Support Groups - Lo-Carb Club #13 (A LUCKY NUMBER!)

12-14-2001, 12:57 AM
Hello My Friends!

Please go back and read all posts on #12 before posting here!

Our internet is still screwy...but I refuse to complain! At least I can get on most of the time!

Thank you all for the hellos and good wishes about the dress. Yes, it is a relief to get one! I hope to have some pictures taken!

Thanks also for the words about the breakfast choices. I am eatting regular "Quaker Oats" (not instant). There are 27 carbs in a 1/2 cup. I have that and 1/2 grapefruit. Lunch and dinner are the same. Protein and veggies. (I watch portions carfeully.) I am staying away from the peanuts!!! I have also just about cut cheese out completely. I will try this for a few weeks and see how Mr. Scale reacts! I have been doing well with the changes. I am not noticing any differences since adding the "new" foods. (I thought for sure I wound go crazy with cravings or get a "carb" headache or something.) But, so far so good!

I will put up the Friday weigh in thread. ('s not just pounds lost....share something with us!!!)

I want to give you each and INDIVIDUAL hello....but we are fading fast here with java errors and blinking I am gonna start the other thread and hope for the best!

Hugs ..... hugs----- HUGS to you all!
Dana (Hopeful as ever!)

12-15-2001, 12:24 AM
BOO Huge cyber hugs for you!!!

i am very kleery about the shakes for now, but if that is what you need to do go for it. they do make a great low carb shake that i think is good,. Carb Solutions. i like the vainlla.

I know how hard it is. truly and it is even harder to get bak OP when you are off and the longer you are off the more harder it is. i had to kick start my self with some metabolite, and that is what got me back op. I was so depressed that i could not stand my self and couls not look in the mirror to see the fat. I still have a hard time with that. the pressure we put on our selves is great. you first need to learn to respect and love your self. because if you do not do this for you then you can not do it. you have to beable to forgive your self for sliping and then it will be easier to stay op as you will not be so critical of your self if you start to fall. by knowing you have problems and will occasionally put the wrong foods in your mouth if you jump down your throat then you will feel like a filure and then the rest of the day and even the week is now destroyed, if you accept the fact OH gosh i just ate that and i did not want to, or need to then you can get bak OP for the rest of the day and you will not have done that much damage. It is ok if you do not let it ruin your day.

my concern about the slim fast is the carbs, and fluid retention with the carbs, but you [probable already have put on your carb fluid. so that will not be much if anything for retention. I know how desperation can drive you and your mind, as well as the depression, just do not let it get the better of you. you are a worthwile person and you are needed and loved, so do not think that you can not do this. you will it will take time and energy to get down there. i swore that by the time i was 40 i would be at goal weight when i was 40 i was at my highest i ever was. so i know where you are. and we will get you to where you need to be, it will just take some time.

Dana glat to hear you post. i can not wait till we see some picts of you in that black dress!!!

to all you others where are you???

Pam got your card, thanks.

Lee I am worried about you, you usualy have posted by now.even just to pop in and say hi. i know it is a hard time to stay OP, if that is it just come and say hi and then take one step at a time to get back op. one baby step at a time to get theee. it can not be done all at one time.

Pat!!! hey girl how did this week go. I know that you were awful busy before and was having a hard time noot caving so i am checking in!!

Mary if you are out there check in we are woried!!!

12-16-2001, 03:16 PM
hi all. i went out with my 11 year old daughter last night to have dinner and for the first time in along time i had fun. i didn't think oh i can't eat this or that i just had fun with her. this won't be long i think i have the flu or something today. i got my hair done and that makes me feel alot better. i've been off exercising the past 4 days been to depressed. i'm in better spirits today just feel kind of crappy physically. gotta go will check in later

12-17-2001, 06:42 AM
Good Monday Morning,

Well How is everyone doing? I could be better. I am still trying to juggle too much. ANd as Sue says being way to hard on my self. Can't wait till some things are over with. Like x-mas, PT, etc. I caved to the calling of the crabs this wekend. I made cookies. I told myself I wouldn't cave but I was lying to myself. SO today I have puffy eyes and fingers. So it is strictly OP. To be honest with you they didn't even taste good to me. I just ate them. So I need to re-commit myself and move on. When things like this happen to me I just refocus myself. Push the water and exercise. I talked about that book by Dr. Phil Life laws #1 Either you get it or you don't. So I either get teh knowledge that when I eat this, thsi happens. I am the one who chooses' what I put in my mouth. I either manage my stress appropritaely or not. I can do the things that help me cope like exercise daily or not. It is prettey simple, just not easy at times.

