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05-19-2008, 03:06 PM
:welcome: to the Back In Kindergarten thread!

"I feel like I am back in kindergarten in many ways... personal, sometimes at work and now with the weight loss. I have done so many things wrong over the years.....emotional eating, pills for weight loss, eating the wrong things, failed diets, etc.
Now it's time to start fresh, kinda like back in kindergarten......"

You are welcome to join us in our chatter about life and our weight loss journey! So please grab your coffee/water/diet coke or whatever your drink of choice is, and pull up a chair and join us! :coffee2: :cofdate:

05-19-2008, 03:07 PM
Hello ladies...

Thought I would start a new thread since we were a little over 100. Now to go back and catch up!

Okay, caught up...

SUSAN...ugh! Want me to come up there and kick his arse for you? Geez, what a jerk!!! Would it be possible to take him back to court? Sorry you have to go thru that stuff with him.

SUE...good to hear your mom is doing well, well enough to travel! Sounds like her and her sis's are going to have a GREAT time! There's a couple of used bookstores around here that daughter and I frequent...can't go too often because we get carried away, lol. Sounds lik you had quite the workout in your yard.

FRANCIE...CONGRAT'S to your BIL on his High School graduation next week! I've seen that show Snapped and I think crazy sums it up. Actually, I think the title of the show sums it up...I can totally understand why some people just snap. Depending on the traffic where the houses are...40 miles could be 40 minutes to 1 hour or possibly longer. Just totally depends on the traffic and whether he would have to go thru town or the freeway to get to work. Hope you are feeling better today. looked like you guys were a little the avatar!

KATY...walk away from the pile, lol! Hoping all is well with you and yours.

JULES...thinking of you and hoping all is well with you and yours too! Have you heard from Ry, and how is he liking his new place?

Nothing much going on with me...same old stuff, different day. Went for my 3 mile walk this morning. Need to start going a little earlier than 8:30 though. It was just a little too warm. Getting ready to go do a dvd now and I will be done for the day. Trying to get back into eating right...been eating way too much junk lately. I don't have a TOM, or I haven't in months but I still get the cravings and unfortunately I've been giving in to them. On a brighter note, I've not gained, just haven't lost anything. So working on that this week and going to give it my best to get back on the losing bandwagon.

Hope everyone is having a nice day!

05-19-2008, 04:29 PM
Susan~OMFG!!! That guy is a effin @$$hole!!! Ugh..reminds me of the nights my mom used to spend fighting with my father for child support. I hate loser men with such a passion. Take him back to court!!!! Recommend to the court that he should take parenting classes!!!!!

Cristina~Ya..1 more BIL has to graduate HS, then all my sibs in laws will be out of HS, lol. Fonzo thinks Angel (the one graduating next week..or was it this week? I cant remember) might join the Army or the Marines. But since he injured his knee in wrestling, he just might end up going to college. Oh..on Snapped..this one lesbo chick killed this other chick with a chainsaw!!!!!!!!! All because she thought she was coming between her & her lover. But the woman was straight and had a boyfriend. Talk about nuts!!

Well..I cleaned the bathroom today. Took me 2 freakin hours!!! I cleaned out the cabinets and the drawers. Found a lot of stuff that I havent seen since we moved in, lol. My feet hurt from standing and my legs hurt from crouching. Then I scrubbed down the shower..and hands and wrists hurt from scrubbing so hard. Then I ended it all by mopping. So now my bathroom smells all purty.

And for some good news..I went from 185 to 183.6!! LoL!! All that from eating pizza and drinking during the week. Maybe I can thank my panic attacks for the sudden weight loss. I'm too scared to eat in case I have a panic attack again (I always throw up when I have one..and I hate throwing up).

Anyhoo...I shall go have some lunch and watch Center Stage. Busy night for tv. Its the end of Paradise Hotel 2..and I'm gonna record American Gladiators and watch The Bachelorette. I dunno why I like the Bachelorette better than the Bachelor, lol. Maybe because none of the relationships last. Except for Trista, lol. Anyways..I'm gonna go now.

05-19-2008, 04:56 PM
I am back. Good looks like you all can be upset for me. lol
Thank you :)

Hard to catch up but I will give it a go! I fixed mac and cheese for Gaby and my usual for my lunch. I noticed I was so annoyed with FOTH (his new nickname) that I ate some of G's leftover mac and cheese without too much guilt. It is ok, because I didn't have breakfast. At leat we hope.

and oh ya.....:bravo: to Francie for the 183!!! Good for you.

Cristina - You are amazing with all the walking you do, you and Mindee both. I always crave my chocolate when I am TOM, the only time. When I was in my 20's I went over a year without TOM. Didn't worry me one bit, it probably should have. lol

Francie- I have a *self cleaning kitty*...I don't think I have ever given him a wash. He is so cute looking up from the tub after he laps up the dripping water. Last night he was peering out and I decided to weigh him and he was 14 pounds. I thought he was more. Can't wait for Bachelorette tonight! 2 hours of glorious guilt free tv....after 1 hour of I saw your Laundry Thread you have a riot started??? lol

Mindee- How are you today? I will have to go back and check the photos again. I didn't see any water spraying. See, little things like that piss me off, how did I miss that?? haha. Anyway, what kind of things do you do w/ Brandon and the speech? Meant to ask too if you ever found Super Why on public tv?? It is so good at teaching the sounds and ABC"s.

Sue - Hugs to you and your mother! I am glad she is doing better, must be a huge relief. I like MHC too, been a while for one of her books though. Anyway, wonderful to see you post!! Miss you.

Jules - How you doing?? How is Ry?? Hope he is liking the Pacific NW and hope he made it to the coast over the weekend!! Miss you too! :)

Sassy- :hug: Praying for your husband, hope you are doing ok! :)

Katy - Ya, step away from the pile!! lol...I think we told you that last year too....always lose you around compost time. I am so jealous of your manure! lol

I hope I caught everyone.....if I didn't I apologize!

So, in regards to going back to court. Ya. I have to go and pick up the papers for CS to evaluate the CS amount based on me having no income and when I do it won't be the $19 an hour I was getting, I just know that.
As far as the courts M already has to do a parent evaluation that is why his visitation is suppose to be supervised at his fathers. Until he does that he see's Gab every other weekend and I am so annoyed now we are sticking with that. I told him that yesterday when he asked about Memorial Day weekend and I said no I was taking the girls somewhere and he says "now, don't get mad"...whatEVER, I wasn't mad just want my own weekend and want to take the girls somewhere....geez.
He can sleep and rest, take his dang tent and get eaten by a bear for all I

and I will say something nice about the other ex (my actual ex husband because M and I were never married, thank goodness) I had to take Rebecca to Target last night for Capri's and he gave me his bank card and said to buy Gaby an outfit too, so that was sweet.

