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11-06-2007, 11:14 AM
Good Morning all! I hope your Halloween's proved to be fun and exciting...but not too tempting! I successfully got through Halloween without gaining weight and only eating a couple pieces of chocolate! Furthermore...I made it through my birthday weekend (1st weekend of November) without gaining weight...even better...I continued to lose weight...despite going out to a nice pizza was yum...but I was cautious and made it through...considering I worried about this moment all week long and the fact that I would have to eat pizza and such scared me...but I survived!

Tamara - I am eating one banana per day - I hope to up this number slowly but surely...just because you kicked me in the butt last month about it! Thanks for your support.

I am continuing to work out 6 days per week at the gym. 35 minutes of elliptical followed by about 45 minutes of weight lifting. Some days I am even motivated enough to get back on the elliptical after my weight lifting and pound out another mile or so. I really love the gym these days...I loved it about 6 years ago as well...and it feels the same...I wait all day and get excited to go.

I am still losing steadily....I guess last month when I didn't lose for about 10 days was reaction to my TOM....and that is okay...Since 10/28 I have gone from 213 to 205.5...I do weigh myself at least twice a day...I know some of you don't agree with that logic, but it keeps me on track and lets me watch my body fluctuate...the good news is it doesn't fluctuate very much throughout the day...only after my workout when I have had 32oz of water do I gain weight...but that is generally off by morning (and a few bathroom trips!).

In any case, I am very happy with myself right now. I expect (or at very least I am hoping greatly) that I will beat my mini-goal of 195 by Christmas...approximately 7 weeks away...and if I include my TOM...I should easily make it. Of course, I know that there will be slowing down of this weight loss which will basically suck...but I get through those times by just sticking to routine...anywho...enough of my babble....hope you are all having as great a week as I am!

11-07-2007, 11:32 PM
I love stepping on the scale daily to make sure I am either maintaining or continuing to lose! Slim Fast has really made the difference for me. I have lost 19lbs. in less than 6 weeks – Amanda

Woo Hoo!!!

Thanks so much for letting us see your photo, Tamara! :congrat: How terrific! I really think you look great. God bless you both.

Cutieshirl, for any type of acid-reflux feeling, increase general water intake, avoid foods too late at night, and also remember that celery is a natural acid-reflux remedy. Are you using the canned shakes only? If so, try the blended-with-your-own-milk ones (they don’t require special appliances and a lot of people manage to stir them up at work if they have a fridge there) to see if they “sit” better with you! After I have one, I actually notice that the meal “sits” well (is that odd?). My dh recommends the cans that say, "Easy to Digest" but they are not available everywhere - we have one grocery nearby that carries a lot, but others don't.

When I first began I was snacking mostly on fruit, veggies and a little protein (LF cheese, nuts). Then I started eating their muffin bars and stopped getting enough fresh food. So I'm keeping away from those now. – Jax

I so TOTALLY agree, Jax. It’s not that the snack products by SlimFast aren’t quality items and perfectly fine. It’s that eating that TYPE of thing means that fresh foods don’t have space in the day’s diet and so (for me at least) my plan is foiled. I try to make sure snacks are more on the fresh side – better for weight control and for my system/digestion.

Little Moon Rabbit thanks for letting us in on your success! Sounds great – you have a good handle on how much you need to be eating, etc. We are glad you are here.

No8hunny, you are absolutely right. :yes: To tell you the truth I don’t know how many years SF has had the good information about how many calories for weight, how much fresh foods should be a part, etc. I get the feeling it was there on the internet alone for years before I happened upon the site.

Hi, goincrazyinky. Hmmm … :chin:… I can’t see how it is possible for the milk alone to be any better … … since a full cup of low fat milk from my fridge is the first ingredient I put into my shakes … … so that much good protein/nutrition is always a given. (Yay!) Then in addition the shake gives me fiber and helps with my nutrients, too, and if I choose to put in the ½ cup of chipped ice it ups my water intake without thinking! So I love ‘em! The canned shakes have 2 more grams of protein than a cup of milk (10 as opposed to 8). We do have to be thoughtful about what we choose for snacks, that’s for sure, isn’t it? It would be easy for protein bars to get out of hand - so right.

Out here in maintaining-land I am pretty happy. Since I've continued to exercise, I've continued to firm up slowly and get compliments to keep me smiling even if weight doesn't change. Agree with bargoo, though, that yes it is a little scary, and I'm sure that's true for everyone who loses through any method. Can we STAY where we want to be? I really thought the losing was the only hard part but have new respect for those who keep the weight/size where they want it over the long term. The tendency is to let down our guard, and now it dawns on me - we can't.

Wonder how our dear :preg: 4myself Cheryl is doing? Best wishes going out.

