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02-08-2008, 02:30 PM
Hi everyone, I'm very new to this site and SO glad that I found it. I've been browsing for a couple hours and realized that I should post to get some support and hopefully tips, because I am LOST!!

Some background:

I am 22 years old, around 250 lbs (my weight fluctuates day to day, anywhere from 247-251) and 5'10''. I've struggled with weight since I was around 10 years old. About a year and a half ago I lived in a place where there was no LAWL and my mom was on LAWL here in San Diego. I know it's "illegal" but she sent me the materials and I went from about 265 down to 204 in less than a year. I was on the "Red" plan with no lites and near the end switched to purple on my own when I hit a plateau.

I started gaining weight quickly as soon as I got slightly off track, quicker than I had ever gained before. I graduated college in May 2007 and moved back home and decided I needed to get back on track. I attributed my struggle to not being a "real" member of LAWL and joined in early June, 2007. I was 258lbs then. I followed the plan to a T and desperately missed being 204. This time they put me on plan "Red 1". It didn't work at all for me, I lost 7 lbs which is better than nothing, but over a period of about 3 months. Then they came out with the new plan and put me on plan 4. I couldn't loose weight with that either. So they moved me down to plan 3 because it was so much food. I still couldn't loose weight. Then the lady I usually see told me that I should get LA Lites because they help with weightloss and I should see the numbers drop on the scaled. I decided to try that because i'm desperate to loose weight at this point and sure enough, still maintaining. So, I got pissed and stopped going for a few weeks because it didn't matter if I followed plan, I was stuck for a few months at the same weight.

Then I decided to go to the doctors. I thought something might be wrong with my thyroid because I was exercising 4-5 days a week and weighing and measuring and still, i'm around 250 lbs. My doctor performed a ton of tests on my blood and found out I have hyperinsulinemia (basically pre-diabetic) and put me on Metformin. This was supposed to help with my weight loss. I continued on plan for a couple more months, through December 2007 and still no movement on the scale. I was still between 253lbs and 250lbs.

I went back to my doctor and she put me on Phentermine to help jump start things. I put LAWL on hold because there was no way I could eat all that food while on Phentermine because it suppressed my appetite so much and I didn't want to waste my precious weight loss weeks further. In a month of phentermine I lost 2 lbs. I've been off of Phentermine for about two weeks now and have completely lost faith in losing weight. I've been continuing to work out but have been eating whatever I feel like because I'm so discouraged. And sure enough, I weighed myself yesterday and I'm still 250lbs.

I've been reading up on Hyperinsulinemia and basically found out it will be hard for me to loose weight forever. and I'm supposed to be on a low GI diet. However, I know from reading the nutrition facts on the lites that they are not good for someone with my condition. And now I'm stuck with around 50 boxes on my account and will probably end up having to sell them on ebay. I honestly wish I could get my money back since it isn't working, but I'm stuck. I wish It would work, but it isn't.

Have any of you gone through a similar situation? I really want to stick with LAWL and have it work, it's just so frustrating. It's been a little over 8 months now and i've lost about 8 lbs. But all of those 8 lbs were lost in the first couple weeks.

I just called to make an appointment with the nutritionist at a different location in San Diego, because the one I go to is filled with people that are pretty much clueless to what to do in my situation. I'm hoping a new center will help and have ideas for me.

Any tips/suggestions would be helpful. Thanks in advance for your support. I'm lost here.

(I'm also posting this on the diabetes thread and insulin resistance thread)

02-08-2008, 04:17 PM
Hillx, normally the plan does work just like it did for you when you first tried it. You did lose over 60 pounds on it once. It is a sound plan and it sounds like you have additional health issues that are causing it to not work for you this time. That is really unfortunate. I don't know what the answer is, but it sounds like perhaps the La Lites are not good for you. Don't give up because you are not losing, since gaining could be a very real possiblity for you too, and I'm sure that you don't want that. It is likely that with whatever you have going on that if you hadn't been trying to lose, that perhaps you would have gained like crazy. I know it is frustrating for you, but do keep trying to eat as healthy as you can and keep exercising. Hopefully you will find an answer that will help you move the scale lower.

