100 lb. Club - shameless plug.. maybe? re: biggest loser

04-16-2008, 09:10 AM
I have never watched biggest loser before.. until last night. Wow! Did these people lose this weight in 4 months? That's insane! And not one of them has lose skin? wow.

My husband is a geeky guy and his company knows someone who is the manager of the pink team (or something like that...).. Ali.. the winner. They did a web site for the pink team. www.gopinkteam.com

Out of the 3 finalists - I think Ali is going to be big. I think she is going to be an excellent motivational speaker. I was shocked at her results!

04-16-2008, 09:34 AM
I think it takes place over 9 months Dana. They are at the ranch for 3 -4 months or there abouts, and then they're sent home for a bunch of months, need to do the rest of the losing on their own and then they're brought back for the finale. At least that's how I recall it was for last years season. This year I didn't watch the season much and missed the beginning of last night's finale where they might have mentioned it.

04-16-2008, 09:48 AM
Thanks Robin...
I was wondering about that! What I find amazing is that everyone did really well. It motivated me - I'm going back on fitday today!! Since I don't know who won the other seasons.. I think I'm going to have to rent the past seasons - maybe netflix has them :)

04-16-2008, 10:01 AM
Yeah, Ali totally amazed me, I actually think she has gotten too thin, kind of skeletal, but still it shows what a ton of hard work will do for us. I did love that it showed her eating the frozen yogurt in the middle of the night, it made her more real to me.

Thanks for sharing that link Dana! Good job for going to fitday today! That is my second home.. (3FC is my first right now!)

04-16-2008, 10:03 AM
Dana, I do find it motivating and inspiring. I am a total and complete sap for weight loss, especially BIG weight loss. Always have been. Though I know the show is sooo totally NOT realistic, though they call it a "reality" show, there is nothing realistic about the methods that they use to lose the weight, ya know taking people away from their homes for months and giving them incredible trainers 24/7, having their food right there for them, hanging prizes of $$$ in front of them and all, but nevertheless it does show that weight loss is POSSIBLE. That transforming ones life IS possible. That we don't have to be overweight if we work hard enough at it.

Good for you for getting back to Fitday. Now THAT'S reality. Stick with it Dana, just stick with it. You CAN do this and it IS worth it.

And did I mention that you CAN do this? Because you CAN. You really, really, REALLY can. Go for it!!!

04-16-2008, 12:08 PM
Last week when they showed Ali dropping like 11 pounds for her weigh in even though she was already thin, I was amazed. And when she said something like, "I wasnt happy with what I have done with other areas in my life but thats no reason to punish my body" (I am paraphrasing here) I absolutely started crying. And last night when they showed her FAT and saying, "I don't want to be trapped in this body that makes me unhappy anymore" I totally started crying again. Because she did it. She got out of that hellish body that was stifling her and so it makes it real to me, that I can do it too. It gives me hope on my bad days.

04-16-2008, 12:35 PM
I don't really watch TV that much... does anyone know how well past winners (and runner ups) have been able to keep the weight off?

I just imagine THAT much weight coming off in such a short period of time on such a STRICT regime... well... I can only IMAGINE how many of them gained back some (or all)

I'd love any info!

04-16-2008, 01:27 PM
Jen I saw this link (http://www.nbc.com/The_Biggest_Loser/where_are_they_now/)on NBC about a special catching up with contestants from the first 3 seasons. I'm not sure if it's already aired or if it's coming up this sept. :)
I was a bit disappointed they didn't do any updates on any of the last season's contestants like they did in the past but overall a great show.

I kept thinking that Ali lost too much weight but then I asked myself would I think that of her if I ran into looking like she does now and never knew that she was obese? Probably not. I think she looked great!!!

04-16-2008, 01:50 PM
There was a show on about former contestants last fall. I taped it on the Bravo Channel last September.

I think this season was shorter-they usually have two-three months at home after the last episode, and this time they only had six weeks.


04-16-2008, 02:13 PM
I definitely saw loose skin on a few of them!! I really think that with all the technology they have they must be doing something to help prevent them from getting loose skin.

I have seen Matt and Susie in trash magazines, and they appeared to have kept most of it off.. Susie had just had her baby, so I'm sure she was carrying a little extra weight from that.

Ali will be amazing, she was so real about everything, it'll be amazing to see what she does with herself in the future. Good for her!! Her life would have never been the same..


04-16-2008, 03:07 PM
I've seen loose skin on quite a few contestants when they return for the finale, and even during the regular season when they are at their weekly weigh-ins in limited clothing (especially some of the big guys-you can see it on their stomachs in the earlier weeks when they have their shirts off). I remember in particular one of the girls last season had a lot of loose skin on her upper arms. I think part of what helps to limit the skin issue is the amount of strength training they do.

I didn't watch this season at all--I'm not a fan of the couples seasons. I like the individuals more, personally. I know it ended up as individuals in the end since there was only 1 winner, but I didn't need all the drama of the couples throughout the season (not that's there's not drama for the individuals, of course!).

04-16-2008, 04:48 PM
I think it actually was 4 months. In the beginning of last nights episode, Allison asked Roger how his 6 weeks at home went!!

I was thinking last night how crazy it is that they can lose that amount of weight! It seems like they started their journey when I did and Ali lost over 100lbs in a little over 4 months?!?!? CRAZY. Like Jen, I do wonder how well they maintain the weight loss. I would think coming off a gruelling workout schedule to working and being home would affect them greatly. I do, however, love the show. It is great to see people achieve their goals!

04-21-2008, 10:52 PM
I'm a huge fan of the BLC show! I find that it's great motivation for me. During one of the episodes Jillian mentioned that the Contestants work out at least 6 hours a day everyday. They also mentioned that it is actually 4 1/2 months that their at the ranch. Who knows :?: I love the show either way :D