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09-04-2008, 11:00 AM
Ok, so thought i'd share... tuesday went to a weightlifting class in the morning (5am) and then had school from 8-11:15 was kinda sore and achy and tired thought was from me upping my weights in class, no big deal right? so get some errands done and am just too tired to go to my 1:00 class and decide to skip it, sleep and then go to work from 3-6pm. All goes as planned except im getting in more pain and a headache is coming on. I get to my last class of the day ( i hate tues. and thurs, lol) @7-8 and am sitting in there thinking I might just throw up in front of these people that I barely know. I think the nausea was from my back and shoulders hurting so bad and maybe that triggered the headache (?) So I drive back to the house- about 30 min.- and am laying there trying to decide should i try and sleep it off or if i go to sleep will it be worse when i wake and then I'll have to call someone... i opted to be proactive and went ahead to the E.R. about 9:30pm and sit, and sit. I get called back about 11:00 and stuck on a bed in the hallway they pulled copious amounts of blood, got urine, and did a CT scan of my head and back. Bloodwork showed high WBC so they put me on IV antibiotics ( something related to baytril, i work as a vet tech and say it was something-floxacin) and sodium chloride drip spiked with morphine... which made pain go away :D CT scan results came back about 5:30 am ( yes i was there for almost 9 hrs after being up since 4am the day before with only an hour nap) and was normal except that the lower lobes of each lung were "shady" so i -probably- have pneumonia. i dont think i do but ive never been in that kind of pain before... was/ is that a flare? had been achy for a few days before and hurt pretty bad right now and am skipping my 9-11 class today to write ya'll and sleep before my 100 class so any answers would be great. I have a post- e.r. doctor appt today with my general practitioner and will talk to her about pneumo diag. but it doesnt make sense to me. it doesnt hurt when i breath it hurts all the time and im not coughing. anyhow they gave me zithromax, prednisone (which i am not taking but had filled anyhow) and hydrocodone (which i am not taking unless have to)

09-04-2008, 11:24 AM
Definitely talk to your primary care physician. I went through something like this a few years ago. It started with back/side pain and radiated to my shoulder. I was doing a fairly active job at the time and had been doing more lifting the day before it started. I wrote it off as a pulled muscle and took over the counter pain killers.

What I had was inflammation between the pleural layers around my lung. If I'd seen the doctor at that point I would have likely been okay. As it was in a few days the pain went away. I figured everything was good and kept going. It turned out that I was at that point collecting fluid in my pleural space. Eventually it became infected and I ended up in the hospital for 18 days (in Canada that's a big deal - the guy with the heart attack across the hall went home first). There should be ~2Tb of fluid in the space, when they put in a chest tube I had collected about 4 cups around one lung.

I did not have pneumonia (ie. no cough), but the first doctor I saw in a weekend clinic thought bronchitis. One of the reasons he never considered a lung issue was that my blood oxygen levels were perfect. My PCP later figured this was because of the cardio I was doing (too much) and that my body had compensated for the problem. I went home knowing he was wrong and ended up figuring out the problem myself (or at least guessing). He'd written me an x-ray order and said I could get it done sometime during the week (ie. no rush). I got it done as soon as the lab opened in the morning. The same doctor took one look at the x-ray and suggested calling an ambulance for me.

I'm mentioning all this because honestly it sounds like you're in the inflammation period - when it can be treated and watched, and caught. So please, go see your primary care physician.

09-04-2008, 04:25 PM
I have an appt scheduled for later today, picked up the report from ct scan and read over it myself... says that there may be glass infiltrates (?) in my lungs. Everything else appeared normal, heart, pleural cavity, abdomen, kidneys and such. So i guess i'll see what she says, im gonna go ahead and assume that another doctors about to be added to my list... ; )