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03-19-2002, 01:34 PM
Thougth I'd start a new thread for us! :)

Had a pretty good weekend, although I got almost NO sleep! I hate staying at the inlaws... they have the worst mattress ever on their spare bed! Ouch!

Anyway, I ended up staying home yesterday... between AF cramps and how tired I was, I just couldn't function. I feel 100% better today though, so I'm glad that I took yesterday off!

Today, I'm off and running (so to speak) with my water intake, and I'm eating good so far! I've got bowling tonight, and I'm going to try to get to Curves too, since I missed yesterday... we'll see!

Good for you, having a great visit with your friend, and getting to eat Chinese too! :) I'm glad that all went safely, and happily!

Good luck getting your decluttering done! I'm lucky, since most of our stuff went into storage until the new house is done, and I threw out all my clutter when I packed everything up!

03-19-2002, 02:01 PM
Glad you're feeling better!! I took some Excedrin this morning for my throat/tooth and I'm totally buzzed. At least I'm getting stuff done, LOL. I also did 50 sit ups and 100 bum squeezes too. I'm going to put some 'Veggie Tales Silly Songs' when Em gets up and we're going to dance, LOL. Whatever works, LOL. Easter is soooo soon! I'm going to try and behave myself on the candy until then. That's my goal, anyway.
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03-20-2002, 12:42 PM
Wooo! I didn't know Excedrin could do that for you! :lol: Oh well, take advantage of the extra energy!

As for me, I get to leave in a little while to watch them tear down my old house! Yippee! Then I'll be back to go to Curves this afternoon. :D

03-20-2002, 12:49 PM
Woohoo! Just had to say that it looks like I'm buying an elliptical! :D One of my coworkers is selling theirs, and I'm going to go over after work and check it out.... I'm crossing my fingers! :smug:

03-21-2002, 11:45 AM
Whew! What an exciting day yesterday! We got to watch them demolish our rickety old house! FINALLY! :D They're about 3 weeks behind schedule...! Anyway, at least it's finally done!

I totally skipped out on Curves too... :( It seems I'm having a bad week, although I'm still doing well on my eating. I'm goign to go to aquajogging tonight (for sure!) and at least that's something, especially since we're going out tonight for my Dad's birthday supper.

I didn't get back in time to go see that elliptical yesterday either, so I'm going over there at lunch time... I'll let you know!

Anyway, I'm hoping that everything's swell with you, and I'll talk to you later! :wave:

03-22-2002, 12:57 PM
Hee, hee! Looks like I'm talking to myself again! Pamela, where are you? Hey, and if anyone is lurking, please make yourself known! I'm getting lonely! :)

I DID get that elliptical yesterday, and whew! What a workout that's gonna be! ;) Even just playing on it for a few minutes last night felt awesome! Of course, I had just come back from a really great aquajogging workout, so maybe that had something to do with it! :lol:

Anyway, eating is on track, although my water intake is not great, but I'm working on that! ;) I'm planning on Curves tonight, and as many minutes as I can on the ET.... then we're off to the inlaws for the weekend, and I won't be back until Monday... :(

03-22-2002, 10:33 PM
I'm feeling a little better. My tooth doesn't hurt now, I just have some gunk leftover and Emmett's gotten that now too. Plus he's learned to crawl out of his crib! Needless to say, I haven't gotten a whole lot of sleep lately. I've been stress eating too which is terrible, trying to nip that in the bud, threw out a bunch of candy today (that was my boogie fling, LOL), went for a walk. I'm so glad it's staying nice later. I can't wait for all the snow to be melted so I can ride my bike for an hour every day!

Congrats on the elliptical! Nice to have something you can do at home!
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03-25-2002, 11:35 AM
Glad to hear that you guys are starting to feel better... gee, Em sure keeps you hoppin' doesn't he? :lol:

The ET is some workout! I managed to get about 5 minutes in, before collapsing! :strong: I can see how this will work, at least! I'm gonna aim to do it 6 days a week, starting at 5 minutes, lowest intensity, then work my way up...

I totally skipped out on Curves last week, but I'm ok with it. I think that sometimes I just need a break from it, and as long as I can get my butt there this week, I'll be happy! ;)

03-25-2002, 05:25 PM
Glad to hear you're EP is working out for ya! I always like to mix up my workouts too. Emmett really is keeping me hopping, and right now, the only workout I'm getting is the 'let's get the baby to sleep' twice a day workout! I'm so tired, LOL. Oh well. Have a great day.
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03-26-2002, 12:46 PM
Good morning!

Poor you! Emmett sounds like a real handful lately! How old is he now? I remember that you had a m/c a while back, are you guys trying to have another baby? Feel free to tell me to shove it! :) I won't mind! I'm in a clomid-induced hormonal rollercoaster right now, just waiting for the big "o", and I'm finding that exercise is a good distraction! Thank goodness!

I still didn't go to Curves last night though... :( I forgot to take my workout bag with me, and after I went home to get it, I just said forget it! I did get on the ET though, and upped my time a little, so I'm up to over 5.5 minutes now. I have to find time to get that in today, as I AM going to get my butt to Curves, and then we have bowling tonight. (plus I have to fit in grocery shopping ~ sigh...) There's not enough time in the day, is there? :lol:

03-27-2002, 11:37 AM
Yay! I finally got to Curves last night, and we've got a new machine! It's for your glutes, and I tried it, but unfortunately, it hurts my knees, so I don't think that I'll use it much... oh well, it's still cool! ;)

I also made it to 6 minutes on the ET, and I'm pretty proud of that! :smug: I can feel that it's getting easier already! Yay!

Eating yesterday was fabulous too, and except for the water, which I drank, but not enough, I'd have to say yesterday was just about perfect! Doesn't happen too often, so I have to celebrate when it does!

Hope you're getting some rest, and doing well!

03-27-2002, 04:14 PM
Things are getting better here! Emmett is 19 months old now. My sister babysat him last night and he went to bed really early and slept the whole night. I've been really spoiled by that, LOL. We're not not trying, but I like having just one for right now. He's been a real handful lately and I'm kind of glad I'm not pregnant right now (even though I'm still a little sad about the mc). It would just be a lot more work then it already is. He's learned how to say 'what's this?' about EVERYTHING which is really fun.

Got to the gym today and did 1/2 an hour on the stairmaster plus some mall walking. I'm really not going to worry about my weight until we get home after Easter.

Do you celebrate Easter/have any big plans?

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03-28-2002, 11:47 AM
Glad to hear everythings going well, and that you got a little break last night! ;) He's got to be soooo cute! :) I hear you about him being enough right now. My nephew is the same sort of handful, but he's the 3rd of 4! :eek: I don't know how my SIL handles it!

We don't do too much for Easter, but we're having dinner at my mom's on Sunday. Dinner with my inlaws has been postponed until next weekend, since 2 of my SIL's kids are with their dad, and she has to work too. Oh well....

I did 6.5 minutes with no breaks last night on the ET, and I'm pretty darned proud of that! :smug: I tryed it with the tv on, and boy did that ever work for distracting me from my screaming muscles! :lol:

Hope you guys have a great Easter!