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05-12-2008, 02:30 PM
Does anyone use a foundation garment, like Spanx I guess, that's heavier than nylon but still breathable, from waist to knee??? I'm looking for something to SUCK ME IN heheheeh I have some cutie capris that are lightweight and show every ripple - not good LOL

wondered if they had stuff like at wal-mart, etc.

05-12-2008, 02:37 PM
You know, I've heard it mentioned that Target has a great and affordable Spanx knockoff. I haven't tried them myself, but NEED to- with some guidance from my friends here I'll be sucked in too!

05-12-2008, 03:04 PM
I have worn the spanx that go to the knees. I wasn't that impressed with it. It rolled down sometimes and also left marks above my knees so it looked like fat was escaping from my knee caps. It was okay with the skirt I was wearing because it was loose...but I don't know how it would look for capris. My legs looked like a true stuffed sausage...hehehe.

05-12-2008, 03:04 PM
I love Spanx, but they are expensive so if there is a good knockoff that's probably a good place to start. They really stayed in place for me, and didn't roll up on the leg and give me that obvious "where the girdle ends line". I was amazed at how comfortable they are - once you get them on, which is no easy task. So if you have to, um pee or something, it's quite a production. I would never wear these for every day, just not that vain and too into comfort, but for a special occasion or a particular garment, they're a good option.

05-12-2008, 03:06 PM
omg i'm dying laughing at the "fat was escaping from my knee caps" haha that's kind of my fear for getting the shorter ones, that are mid thigh - i'd be sucked in and slimmer..slimmer...GIANT INFLATABLE TIRE AROUND HER THIGH! hahhahah

of course the easiest solution would be for NOT have the fat there in the first place, geez!!

05-12-2008, 03:53 PM
I just bought me a girdle that fits below my boobs almost to my knees at walmart for around 10 bucks.

05-12-2008, 03:59 PM
I hear ya--- anytime I've ever worn a shaper of ANY kind, it usually ends up looking worse. Like HELLO? I'm fat. And it doesn't matter how much you SQUEEEEEEZE that fat, it's gotta go somewhere right? So it just poofs out the other end somewhere!

On average, I don't find them worthwhile. Eh...

05-12-2008, 05:09 PM
Yeah...not fun. I forgot to add the whole bathroom situation and I am glad schmoodle mentioned it. I had to have a schedule. I would go only twice at work because it involved about 15 min. to get it back on...I got all sweaty and looked like crap after....hahaha. My face was red and my hair was all messed up and it looked like I was doing some serious cardio in the bathroom!

05-12-2008, 05:31 PM
Yeah, the ones with the legs in them just don't work for me. However, I did buy a shaper from Avenue that was like a pair of super high waisted underwear... comes up to my bra line. Now THAT thing makes me look good. I couldn't believe it... although when I wear it next weekend I might safety pin it to my bra in back to make sure it doesn't roll down, making me look oddly proportioned.

05-12-2008, 06:48 PM
thanks for all the helpful hints - i went to wal-mart and they did have them but i passed, they looked sooooo tiny, like it would be a monumental effort to get them on/off LOL

I DID however, buy some cutie pull-on jean capris, fit like a dream! in a 2X!!! that's a TWO x!!! I haven't see that size in a longgggg time!!!!

Goddess Jessica
05-12-2008, 07:03 PM
Love Higher Power Panties by Spanx.

05-12-2008, 11:15 PM
I am very skilled on this subject!! lol. How much are Spanx in the USA? I pay 60 dollars for my knock off, but its SO worth it for me. I also buy a plus size one, and they had one for me to try on to see if I liked the fit. I was happy with that experience! I wear mine every day, I like the way it smoothes me out, everything just looks better! I wear the ones that are from the knees to the bra line, I tuck it into my bra infact. As for the bathroom situation? I have zero issues with that, I go when I need to, it's not a workout for me at all, I just wiggle a little. My advice would be to pay for the good one! And paying 60 bucks to looks good in my clothes is totally worth it!


05-13-2008, 01:24 AM
Trazey - someone posted another thread in the 20's forum about spanx. A girl on there seemed to know which one to buy to connect to your bra and also is not as tight on your legs...so you won't have fat escaping from your knee caps like mine! ;)


05-13-2008, 02:04 PM
I have a pair of spanx that go from right underneath the breasteses to my knee and I LOVE IT.. I dont wear it all the time cause it is a pain in the u know what to get on and off. And there is a little croch thing for if you have to go pee, but that doesnt work for me. I actually peed on that before.. Just thought I would share that with you. LOL
So I only wear it on special occasions and I make sure I dont drink alot when I wear it.... GOOD LUCK ;)

05-14-2008, 08:46 AM
I wear Spanx Power Panties when I work because I have to wear khaki pants with my shirt tucked in. Of course it doesn't hide the fact that I have weight to lose, but it does smooth my dimpled butt out and take care of the panty line problem I see the other women workers have.

05-14-2008, 10:52 AM
An option to consider: bike shorts. I wear the Champion brand in black. It holds me in pretty well! It definitely helps with thigh chafing because it flicks moisture away. They are about $25 a pair from Just My Size (www.jms.com) but so worth it! I have several pair!

05-14-2008, 03:07 PM
Jen - I totally wear those when I workout!! I used to have a pair from speedo, which were beyond fabulous, but they stopped making them :(


05-14-2008, 04:59 PM
Jen - I totally wear those when I workout!! I used to have a pair from speedo, which were beyond fabulous, but they stopped making them :(


I love them too! And they are worth the price to me!