Hee Haw,,,,and my next vent is about Rach!!! Little Turd. Maybe tomorrow. One vent per day :D

Hugs to you all!!

05-19-2008, 05:06 PM
Susan~LoL @ getting eaten by a bear. That made me laugh. My cats are self cleaning too..but Fonzo likes to give them baths to make them smell all nice & purty. They look so funny when they're all wet. LoL!!

Well..I got a new book just now. Its called "Love The One You're With" by Emily Giffin. I cannot wait to read it!! She's another fave author of mine. I've read her other books. And I got a new dvd too called.."A Guide to Recognizing Your Saints." It has Shia Labeouf in thats why I bought it, LoL!!! I think I'm gonna save the movie for this weekend because nothing good comes on. So

Fonzo called me too!! YAY!!! I think talking to him helps me out a lot. to eat some lunch finally, lol.

05-19-2008, 05:24 PM
Francie - I am slowly making my way through an Elizabeth Berg book, I have heard the one you are reading now, let us know how you like it! I need another chick lit book.
I think my Momo would howl if I tried washing him, I use to wash with other cats that I have had.
Forget the bear,,,too tame for him....unless we dumped honey on him or something. haha....jk...

anyway - might go w/ McD (and Gaby- I guess he is going to meet the Princess. lol ) up to his Lake Merwin place this weekend, it is about 50 miles up north in Washington. That would be fun for Gab and he says he will make s'mores.....yum.

k- off to do laundry!

05-19-2008, 08:26 PM
Ugh, I feel like a serial poster, where is everyone?:?:Some good news!! I had my federal refund in the mail today, yeah. I was thinking in 6 weeks but it came after only 4, thank goodness. Now I can go get my zoo membership and I put the bulk of it in the bank to forget about.
Also Rach ran up a $145 dollar phone bill in collect calls and I was able to get a credit back of $128. I didn't tell her that though, make her suffer and she has to pay me back the whole $145.

anyway - don't even have time to eat today! Think I will get me some fruit for dinner and just eat light.

BBL :carrot:

05-19-2008, 09:35 PM
Susan~That reminds me of The Parent Trap. When they put honey all over the wanna be stepmom's feet, lol. Maybe you should wish for a mountain lion. Or a really agressive bird. It would peck his eyes out, lol. Why was Rach calling collect?

05-19-2008, 11:05 PM
crawling out from under "the pile" to say HI!! Not much else going on really. I started off having a crap day...went round and round with the garbage company because they didn't pick up our trash, then found some finance charges on the visa blah blah blah. They worked themselves out, fortunately and now the garbage has been picked up and the charges are off the card....yay the day ended better than it started, lol!

Tonight is Dancing and I think I may even watch the Bachelorette...Susan we'll have to compare notes... I just want to see the cute guys and see if I can figure out which one's the psycho....'cause you just know there' s gonna be one!

05-19-2008, 11:07 PM
Susan - we have a zoo and an OMSI membership and I've always felt we got our money's worth with them...the daily rates are so expensive! Maybe we can meet up with the girls sometime this summer.

05-19-2008, 11:20 PM
Evening all......

I had a hamburger patty w/ ketchup and mustard and some cauliflower w/ low fat ranch dressing. 70 calories in 2 taplespoons, needless to say I only had 70 cal's worth and that was that. Sheesh.

Franice - Oh, it was R's boyfriend who was calling collect from a pay phone, all during the month of April.....3 minutes was like $15 dollars a call. Ya, I like the idea of the bird, they are kind of nasty with all sorts of magots crawling around inside them.......they can poke out his eyes to start. I like it! Bravo, Francie!! lol btw - FOTY called and left a message for Gaby, I thought I told him not to call!!

Katy - The zoo would be a fun outing! I will try and get that done in the morning after I get my fathers thing done.
2 hours til the Bachelorette! Speaking of guys....I was at the 45th stop light and I was going straight and the car beside me was in the turn lane and he says (because my window was down) "someone wants to pay you for sex"....and instead of yelling or saying ewwww I said "really, cool"....just to be a smart butt...and he replies...."so what do you say??" and I said NO , of course and thank goodness the light turned green. lol.....

ICK!!! I need to go get a bath and feel pure again.

Chat tomorrow!!!

05-19-2008, 11:26 PM
I hate having to explain myself to people. That is the whole reason why I stopped talking to my family. Why the heck should I have to explain my actions to anyone?!?!? I just wanted advice on something and get a lecture about something else.

If you wanna know what I mean..go read my thread in general.

Susan~Tell her bf to buy a phone card!! Or even a pay as you go phone!! And thats pretty gross about the maggots..ewww!! LoL!!! He should get some hearing aids because he clearly didnt hear you tell him not to call. Get a freakin clue man!! OMG!!!! I cant believe someone said that to you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! LOL!!!!!!! I would be so embarassed!!!!!!!!! One time this guy walked by me, looked at my chest and said.."got milk" omg..i wanted to die!! LoL!! Why cant a guy just say.."you're pretty" why do they have to be so gross and nasty. LoL!! I expect my husband to say nasty things to me..not random guys, LoL!!

05-19-2008, 11:30 PM
Whew! I know how Katy feels about her it is mulch and plants. After all I did last week I got a windfall today. My prior neighbor called with the news that she was moving and dividing some plants, could I come get some. I ran right over (nah, I drove) and came home with lots of goodies. I had 2 bucket, a dishpan and 4 sacks full of plant starts. The FUN began when I came home and had to do the planting. I even got DH busy digging up around my mailbox so I could plant hostas and some tiny irises there. Now, I am sore and tired, but I got them all planted. YAY.

So, this has been my life lately. Yardwork! You have to remember, this was a new property, I started from scratch last year. And it was a woods, so we have to dig lots of roots and plant around many trees. The yard (grass) is slow coming along, but hey, the plants look good. Just overlook the bare spots. LOL

Okay...enough of my bragging about my hard work. I have such a black thumb it will probably all die. LOL.

Susan- I hope you get to go with McD this week-end. I think you know him well enoguh for Miss Gaby to meet him. :)

Francie- Yay for a call from Fonzo. I know that makes you feel better. I must admit I never bathed my cat (when I had one)

Mindee- Fun trip to the zoo..and very nice photos. Did you ever get the potty training book from Pampers?

Cristina- I am trying hard to get back to reading. Just seems to be a lack of time right now. You are doing great with your exercise. You go girl!

Sassy- Hope you are well and that DH is feeling okay. Keep us posted.

Katy- Like everyone says...step away from the pile. Do you do this every year? We mulched the whole of the landscaping last year and just the new things we did this year. DH says we will be re-doing all of it next year and probably every other year after. I never had mulch I wasn't sure how it lasted.

Jules- Hope you are okay. Thinking of you since Ry left. How is that beautiful baby boy? I know he already has Grandma wrapped around his little finger. Isn't it fun?

Okay chickies...I am going to go to bed and watch The Bachlorette. I am pooped.

