100 lb. Club - UH OH Time for the first new year resolution

12-31-2007, 10:21 PM
A while back I posted that I was having a tough time and had gained alot of weight back. I got some great replies that I proceeded to print out so I could re-read them. However, my weakness won out and I just GAINED MORE until I am up to where I started again. I know that part of the problem is stress - my mother is losing ground in her fight against Alzheimers and I watch her fade - but that is not all - I like eating - I feel almost helpless in the grasp of my urge to eat.
I have decided to visit my son in England in May (after my teaching ends) and I want to meet a friend and continue on after a few weeks to Italy - but right now I have trouble walking long distances (I have been going to the physical therapist for problems with my knee, or hip - whatever - my body just can't take the weight). I do exercise every day almost - an hour, on the elliptical trainer or the bike - so heart-wise I am good. I NEED TO GET THE WEIGHT off. My brother has offered to pay for the trip if I take off 25 pounds. If that isn't a kick in the butt I don't know what is.
I have told myself that I will start tomorrow. I am posting here as a challenge to myself to do this. It will be the first New Year's resolution I have ever made. Maybe if I make it public I will really be able to do it.

12-31-2007, 10:28 PM
I relate to you a lot! When I first started seriously trying to lose my weight about a year ago, I felt my addiction to food was impossible to overcome. It just had such an emotional grip on me that I felt I would never be free. But, it is much better now. I notice now when I am eating purely out of emotions or comfort, and my resolution for 2008 is to beat this horrible habit that is holding me back. I am going to tracking my binge free days in my siggy and really focusing on doing other things I have listed instead of turning to food.

It is SO SO hard, isn't it? Those urges that you just have to eat something, anything, and the more, more, more, it is just miserable and can feel impossible to overcome. I found giving up sugar completely helped me a lot, most of the cravings and urges are gone with just that. The sugar addiction was the worst...but I still struggle with turning to food when I get stressed or upset. I still have binges and will be focusing on NOT doing that again. I will have slip ups and so will you...but the trick is not letting it snowball into more and more weight gained. Accept the mistake and get back on track.

We can do this! Have you joined any of the new years challenges that are signing up right now on these boards? They can help you stay focused. Stick around...there are others who know what you are going through. it can be done, I know it can.

12-31-2007, 11:09 PM
yay New Years Resolutions! I'm ducking out on my guests at my own party right now LOL, but I needed a little break!

Let's see...I was working on these earlier, so I think for 2008:

1. continue with the "no fast food" and "no junk food" rule I've enforced for the past 6 months
2. be kinder
3. volunteer more
4. WALK more!!!!