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06-22-2008, 08:17 AM
Good morning to you ladies! It is a nice morning this morning but I imagine it will be hot and humid in just a little while. We had a nice day yesterday, went out to breakfast, ran some errands, came home and watched the Cubs game then went to Red Lobster for dinner. Ick is all I can say. I had a shrimp cocktail that was good but the rest of my dinner was overcooked and barely warm. We rarely go there and now I see why.

Gail: Losing weight is all about the head I have always believed. Staying on program shouldn't be an issue if we have worked through everything that makes us eat. What I mean by that is any of us, no matter how we are going about losing weight should not see what we are doing as a diet, a program or anything else. We should see it as the lifestyle we have chosen and like. With that being said, if you take a day and splurge, it shouldn't be some dire thing, just a day where you ate something different. I think we concentrate so hard on making sure we rigidly stay within the boundaries like we are in a concentration camp or something, that our brain fights back telling us we are fed up with doing what we are doing or whatever we tell ourselves when we aren't eating as we are supposed to. Give yourself a break and don't stress about it. Just go back to doing what is right for you and let it go. Hope your bum and back are feeling better. Oh and women's heart health is very different from men. It is true that fat around the waist is the most dangerous, but I think men seem to carry much more weight there than women, even if we aren't 35 inches. I have read studies that say heart attacks in women are much more prone to be overall poor health, diabetes, hormone fluxes and obesity. Men tend to have the fat bellies, diabetic issues and seem to be much more stress related heart attacks.

Susan: When Kelly was diagnosed with asthma, we had to put plastic covers on the mattress, do what you did about getting rid of anything that holds dust. We took off bed ruffles, got rid of curtains, decorative pillows etc. She moved down here when she married and the stuff cleared right up. She hasn't had an attack since. I suffer more with allergies and mine are weird. I tend to have problems everyday at a certain time of the day, but that is if I haven't been outside. I am allergic to plant life more than anything else, ie grass, weeds, stuff like that. I imagine with what you have accomplished weight wise that you don't let those few lbs get away from you and that is what you should do. Like I told Gail, it is more mind than anything else. All you have to do is look at these celebrities that have lost weight and are now pudged right back up again, ie Oprah and Kirstie Alley. They see it as a diet program not the way they want to live. It is like punishment and of course punishment doesn't always work. If we can't wrap it around our heads that we just want to eat properly then we will gain it back. You keep it in control even if a few lbs sneak back on. I think at our age, that is bound to happen unless you are a person who has a very high metabolism.

Maggie: I guess I didn't explain the baseball thing very well. I guess Fox has exclusive rights to Saturday day baseball. In other words, whatever two teams they have chosen to put on their station for that day, no one else can broadcast at the same time. In the case of the Cubs yesterday, their game was earlier than the Fox scheduled game so it was on WGN, so we got to watch it. We have satellite so we subscribed to MLb extra innings so we could watch a majority of the games. We have three blackouts, St Louis, Atlanta, and Cincinnati. So anytime the Cubs play at any of these three cities, we won't be able to see the game no matter who carries it. The great thing is, we found that one of our channels in our satellite package is for the Atlanta channel that carries their games so we are down to only two cities that we don't get games. In the case of the Fox situation (when the Cubs are in town on Saturday they always play a day game) or when the Cubs are playing at St Louis or Cinn, we have the mlb thingy on the computer where we can listen to the game on the radio and that's what we do, not as exciting, but we still get to hear the game. I grew up on WGN because we lived 100 miles from Chicago and my grandparents, who lived two doors down from us, had a big outdoor antennae that picked up the three Chicago stations. Grandpa was a Cubs fan so I grew up watching baseball and have always been a big Cubs fan. I had to convert Jack though. He grew up in New Mexico and back then there were no teams close. He always loved Mickey Mantle so he was a Yankees fan. I showed him the error of his ways after we were married ;) and now he is a rabid fan too. Kelly hates sports, but Jay is a big fan of the Cubs now. Have you tried that Benefiber as it is supposed to be able to mix in anything and isn't flavored? I have taken Citrucel, which is like Tang, but you have to get it down fast because it starts thickening up the longer it sits and then it is awful.

Well gals enough blabbing from me. I am crock potting a chicken to make chicken and noodles and I forgot to get it out of the fridge yesterday morning so it is like a rock. I am trying to thaw it in cold water so I can get it started.
Have a great Sunday!


06-22-2008, 08:40 AM
I hear you, Faye, and agree 100% with everything you say about dieting vs. lifestyle change. I've known Maggie for years and she can tell you that I've been battling the same weight all that time. I lose it and put it right back on. When my husband worked nights and especially after my girls moved out, I would graze from the minute I walked in the door from work until the time I went to bed. I know what made me graze/binge/call it what you will then--I missed my husband and was lonely. Now that he is working dayshift and I've retired, thankfully, I no longer graze or binge. Now I'm cooking dinner. And even though I cook healthy (thankfully Wayne is easy to please and is a simple eater) I eat too much. I eat too many carbs. I do not exercise enough. Wayne has promised me since he will be off work the next four weeks, we will get some walking in each day--he says he needs to exercise as well. After all these years, I know what to do; I know how to stay on program and know not to deprive myself. I can talk the program (Wayne calls me a professional WW); I just have a tough time walking the program. It's time to end this once and for all. I have watched countless television programs on health, wellness, dieting, etc. I buy all the latest books on health including the latest in cook books. I have quite a collection! Some I read; some I look at the pictures ;) ; and some I actually follow their advice. Sometimes I think I make myself crazy from all the food plans I've followed--you name it I've probably tried the program! WW, Jenny Craig (love their food); LA Weightloss (had gastric problems with that one), Nutrisystem (food is awful), Diet Center (deprivation +), and many others I've followed on my own (South Beach, Bob Green's plan, etc.), but I always go back to WW. I need to stop banging my head against that brick wall and learn to walk around it and move on.