05-20-2008, 01:12 AM
The Bachelorette chick is really pretty. She's Greek right? I think I heard someone say she was like a Greek Goddess. I dont watch the Bachelor, but from the clips they just showed when she was was just really messed up. I even started to tear up. I really hope she finds a guy who loves her.

05-20-2008, 01:43 AM
just popping in since it has been a chaotic day around here! Tommy went to go to bed and Marissa woke up, so off to walk we went! an now I am going off to bed!

Sue~ I actually did get the potty training dvd Wednesday or Thursday I believe it was. I put the dvd in and the boys watched it a couple of minutes and then it was boring city for them!

I will have to come back a little later, like Tuesday afternoonish.....we are going to go up north this coming Sunday and probably stay the night up there. We were going to go up there Saturday night, but the Wings are now in the Finals and the first game is this coming Saturday, so we are going to stay home and watch the game!

05-20-2008, 03:48 AM
Mindee~I hope you have fun on sunday!! I caught the end of the game on sat I think it was. Somebody had won, I just had no idea who, lol. I watched the Bachelorette. DeAnna (thats her name right?) is so pretty..I kinda hate her for that, lol. But she makes up for it with a nice personality. Some of those guys though...omg, talk about children. I understand that they were trying to make an impression..but half the stuff they did totally turned me off. I kinda felt bad for the oyster farmer. He seemed so sweet. I wanted him to make it through..but oh well. My 3 fave guys did make it though!! I liked the science teacher, the pro snowboarder, and the single dad. I think I liked the science teacher the best though. But lets see how these guys are in the coming weeks..I could end up changing my mind.

Okay..I'm gonna go watch Headlines, then go read my book, then go to sleep. TTYL!!

05-20-2008, 03:48 AM
Howdy Ya'all. :wave:

Well DH had his Stress Test yesterday morning. No we don't know the results yet. But he said the dr was a prick. Basically thought that since DH was heavy that he wouldn't be able to run that much on the treadmill. Well my DH is VERY stubborn and used to be full-time firefighter for the city. So he just kept running until the stupid @$$ dr finally said, "ok you've proved your point!" Just irritates the h@!! out of me when people just "ASSUME" since your heavy that you can't do anything physical! UGH!

Just like our moronic boss. Yesterday morning when I was leaving, he asks how DH is and I told him he was having his stress test done, etc. He said "be sure to tell him that I said take it easy" then when I hit the elevators he goes, "Tell him to start running or something" Whatever freaking moron! Little tiny bobble-headed freak! lol.

Anywho, thennnnnn Dh calls his parents and tells them, then FIL gets on him and tells him he needs to quit smoking and lose weight. Well DUH he's been smoke-free for ONE MONTH!!! And lose weight, um look in the flippin mirror buddy boy! UGH! Just seems like everybody is gettin on my last nerve!!!! :mad:

Then come in lastnight for my shift and dayshift of course screwed up and left me tons of work to do, I so hope they get into trouble because they did a big boo boo. So I hope it comes back to bite them in the butt. Even the after hrs supervisor said "why is it that nightshift always has to clean up dayshift's screwups?" (at least that is how it is here--not saying that for all dayshifts)

I am really thinking about calling in tonight (Tuesday night) My co-worker is no longer alone, they got him someone to work with, temporarily at least. I emailled my bobbled-headed moronic boss about possibly getting off early tomorrow morning so I could finish up some things before my mom comes up, no answer. Little freaking weasel.

Anywho, only 6 hrs and 20 minutes left. :rolleyes: Oh and they offered DH a new shift -- 9 am - 6 pm M-F and he'd be "on call" and get "on call pay" too. That would mean we'd get to see each other more and have Saturdays off together! :carrot:

Well I haven't had much of an appetite. Sunday/Monday I ate: a Chicken Mango Salad, FF's (I know not the greatest choice), and hashbrowns (again another stupid pick) and a handful of cheerios. That was it. Today so far: Chili Spaghetti/Cheese Coney (stupid choice), and a mac and cheese pasta bowl (not the best choice I know) that is all. I didn't want to eat the mac and cheese but I have to eat something with working 12.5 hrs and being a diabetic. I am drinking the last of my mt. dew as I bought Coke Zero to drink from now on. :p (its the only diet I can tolerate)

Oh and I forgot I had a cappichino lastnight too.

So there. I did crappy I know. That Chicken Mango salad was totally awesome though! :carrot:

DH is spending $$ like its going out of style, kinda drivin me nuts. But I don't say anything because I feel guilty about all those yrs I wasn't working due to my back and he never said one word about it. :(

Well sorry to ramble on. :blah:

Big :hug:

05-20-2008, 10:13 AM

Ok- Spero and Donato look pretty crazy to me...I didn't stay up late enough to see who got the boot, but with first show I hardly though it mattered since I can barely tell the dudes apart at this point anyway. She's really pretty and not a stick...seems like she has a good head on her shoulders.

Sue - we mulch every year in the spring. Cuts way down on the weeding without having to use chemicals. Hardly have to water either, usually just new plantings.

Francie - well -looks like you got advice alright! Aren't message boards fun? Sorry - hope that didn't stress you out too badly...You certainly don't have to explain yourself to us! got milk..hehe you'd think they could be a little more creative at least.

Hi to everyone else! Got to get moving so I'll bbl for more chat. It's raining, so no pile today!

05-20-2008, 02:54 PM
Good Morning

A quick fly by....

Francie- :hug::hug: I like to give people the benefit of the doubt...just figure some people like to be know it all's and like to give advice. My mom is like that, what a pain. GO is my answer and have FUN! There, you should have just asked me in the first place :D
And no I wasn't embarassed, I was kind of excited someone wanted to have sex with me and PAY! omg. I thought my weight loss has finally paid can just look at me and know I am almost to GOAL! Yeah. lol...........JK!

Sassy - How is the DH though?? Still going through the testing phase??

Sue - I think we might know each other too well when we know how the other feels about their manure. lmao. Sorry, that struck me as funny.....*cough. I know Katy loves the compost pile (for exercise purposes - we don't mention manure for NOTHING, we aren't that kind of group!! We ain't shallow.....for everything there is a purpose and a purpose for everything....oops....too much coffee....)

I should step away from the computer and compose

Oh, The Bachelorette!!

My faves
Richard - Science Teacher, seems sweet.
Jesse - Snowboarder - Funny and makes me laugh
Jason - Single Dad - seems like he could use a break ....which probably isn't a good enough reason and he seems kind of needy. And really single fathers are the most perverted. I know, I have dated some.
Chris - I forget what he does....but he looks nice.

The weirdest , and I don't like Twilley. Shifty eyes and he has to go the next round! Bugs me.