I need to be commited to myself daily!! I am worth the effort. I have lost alot of weight and inches. And that is worth and feels alot better than any cookie does.

SO I am off to teh room!!

SUe and B00 come join me in my commitment for today!
B00 I hope you feel better.
SUe how are you hin? Do we need a 5 day challenge?

Hello everyone else

12-17-2001, 03:44 PM

YES we do I need it more than ever. I find that i am starting to judge the amount of carbs in the choocolates to see how many i can eat!!!

I have had 3 today (white chocolate wafers that you make candy with) HELP!!!!!

Where is the duct tape???

If this was a planed off program i would not have a second thought about it but i find that i am having my cravings so i just took some chromium, and will stuff my face with some meat or cheese!!!

BOO I can understand. I hope that you have a beter time this week. make a time to just go and do the exercise you need some BOO time just to be you for a while, then do mindless exercise without thinking.

Wee all need this time at the year end. I enjoy my time exercisisng, i am mindless then and do not think about the bills r anything but the beatles when they are yelling in my ear!!!

Pat i am getting things ready for my first session tomorow night i will let every body know hoe it goes but i also have found some stuff i had filed on staying op and goal setting

i have found that although i want to lose the weight i am afraid of what will be there when i do, and that i will not look as good as i want to look, so i am trying to deal with that and that in itself is creating roadblocks. and with your added stress of new job your body is trying to go back to it's comfort zone of being fat that is why you are having such a hard time. I will post the info when i have more time but for now all just hang on it is important. we allare goind through stress, and we just need to get through this time

BOO just make it through this holiday then concentrate on your weight loss. it is to much to try to do both. You need to find acceptance and realize that we are human and we make mistakes, we can not and will never be perfect or we would not have gained the weight in the first place, and when we realize that then we can start to let go fo the weight that we have. but the first step is to forgive our selves and accept our selves before we can start to love our selves, once we start to love our selves then we can start to respect our selves and then we can care for our selves, and lose the weight.

12-18-2001, 01:03 AM
Hello My Friends,

Sorry I have not been posting more....but until we get some kind of upgrade.......the computer/internet is more of a headache than the pal it used to be. I cannot describe it. I have lost EVERYTHING we had stored. There is e-mail I was saving.......and never received!! (If anyone sent me anything........I did not get I apologixe for not responding!) I also lost my entire address book and all my bookmarks/favorites. It is nearly impossible to do anything and I promised myself I would not get discouraged.......but I do!

Anywhoooooooooooo.......Here I am!

