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01-06-2008, 06:00 PM
....and think positively about it.

You are on the treadmill, or eliptical, or what ever it is you are working your cardio out on.....your hips are swingin' and you are working your way to one of those awesome badonkadonks :D Are you there yet? Maybe not, but you will be, so swing it like you already have it!!!!!

Does it feel good? Of course it does!!

Do you image being checked out by the hotty behind you? Of course you do, and he was!!

Does it feel good?

Yah baby it does!!!

Cause and effect, you feel good about what you are changing, you are thinking positive about your changes, and it exudes in your attitude and your positive thinking about yourself. :hug:

Keep up the great work ladies! Gents too, but Im thinking you dont want a hot swingin' badonkadonk :rofl: But Im sure you've got something else you want to show off to the ladies!