DeAnna is sweet, her mother passed away when she was 12 and her grandmother passed after the Bachelor was over and on the "after show" they did a tribute to her grandmother and DeAnna cried.

k- back when I come down from my high. lol

chat in a bit.....:D

05-20-2008, 04:04 PM
Oh, The Bachelorette!!

My faves
Richard - Science Teacher, seems sweet.
Jesse - Snowboarder - Funny and makes me laugh
Jason - Single Dad - seems like he could use a break ....which probably isn't a good enough reason and he seems kind of needy. And really single fathers are the most perverted. I know, I have dated some.
Chris - I forget what he does....but he looks nice.

The weirdest , and I don't like Twilley. Shifty eyes and he has to go the next round! Bugs me.

chat in a bit.....:D

OKay...I really really liked Richard. He's good looking in that nerdy way, which is my type of guy (just look at my hubby, lol). I liked Jesse and Jason a lot too. Jason seems really sweet and his little boy is so cute. Did he mention what happened with the mom?? I do not like Twilley either!! He seems really out there. He could get annoying fast, lol.

And yes..I should've asked you to start with..what was I thinking, lol.

Anyways..I'm gonna take a quick shower then go to the bank!! I hope the money goes in right away because I wanna book my flight & hotel tonight.

05-20-2008, 04:08 PM
Just a sort of quickie guys were busy yesterday with all the posting, can't keep up! the book good? I saw that and almost bought it. This time I took my list with me but I had another list of what I wanted to get. I will check out the general thread in a few.

SUE...geez, louise...that's a lot of plants! I was in a planting mood but have no where to put anything!

SUSAN...a trip to the beach with McD sounds like just what you and the Gabster need.

SASSY...well, I hope DH is fine.

Have a good day!

05-20-2008, 04:47 PM
just popping in while I have a chance to. Logan has a little gash I guess you can call it, on the side of his nose. I had gone into the bedroom to make a phone call and he came running in, tripped and his nose met the metal bed frame. I was trying to clean it up and every time I pulled the wash cloth back, he would start crying again, so of course that made it spurt more blood. Thankfully I got him calmed down enough to let me get the bleeding to stop, so now he has a band aid across his nose. I tried to use a little band aid, but he pulled it off and handed it back to me. So, he got stuck with a full sized band aid on his face. I put pictures on my myspace page if you want to check them out.

Francie~ The game on Saturday, Dallas won, which was why they played again last night.

Sassy~ Good for your DH to prove that doctor wrong! I hate when doctors assume stuff like that as well! It just burns my butt! I also hate when people put in there opinions when they were not asked for them.

SusieQ~ I will have to go back and look......but someone asked to pay to have sex with you? don't they know that that is illegal, in a I think most states?

05-20-2008, 04:50 PM
I forgot to add that I haven't had a pop since Saturday! I have been drinking Iced Tea like it is going out of style! And I use a 2 quart container to make it in, and I can easily drink the whole pitcher myself.

05-20-2008, 05:01 PM
I'm back!

The kids' field day got canceled because of the rain - bummer. I still need to do some work for my VBS station and knit on my deadline project, but what the heck! Id' rather be here!

OK - I liked the science teacher and the single dad, tho' he has the potential to be way too needy. As soon as he starts crying, he's outta there.. I mean she's only 26..don't you think that might scare her off? I liked the snowboarder, too, but he doesn't appear to be her type, at least on the surface. I didn't watch her season, so y'all will have to fill me in on if DeAnna is an adventurous type or not.

Sassy- hope the results some back soon and the news is good. Good thing you and he are already making healthy changes, that will all help I'm sure. Sorry the boss is a jerk :(

Cristina - Hope you are having a good day

Tonight's DWTS finale - woo hoo...Kristi for the win!

05-20-2008, 05:03 PM
Hi Mindee - way to go on the pop...I haven't drunk pop in 22 really can get used to it and you feel so much better without all those chemicals in your body. Good job!

Glad Logan is ok- what a bruiser...

05-20-2008, 05:16 PM
So I guess all that negative energy towards me worked. I wasnt able to deposit the check. My bank is really too far away for me to walk there. How flippin stupid that they dont have a Navy Federal bank on base, but they can have a stupid Starbucks?!?!?! And why would they have a Kitsap bank on this base anyway?!?!?!! Nobody goes there. There was like ONE dude in there when I went in there. And the snotty a** witch at Armed Forces can just go stick her nicely manicured nails into a light socket so her hair can get more fried!!!!!!!!!! :mad: :mad: :mad: I'm gonna go wallow in self pitty now.

05-20-2008, 05:41 PM
psssst. I hope I can do a link....

for the Bachelorette. You can go read the message board and get a ton of useless information. lol

Jason is divorced since Feb and is Jewish. So, wonder where was the ex wife?? Why was he leaving his son w/ some nanny person??

Francie - I am sorry! :hug::hug: You will get it cashed and book the trip, just will take more time, a bother I know!! :)

Mindee- Ya, you are right. After my high I see more clearly. I think being stuck at a red light kind of just wanted to get away without confronting anyone. I should have written the license plate # down.

Katy - soccer info went out for Westhills (??) think I will sign Gab up for it.

Sue - Ok, I will be serious! :) Can you post some photos of your yard?? I bet it looks lovely.

I am starved....I haven't eaten all day. Better get, waaaaay too much to do!

chat later....

Cristina - Oh, it is Lake Merwin in Washington we are going! It is just south of Mt St Helens. McD still has a place there that he has had since 1995.

05-20-2008, 08:49 PM guys are gonna get my hubby mad at me when I get hooked on the Bachlorette to keep up...

SuzyQ--stop by Tacoma and give Ry a big hug for me!! Mount St Helens is one of the places he wants to go see. Why do guys have to be so friend Kelly lived on a street that was known for "ladies of the evening"...she yelled at more than one jerk that said nasty things when her kids were with her...

Francie:Happy thoughts to you...we love you and are here for you!!!:hug:;):D:dizzy::smug::D;):lol::smoking::cof fee::yawn::spin::T:joker::cp::cb::jig::angel::wave ::listen::love::dance::hat::idea::flow2::dancer::g rouphug::flow1::flame::cbg::goodvibes:genie::cooki e::cloud9::high::hyper::twirly::chin::yes::wizard: :halffull::rain::bubbles::df::encore::whoo::comp:: lucky::cheer3::cheer2::sunny::cheers::crazy::cheer ::rofl::cofdate::lol3::drool::yay::beach::balloons ::woo::exercise::yoga::belly::val2::bunny2:

Katy--I love Kristy!! She's my all time fave women's skaters...

Mindee--poor little Logan!! Teri stabbed her face with a pencil when she was about that age--still has the scar on her cheek. WTG on the giving up soda.

Cristina--saw your myspace are doing great!!

Sassy--:hug:to you too. You have been going through some rough spots. Hubby has started looking for other jobs..he hates where we work, if he does I will have to break down and get a second car. I wanted his motorcycle and credit cards paid off before we do that.