06-22-2008, 05:47 PM
Hi everyone, sorry I haven't posted in a while, I've been having a rough time getting in enough hours working from home, they only count the actual time i am processing a chart so I have to track when I get into one and when I leave it, then any time spent waiting for the next one to load doesn' t count, so I have to count up the minutes to try to get in my 2400 minutes for the week, on the top of that I am doing some data entry for an emergency room in Kentucky. I don't know what made me think I could start both the same week. Add to that the smoke from the fires burnig south of us and my asthma has been dragging me down.

Anyway, Andy and I just got back from a couple days at the campground we belong to in Virginia Beach. We had our younger grandson Alex (1 1/2) Friday evening and all day Saturday. We don't get to see him much so it was nice to spend soe time with him. The smoke was't bad te whole time, just blew in and out some.
Hope everyone is doing well, hopefully I'll be able to post more now that I am settled into the office at my house :)

06-22-2008, 08:00 PM

Had lunch at Panda Express ~ Will and I split the meal as always so the points aren't so killer and half of what they serve is plenty of food. We had some thunder and lightening last evening that started 500 fires up here ~ one just down the road. The grass is so brittle and it torched quick. The hills are now black instead of golden. There weren't any structures as far as I know that got burned. Mostly rolling hill pasture land. The rain all stopped and the sky cleared up by the time we went to the BBQ at a friends place and it was quite pleasant in their yard for the doings.

DONNA Red Lobster isn't that way out here. It is a primo place to eat but the only thing it is way way down the road in another town and not in this valley. My two favorite teams are the Dodgers and who ever is playing the Giants.:D I have some Benefiber which is soluable fiber and easy to drink but also use Psyllium Husk Seed for the bulk forming fiber; a body needs both kinds of fiber. Well some bodies do anyway. Mine does:o

GAIL I hear you girlfriend. You will get your FOCUS and be on your road to thin. I know you will. Trust me. I KNOW you will. And it is good that you are back using the WW method because it is one that you can use forever. Eating sinsible with the food of your choice. AH, but the choices are educated. Portion sizes. That is the key ~PORTION sizes. And of course there are red light foods we have to educate ourselves to limit or stay away from. And then there is EXERCISE which is so important. Get that body moving. Start with baby steps and work up to a routine that suits your life style. And don't forget the WATER ~ so drink, chug-a-lug, chug-a-lug. OH, do I do all these things? I am still learning. ;)

NANNA You bit off a big chunk did you?:p It may take a little time but you can do it. Do you have high speed internet? That sure helps with the download thing. Hang in there and don't give up on yourself. What fun to take that grand son camping.

I am sneezing ~ must be something on the wind. Well breeze. Slight movement of air. Type at ya later Magnolias. :cool:

06-23-2008, 09:05 AM
Good morning ladies! Did anyone notice one of the moderators felt she had to post a link to this thread on #21? Wonder why she did that? Hope everyone had a good weekend.

Gail: That's what I am talking about. Our head really gets us into trouble with food more than anything. I was talking to Jack about the newer commercials about stopping smoking where they show people not being able to do simple tasks like drinking a cup of coffee without a cigarette and they talk about relearning to do things without cigarettes. Most people's eating is the same way. I am a grab something to eat or drink when I am reading. It is a habit very hard to break because whatever it is that you tend to bring food or drink to while you are doing it your brain now has it set in that it is a necessity before you can do it. Many people have to snack when they watch tv, drive in the car, whatever. I imagine most people have something like that and it is extremely hard to stop doing permanently. Glad you are feeling better. Hope things went well with hubby in Va Beach.

Nanna: Hope you can get your work situation down pat so you can peek in here a bit more. Hope the double work gets off to a good start. I love having my grandson here, but it rarely happens.

Maggie: I am a very happy camper today. The Cubs swept the White Sox 3-0. I guess I am gloating because the White Sox manager hates the Cubs and has been shooting his mouth off about everything from saying there are rats in the batting cages (total lies from several Cubs sources) to saying nasty things about the players, one of which is an older guy who we obtained from St Louis our other rival this year. He was really pounding on how he can't play and such and on Saturday the guy hit not one but 2 homeruns in the same inning. So that and the fact my brother, who lives in Chicago is a White Sox fan and calls them the Schlubs made me pretty happy. I did notice my brother didn't call to rib us! lol I love Chinese food and rarely have it because it is so high in calories and such and I like the fattier stuff like General Tso's Chicken, my favorite. Jack hates Chinese so we don't have it by once in a blue moon as my mom used to say.

Jean: Hope you are still having fun at the lake or at least got home safe and everything is ok at your house.

Time to get up and get the morning chores going. Have a good one!

06-23-2008, 09:38 AM
Happy Monday! It's really fun saying that now since I've retired. One would think since I've retired about 18 months ago, I would be used to that--no more "Monday Blues"!!! Sometimes I've been known to giggle.