02-08-2008, 04:24 PM
I didn't mean to say that I didn't thank LAWL doesn't work, because I know it does. I had such great success before. It just seems like the people at the centers have never seen someone with this condition or haven't been trained on how to deal with people that have certain medical problems. I would love for it to work for me, I just know my diet needs to be modified and they are not supporting me in finding an answer and my paid weeks are going down the drain... They just keep saying they don't know why I'm not loosing. I'm hoping the nutritionist can help me figure out what to do.

Thanks for your support. I will continue to try - and yeah i'm sooo glad i'm not gaining!! :carrot:

02-08-2008, 04:30 PM
Hillx, You did the right thing to make an appointment with the nutritionist. Most of the counselors don't know how to counsel special cases. We had one or two counselors where I was that were good at figuring out what plan to put people on, and the rest were pretty much clueless. You need to get to the bottom of it! Some councelors are just there to sell product and are not good at helping anyone who is not helped by using the products. Hang in there! There has to be an answer, even if it is that it is going to be very slow for you. Plus if you've been working out a lot, perhaps you've gained a little bit of muscle and lost a little more fat, so perhaps you are doing slightly better than you think you are. Are your clothes fitting any looser? Not that I think you are likely 250 of pure muscle or anything... but if it was another 5 pounds of fat lost, it would make me feel better about it.

Repo girl
02-08-2008, 04:49 PM
I am insulin resistant, so I do have a bit of an idea what you are going through. In fact my Dr put me on metformin and phentramine too. I loved the high from the phentramine, but it did nothing for my weight. A few tips for the blood sugar issues:
1- Get a good serving of in cinnamin every day. You can take a few capsules of it or stir a teaspoon into your coffee, oatmeal, etc. Cinnamin is a natural way to help out blood sugar.
2- Make sure you are getting tons of water.
3- Always balance carbs with protein. If you eat a fruit, make sure you are putting a little protein with it like a string cheese or something. Same goes for bread, potatoes, pasta, rice, etc. The protein helps to slow down the carb load.
4- Stick to whole grains when ever possible.
5- Absolutely DO NOT do the bars. Get a Dr's note and make them give you your money back for them. My Dr says that they have way too much sugar in them.

I hope that talking to the dietician helps. Let us know what you find out!

02-08-2008, 04:54 PM
Katie, I didn't know you were insulin resistent.

Hillx, have you tried using the shakes instead of the bars? I have heard they are better for those who can't tolerate the sugar. Katie, do you think they have too much sugar too?

Mama Nicole
02-08-2008, 05:13 PM
Hi Hilx :) Good for you for not giving up!!! I have trouble staying motivated, and I do NOT have health issues messing me up right I admire your persistence!!! Is the nutritionist you are going to go see a LAWL employee? I had no idea they had real nutrtitionists on site at some centers. Be sure he/she is for real before you take any advice to heart.

My best advice to you is to definitely see a nutritionist......and then come to this forum every day for support and ideas. There is such a wide varitey of people here, and soooo many useful real life ideas.......from people that are actually learning, by trial and error, how to get their health back.

And Katie is so right....if you have a Dr.'s note about your condition.....they have to give you your $$$$ back. They may not make it easy for you.....but it is worth fighting for, for sure :)

Best of luck to you.....and welcome to our little group of losers.....and friends ;)

Repo girl
02-08-2008, 05:48 PM
Barbara- I am not sure about the nutritionals on the shakes, but I will say that I tried them briefly and felt like they were spiking my sugars just the same.