Sue--I love hostas and since we have alot of shade it's a good plant for us. I have to say this is the greenest our woods have ever been since we moved here in 99. It's so beautiful.

Update on life...readers digest condensed style...
Last Thursday I went to the doctors and got antibiotics for a sinus infection and earache...come to find out my brother had the same thing and my little nephew had a double ear infection at the viewing and poor little Dominic has an ear infection..Teri took him to the doctors today...he is sleeping pretty restless but still my happy smiley boy!!

I really didn't think my heart was going to feel so empty with Ry across the country. He still calls me everyday but knowing I can't just drive over and spend the day with him makes me sad. Even hubby said the same thing. What can I say...I love my kids...they are my life.

Ry is doing great...he did say he misses us but not enough to come home yet. He had jet lag on Wednesday but picked up a bunch of apps on Thursday and then on Friday took them back to all the places. One girl told him he should be back to talk to the manager..Dominos Pizza wants him to interview with the district manager for a assistant managers position. He didn't want to work in a chain...he prefers a small restaurant where the owners appreciate what a great worker he is. He bought a mountain bike at a pawn shop and he is venturing out further. He called about volunteering for Habitat for Humanity in Tacoma..he should be really useful with his construction background and maybe can meet some contacts.

Teri is still waiting for Dave. I am still trying to keep my mouth shut. I really do hope that he has changed as much as she thinks and that she will not be disappointed.

Since I have been sick (and a little depressed) I have not been walking but I am hoping to get back at it in the next couple of days...

Love you all...

05-20-2008, 10:01 PM

Well I stayed home from work tonight. My allergies are kicking up bad :sp: so I think I am just gonna be a bum and start my cleaning in the morning.

Jules -- thanks. just seems like we'll never get to "the end of our rainbow" just seems like the clouds go on forever, but I know we'll get out of them someday...........(I hope at least!) lol. Big :hug: to you as I know how you feel with the job situation. DH is looking too.

:hug: to all.

05-20-2008, 10:46 PM
Thx Susan - I will go check out that message board. If you want a very entertaining thread, complete with lots of snark and some NSFW language go here (
It makes me laugh and really its the whole reason I am watching the Bachelorette...well, that and our own BIK color commentary, lol!

Now really, ladies, if he's only been divorced since Feb, should he really be on this show...can you say "rebound girl"? IMO, leaving your toddler boy whose parents have just split for 6 weeks is questionable judgment, I take back my previous good opinion of him. Graham for the win! Let's hope snowboarder boy at least gets to the fantasy suites for the sheer entertainment value.

Can you believe I've been on here 3 times today - a new record, lol!

Jules - it's good to see you here - hope the antibiotics are helping you feel better.

Sassy - hope you are feeling better as well

05-20-2008, 11:53 PM
Susan~Thanks..I'm going to the bank first thing tomorrow morning. I'm even setting my alarm super early to be there when it opens at 8:30am, lol. I guess I'm taking a cab there. Better than nothing, right?

Jules~Thanks for all the happy smilies!!! :hug: to you for missing Ry!! Don't feel so least he's gonna be doing something good with Habitat for Humanity. That sounds really exciting. I really missed my mom when I first moved away..and called her every single day.

Sassy~The second I read about your allergies, I started sneezing really bad. And now I have a runny nose and itchy eyes. So thanks chickie!! ;) LoL!!

Well..I have some sorta good news. When I got home today, I changed into some comfy pants and a comfy shirt. Well..the shirt I grabbed was one that I ordered last says "Sailor's Queen" on it, lol. And I accidently ordered the wrong size. I was wearing like a 3 or 4x..and this one is a 1x. But when I put it didnt feel tight at all. I looked in the mirror and it looked really good on me. You can see my curves and a little bit of belly, but I can suck that in, lol. Plus, my boobs look HUGE!!! Which is always great!! LoL!! So now I'm regretting ordering the bigger size on that halter top, lol. I'll just have to find a way to make it tighter.

I still might be able to go on my trip. I found a flight & hotel for a good price..and I just have to put the money into the account tomorrow. I'm gonna do that first thing tomorrow morning. Then I'll just spend the rest of the day sleeping. And you know..after what happened today, I wasnt gonna go..but I talked to Fonzo..and he sounded really needy. I'm not sure which head he's thinking with (sorry TMI, LOL) but he was begging me to go see him. I could totally tell he was doing the puppy dog face too, lol. His voice sorta changes when he does it, lol.

Anyways...the sides of my ribs are killing me!!! It hurts to raise my arms or sleep on my side. Plus, my hand totally started spazzing. It was freaky!! It hurts so bad too. I probably hurt myself cleaning the bathroom. See, cleaning is bad for you!!! I should just hire Merry Maids to come in here and clean. They do such a nice job. LoL!!

Okay well...I'm gonna go watch nothing on tv right now. Yippee!!

05-21-2008, 06:58 AM
UGH. I totally feel like crapola. Forget allergies........I think I have a touch of the flu..........:barf: So cleaning may or may not get done...........if it doesn't oh well. :shrug: My mom's seen our apt dirty before. lol. If I don't feel any better though, she may not wanna come up with a sickie!! lol.

05-21-2008, 11:01 AM
I hope you feel better soon :hug:

05-21-2008, 12:39 PM
Oh I agree Katy, That board (SS) makes reality t.v. much more entertaining. If I miss a show I just go there and get the scoop, with lots of juicy comments. One thign for sure you have to not take offense at the language.

Francie- I do hope you get your plans made for visiting DH. I would love to go to SD any time. My baby boy and step-son are there. Do you not drive?

Cristina- Yeah, I put in lots of plants. DH said I would have too many if they all grew to maturity. So, like I told him, I will move some around. No problem. My friend re-arranges hers all the time and they do so well. She gives away so many starts it's not funny.

Sassy- Feel better soon gal. I hope your mom still visits.

Mindee- Oh, poor Logan. What is it with boys? My DS had so many head bumps and trips to the ER when he was a toddler. I was afraid they would think I did it. He actually grew such big feet he couldn't manuever well until he grew into them. Kinda like a puppy. :)

Jules- It's so good to see you posting. I have thought about you lots. I know you will always miss Ry being close-by, but it does get better with time. My DS has been out West for 8 years and although I still miss him and worry about him I don't talk to him every day like I did. It sounds like Ry has a good head on him and will do well. :hugs:

Susan- Have a good time over the week-end. Watch out for the cheese bread!!

Anyone else have week-end plans? We don't have anything going on. Might visit a sis-in-law one day. I will have to go to the graves for Mom since she will be gone.

Going to take Mom to get her hair done this afternoon and to Wal-Mart. That's all for me...Hopefully a walk and Idol. Go David!! :)

05-21-2008, 01:29 PM
Sue~No...I dont drive. I'm like my grandma to the T. She doesnt drive and she's afraid to be in the car, lol.