Hubby will be home this afternoon. :) He phoned me yesterday afternoon and he said he could not believe the smoke and fumes in Va. Beach. Susan and Lee, even he said he could never remember this happening during the whole time we grew up there. He helped his Dad do some major chores outside the house with his power washer (cleaning off the patio, side of the house that was particularly filthy, etc.) and he (along with power washer) will be home asap. This time his Dad asked him if he were coming back down within the next four weeks and...we are...but this time we'll be in the car (the ride will be smoother and a lot more economical gas-wise). I am excited my husband is coming home today. :D

In order to get back on program I'm going to start reporting what I'm eating for the day. I get a total of 28 points for the day. So far, I've eaten breakfast: Weight Watchers blueberry muffing (3 pts), 8 oz. 1% low-fat milk (2 pts), and 2 cups of coffee w/Splenda and 2 T. fat-free creamer in each (2 pts). I have a ton of chores to get done this morning so I should be kept busy and not be thinking about food. I've planned my lunch: tuna packed in water, made with chopped celery, onion, dill pickle, 2 tsp. lite mayo (4 pts), grape tomatoes (0 pts), and a bag of Weight Watcher Cheddar Twists (2 pts). If I get hungry between now and lunch and/or between lunch and dinner (which I have not decided yet) I'll have a peach and/or a serving of grapes (1-2 pts). I'm afraid of walking on the treadmill since my lower back and backside are still not well...and I'm a tad clumsy. We will be getting rain today and it looks like it will start any minute now. I'll concentrate on drinking water.

Faye, thankfully I cannot eat while knitting! My fingers were flying last night while watching television. But I know what you mean--I eat while reading also. I've seen those tv commercials about quitting smoking. Still have not read You on a Diet yet...but I will.

Maggie, hmmm...Panda Express...have not eaten there. I don't think we have one of those restaurants in my that Chinese? Our Red Lobster is awful. Wayne refuses to eat there ever again. We used to eat at the one in Va. Beach back in the 70's. Every Sunday after church with his parents. Back then it was a good restaurant. Glad to hear the bbq you attended turned out good weather-wise. My church picnic is next Sunday afternoon--not sure if Wayne and I are going though. IF we go, I'll be taking macaroni salad and another side dish. My youngest daughter and her family are definitely going--she wants my black-eyed pea salad recipe. She will be helping out with the moon bounce and water slide (for kids). Hope the weather is nice for this.

Lee, did the wind cooperate at the campground keeping the smoke and fumes away? I know when I was down that way week before last it came and went depending on the wind.

Okay...gotta go get some things done before Wayne comes home. He may want to go to the paint store and look at pain or go hunting for an umbrella.


06-23-2008, 12:36 PM
Okay. Here's the plan:

I'm going to lose weight in twenty-five increments. It won't be so overwhelming to me. I'm going to post what I eat and how many points. If I exercise (i.e., walk) I'll say so; if not, I'll say that too. I'll keep track of water intake as well.

Monday, June 23
Target Points: 28


Weight Watchers blueberry muffin (3)
8 oz. 1% low-fat milk (2)
2 coffees, Splenda & 2 T fat-free creamer each (2)

Mid-morning snack:

Live Active 2% low-fat cottage cheese (1)


Water-packed tuna (2)
4 tsp. lite mayo (2)
chopped celery, onion, pickle (0)
grape tomatoes (0)
Weight Watchers Cheddar Twists (2)

Mid-afternoon snack:

grapes (1)


broiled lean pork chop (5)
2/3 cup mashed potatoes (4)
string beans (0)
8 oz. 1% low-fat milk (2)

Evening snack:

sugar-free jello w/fruit (1)

TOTAL: 27 points (1 point leftover to use for a 1-point snack somewhere during the day.

That's my plan for today. :)

06-23-2008, 01:03 PM
Good Morning, Flowers! It's a cool morning in my corner of the world although the sun is shining. It almost seems like we were never gone except I have major messes to sort through. We just left stuff piled in the garage a week ago and it's still there. The basement needs a bleach scrubbing around the edges, and I don't feel like doing that nor sorting through the piles. We had beautiful weather in MN and the guys caught lots of fish. The gals did some shopping and we all played cards and/or dominoes in the evenings. We did go to the storm shelter the first evening we were there. The tornado sirens went off in a small neighboring town and the resort owners came around to warn everyone. That is a first for us, but we were only there for a half hour or so. It did pour rain like someone turned the faucet on without warning. The mosquitoes are HUGE this year! I haven't taken time to read posts, but will try later.

It's nice to go, but it's nice to be home again. Hope you all have a great day!

Jean -- :wave: from Iowa!

06-23-2008, 01:17 PM

BTW the Magnolia trees around here are blooming those big beautiful blossoms now. I love those trees. Gonna be another hot one but every day gets a tad cooler. I am not complaining ~ just stating the facts mam. After I get off this little computer I am going to make a power packed smoothie for breakfast for this low point day. I have my hand weight balls all ready to do some exercises and that is the plan. Also I will do my walking inside exercise before it gets too warm. I love those DVD's.

DONNA I think she did that to let us know she is "out there" reading what we write. The invisible mentor. Just doing her job.:dizzy: That is so cool about the Cubbies! Let those nanny na sayers eat crow. Some folks either really like Chinese food or really don't like it. I think I do like it more than Will does but he will eat half of it because he likes it but I really like it. He would much rather have a burger. He could eat burgers every day I do believe. The all American food. Burgers and Mexican food he could live on.