I agree that this SEASON of "not so goodies." is making life tough! I am an administrative assistant in an elementary I have been receiving lots of home-made delights just screaming to be eatten. Luckily with the boys home the stuff gets eatten quick! But....getting it home is a challenge. I was stuck for 20 minutes waiting for a train today with chocolate covered nuts beside me in the front seat! I caved. But I did not go overboard! Each day is a challenge. As I wrote in the poem on the weigh in thread....our staff lounge is like a bakery! Today our maintenance man brought in a giant tray of cookies for us. I said NOT ONE......and stuck to it. (I hope when I go back to work tomorrow they will be gone!) It is hard, but planning in the key. We have to be strong. How sad it is that we cannot allow ourselves to endulge as others do. But, we know why. We must stay away from the POISON that got us here in the first place. Plan. Have one. If you think you cannot stop at one....have none. If you fail................start over. The only failure is in not getting back up again after you fall. I PROMISE to be here as DUCT TAPE for everyone. And....I want you to promise me you will be here for me too! I want this sooooooo bad.....and I don't want a few cookies or chocolate covered pertzels to be the end of all my hard work! We can do it gals! We have to! I promise to be strong WITH YOU! dear, dear, nasus! You always look out for us with your advice and kind words! I hope that all is going well for you with the job/home/family. I know how hard you are working. I apologize for not getting personal messages out to you all. You have been on my mind a great deal! I keep hearing your words about how easy it is to FALL this time of year.........and I want to stand tall! I have adjusted my eatting to include the oatmeal and some grapefruit for breakfast. (The numbers were 245 and 172...if you can tell me what that means, I will appreciate it.) Thanks also for the good words about "the dress." The party was Saturday, and I felt and looked beautiful. Yes, I can say that to you, my friends. My son took a couple of pictures of me and hubby so I hope they turn out. I got alot of compliments. Only one person asked, "How much did you lose??" I hesitated to say I said about 40. She looked shocked and then I wished I had not told her. I mean, I am still 5'9" and 216 pounds. The dress was an 18. I don't know what she thought....but I am glad nobody asked if I lost weight or how much. I just got alot of compliments saying I looked nice. I think that over the past several years....going there as a size 22 or 24....I was always just big. Maybe I carried it well and they did not notice it. I am glad! I SURE NOTICED IT...because I need to tell you something. I went to the ladies room during the presentation of new employees....and was the only one in there. They remodeled since last year and the ladies room is in 2 parts.......the potties.......and a lounge area with the sinks. I kindof got turned around after looking for the sinks......and came across a big full length mirror. I caught a glimpse of the "person" and though, "Gee, she looks pretty!", and smiled at her as I was looking for the exit door. Then I realized that I was alone....and the person I smiled at and thought looked pretty was me. I swear to you....this happened. I got a lump in my throat as I tried to hurry back to our table in the ballroom. When I sat back down my husband turned to me and asked if I was alright. I said yes........and then shared the story the next day. I do not know if he fuly understood I how I felt....but I know you, friends do. With 46 pounds gone...I danced with more confidence. I excused myself between tables without making people "pull in too much." I ate the h'ordiouves without being self conconcious. Also......for the first time in years....I was not...repeat....was NOT the BIGGEST one there. With my 2 1/2 inch heals....I was not even the tallest. My husband must have told me a hundred time how proud he was of me and how pretty I looked. He also were always just look even better. Funny, I have been so "puffy" in this fat suit for so long that the REAL me at times (like in that mirror) looks like a stranger. I look like a younger version of the Dana I have been staring at for years. It is scary and wonderful and SCARY to know that I could screw it all up by allowing myself to go back to CARB ****. I do not want to live in carb ****. I want to eat right, exercise, lose the rest of this tonnage and maintain a successful life forever! I will drive this bus forever if necessary. I have YOU ALL to thank for alot of my success. Coming here and reading and sharing and learning has made all the difference. were my first BUDDY to grab me by the hand....and I will never, NEVER forget that. There are not words enough to thank you. While I am taking up all this time to write...I want you (and everyone else out there) to know that!

FRALICK........the same kind words go out to you! When I was about ready to chuck it all....(you know what I mean) were the one who said NO......find a place and stay. on the misc thread we pulled the bus out......and boy has it been a ride! You are always here and have been a constant sorce of strength. I hope all is going well for you! Give yourself the same kind of advice you share with the rest of us and you will be fine. I know you will. Again, you have sooooooo much to be proud of. We are all struggling with the same issues this holiday season. We will get thourgh it TOGETHER!

BOO........take it one day at a time! If that gets to be too much...take it one meal...or one hour at a time. You have to be ready. I hit rock bottom more times than I care to admit. When you are truly ready you will have the success you crave. Keep trying. Keep trying! We are here!

Hello to everyone else out there. There are plenty of seats on this BUS TO GOAL! We also do a weigh in thread on Fridays.

Please join!

This is rather long...but, I needed to share. Again....thank you, thank you, THANK YOU for what you continue to give me as we take this journey together. I hope that I have been the same kind of hope and inspiration to you all that you have been to me.


12-18-2001, 01:09 AM
Your all right I am to hard on myself and I shouldn't. I've lost alot of weight these past 2 years and that's what counts. My 6 year old has to have 2 root canals and a crown in 2 weeks and I have been crying alot today for not taking her to the dentist earlier. It's so hard to take off work but I should of NEVER let work come before taking her to the dentist. She's been complaining for 2 wks but she hates school and plays sick everyday so I didn't believe her until she woke up saturday with 2 abcess's in her mouth. I feel so horrible but they put her on medication today and school's out wednesday so she can be home. I VOW to NEVER let work interfere with my life anymore. I have my own in home business so if client's get mad oh well there's more out there. You know it is scarey to get to your goal weight I have MANY TIMES only to gain it back. Once you get there your proud but feel lost after the celebration wears off. I felt on top of the world about 6 months ago (weight off) but now I feel like crap. I went to library and got some books to read to keep my mind busy with other things besides food and it's working.

