Atkins - The Shopping Bags.......research on diets

07-20-2008, 03:00 PM
They had a 1 hour long show this afternoon (it will be on W West later this afternoon again) they compared Atkins, South Beach, DASH, Dr. Phil, and I think 2 others.

At every weigh in Atkins the end the highest loser was Atkins and I think the runner up was Atkins. (It went on for 10 months and the highest loser was at about 40 lbs)

In the end they said Atkins lost the most weight, they really liked the Atkins recipes best of all BUT they didn't pick Atkins as the best diet. I don't remember what one they chose as best because I was seeing red!!!!
(Oh correction I do remember. They chose DASH because they said it was more balanced and allowed more carbs.)

They actually said "We found we didn't feel well on the Atkins diet." and then they said "But to be fair we only did the first week and it gets better as you go further into it."

I almost hit the tv........why the *ell can't they be fair to this diet!!! The book TOLD THEM they would not feel great the first week but after the firest few days you'll feel great........and they still ignored that and reported that "they didn't feel good on that diet." GOOD GRIEF!!! What do you have to do to get a fair shake in this idiot world?

However we all knew we would win if the participant was actually doing Atkins over a period of time and they had to admit that every week the Atkins people won at weigh ins and in the end the pictures they showed to show how great the contestants look with the weight loss......both were Atkins dieters. Yea!!!!!!

I'm going to watch it again when it replays so I pay closer attention to what diets and how the others measure up.

07-20-2008, 03:28 PM
If it went on for 10 months and the highest loser with 40# was on Atkins, how can they say they did only 1 week. Don't get it.

07-20-2008, 03:35 PM
People will believe what they want to believe. I am just thankful that I found Atkins, know that it works, and have read the book so I know that almost every negative thing I've heard about it is a misconception because people simply don't have the facts. Most people are too lazy too read the book and too eager to run their mouths. It's the same as anything else in this world, it seems. Sad.

07-20-2008, 04:09 PM
They "the girls on the show", did one week on each diet themselves to test the diets.

By the way it's back on now and I see they are doing Body for Life and Pretickin along with the four I listed above. So the competition is among Body for Life, South Beach, Atkins, DASH, Dr Phil and Pretikin.

They have 3 and 4 people taking the challenge on each diet and they weighed them at the beginning and then every 3 months with a final weigh in at 10 months.

07-20-2008, 04:56 PM
Okay so on the 10 months, 4 sisters did Atkins and 2 of them gained weight because 1 lost 26.5 lbs and one lost 39.5 lbs......that means if the total lost was -24 lbs in the 10 months then the other two sisters gained 42 lbs between them. I'm guessing they didn't stay to the think?

South Beach was a close second with -22 lost over the 10 months for that group.

Dr. Phil .. that group only lost 10 lbs among them.

Body for Life was cancelled out completely.

I didn't catch the DASH and the Pretikin results.