GAIL That black eyed pea recipe was a hit when I made it. I have handed out several copies of it now. One lady asked for it ~ she hadn't tasted it but her husband was telling her how good it was. Anyway it is a definite do again, and again. I bet it will be good on baked potatoes. It's kinda a salsa cruda thing. I thank you for it. Others have asked if I made it up, for I am known to do such things, but alas, I said I got it from a friend out East. Your plan sounds good to me ~ YUM. I do my best when I have my day planned out. Some can plan the whole week but I am a day planner. I have made up a sheet to do my planning on. I have broken my total loss down to 10 pound incriments and am struggeling with this last few pounds of this 10 pounds. My doctor says my system is getting used to what I have lost so far. I don't want it to get too used to it for I want to lose that much twice more. Yes, Panda is Chinese and I do have the nutritional information for there so I count what I bite.

JEAN Welcome back! LOL yes MN has the biggest misquitos of anywhere I have seen. And there is so many lakes there to hatch them ~ lots of water ~ lots of them. You mean the brownies didn't clean your mess in the garage for you while you were gone? Gonna have to give them a talk. Yes, welcome back and it sounds like you enjoyed yourself and that is a good thing.

I am off to blend a smoothie. Have a great day everyone.

06-23-2008, 01:57 PM
Good afternoon, ladies! I wrote a long post yesterday but I don't see it today - must be lost in cyberspace.

Jean, welcome back! You have been missed. Glad you had a good it's back to reality.

Gail, Dr. Oz was on Discovery Health last night with a special on YOU on a Diet. It's being repeated again. You might check their schedule on the web to see when it'll be on in your area. Some very disgusting looks at belly fat and a heart from an overweight person. Enough to make anyone quit eating junk! Your menu looks good.

Gail and Maggie, you have inspired me to renew my efforts to lose these last few pounds. I do best when I plan ahead. I store my recipes and menus in Master Cook so it is easy to plan for the week. It also makes a grocery list of what I'll need. I've used it for years so I have a lot of saved menus. My biggest thing is I do well when I have planned ahead and write everything down. As soon as I quite keeping a food diary, the portions get larger and larger. I also think exercise is a must. I love Curves and it is conveniently located. Tomorrow will be my 200th workout and I'll get a t-shirt for that.

Nanna, I know what you are going through with the smoke and asthma - me too - and you are even closer to the fires. You sure work hard.

Faye, I solved the mindless eating problem by only eating at the table on a proper dish. No reading, eating in front of the tv of out of a bag or box. That got me over associating food with certain activities and keeps me aware of what I am eating. I do make one exception - a bag of popcorn on Saturday afternoon after my chores are done while watching a movie. I do the same thing at work - No eating at my desk. I am lucky in that I have a small conference table in my office so that is where I eat.

Well works calls!

06-23-2008, 02:04 PM
Hubby should be pulling into the driveway in 60-90 minutes! :) Can you tell I'm eager to see his face?! I will probably talk his ear off this afternoon but he is a good-natured man who will listen to me patiently. AND...I will sleep well tonight. :) I am happy he is on his way home! :D

:welcome3: home, Jean! Except for that tornado warning and RAIN, sounds like you had a relaxing vacation. I looooove freshly caught fish! Put off that bleach-cleaning for at least a day! You need to relax from vacation! :D

Everytime I think of making that black-eyed pea salad Maggie, I start to giggling about what Faye said about it! ("everything but the black-eyed peas sounds good") Maggie, I'm glad a lot of people like that recipe. You're right, it reminds me also of a some kind of salsa thing...except there are no tomatoes! :) I'm also a day planner kind of person--no way can I look ahead for a whole week of time. Magnolia trees remind me of my childhood. One house, we lived in, we had two huge magnolia trees in the backyard. Smelled wonderful when they were in bloom. Oh more thing...Wayne could eat cheeseburgers every day for the rest of his life I think. That chick looks mighty determined down in your signature line--she looks like she's got her eyes focused on the goal! :D

06-23-2008, 02:14 PM
I haven't posted this much in one day in YEARS! But as I was typing away, Susan posted and I didn't want to miss her! :)

Hi Susan! You have lost so much weight! That took such determination and I'm awed by your accomplishment. :goodvibes You say you are stuck...well, WE CAN DO THIS TOGETHER! I have to write everything I eat down in a journal or the day...and food...get away from me. I stopped attending WW meetings (and that's a bad thing for me as well) the first of last month which I cannot believe it's been that long. I plan on start going again when there is a sale (free registration). I did see that Dr. Oz was going to be on the Discovery Health channel. I'll check it out to see when he will be back on.

On the Today show, Kathie Lee and her co-host interviewed a lady who lost 262 lbs. in 18 months! Know how she did it?! Weight Watchers and exercise. That is a lot of weight lost in a little bit of time. Awesome.