12-18-2001, 07:27 AM
Well What a bunch of days we are all having!! Whew!!

I will start with myslf that I had an OP day yesterday. It wasn't easy. I fought myself with the candy and cookie thing all day!! WHat a time I had going thru in my haed!!! "GOT STRESS?". Boy it is awful to wish the holidays were over. But I do.
My maels yesterday were
1C kashi w/ 1% milk
1 chef salad
1 orange
1 sugar free yugurt
sugar free pudding for a snack
1 piece of cheese
But shy on the water front.

Only 30 mins w/o

Well any way. What great posts that I really needed to hear. We all seem to be at an impasse of some sorts. I remeber e-mailing a women over at 100# club who was fighting teh same few #'s going from the 200's to teh 100's. SHe just wanted to lose 4# to make that hurdle and she jsut wasn't making it. I suggested to her that is was a menatl thing. And at first she denied that then she thought maybe that was so. WHat happens when we make goal? WHo are we then? We are not a fat person dieting anymore. What becomes our focus? I believe that that I can live with the failure alot easier than the success. Because I know how failure feels. I don't think I know success well. I need to believe that I am worth the effort and success of my weight loss journey. I musn't beceome complacent. ANd I am not nearly as close as you all are. I feel complacency weaving it's way back into my life again. I am rededicating myself to today. Just today, I will be OP. No extra carbs. I need to do some soul searching and reminding myself of my goals. What I will gain etc.

DANA_ You are awesome. Thanks for teh words of support. I am my worst enemy. I get so much by our little peice of teh 3fc world here. You're right the bus is rolling. We are on it, duct tape and all. I loved your story thank you for sharing it. When you are faced with teh carb devil close your eyes and envision that moment in teh bathroom when you realized that beautiful woman was you!! You don't have a virus in your computer do you? I wouldn't think that changing providers would do all that to your computer? Do you have current antivirus software on your computer?

Sue, I will be thinking of you. A moment at a time. That is all we have to worry about. You are so close to goal. Have you done some soal searchiig? WHo will you be when you reach goal? WHat is keeping you from getting there. How many #'s till you have reached your goal? You are so close I envy and fear where you are at. You a asourse of strength and knowledge to me. Go out and get tthat book life startegies by DR. PHIL. It is amazing.

B00- ANother woman close to goal. I too would stay away from those shakes due to teh carbs. You are being very hard on yourself. You love your daughhter and do your best. You have made awesome progress so far!! You will get togoal. It is just going to take a little moer time than you'd like. Like SUe said just take in today. PLan your meals, commit to yourself. Drink lots of water and exercise. Just worry about today.


I hope I can maintain my weight from last week. Nothing tastes as good as I felt when I bought my size 20 jeans!! They are loose now. I want to wear as ize 12-14. That is my goal. I want to not to worry about how I look. I deserve to be the size I want. I am worth the effort and hard worlk it will take to get me there. I am the only one who chooses what goes in my mouth!!

We will do thins we will conquer the holidays and teh devil carbs

I wantto thank you all. You are a sourese of strength for me. I am off to face the day.

12-19-2001, 05:48 AM
Got Fluid?

Well I do. I had 3 cookies and 2 andies chocolates. I have no excuse but poor planning. In addition to a day w/o enough water. Tonite I am meeting friends for a holiday dinner, WIll do my best. Hope everyone is well I am off to exercise today. DIDn't yesterday. Big Hugs for all. This will soon be over( the holidays)

12-19-2001, 07:27 PM
Hooray! I managd to get on! We think the who "computer" problem is that we do not have a good enough computer (more memory) for the new system adopted by AT & T. For now we wil have to tuff it out!

I am on plan.......but had to fight myself away from a box of chocolate candy last night. Are any of you familiar with Sarris Candy? It is made in Canonsburg, (near Pittsburgh) and the BEST around! I got a box of assorted nuts, (my favorite) and they were SCREAMING my name last night! I fought the good fight....and would NOT break open the plastic seal. (Me soooo proud!)