But I just got back from the bank. The cab driver was really nice & funny. When he picked me up, he was calling into some talk radio show..then we listened to him, lol. Then we talked about ****'s Kitchen and I told him about So You Think You Can Dance. And we agreed that this one chick on base looked like Dr. Baily from Grey's Anatomy..LOL!! I'm all for friendly cab drivers.

Anyways..I'm trying to find the best price for my trip right now..So I'll be back to update everyone later.

05-21-2008, 01:54 PM
You ladies and your reality t.v., lol...can't relate because I don't watch any of them :( Tried watching the bachelor after I saw the first one and it was a no go. I guess I'll just sit back and listen to you ladies chat about them.

Anyway...not feeling so great so really not in a talkatvie mood. Have a toothache that started yesterday and got worse thru the night...have to go and call the dentist...don't want to let it be like the last one. I waited almost a month I think before I finally went. I have a high tolerance for pain, what can I say. Don't want to this time though...know they will have to pull it so might as well get it over with sooner than later.

I'll be back after lunch to do individuals. Have to make a run to the store...DD needs some cheapy sunglasses and we need some folding chairs of some sort. Going to watch Chase this evening play little league...haven't seen them in over a month! Missing the baby girl, lol.

On top of feeling bad I am pooped...just didn't get enough sleep I think, good sleep. But...I did manage to get in my 3 mile walk around the neighborhood this morning. Plus finally took my bike out for a ride, helmet and all, lol. Felt a little silly at first with the helmet but hey, better safe than sorry. Did the same 3 miles as the walk. And let me tell ya I am feeling it in my legs, ouch! Just have the Leslie Sansone's Slim & Thin to do later and I am done for the day. Okay...gonna go call the dentist and head to the store...I'll be back.

05-21-2008, 02:54 PM
Good Morning -

Another Fly By!

Katy - Who is Graham?? I will have to go check him out. I have icky feelings about Jason now too. See, proves just because you have a cute kid doesn't mean you are together, look at me. haha.

omg - my mother KNOWS I have been dating McD for 5 months now and when I mentioned going away for the weekned w/ him she replies "isn't that taking it to a whole new level?? I don't know where you can waste the energy on a realtionship Susan".....
Ok, whatever. I certainly don't need to go away to take it to a whole new level. I clearly only have to go across the street for my:o "cheesebread", so to speak. And , no I don't have energy but I never, you know , whatever.
And after all that she always wants to know how Hawaii Man is doing and how she thinks he is such a sweetie....seems she wants a tropical vacation to me. lol

oops, sidetracked, sorry......

Franice - Yeah on checked cashed!!!

Mindee- How are you and the family??

Sue - Which David??? I want Cook. I don't know what the judges were doing last night with all their praise for DA last night but it was the first time I sat there and voted over and over. DA is good and has a wonderful voice, clearly talented but I think a huge bore. Rachel said it looks like his :censored:
haven't dropped yet....and I should have scolded her but darn if she isn't right. :dizzy:

Jules- You just tell hubby that you are watching a show about an Greek chick looking to fall in love and leave out the 25 guys with awesome abs. :hug::hug: to you on the sinus infection and Ry. I will go up to Tacoma and give him a hug. Just tell him I am coming otherwise I might end up in jail...haha.

Katy - I will go check out the board! Ok, I think I will go ahead w/ soccer for Gab. I know L didn't care for it but Gab wants to try, she says it is cool. I guess you have to be 6 years old to think running around with other girls in muck and cold is cool but she does and since I can do it I will sign her up.

Sassy - I hope you are feeling better!! Even if you clean you know *mom* is still going to clean!! That is what they are there

Cristina - ok, you last because if you get in a nontalkive mood I am going to be pouty! I hope your tooth is feeling better, hate mouth aches. Hope that you just need to get some rest to get back to your usual chatty self :D I only watch Reality ..I like the Office and Grey's but otherwise I would rather read.

I really need to get running. I was starving last night and had some steak and steamed carrots for dinner. Watched American Idol and was annoyed with Simon. Read some of my book and talked w/ Hawaii Man, his son is coming over to tour w/ his ukulele group from school , they will perform at Disneyland, Knots Berry Farm and travel down to San $1,500. Yikes.

so much for a fly by!! I better get going.... I forgot I can buy my New Blance shoes now! No more excuses.....and I have to go see my father, so I will chat tomorrow!!

05-21-2008, 03:01 PM
OKay..I have GOOD NEWS!!!

I booked my flight..and I leave tomorrow morning at 2:45am to catch the airporter by the Navy Lodge, lol. We'll get to the airport at 5 though..and my flight is at 7am!! I'll be back Saturday morning. Fonzo is gonna meet me at my hotel around noon..and umm..who knows what else we'll do, lol. I'm gonna go to bed early tonight though, lol. I'm soooooooo excited!! I'll take lots of pictures!!!!! I'm gonna go back to packing. I have a tiny suitcase and a ton of stuff to put in it.

05-21-2008, 03:54 PM
Francie - how exciting! Takes lots of pictures --if you ever leave the hotel room that is ;)

Susan- Yeah, L didn't go for soccer, though she may like it when she's a bit older. Foothills is a good league, imo. J has had a good experience - they have rules to control obnoxious parents, lol...most of the time people behave themselves. If you go to Sierra Trading Post online, they have great prices on New Balance shoes..that's where I buy mine. I find they are true to size, so the online orders have fit me just fine.

Sue - you are so right about SS, one cannot have delicate sensibilities, that's for sure! I think their Bachelor/ette threads have always been just hilarious. The poor contestants really don't stand a chance; if there is any dirt at all in their background, somebody is gonna post it over there. My garden advice for the day: If I were you I would just plant away. I went on a fancy schmancy garden tour once and the semi-famous gardener said she controlled weeds by 1) mulching, and 2) planting tightly. Tell DH so there, lol!

Cristina - I didn't get enough sleep either, so now I am sucking down a grande Cafe Estima Bold from Starbucks...the banned beverage:dizzy: Yeah, I'm supposed to be off coffee, but I clearly struggle. Hope you can catch up on your rest today and that your tooth feels better.

Sassy - hope you are feeling better today...any news on your hubby's've both been in my thoughts and hope the news is good.

Jules- hope you are feeling better today - you sure have alot on your plate these days...hope you are holding up okay. If not, just come over here and we'll tell you all about the Bachelorette and your troubles will magically melt away :D It would be cool if Ry got a job at a brewpub -they are all over the place in our part of the country and it will save him on groceries as well. I'm excited for him, the PNW is an addicting part of the country...many come her and stay forever...then their families come join them. Not sayin' that's what you'll do, but that's what happened with my family. It's a beautiful place.

Mindee - hope you are having a good day..I hope to get over to MS today and look at your pictures.

