audience prizes were a hit. Now we have to do it all over again tomorrow morning and then I'm done with that until the end of February when we have to hang it at Mid-Atlantic. Last night was my quilting bee and then my friend and I stopped at Wendy's for a small Frost and lots of conversation.

Jean, I'm glad they are finally fixing your car. Took them long enough!

Faye, hope you enjoy your trip and Ike doesn't find you!

Gail and Maggie - Hi!