02-08-2008, 06:20 PM
Barbara - I have gone down a pant size, so I know the working out is helping. Plus I feel way better and have more endurance than I did a couple years ago. Who know I'd love working out so much? I used to hate it! And no, I haven't tried the shakes. I'll look at the nutritional information and see... but I'm thinking from now on I'm going to steer clear of LA products unless they're super healthy (and I don't think many of them are).

Katie - I will try to get my money back for the bars. Thanks for all the suggestions. It's good to know there is somebody else in my shoes doing the same weight loss plan. Not that I'd wish illness on anyone, but its good to know I'm not alone. Thanks so much for your tips, I'll implement them and see if it helps.

Nicole - Yeah, the lady I'm seeing is a LAWL employee but she is also a nutritionist. I'm going to take everything she suggests with a grain of salt, especially if she tries to sell me anything. I'm hoping she's worked with other people in my situation before and might be able to help. I don't currently have insurance so i'm crossing my fingers that she is legitimate, otherwise i'll have to pay out of my pocket to see a different professional. But, it will be worth it in the end.

Thank you ladies so much for all your tips/support. I'll let you all know what happens after I talk to this "nutritionist" at LAWL on Monday afternoon.

Repo girl
02-08-2008, 07:07 PM
Great picture! What is your name, by the way? Oh, most of our chatter takes place on the Losers and Friends thread. Come on over and introduce yourself there!

02-08-2008, 07:45 PM
Oh, :dizzy: my name is Hillary. Forgot to mention that....

Cool, I'll check out that area, too.

02-08-2008, 07:57 PM
Hillary, I know the shakes have all the protein and are a lot less calories. Actually I like the hot chocolat and the cafe au lait the best, way more than the shakes. But if they are too much sugar, they are too much sugar. I know there have been more than one person who has moved back to the old colored plans because the new numbered ones have too much carbohydrates for them to do well on. So perhaps they will move you back to Red or even Red 1, since you are exercising so much with no lites. I bet if you've lost a whole pants size that you've lost more than 8 pounds of fat!

02-08-2008, 09:59 PM
Barbara, I just realized I forgot to mention in my original post that about a week before I started taking Phentermine I switched myself back to the old Red plan that I originally lost my weight on. The whole Phentermine thing made me unable to eat much and even the Red plan was crazy amounts of food for me to handle. That's the point at which I put my account on hold for a month and then sorta gave up.

I'm going to try to stick with the old Red plan if possible, I feel so much better on it, like i'm actually working towards something and not just stuffing my face all day. The ladies in my current center basically said they can't recommend me to go back to that plan, but I can do whatever I want because they can't stop me. They also mentioned I will no longer be given journals and will have to make my own because they no longer stock any of the old plan's materials. This seems kind of weird to me because I know alot of people that are either still on the old plan, or are on maintenance on the old plan. It is an option, It's just so easy with the pre-made journals. I'll just have to find a small notepad to carry around with me if I stay with that because I only have half of a red journal left. I will check the nutrition facts on those flavors your recommended to me on Monday. Thanks again for all your suggestions.

02-08-2008, 10:14 PM
Hillary - I would make them give you journals! I used the Plan 2 books when I was on Gold, just x'd through some of the circles. Or use a lower plan and add circles - they ended up giving me Plan 1 books for awhile (until I actually started Plan 1) and just added a circle for a fruit and veggie. The way I see it, you have paid them, make them give the things you need! And you know what you need to eat, but the journal, at least for me, is a good tool.

Sorry, don't know about anything else that you are going through...

02-09-2008, 08:03 AM
Good Morning ! I also admire your persistance I would have given up long ago. One of the other members in my center had the same isssues you are having and she took her plan to her dr and had him look it over make suggestion notes on the book itself as to the changes she needed . Then she took the book back to the center and they found the right plan for her. She started losing and has done quite well since then. She does check with her dr on every change that the center suggests before putting it into action though.
You have now found a great support team and bunch of friends that will be a very valuable asset to you and thats the biggest help of all. I also new here but have found that when I am having an issue staying on plan that if I look here someone else is having it or already did and can offer great advice on how to handle it without the giant chocolate bar. So once again congrats for your persistance and know we are all in this get thin and healthy mode together. WELCOME AND BIG HUGS lois

Repo girl
02-09-2008, 11:13 AM
Welcome Glenslady!!!