11-08-2007, 10:04 AM
Hi all,

This fall hasn't been great for me. I stumbled off the wagon again - it seems this family has all been too sick in the last couple of months or so. Not too much Halloween candy for me - I don't like most of what the kids get, but not healthy food either. I have a cold (again!) and haven't been doing the right thing diet and exercise wise. Especially exercise.

Amanda - I haven't been stepping on the scale enough, I think that's my problem. Keeping track of my progress (including daily fluctuations) is a big help to me and I've been lax about it.

So it's my birthday on Saturday (right in the middle of my son's hockey tournament!) and I didn't make it to "healthy BMI" for that. But it's still my next goal. Today I go to TOPS and weigh in after a couple of missed weeks. I know I am up but I am determined to get back onto the rails and get an attitude adjustment! We have fresh veggies in the fridge, organic meat in the freezer and I need to get using both.

So I am going to have to adjust my ticker (up) after today's meeting and then get onto this downward path again. Take care all,

11-10-2007, 11:10 PM
Oh, Happy Birthday, Jax! Have a great day.

11-12-2007, 06:52 PM
Thanks Whitlin!

I had an interesting moment today - thought the rotten eating habits this weekend (busy with hockey tournament) had got to me since my jeans were TIGHT, then realised I was wearing hubby's jeans! Prior to this summer I wouldn't have even got them over my thighs. Woo hoo for NSVs!


11-13-2007, 12:48 PM
Yay Jax!

So....haven't posted because I am used to losing anywhere from .5-1lbs every other day or so...have gone a few days where the scale actually fluctuated up...yikes! This freaks me out and it drives me nuts at the same time. I am generally (since the beginning of this journey) very in-tune with my weight fluctuations...but it could be TOM creeping up on me. In any case, the scale has finally moved back down today to .5lbs less than my lowest...which makes me feel better....but I have a story to tell and would like some insight if you all could be of some here goes:

Working out and eating as normal - 6 days a week work out, 1200 or so calories per day. Scale suddenly stops moving for a week (I know, I'm a wimp - but my scale moves almost daily these for sudden halts, I freak)....well, yesterday I got called into work to work 10 hours for a sick co-worker...wasn't able to pack lunch and just tooks some snacks...but by the time 5:30 came around, I was in ravenous mode...(I aim to have my largest meal at lunchtime - btwn. 1-3pm) got home, munched a little -but too lethargic and achy to manage to cook a meal...forced myself to go to the gym and did only 1/2 my workout....decided I needed to get some brownies to make my day better (I buy the No-Pudge Fat Free Brownies that you make with yogurt)...then I remembered that there was some rosemary bread that I just love...and needed (my brain was not functioning at this point...I usually don't break down...but that was where I was at last night...broken down)...oh...then called DBF to ask what for dinner (this is 9pm mind you) and he can't decide so I decide on .... eeeek! Taco Bell! Yup...I had 1 crunchy taco, 2 chalupas and a side of nachos with cheese....I knew that this would not do it for me....scale wise....however, I wake up this morning after crap workout, crap eating..and finally lose....oh, and I only had about 6 servings of H2O yesterday....what is with this?

HELP!!!!!!!!!!! I don't want to eat like this and know it was a weak moment, but why did I lose? I need your all-knowing minds to come up with some answers :)

11-13-2007, 12:51 PM
P.S. Brownies were baked last night but not eaten...bread is in freezer...yay for overcoming some of life's obstacles!

11-14-2007, 09:36 AM
Hi gatormanda,

Body weight always plays these tricks on us:hug:. I can have lousy (eating) days and then still lose at the end of it, or I can get back on track, as I have been this week, and not see any movement. Wait a couple of days before you rejoice/worry about it. Sometimes a little shake up in routine is enough to get things going - making the bread and brownies but not overstuffing is a NSV in itself, and proof that you're travelling the path you need to. I had a major plateau this summer, which followed a vacation in which I didn't stay on plan, yet maintained. When I went back to my plan, I didn't lose. It's frustrating but eventually I started losing again. Just think of how much better your body is with the healthy regime, and keep it up. Yes, it's great when the weight just seems to melt off, and less stellar when it gets stuck, but you are improving your health *all* the time you follow the plan, not just when you are losing.

What I found is that tweaking *can* work, but you have to stick with the tweak for a few weeks to really test it. Changing too often just gets one confused and disillusioned. That's how I've come to the conclusion that a meld of slimfast/Sonoma diet is what works for me.

Keep going!

11-14-2007, 05:11 PM
Well, things are still going better this week. Lost another 1/2lbs. and down to 204.5....i feel cheesy saying it but am excited to be very close to the infamous onederland!

