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08-30-2007, 10:55 AM
I need some help for those of you who still have there contract that you could look at. I just got back from my WI at COD and I only have 1 more wk of wt loss left then I go into stabilization and of course the LA lite discussion came up because I brought my last 2 boxes home last week. I told her that I have plenty of lites at home with buying them online and through the left over bars from my sister, and she came me a look from ****. She said that is breaking the contract and that she doesn't have any control over that and that I shouldn't trust bars from online whether or not they would be tainted in some way bla bla bla bla! I cut her off when she started to tell me how much they were on sale, I told her it was wasted energy I will not put anymore money into the program I already spent close to $1,000!!!!! So she left it at that and didn't say anymore, but I want to be prepared when I go for my next weigh in. Does it say anywhere on the contract that we have to buy the lites from them? I wish I knew where I put my contract but I can't come up with it. Thanks for listening to me vent and any help you guys can give me would be great.

08-30-2007, 11:08 AM
My contract says that I am required to buy lites. It does not say buy lites from LAWL.

08-30-2007, 11:42 AM
They may not have given you one which is also a breach. I had to beg for a copy two times! They had is on a single page and said they would give me a copy but they did not. I had to ask 2 more times for a copy. I think they have any of us over the barrel they can say anything we do is a breech. Thank God I didn't invest that much money. Sorry you are having so much trouble.

08-30-2007, 11:43 AM
My enrollment agreement says nothing about having to eat nor buy a certain amount of L A Lites only that they cost extra and are not included in the enrollment fee. In another section it states you have been told that the L A lites and supplements are key components of the program and will cost additional amount. ~ I choose not to do the lites since the start of my program which was 7/30/07. When I first went to my consultation I straight out asked about them and if I had to use them and my answer was no~ of course when I went in for my first appointment they showed me the video and asked which ones I would be interested in and I said "none, you told me when I first signed up I wouldn't have to use them if I didn't want to." My center is a franchisee so I don't know if that makes a difference and it is the Feel Full Plan. The agreement also gives a number and email saying you can contact them if you are dissatisfied

Ask to see a copy of your agreement that you signed. Sorry to hear you are having trouble with this.


08-30-2007, 12:36 PM
My actual "original" contract says lites are not required. HOWEVER...I did sign the agreement regarding getting a rebate after stabilization and 1 year of maintenance. That contract says LA Lites are required (don't know if it says you have to buy from them). I'd assume so otherwise they don't know if you are actually using them and thus voiding the contract. I don't have it with me at work but when I get home I'll look at it and see exactly what it says.

08-30-2007, 05:47 PM
Thanks so much for all your help!

living the lifestyle
08-30-2007, 10:15 PM
Ok Nanette,
Here is the quotes from my contract. I began the program February, 2007 & go to a franchise center.

Service Guarantee
"If for any reason you fail to lose (#of lbs. to lose) in (#of weeks it should take at 2lbs. a week) weeks, LA Weight Loss Centers will continue your program until you have lost the amount of weight indicatied - WITHOUT ADDITIONAL CHARGE FOR OUR SERVICES. LA Lites and Vitamins / Supplements will be available at their regular prices. Initial enrollment and set-up fee of $149 in non-refundable.
This guarante is only valid under the following conditions:
I will follow the LA Weight Loss Centers program and will...
a. Visit the center at least three (3) times weekly
b. Only consume foods for all meals as directed by the company
c. Follow the personalized counseling as instructed
d. Take the service weeks consecutively
e. Consume LA Lites as directed by the company

The cost of product is not included in this enrollment agreement. LA Lites are $32 per week or less in bulk. While they are designed to enhance your weight loss, they are not mandatory nor required to successfully complete the program. However, you must consume the LA Lites to qualify for this service guarantee. Products not picked up fromt he center within 18 months of purchase will incur a one dollar per month per box storage charge. Unused products/services will be forfeited after three years. All products purchased on sale are non-refundable."

It then talks about check writing & how you can't copy or sell the program. Finally, it says
"You are entering into this Enrollment Agreement and Service Guarantee with T-Knox, Inc., an independent Franchisee. T-Knox, Inc., and not the Franchisor is responsible for all obligations to you under this agreement or otherwise connected to the weight loss program."

So my contract says only consume LA Lites. I'm not sure if you needed extra weeks for free or were concerned about getting your rebate. I'll do a separate post & post the contract for the rebate since this one is getting long.


living the lifestyle
08-30-2007, 10:32 PM
Ok, here is the contract for the LA Weight rebate

"Reaching your weight loss goal is only the first step to becoming the new you. At LA Weight Loss Centers, we want to ensure that you keep your weight off. With that goal in mind, and as an extra incentive to help you follow the weight loss guidelines you learned while on the LA Weight Loss program, we are offering the LA Weight Rebate offer to:

After Successfully completing the weight loss and stabilization phases of your LA Weight Loss program, and complying with the terms of the maintenance phase of your program set forth below, LA Weight Loss Centers will rebate 50% of your program costs (setup and supplements not included) as follows:

Phase 1: 25% refund of program costs returned after six months of maintenance if goal weight is maintained.
Phase 2: 25% refund of program costs returned after one year of maintenance if goal weight is maintained.

Terms: You must comply with the following steps to validate your LA Weight Rebate:
1) One Nu-Lite or Drink daily during maintenance (must be old name for lites?)
2) Goal weight must be attained during the weight loss phase of the program.
3) Complete the six-week stabilization phase of the LA Weight Loss program
4) Visit the center once a week for weigh-in and counseling during the maintenance phase
5) Be within five (5) pounds of your goal weight at the conclusion of Phase 1
6) Be within five (5) pounds of your goal weight at the conclusion of Phase 2"

I hope this helps...from what I can tell both contracts only say you must consume the bars. I would print out your receipts from ebay to verify that you have been consuming them....and if you really need to convince them have your sister sign something saying she gave you the bars.

I've kept my contract in a safe place because I stick to the program religiously & am not losing the 2lbs. a week as promised (though I'm not complaining about the 40 I'm down!). When I went in to sign up, I was very concerned about the contract because I had heard they rip you off and that no one gets the rebate at the end. I knew I couldn't make it 3x's a week, so I had the manager that signed me up agree that I still qualified if I came 1-2x a week and made her write that in the contract. I also made her write N/A across the part that says you have to consume the bars for the guarantee and rebate because when signing me up, she said that you didn't (even though I do use the bars). I'll be anxious to see when I get to the end of my purchased weeks if I will have tough time getting the extra weeks or not. Good luck on getting your guarantee/rebate (not sure which you are trying for) & let us know what happens.


08-30-2007, 11:32 PM
Thanks so much for the info. It will be interesting to see how she confronts me next week at my WI because after I told her it was a waste of energy for her to give me the talk about how cheap the lites were this week she dropped and told me she would see me next week. I will let you know the update next week.