02-11-2008, 08:18 PM
Yay, I got to talk to the nutritionist today... she was pretty nice and mostly knew what she was talking about. She said she has worked with a lot of people in my situation, except my body seems to be extra stubborn. She actually suggested pretty much everything you guys did (ie. protein at EVERY meal/snack and to get off of LA Lites). She also suggested that I increase my water consumption. I usually drink 8-10 glasses a day, but she recommended that on days I work out to go up to 16!!! Wow! I'm going to be extra hydrated now. Since I'm going off of lites, she switched me back up to Plan 4 which I wasn't too happy about, but I'm willing to try. On Plan 4 I feel like i'm constantly stuffing my face and feel uncomfortably full all day. But, if it helps me loose weight, so be it. I guess it's better than being hungry!

The WI (i'm catching onto the lingo!! woo!!) wasn't to exciting... I actually gained a couple pounds cuz I was a bad girl last night and went to this all you can eat brazilian BBQ place... So at least I know why. I was 253, which is honestly where I've been around for months so I'm not surprised... just sucks its on the high end of my usual range.

So tomorrow Plan 4 starts. I need to grocery shop tonight so I can be POP.

Anyway, just wanted to give you all an update... thanks for all the help and now i'll start posting on losers and friends instead of this thread.....

[edit] oops...she also took away a starch and added half a protein to plan 4 for me.

02-11-2008, 09:01 PM
Hillary, does that mean they are offering your money back?

02-11-2008, 09:53 PM
Well, I hope so. I went to a different center in order to see the nutritionist. She said that if I get a note from my doctor and bring it to my regular center that they will give me my refund no questions asked because its due to a medical condition... So I hope it doesn't become a problem cuz those bars are expensive!! I just have to get a doctor's note now and cross my fingers they give me money back..

Tuesday Cool
02-11-2008, 10:03 PM
Brazilian BBQ sound worth it! Yum!

02-11-2008, 11:14 PM
So glad that someone is looking out for you! I have been seriously stuck for a while now and it's really causing me to lose focus. My center closed so it's been a guessing game as to what plan to be on. I'm giving red another week or so and then tying something else. It was so strange to read your post bc I have thought about your situation since type 2 diabetes runs in my family somewhat....

So glad to have you here! I used to live in SD for college and I know there are 2 others who live there too! We are here for ya so join us over on losers and friends!

02-11-2008, 11:41 PM
Brazilian BBQ was very yummy!

Amy - It's a small world, I went to college up there, well not in Sac, but in Chico. I miss northern california quite a bit.

I think purple comes after red. I was originally on red (but without lites) the first time I did LAWL and then went down to purple when I was about 210 lbs. So, you're probably where you should be to go on purple since you are on lites... especially since you hit your plateau.

It is hard hitting that point, I've thought about giving up SOO many times. Good luck finding what works for you. And say hi to NorCal for me!! :)

02-12-2008, 01:33 AM
Small world! My brother is at Chico-loves it. I'm originally from socal so it's been a nice change of pace for me up here! I do miss SD at times though....when I saw "BBQ" in your post I thought you were going to say you went to Phil's bbq---man I miss that place!!

I did move down to purple after the holidays and didn't lose for a few weeks and decided it was not enough food and put myself back on red....haven't lost on that either! So I'm about to gradually move myself down to purple...I might end up doing purple with an extra protein even though I hate to mess with their lil system....but I just hate not having a protein in the morning....anyway...

Keep us posted on your progress!