I spent 2 hours on the poo pile this's over half way gone - yay! I just love this time of the year as everything is green and there are lots of blossoms. I live on a street with lots of trees and it's so lush right now. 'course my DD is allergic to them all - dang. Now, I am here, trying to wake up a little ...need to work on my deadline knitting...and I really should clean the house as we are entertaining a little this weekend. I can't get terribly excited about it. I'd rather go to the nursery and buy a bunch of plants, but I can't afford that :( Weight is holding steady and I have been battling the munchies all week sadly. I think I'm on track to maintain...would really like to get that extra pound off and get back on track, so I need to focus on it better than I have been.


05-21-2008, 08:52 PM
back for a split second.....

Cristina - Bet you will have fun watching Chase play tonight!

Katy - I have heard good things about Foothills too, Gab seems set on it. I am sure your street looks lovely! It is beautiful in our area with everything in bloom. Glad you bonded w/ you compost pile :)

Francie - Have fun!

I better get dinner. I bought some beautiful flowers for my fathers grave from Trader Joes, I love their flowers. We also went to my nephews and that was sad and when I teared up, so many children buried there. Course my father is the VA - *sigh.

Happy News is I did buy my zoo membership and can't wait to start taking Gaby.

anyway - doing good on eating and water intake, looking for 157 by Friday! We hope at least :p

05-21-2008, 09:13 PM
Katy--Ry is looking into several places and I found some brewpubs too. He loves them, we went to the two in Frederick MD for his bday and the year on his bday we went to the Spy Museum in DC and then to several brew pubs...There is a kilt walk at one of the tacoma pubs in June--I have to mail his to him. Both he and Hubby have them. I am feeling a little better each day except for my ear. I still feel like it has water in it..if it doesn't get better when my head clears I am going to go to a ear,nose & throat guy. I have a feeling that Ry isn't coming back from the PNW unfortunately with Hubbys gout and arthritis the wet climate wouldn't be good...he want to retire to AZ but I think I would miss the green!!

Francie--have fun doing...uummm..whatever else you might do... Ry either calls me or myspaces me just about everyday and has since he moved out at 18.

SuzyQ--I will let him know about the hug and if the ex keeps giving you a hard time...Ry might just randomly kick his arse...I love my mom but she drives me crazy sometimes with all the questions and advice...I keep telling the kids to stop me if I start getting like that....the weekend getaway sound like fun and just what you need!!

Cristina--don't forget to fit us into your busy schedule--miss you when you are not posting. Sorry about the tooth--hope you get it fixed quick. Have fun with the kids!!

Sue--I would worry more but Ry does have a good head on his shoulders and is a people person. He has common sense which takes him far. I just hate the fact if something does go wrong I can't be there and I will miss our get togethers. The long drives to nowhere and the museum trips. Francie is going to have to let me adopt her when she gets to Annapolis and meet me in DC every now and then when Fonzo is away on ship.

Sassy--sorry you are feeling bad--maybe your mom will come take care of you!! I have to say I am shocked with how well hubby has been taking care of me since the whole Ry leaving, me getting sick and Pap passing away.

Teri cracked me up this morning, though I couldn't actually laugh out loud. Poor little Dominic is getting his 2 top teeth in and has an earache so he has been extremely fussy which is totally not him. He has been sleeping really restless instead sleeping his 6 to 8 hours. This morning Teri calls me and tells me she is too "selfish" to be a mom...all she wants to do is sleep!! It's funny cause both Ry and me comment on how both Teri and Jerry are very selfish and want it their way all the time and never want to give in. I think there's hope for her yet....

well off to watch American Idol finale. I think David A will win even though I LOVE David C.

05-21-2008, 11:55 PM
Good evening ladies- Well, Idol delivered a good show. I won't say more than that due to time differences. Don't want to give anything away.

Jules- Ry sounds like my Joe...a people person and very smart. I bet he has a good time and goes far. I was glad to hear you are doing better, hope you continue to do so. Aw, poor Dominic, hope he gets well soon. I remember the days of sleeplessness like Teri is going through. I know I couldn't do it now 24/7.

Susan- Hugs to you. I bet the flowers are beautiful. I know you and Gaby will enjoy the zoo. By the way, Kohl's had New Balance shoes on sale for 60% off here. I'm not sure if they are online also. I have Reebok walking shoes and had Avia, both are good. BTW...I didn't care which David. I liked Little David better, David Cook just bothered me in some way. But they both have such good voices....and I know who won, but won't say. :p

Cristina- Oh, Ow, sorry to hear about your tooth. Get in and get it taken care of soon gal, no sense suffering any longer than you have to.

Katy- Thank you for that bit of information. I will tell DH that the closer the better...plants that is. ha. Today Mom was looking out her window and called to me asking if I had ever seen a squirrel carrying an onion. ???? She went out and looked and it wasn't an onion the squirrel dropped it was a tulip bulb. Little stinker had the browned leaves in it's mouth dragging the bulb across the yard. Mom re-planted it, but who knows if it will grow. Too funny. Last week we saw one with a whole corn cob in it's mouth. They are entertaining, but I want them OUT of my bird feeder. Have tried everything.

Francie- Have a good time..(like I know you will) ;)

Sassy- Hope your Mom still comes to visit and that you are better.

Mindee- How are you? Still going visiting this week-end?

Not alot going on here. Took Mom shopping and to get her hair done. She leaves in the a.m. Her dog is so funny. As soon as Mom gets her suitcase out and starts packing the dog gets mad at her. So for a few days Baby has been sitting in the living room with me, or on the sofa instead of by Mom's side. She ignores Mom when she talks to her and actually (I am not kidding) turns her back on Mom. DH and I get such a kick out of it. I think it bothers Mom a little. Now after Mom leaves Baby acts just fine with us and never seems to miss Mom. When Mom comes home she will give Mom the cold shoulder for a few days. It is just too cute. to bed. Hope you are all doing great!

05-22-2008, 01:07 AM
I had to come in here and post this accomplishment!

Brandon, as you all know, has been in school now since February 28 of this year. Well, we have noticed a HUGE difference in his speech since he started school and was interacting with other kids. His latest accomplishment, happened today!

All three kids have these label things that go on their cups/bottles, that my mom bought them. Well, since Brandon and Logan like to fight over their cups, I make sure to put their labels on their cups so there are no fights. Well, Brandon got up and ready to go to school, and he went into the fridge to get his cup. He opened up the door and stood there, I didn't say anything because I wanted to see what he was going after.

He lifted up Logan's cup, and spun the cup around so he could see the label. He then took a couple of minutes and then placed the cup back into the fridge. He then lifted up his cup, spun it around to see the name on the label, and then turned around, looked at me, gave me a thumbs up and closed the fridge door!

He has also been bringing home papers from school, that you can tell he wrote his name (with a little bit of help). They have a couple magna doodles around the house, and Brandon picked up the big one the other day and started to use one of the accessories and he was writing letters. He did a perfect upper case D, and then proceeded to do a smaller upper case D on the inside of the first one!