06-23-2008, 02:15 PM
Good Afternoon Magnolias. It is quite cloudy and humid and from what they say we make thunder boomers later today.
It has been a while, again, but health issues have reared their ugly head and I mean me, this time. First the Dr. said I have high blood pressure, the first time that has happened and he gave me some pills. I was allergic to them and developed the most horrible dry cough...both day and night. After a month of that I saw him again and he gave me a different med...this time it was not generic and the cost was much higher, of course. It stopped my cough immediately but after a week the cough came back, not as strong, and now it has been about 3 weeks and the cough is gone. I hope that is the end of that. Then I had a Urinary Track Infection and saw the Dr. for that, got sulpher med whch took care of that problem easy enough but they did see sugar in the tests so I had to go back for a blood test so double check. It turns out I am pre-diabetic! I don't need med or insulin but he did send me to a nutritionist and she did give me some hints as to what to look at in the foods I eat...they want me to lose weight, also. The most important thing I need to watch is my more that 45 g. per meal and 20 g. for snacks three times a day. I need to eat at regular intervals...4-5 hours apart for meals.
She also suggested more exercise and we have been trying to get in more walking but it hasn't been easy.
It has been 'fun' trying to get my mind around this and I think I have got it in hand. The best part is I have lost about 5#'s since I have been following her instructions.
They said if I can lose enough weigh I may be able to get off the BP meds and in October they will do another blood test to check on the sugar.
It is a merry life I lead!!! Well I'll get off my soap box for now.

Jean, Welcome back from vacation. Yes it is fun to go away but just remember do one thing a day and it will all get don eventually.

Gail, Glad your on the mend. A fall is no fun and the one thing I really dread. I am so careful when I use the stairs and always use the railing.

Susan, You are such a stong lady. I admire your fortitude.

Nanna, That must be quite a challange to keep timing your work in increments of minutes. Too bad they cant' let you work for say 1 hour and let it go at that.

Maggie, You are always so upbeat. I look forward to your posts and to see what interesting things you are doing.

Faye, You sound like you are feeling better. You are almost back to normal. Your two grandsons are adorable and little T is really one to be proud of.

This has been an interesting week as our son and family has been vacationing in and around the Southwest. They were in Vegas the middle of last week and he call to tell us to turn on the computer and get the website where there was a live webcam and in about 10 minutes he and his wife were going to renew their wedding vows for their 20th anniversariy with 'Elvis' officiating. We were able to watch and he had on a T that looked like a Tux and his wife had one with a Bride outfit. Nick's, 12, had 'best man' and Cat's 6, said maid of honor. The two kids held the rings for the 'ceremony'. Lots of laughs.
They are in Tahoe now and will go to San Francisco then down to Monterey and finally to LA and home to Raleigh on Sunday. He called today from the back of a horse as they all were on horseback for a tour of the area.

06-24-2008, 08:57 AM
Good morning to you all! It is a bit sticky here this morning and I am starting on the upstairs again. I swear it seems it is always time to clean. I didn't get to sleep until near midnight. The ladies on my right side had a bbq on their patio last night until late and our bedroom looks out into the back so all the noise filters up. Jack just crawled in bed and was zoom asleep almost immediately.

Gloria: Sounds like your son and dil had a fun time with renewing their vows. There are certainly enough chapels to pick from. Hope you can get all your "conditions" under control and are feeling better now. Have you been getting much rain from the stuff that has been coming across the upper part of the country? We actually don't have nearly enough here.

Gail: Kathie Lee is on the Today show now? Heavens it was bad enough when she was with Regis. I find her to be a phony, but the show's part about the woman is wonderful. It can be done, but it does take a lot of courage and concentration to do then keep it off. Glad your hubby is back home safe and sound.

Susan: I have a folder with recipes I get off the internet and books and books of recipes. Congrats on your 200th session. That is wonderful and you are absolutely right, exercise is a must. I have got to get back to regular exercise. I actually do miss it as it makes you feel so much better when you do it regularly.

Jean: Glad you had a nice time in MN, but it is always the pits to come home and have to try and recover, ie laundry, put away etc. I imagine you have quite a bit of that to have to do. We are having such a bug problem this year in the house. I can't have them come in and spray because of Fortune, but they are driving me nuts. I think I chase around little bugs half the time. We don't seem to have mosquitos too badly. I noticed they haven't been around spraying so they must not be bad. We don't go out at night much so I don't really know.

Maggie: Jack will it two things from a Chinese restaurant, fried rice and egg rolls. Now, I couldn't put cabbage in front of him and he eat it, but he will eat an egg roll that is almost totally cabbage! lol Jack loves Mexican food, but then he grew up in New Mexico! I am an equal opportunity eater, unfortunately. I am not a sushi eater, though I have tried Calfornia rolls and the raw tuna stuff, ick:barf:. Do you guys have a Red Robin out there? They have pretty darn good burgers if you ever want to go out for them. I actually like their turkey sandwich.

I got one of my new handbags last night and whooeee is it heavy. Jack says it doesn't feel any different to him as I always carry the house in it anyway.:p Smart aleck husband! He just ordered a new laptop to be built for him from Dell to the tune of $1800 so I told him he had better be very, very nice to me for a very, very long time. He stuck his tongue out at me and I told him that was going on the naughty list and that if he didn't behave I would be taking his toy away from him when it gets here. ;)

You ladies have a great Tuesday. I am off to try and get some work done.

06-24-2008, 10:48 AM
Good morning! :) Hubby is home and I am a happy woman! :D We have a lot of projects around the house that need to be done. This week will be devoted to the gazebo and deck. He will be doing most of the work lower back is still not 100% but I will do what I can. However, I am feeling much better. Just takes time.