Tuesday Cool
02-12-2008, 09:59 AM
Amy, I shifted the program around to suit me and it has worked. After Christmas I realized I did not want to be using the bars as having the sweets seemed to me to crave more and feel less full. Plus, I really thinks they are too much sugar. I had lost 20# and had been told before the COD went AOL that I would be switched to plan 2 at that point. So I moved myself to plan 2 w/o lites. but I added 1/2 protein and unlimited veggies. In addition I have a glass of red wine every night and a small piece of dark chocolate when I want one.
I have lost 10# in the last 7 weeks. With out feeling hungry.

02-12-2008, 11:56 AM
Good for you Tuesday! I'm doing the plat break right now, will follow it up with a fast forward (unlimited TO) and then gradually start changing my plan. I think I'm going to switch to one lite a day (shake), one less starch than I get now and give myself the extra 1/2 protein. That is totally do-able to me.

I know it was suggested that I move to the blue plan. Anyone have the stats on that? It is less protein oz. per exchange, but more exchanges overall. That might be a good option for me as it's meant to keep you full all day if you have a very busy schedule, or one where you work nights etc.

It's been almost 2 months since I've gotten back on track. Granted the weekends have been horrible, but even still I would expect to see losses during the week and I haven't. I'm praying this plat. buster will get things moving again. It's just getting ridiculous!

02-12-2008, 12:30 PM
Glad I found this discussion. I changed from the purple plan to the numbered plans (3) back in October I think it was. I've lost a little since then but have fellt like I've been spinning my wheels with all the up and down. Up until this I had never had a gain. Granted we've had the holidays to deal with which is why I haven't really changed plans yet...I keep saying that I've not really given the plan a chance by sticking to it without "cheating." It just seems to me the extra starches are causing me to crave more of them. Perhaps adding some protein and losing a starch is a good answer for me as well.

02-12-2008, 04:52 PM
Hillary, I went to Chico, and it has been years, but I still miss it. It was a wonderful place when you are college aged. It sounds like they gave you a good plan. Stick with it, I'm sure with all that water you will at least go back down to the lower part of your range here soon, and hopefully start seeing the scale move to down below that range. It sounds like a reasonable response to your issues to shift things around like they have for you. With all the exercise that you are doing, you do need to eat to keep your body fueled.

Amy, I've been a fan of the blue for quite awhile. I think the exchanges are identical to red, except that you get the smaller portions, ie 6 oz of chicken instead of 8, etc. I know it is 2 and 1/2 protein, 3 starches, 1 dairy, 1 fat, 3 fruits and I don't recall the veggies, as I always eat as many as I want... but it might have been 3...

02-12-2008, 07:42 PM
Amy: Blue is 2 1/2 proteins, 3V, 3f, 3S, 1D, 1F, 2 lites. Do you need the protein sizes? I've got an extra blue plan book if you need it. Cindy

02-12-2008, 08:28 PM
Yes- when someone originally suggested blue I didn't realize that the portion sizes of the proteins were different! Can you fill me in on what they are? I've only seen red and purple. I have a gold book that my center gave me when they closed...are the portions sizes (ozs) the same as that? I know it goes down a bit once you are done with purple.

Thanks for the help guys! Blue sounds like the plan I was going to "make up" for myself-but I'd like to know what the difference in protein size is!

02-12-2008, 09:23 PM
Amy, The protein portion sizes for Blue are the same as on Gold. I've probably got both books at home. Purple is higher (have that one too).

Actually I think Blue is only 1/2 protein and 1 starch more than Gold.

I'm currently trying to stick with the good ole Blue. I like having a little protein and a starch for every meal.

02-13-2008, 01:16 PM

I'm new to this forum and to LAWL. Actually, b/c there are no centers open where I live (Chicago) I purchased the "system" online. What I received was a very detailed WORD document which detailed the various colored plans. My understanding from what I receieved is that I am to figure out how much weight I want to lose and then follow that plan (with respect to amounts of daily protein, fat, starch, etc).