Interested in my irksome story of the week? I have a co-worker @ my part-time job who I consider a friend....but...she is one of those friends' who is I mean always right. I myself am very open to accepting everyone's ideas - even if they don't work for me and vice versa. She isn't and it drive me nuts. Everything I do regarding my weight her wrong. (Funny how I am still losing rather steadily huh?) I know, I should just ignore and not discuss it with her, but I'm kind of the chatty it is hard...(of course, once I put something in my head...I'm pretty good at sticking to it....) So...she knows my obsession with the scale - I weigh after bathroom breaks when I am home to see my weight fluctuations throughout the day...I like it, it doesn't depress me, and I record my lowest weight as the one first thing in the morning. She (in an amazingly appalled voice) decides to tell me how incorrect this is ("at curves they tell us to do it once a week" ) blah blah blah...which is apparently fine for her...but not for me...right now....I need motivates me and lets me see (like for instance after a bowl of chili that is high in sodium) weight fluctuations...I like to know what foods affect me and my goal.

Anywho...I don't know how you all weigh yourself, and I hate to say it, but I don't really long as it works for you....the way I weigh (no pun intended) works for me! I actually like the high level of accountability it gives me.

Argh! Argh! Argh!

p.s. i did double my cardio workout last night on the elliptical - 66 minutes instead of 33 (5.1 miles) yahoo! not sure what got into me, but i enjoyed it and didn't hurt any afterwords....let's hope I can do that more often!

11-19-2007, 05:51 PM
Well, I haven't heard from my SF team lately - but I figured I'd add another post...even if I was the last one (guilt trip, guilt trip!) I just had to announce that I am closer to my goal every week & love it. I weighed in at 203.5 this morning and am so excited after almost a whole week @ 204.5...I know, I shouldn't complain, but I like to lose 2lbs. per week....I know ...I'm a whiner! In any case, the most exciting part of waking up and losing a lb is that the infamous TOM came to visit me yesterday I assumed no weight loss for a week....but I beat that sucker up by drinking tons of water this weekend!

Well, I hope you are all having a great November and have a wonderful and stress-free Turkey Day!

11-21-2007, 10:01 AM
Amanda - one pound down with TOM is perfectly acceptable, certainly if you've been "stuck" for a little while. Stick with it! I was having 2lb per week losses in the summer, but now it's rarely more than 1lb per week, it will slow down! You'll get to ONEderland soon though - woo hoo! :carrot: Part of the slower loss for me is that it's just so much easier to include more healthful veggies etc. when they are freshly available.

I'm doing OK this week - Monday wasn't good, but I am back on plan. Still up from Monday morning's weight but below last week. We'll see at TOPS tomorrow.

Take care,

11-24-2007, 12:42 PM
How was everyone's Turkey Day? Did you make out okay? I didn't cook (baked a cheesecake that I didn't even taste!) but dinner was very salty...which I could taste on my tongue for 2 days afterwards! Yikes! In any case, I have lost since Turkey Day and can only be excited about that! Yahoo!

I'm eating more veggies and have found Kashi Frozen Pizzas are excellent. Low Cal, Low (enough) fat, lots of cheese and flavor, a lot of fiber & protein, but unfortunately a little higher in sodium than I personally like...but I'm not going to kick them out of my life for that reason - they are very filling and very good....serving size is 1/3 of the pizza, but I ate 1/2 the other night as my big meal and felt very full from it and I didn't feel that the calorie/fat content from eating half was too much (only 434 cals and 13.5 fat grams...bonus is 6 gr. fiber and 21 gr. on 854 mg of sodium in 1/2 a pizza) ...I had the 5 cheese & tomato and it was goooood! (I also had a serving of carrots it wasn't complete junk food!)

In any case, hope all is well with everyone and that you all survived our little holiday here (or if you are not in the US - your week!).

1 month to go to lose 6lbs for my first ever mini goal - keep your fingers & toes crossed!
Happy Weekend!

11-26-2007, 12:08 PM
I'm in Onederland! Yahoo!!!!!!!!!! Hope everyone is having a wonderful week, I know I am starting Monday out fab! (Minus the fact that I can't catch up with work because I'm on here!)

11-26-2007, 12:16 PM
Gator, congrats on making it to onederland!

11-26-2007, 10:48 PM
Woo hoo Amanda! Glad to see you in ONEderland. Spend some time feeling great - you're on your way to goal. Way to go!



11-28-2007, 10:13 AM
Thank you Thank you Thank you!!! I wish I had more time to feel great but I have been so dang busy with work (I sell real estate and am actually complaining for a bit that my phone is ringing off the hook!) In any case, I hope all of you are finding success as I am. Keep exercising and eating right!