I'm returning to WW this Saturday or next Tuesday morning because now it's free registration. I get email from WW and I received a coupon for free registration this morning. :)

I am happy to report that I stayed on program yesterday and went to bed with 27 out of 28 points eaten. All water boxes were checked off. However, I did not get a chance to walk. I'll work on that part of the program--exercise! Here's my food plan for the day:

Tuesday, June 24
Target Points: 28

1 cup Honey Nut Shredded Wheat (3)
8 oz. 1% low-fat milk (2)
coffee w/Splenda and 2 T. fat-free creamer (1)

Mid-morning snack:
fruit (1)

sandwich made with lite bread (1),
2 tsp. lite mayo (1)
lean ham (1)
lettuce (0)
Weight Watchers Cheddar Twists (2)
8 oz. 1% low-fat milk (2)

Mid-afternoon snack:
Live Active 2% low-fat cottage cheese (1)
fruit (1)

Parmesan chicken w/Linguine (8-9)
(1 cup pasta and 4-5 oz. chicken)
tossed garden salad (0)
2 tsp. olive oil and vinegar (2)

Evening snack:
sugar-free chocolate pudding (1)

Okay. My computer is acting funny. I'm going to send this post while I can. I'll be back later to post to everyone! :)

06-24-2008, 12:01 PM
Good morning, ladies! Glad to see everyone has been accounted for in the last few days.

Gloria, it was so good to hear from you. Sorry about your health problems. I was also insulin resistant but by eating more protein and limiting carbs my sugar is now 86 on a fasting test. It's amazing how much what we eat affects our body.

Faye, you might check with your vet or local animal shelter for pet friendly bug spray. I got some that is made from herbs and flowers from the shelter and it really works good and the sale benefits the animals, too.

Gail, the menu sounds good. I like those WW sour dough pretzel snacks. Haven't had them for awhile. Dr. Oz has 3 shows running on Discovery Health now - for his 3 books - diet, body, and beauty.

Jean, take it easy on the cleaning. It's summer vacation so enjoy!

Maggie and NannaX3, hello!

I could really smell the smoke, even in the house, last night. Sure enough, woke up with an asthma attack. Had to get up and do a nebulizer treatment. I don't smell it this morning so the winds must have shifted.

06-24-2008, 02:04 PM

It is in the high 70's right now and I do believe it would be cooler feeling but this is the highest the humidity has gotten this summer ~ 33%. I don't have much planned for the day except for the usual. Not that I am bored or a boring person :D you understand. Hughes satellite is being worked on but this time they have rechanneled some things so I was able to get on line and receive my email. I love having this satellite connection and not be hooked to a phone line. :D

SUSAN I also have to have a designated eating place and track every morsel that I bite for my program to work. If I don't write what I bite it gets away with me. I took apart all my cookbooks at on time and only saved the recipes I wanted. I have them in the half size binders where the pages are 4 1/4 x 5 1/2. I have them in categories, 3 main books, 2 sweets, 2 veggies, 1 soup, 1 sandwich, 1 breakfast, 1 bread, 2 sauces, mixes, etc, 1 outdoor. They take up a shelf in my bookcase. I have some of the WW books that I didn't take apart because there are more recipies in them I like than not. These are recipes I have gathered throughout the years and most are program friendly. I do have the Cooking LIght CD that also has tons of good sounding recipes and is a good program for saving my own but I don't use it much because I am more a visual person and hands on type. There aren't many recipes I find in Cooking Lite, Eating Well and WW magazines that I save now. They seem to be repeating. However, if they are redoing an old one and have updated the amount of points for it I make the changes in my book. I just can't quit buying those magazines. ;) Sometines they come out with someting new.

GAIL Good for you! Staying OP yesterday.:bravo: Do it day by day and then when your weigh day comes you have had an OP week. I can imagine how beautiful your place looks now with the deck and gazebo LOL my little chickie does have a determined look and that is why she was chosen. :cp: I love your posting of your menu. :chef:It certainly gives me ideas.:D I do have chicken breasts out thawing for the BBQ this day. I am going to cook some pasta and make a points friendly Alfredo sauce. Of course a green salad and glass of iced tea. A good summer day meal.:hun:

GLORIA I sing your name when every I type it.;) Can't help it ~ it just goes through my brain. How nice that your loved ones renewed their vows in Vegas. Those chapels are a fun thing ~ one on every corner. I went to an actual wedding in one once and it was done nicely. I do hope you have resolved your health issues and are on the way to being exact.

JEAN Have you recouped yet. Why is it that having so much fun makes us tired anyway? How did your cat survive while you were gone. Bet he was so glad to see you come home. Thing with Ragg Mopp ~ he gets to go where ever we go. Well, we could find a sitter but after all he is family. He could sure use a bath. Good thing he loves to go get one since he is so full of "play." What kind of fish did the fellows catch? Walleyes, perch and bullheads? Walleyes are so good to eat and perch is a close second, both being a lite white fish. Bullheads are more like a small cat fish.

DONNA Wonder why it is that men can get to sleep so quickly ~ I don't take to long but seem I am never first when we go to bed at the same time. It sounds like Jack is getting a computer with all the latst whistles, bells, and bangs ~ and programs. They have sure come down in price haven't they. My first lap top was in the $4000 range. And that was in the mid 90's and it came with a whole truck load of books. All the latest programs were on it and I didn't have to buy any separate like you do today. It was a dandy. But was also obsolete the minute I opened it up. Something new was on the market already. It is no different today for things are developing so fast today it makes ones head spin to even try to keep up.

I am going to get some breakfast now. Type at you later.:wave: Every one have a lovely day this day.

06-24-2008, 07:03 PM
Good Afternoon, Flowers! It is warm and humid in my neighborhood today. There is a breeze so I'm hoping I can hang in without turning the air on. We were supposed to get some rain and it did get dark earlier, but it must have moved on because the sun is out now. I've been putzing with the laundry piles -- have some stuff for Good Will that has been in the basement for too long and needs to be rewashed to smell fresh again. I got a haircut this afternoon . . . $17 which I think is a bit much since I don't have long hair and was in the chair less than a half hour. This gal has the shop in her home and is the only one working so the profit is all her's.

WOW! You gals have been busy posting since I was here yesterday! :cp:

Maggie -- The guys caught crappies and walleyes. They think the perch are too small to mess with and I don't think MN has bullheads because that was always an ongoing joke between Bob and my MN uncle. My all time favorite fish was perch and sunfish caught off the dock in Northern MN, cleaned, fried, and eaten right away. My mom didn't like fish but she could sure cook them! :T

Susan -- I hope your asthma has settled down. :yes: I guess I missed where the smoke is coming from -- forest fire?

Gail -- I just got my free registration for WW too. Our leader is such a dud that I hate to pay the money to go see her each week. She has no pizazz whatsoever. :( I do need to get my "poop in a group" and get back on program. I am a day planner too . . . sometimes just a meal planner.

Gloria -- I'm sorry to hear that you have had some bad luck with the bp meds. I am also pre-diabetic but have managed to keep the #s below 100. I suppose they will lower it again soon. The dietician "gave" me 13 carbs for 2 snacks a day and 15 - 20 per meal; she'd prefer 15 or less. Unfortunately I am the queen of carbs! :twirly:

"Gma" -- We bug bombed the cabin before we left for MN. We have done the house in years past and will probably do it again soon. I know there are things that you can use with pets but I can't remember the name of anything that we used. The mop boards have warped from being wet and Bob isn't sure if he can reattach them or if we will have to get new. He is thinking new. I had to laugh at your new purse being heavy. :lol: Bob always thinks my purse is heavy and yet he is the one who always wants an aspirin, nail clippers, a Kleen-x, change, etc.

NannaX3 -- Hope all is well at your house. :)

I need to make some iced tea so better get moving. Have a nice "rest of the day" and a wonderful Wednesday tomorrow!

Jean -- :wave: from Iowa!

06-25-2008, 09:33 AM

Good morning to you all! My poor hubby sliced one of our brand new tires yesterday so when he got home he had to change it. In doing so, he hurt his left knee. Poor guy is gimping around and in pain, but he says he is alright. Since I have had knee problems I questioned him a lot about the type of pain and such and it seems he probably strained the tendons/ligaments in the back. I told him best thing for that is anti-inflammatory of some kind and the heating pad when he is at home. Hopefully it won't get worse. A new one cost us $175, sheesh! On top of that, we went out to do some errands last night, Jack to Best Buy to buy a lazer rechargeable mouse with his Father's Day gift card (only covered about half the cost!) and I to buy wrapping paper and a card for T's birthday present. I went to wrap it this morning for the birthday dinner tonight and discovered it was that clear film instead of the metallic paper I thought it was. Durn! I don't have time to get any more and all I have is some with big daisys for a female and Christmas wrapping paper. I just wrapped the thing over and over, stuck the bow on it and the card and be done with it. Maybe if we get there we can sneak it under the table or something, but it is a huge long box as it has a wireless guitar in it! lol

Jean: Sounds like you might have work ahead of you with the stinky clothes and the baseboards being wet. Some vacation when you have to come home and face a bunch of extra work. I, like you have to get my ducks in a row and get back to doing what I need to do.

Maggie: Yes, Jack got a bells and whistles computer, but I told him he better take care of it because that's the one that goes with him to the nursing home some day! :D He has hundreds of $$$ in computer junk in the attic and his office closet. He always wants something new. I only caved on the laptop because his has been acting funny for awhile and we take it with us when we travel to look up restaurants and directions and such.

Susan: Thanks for the heads up. I am going to check out Petsmart and see what they have since Fortune will be going on Saturday to get groomed. If they don't have it, I will check with our vet. Hope you feel ok after having your attack. I know those are scary and unpleasant. Looks like California is in trouble with wild fires already too. We seem to be the only part of the country without some kind of catastrophe befalling us. Maybe I shouldn't have said that! lol

Gail: You are doing a great job, keep it up. Just keep plugging along and enjoy what you are eating. I know you will get to your first goal in no time.

I better go. I have lots to do today again.

06-25-2008, 10:12 AM
Happy Wednesday morning! Yesterday was such a nice day--sunny, breezy, a little cool, that I turned off the air conditioner and opened up the house! I did a little too much yesterday but it was so nice having hubby home that I wanted to be outside with him working on the deck, etc. He only allowed me to put a coat of water prevention stain on the top rails though. Nothing for me to bend down. I did a little bit too much in housework and I paid for it last night by sitting with the heating pad. I feel fine this morning.

I stayed on program this morning and sneaked a peek on my scale this morning and yes, my weight is starting to come down. :D I still can't make up my mind whether or not I want to join this Saturday or next Tuesday. I hear you Jean about not being inspired by a WW leader. I absolutely love the leader on Tuesday morning so I'll probably start back then. There is no regular Saturday morning leader here in my area so we get a different one each Saturday or at least that's how it was when I was going to meetings.

This morning, right after breakfast, Wayne and I went for a 40-45 minute walk in the neighborhood, waving to all those who were headed out to work! :) I confess that is one of the fun things I think is fun to do--waving to all those working "9 to 5".

Today's menu:

WW blueberry muffin (3)
peach cup (1)
coffee (2 cups), w/Splenday & 2 T. ff creamer each (2)

high fiber toast w/lite margarine (2)
8 oz. 1% low fat milk (1)

3-4 oz. leftover chicken parmesan chopped up (3-4)
& put on top of a garden salad (0)
2 T. lite dressing (2)
WW Cheddar Twists (2)

fruit (1)

grilled hamburger (5)
lite hamburger bun (1)
mustard/pickle/onion (0)
baked fries (3)

Susan, I'll be glad when those fires are put out! Wayne just did not believe how bad the smoke/fumes are until he was down in Va. Beach visiting his Dad. I hope you're feeling better today.

Maggie, I remember when you were dismembering all those cookbooks/magazines!!! I thought I was right--WW seems like they are repeating themselves over and over...or is that a sign we've been a WW for a very very very long time? I can't stand humidity and that is why I will probably be closing up the house today--the heat and humidity are coming back. You are not a boring person!!

Gloria, hi there! Sorry you have not been feeling well.

Faye, how are you doing these days? You're getting stronger, right? I'm sorry to hear about the little accident of your husband's. Happy birthday to Thomas!! :) I feel like I'm back on the wagon! With hubby being home, I'll be busier and my mind won't be on food so much. He's not a snacker and get this...he FORGETS to eat lunch if I don't remind him! Now...tell me, who in their right mind, forgets to eat?!

Okay gals...gotta go...I'll try to get back in here later today...

06-25-2008, 11:59 AM
Good morning, ladies! Another smoke-filled morning. It's really bad today. I have a doctor's appointment today so I'm going to ask what else I can do.

Jean, the Great Dismal Swamp is on fire - 3,500 acres now contained - and the anticipate it going on for quite awhile because there is so much peat that is smoldering. It's more than an hour's drive from where I live, but when the wind is from the south, we get smoke. This morning it was so thick I began to think something was on fire in the neighborhood. I live 27 miles from where I work so it's a little better here.

Faye, sorry about the tire. Wouldn't they cover it under road hazard? I know when I hit the curb and blew my tire they gave me a new one for $25. My knee is still giving me pain (from when I hurt it getting Stan into his wheelchair). The funny thing is, it gets better with use and exercise and tightens up and pains me when I sit. Sometimes it feels like it isn't going to straighten out again. Maybe I should tell the doctor.

Maggie, I had just decided to go through all the magazines I have saved and cut out the recipes I want and get rid of the rest. I have WW recipe cards from the 80's in books like you described and I still make them. They are simple and good; I also saved the menu cards that came with them that show how to work them into a day.

Gail, we have a bakery distributor here that has the WW muffins, breads, bagels and cookies for half price. Guess it's time for me to take a run over there - and it's right across the street from a quilt shop!

Have a great day!

06-25-2008, 06:31 PM

Went to the place we are going to have the cat back put on the Jeep and had lunch at the place next door which was chicken kebabs and small container of baked beans. The neat thing about the garage that is going to do the upgrade on the Jeep is that it is half the cost of other places. And this guy is good and has a wonderful reputation. This will give us a boost in our gas mileage. Gonna have it done this coming Thursday afternoon. The over jacket type thing to my outfit that I orderd came today and I have the sleeves shortened (don't like the kind that hang down on my hands) and twisted in a bag. It is great and I am gonna like that outfit ~ my hippie suit.;)It covers my fat quite nicely. Loose. Real loose & cool.

DONNA Too bad Jack hurt his knee. I remember when I hyperextended mine and it was no picnic. Nice mouse he is getting. I think I would have one of those but I don't use one on this laptop. How does a gutar work that doesn't have strings? I am not up on kids toys. I gotta tell you this ~ on the Jeep we have 10 ply tires with 4 ply sidewalls that are made for rock climbing so they won't split and are rough and tough. They are spendy but well worth it. ;)We have more ply on our sidewalls than some cars have on the ground. That umpire had to have 4 stitches from that broken bat during the Cubs game today. OUCH.

JEAN What a chore to have to rewash those things you are going to donate. I know they don't wash things down there, yet. One day they will have to and I see it coming soon. That is an expensive hair cut. We don't have to pay that out here in the spendy state. I think mine is $12. Then I get a free one every so often.

GAIL The scale is being friendly to you ~ that is a good thing. It is so hard to go to a meeting where you don't care for the leader. Even though they say it is for US, it is hard if the leader is a zug. I don't find myself getting inspired if the leader isn't up to par. Forget to eat? I should be so fortunate. ;) But I bet Wayne doesn't have a weight problem.

SUSAN Don't some of those pete fires burn for years? What a neat bakery you have nearby. We don't have one here and I remember elsewhere what neat deals we got on bread goods. Isn't it fun to collect recipes ~ I have ones that look so good and have never made. Maybe someday . . .

Have a wonderful evening Magnolias.