This sounds very much like the old Weight Watchers plan. If you are familiar with the old WW "exchange" system, do you agree?

As I am unable to join LAWL for real (again, all the centers around closed up, apparently about a month before I decided to join!), I'm not sure if what I purchased is the whole system.

Everyone here talks about LA Lites, which seem to be a protein bar of some sort. Are these required for success on the plan? The daily plans that I received talk about substituting certain exchanges for a bar, but it does not specify an LA Lite. I believe that what I have says any bar that is less than 180 calories and at least (maybe it says no more than) 10 grams of carbs.

The information that I recieved also talks about a "juice plan", which if I recall correctly (and I certainly could be wrong) is a sort of "jump start" week long (or so) initial plan. Are you familiar with the juice plan, if so, did you do it?

Sorry to bother you with all these questions, but lucky (??) you, your profile in terms of starting weight and goal, are very much in line with mine. Plus, according to your "numbers" you have done extremely well on this plan...CONGRATS!

The end result of all of these things, is that I have nominated you as my personal LAWL Role Model! Unfortunately for you there are no prizes for this wonderful designation, only long distance respect for your accomplishment! I promise not to bother you too much after this message.

Congratulations on your great accomplishment! Your goal is so close I bet you can almost taste it. Probably a bad analogy but I'm sure you know what I mean!


02-13-2008, 02:54 PM
Mo - there is a program explanation and a couple of other threads posted in this forum that could help with all your questions. My Mom did WW years ago and the LA exchange program is VERY MUCH like the plan she was on.

02-13-2008, 08:58 PM
I started out on purple with lites. I needed the sweet, because I have a horrible sweet tooth. Lately, I have been trying to stretch out my LA Lites and have been using Luna, Pria bars, Balance Bars, etc. I looked here on this site for substitutes and came up with a list so I know exactly what I should be looking for. I can shoot you the list if you want.

I never went to WW. I tried Atkins a few times over the last three or four years, but it never lasted and I ended up heavier than ever. I don’t know for sure if you got the whole system or not. I have both purple and gold plans, but that’s about it. Well, gave purple to my mom just the other day, to see if she would like to try it. I guess you could email the doc to me (or someone else if they read this) to see if it jives with what they have…

I just did the juice (see up in the Sticky’s about what to sub for the TO juice) at the beginning. That was the Fast Forward – unlimited protein and green veggies for two days. Then in August, I was not eating, so did a TO (limited protein, unlimited green veggies), and I lost, but it didn’t stick… and what did I do, bought more TO juice…

And yes, I can almost taste it. And I have been just creeping down lately!

Thanks for ‘nominating’ me, I think… :) Honestly tho, I don’t mind helping. In the beginning, I was very anal, about everything. Now, I’m a little bit more liberal. No wonder the scale is creeping. I just do what works for me. And I know that what works for me, might not work for everyone.

03-03-2008, 02:03 PM
O.k. I'm going to jump in here! I don't know anything about LAWL but I do know that I too have what you have (pre-diabetes). You are insulin resistant and probably also have hypo-thyroidism. You will have a weight-loss issue because of these. How do I know...because that's where I'm at. I'm old enough to be your mom however and I know that with age...the weight loss also becomes harder. Reason I'm on this site is I'm looking for (as you are) something that "will" work ALONG WITH support and I think this could be the site for us.
I've done WW, Sugar Busters, South Beach and more...still without alot of success. My endocronologist says "that while it 'will be' hard to lose the isn't impossible!" So I'm taking her at her word! Persistance for BOTH you and I seem to be the key! I've been doing a bit of reading in the past week and from this I know that "processed" foods are probably something I'll need to completely omit and that carbs (the white kind---potatoes, rice, wheat, sugar) also aren't good. So back to the drawing board--reading the labels better and more 'from scratch' cooking! Let us stand together!!! Blessings......

Repo girl
03-03-2008, 03:12 PM
It is ALWAYS possible!

You can do it!