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07-26-2007, 10:22 PM
I found this site to be very informative and thought I would try to give something back. I'll try to update this thread periodically with my thoughts on the food, which I just received this afternoon.

My first impression wasn't very good since both gelatin desserts had come open and - while they were still partially "solid" - there was red liquid all over the place soaking into cardboard containers, etc. Fortunately, the muffins are also wrapped in plastic (and not just in the little cardboard box). Everything else is in plastic containers and so is ok just sticky!

The good news is that the customer service person I spoke with was very nice and credited my account for those two items immediately. I just love good customer service so two thumbs up for that! :)

07-30-2007, 12:26 AM
After three days on this diet, I have to say - the food is so delicious! Here's what I've had so far:

Banana muffin and pear
Chicken breast a la marinara with whole wheat spaghetti
Chips Ahoy - 100 cal pack
Turkey chili with black beans and crackers
Jelly beans

Strawberry orange muffin and orange
Baby carrots and ranch dip
Chili rubbed beef steak with candied sweet potatos, sauteed veggies and feta cheese
Fiery chicken breast with chicken flavored couscous and Normandy blend veggies
Chocolate chips

Pumpkin muffin and apple
Baked Lays
Turkey quesidilla
Chicken florentine lasagna

The muffins are to die for! And - with the notable exception of the beef steak (which was so tough and awful I couldn't even chew it) - everything has been just wonderful. It's so nice to be given the perfect portions of normal food - not diet food.


P.S. My starting weight was 139, and I have a goal of 125. I'm only going to weigh myself once a week, so no update on that until next Thursday.

Suzanne 3FC
07-31-2007, 02:13 AM
Oh that all sounds yummy! Isn't it great to have someone cook for you? :) Good luck, and please keep us updated on your progress!

08-04-2007, 08:27 PM
2.3 pounds lost in week one! Food continues to be excellent. I just had pot roast, new potatos and corn for dinner. A caution about the salads, though. The lettuce for all three salads I was supposed to have was rotten. Yuck! So I just ate the rest of the ingredients since I was at work with no access to lettuce. Customer service was again very pleasant and credited me for those meals. The nice thing about this program is that you have up until the afternoon two days before your delivery to place your order. I had five days on the diet before having to select the food for this week so I was sure to avoid the salads and order my favorites as well as several new things (like tonight's dinner - yummy!). I've learned a bit about the snacks, too. I love the 100 calories packs of anything (oreo and chips ahoy crisps, cheddar ritz chips, wheat thins, etc.). There's a lot in them and I can just eat them slowly for half an hour or so, which I much preferred to some of the other snacks (e.g. two graham crackers). Another tip, make sure you go into the ingredients I hate section, and then the meals that contain the ingredients you selected show up in yellow so you don't accidentally order them. Very useful to me for avoiding anything with cabbage, peppers, and pickles - which I hate! I actually have a t-shirt that says "Pickles are cucumbers soaked in evil". Ha! :D