Logan, our little bruiser, is at it again! He didn't take a nap at all today, so he was a little hellion to say the least! He spent most of the day being mad at me because I told him he had to lay down and take a nap, so he kept flipping Brandon's toddler bed over. The last time he flipped it over, he tried to run away from me, but he had slipper foot pajamas on, and kind of ran/slipped into the wall. The sound of it sent sheer panic over me until he turned around. With the insurance issue still in the process of getting worked out, I have been really worried about them getting hurt and having to take them into the hospital or to the doctor's office.

When he turned around, and instantly started crying, I knew he was surely going to have a headache from it! He started to get the tell tale red mark in the spot, so I got him a ice pack before it would get too bad. It started to bruise a little bit, but then he put the ice pack on it and it seemed to have helped. Now, I am just dreading the morning to see if the knot/bump got any bigger or any other colors appear!

Little Miss Marissa, has been a handful herself as well! One night about a month or so ago, she was really fussy so I took her for a walk around the complex. Well, that has now turned into a nightly ritual! (knock on wood.....she didn't wake up when daddy went to bed tonight) But it has been nice to get out and walk with her at night!

Sue~ Yup, we are going up there on Sunday. My mom emailed me and told me that she had my dad pick up sirloin steaks for those of us that can eat them (as in adults) and then smaller, kinda cheaper, steaks for the kids that can eat them. She then told me to tell Tommy to get ready for some therapy (as in shopping). I told her that it sounded good to us! Then she sent me an email asking what size shoes the boys wear.

05-22-2008, 06:19 AM
Hey chickies!!! I'm leaving now to catch the shuttle!!! Please pray that I have a safe flight there and back!!! Be back on saturday!!! :grouphug:

05-22-2008, 09:31 AM
Sue--Teri really did crack me up but she's a good little mom even when she is frustrated from lack of sleep.

Mindee--Ry was a klutz when he was younger with his corrective shoes for the bow leg/pigeon toe thing going on. When he's tired he has the tendency to still turn the one foot inward. Teri is still accident prone--she never grew out of it.

Francie--sounds like you are getting all the therapy you need!! Have fun and make the most of it!!

Well back to work!!

05-22-2008, 02:56 PM
Good Morning -

Sassy - Where are you?? How is Mr. Sassy??? Hope well.

Francie - Have a safe trip and have fun!

Mindee- Aww, Brandon is learning, kids are so like sponges. I bet you are a proud mom and you should be! Hope Logan didn't get too bad of a bruise (if one at all) and lets hope the med coverage comes through asap! One thing about Marissa is she is being taught by you the importance of exercise by being apart of your routine, I think that is great! That was a major motivator for me to lose weight back in 2000 when there was a swim party and Rach was like 7 and I asked another mom to take her in the pool for me because I felt so heavy at 245 and ashamed of my size.

Sue- Thank you about my dad, I can't believe how time has flown, 2 yrs already. I will look at Kohls. I was driving out to the PetSmart this morning and I never thought there was a Kohls around my area but there it was, right in front of me,....Kohl's. I would have stopped but it wasn't even open yet. I will have to go back. Yeah for David Cook! I was surprised because all the predictions all day on the net and radio kept giving the win to DavidA....and I liked seeing carly again, she was my favorite.

Jules - That would be so sweet if you and Francie could get together! Hugs to you and Teri!! Hope she is able to get some rest, poor thing.

Katy - I looked on the STP for NB shoes, I think my feet are too big, couldn't find my size :?: It went from 8.5 to 10.5 and I am a 9.5 normally. Anyway - if I am doing something wrong let me know! PCC is suppose to be having a plant sale tomorrow, I think at Sylvania. McD was going, I guess good prices. I will try and send you more info maybe you might want to take a look? I figured out who Graham is....he is the pro basketball player. He also has the hair stubble that you see a lot of in the previews kissing DeAnna, so I think that is him....because no one else has stubble. Ugh, I need to get out more! lol

Cristina- How was the game?? How are you?? :hug:, hope the tooth is better and you are getting some rest!!!! :D Miss you.

Did I catch everyone?? Hope.

I have to go catch Gab at school, she is suppose to have a playdate but I didn't get a number or an address where to pick her up at or even a time when to pick her - so I have to go chat w/ the other mom.

chat later!

05-22-2008, 04:48 PM
Sorry ladies for another fly-by. I've been in bed since about 10:30'ish and getting ready to go back. Such the grump I am...they pulled the tooth this morning and it is still hurting, and the drugs are doing a number on me. Just got up out of bed to get some food in my belly and something to drink. I thought I would try to spend some time on the puter but I feel too icky. Anyway...I'll be back tomorrow to chat and play catch up. Hope everyone is having a nice day, and safe and have fun!

05-22-2008, 10:36 PM
Cristina- Get well soon. Rest and relax. You need to take care of you!

Susan- Yes, I thought it would be David A...and I liked him. David Cook just kind of grew on me the last week or two. I still don't like his looks, but his voice is great. He will be a good Idol.

Mindee- Rah for Brandon. He is learning so quickly. Your little guy is growing up.

Hope everyone else is okay..happy week-end.

05-23-2008, 12:30 AM
just thought I would pop in here before heading to bed.

my little man is growing up, that is for sure! sometimes, I think he is growing up too quickly on me, but hey, what can you do? it is bond to happen, right? (has anybody invented that potion that keeps them as babies forever yet?)

Sue~ Have you talked with your mom since she left? Is she having fun?

SusieQ~ How was Gab's playdate? I was bad and didn't get my walking in today. I feel so sluggish because I didn't get it done. But I am going to be so actively this weekend, that I am going to make up for it and then some. I have actually been wanting to check out the newspaper by my parents to see if there are any events going on in town that we can go and check out.

We got a letter that we should be getting our government check tomorrow......and I am hoping that it comes in! we are so far in the hole, that we can see a little light that we think is the top. but at least we still have each other, which is what really counts, right?

06-06-2008, 08:20 PM
I am on this old mac computer.
Does anyone want to start a new thread?? I can't do it until tomorrow, disgusted that our post have been lost. Life, I suppose, what a pain. lol

Kick A$$ walking challenge is alive (!!!!!), even though tickers have been lost.

anyway- I better tomorrow!! I missed you

06-06-2008, 08:39 PM
Yes, I am back.......I was 158 at the old 5-22 date. I weighed today and I am 155....
I think I will change the goal to 145 tomorrow, I am not sure.
You all have a good night and chat w/ you tomorrow!

06-06-2008, 08:59 PM
Did anyone start a new one?

06-06-2008, 09:00 PM
Ahhhh I have to change my signature again!!!!

06-06-2008, 09:22 PM
I know........why we are all fussing about tickers and such lets move on to a new thread #46!!
See ya there!!
PLEASE do NOT post here. :moped: