Weight Loss Support - Lost electricity, what a way to "clean out" fridge...

06-16-2008, 09:55 PM
Lost electricity, what a way to "clean out" fridge... I was gone almost two weeks, electricity went out and I lost EVERYTHING in my fridge and freezer. What a way to "clean out" the fridge.

Anyways I was steamed, ranting, raving (lost likely over $150 in food, lots of bulk freezer stuff) then decided to stop whining and spend the afternoon cleaning the fridge, kitchen and once and for all get a "list" together of the most nutritious and diet friendly products to buy. Great sources are books Eat This Not That, Grocery Store Diet, Clean Eating, etc.

Now it's time to grocery shop. Getting my diet/exercise journal out again. Mostly ate well on my trip, but not clean. Ready to get back to clean eating. Next trip I'm going to have a master list - what to pack - clothes, camping, hotel, workout, food, snacks, etc. I brought a long a lot of "stuff" I didn't use, didn't store right, etc. But I'll get a system down sooner or later as I travel every 6-10 weeks for business.

Whew.... moody me is back in business. Starting over. CLEAN FRIDGE. EMPTY CLEAN FRIDGE.

06-16-2008, 10:06 PM
Sorry that happened, but what a good way to re frame it! Fresh start! ;)