Not much new here. Both boys are home from college so cooking and laundry is the order of each day! I come home from work and it's kp duty for me while the washer and dryer scream for mercy!!!

Hubby and I decided NOT to buy eachother anything for Christmas as we needed a new living room suit in the worst way! That was our "gift." Well, yesterday he came home with a gift for me. It is not for Christmas he explains...........just because he loves me! It is a beautiful snow globe that lights up and snows automatically full of and decorated with polar bears. It plays Christmas music. He said he saw it when we were shopping for the boys and thought of me since the polars are my favorite at the zoo! He actually WENT TO THE MALL....something he does only once a year with ME 'cause he hates to shop do purchase it. It was so sweet! He is the best!

Well..........I need a shower and an early bedtime. I stayed up LATE last night wrapping gifts ..........stayed up the other nights 'til all hours doing Christmas cards...............shucks! I have been sleep deprived!

Hello to you all and lets be merry without the mean ole carbs out there! Do not deprive yourself............Just plan! (I had a guilt free oatmeal cookie today and 2 pieces of homemade chocolate.)

Hugs and Ho Ho Ho to you all!

Dana (Hopeful that nobody opens that Sarris candy or I will surely have to partake of more than my share! LOL)

12-20-2001, 06:07 AM
Hi all,
Want to just stop for aminute. Yes Virgina X-mas will soon be over!! Can't wait for that to happen. My x-mas party was awesome. They had taken pictures at my going away party and had a group one framed and it is one of the best x-mas presents ever, I was driving home last night and was gratefil for the people in my life I am pretty lucky!. STayed op during dinner! Got my water in yesterday!!. Still retaining fluid. And the scale is still at 232# So that is a plus!.

Sue how did things go?

Dana I am sorry about teh computer. But new furniture sounds exciting! Give DH an extra hug!

B00 How are you?

And where is everyone else?

12-20-2001, 06:43 PM
OH MY!!! I have tears in my eyes thinking of how you must have felt Dana! WOW! Thanks for the kind words. I was just tasting the white chocolate (that i used to put on the PRETZLES!!!) and now i feel confident in leaving it off.

And for you too pat and BOO! I have been having b=very little time at the puter getting things going and with hubby home!! so i am here.

I am not sure why i have a block but i know that it is there. i need to wrk through it. Why else would i run to the candy even when it is up on the fridge!! PB was better. I just need to hit the chromium faster too. I think the fear is leaving the comfort zone. of where i have always been. You know the fear of change!!! I never thought of me as being afraid of change but i am. I can not think of one time i have actually achieved a goal no matter what it was.

I have a chid crisis i have to tend to and will not be able to get back till tomorow. MUST RUN!

12-20-2001, 10:14 PM
Hey All!

Nothing new to share here! Just busy fighting the good fight and getting ready for the 25th like the rest of ya! I will get the FRIDAY weigh in thread going. Please check in there. I don't know how kind Mr. Scale will be during the holidays...but we must still remain accountable! See ya there! (I promise a poem ! tee hee!)

12-20-2001, 10:15 PM
Just have a min. My DD put the muffler through the car!! UGH! then boyscouts. I am so tired that i am ready to go to sleep.

Dana i love the snow balls. but my kids have managed to drop all of mine and i will have to wait till they are oldenough to leave them alone. LOL that will be never then i will be to old and want them gone as they will have to be dusted!!! DH was so sweet to do that!!

Pat i am so glad that your party went nice. that was a very thoughtful gift!

Wat a very though provoking post. very good. i will have to read it over several times. I too am used to failure and not to success. so this is some thing new for me. it is a fear of success that is holding me. i know i want it but what is it going to mean? Where will I be then. Some food for thought.

BOO I have put my kids after my work so many times that i know how you feel. and in my field there is not always some one to take over. and i know how it feels for you to do that. What kind of work do you do at home??? I am curious.

12-21-2001, 06:16 AM
Hi all
Well another week went by. ANd x-mas is almost here. I am not ready and can't wait till it is over. Actually if It was cancelled I would be happy!! Maybe next year. The food at my clinic is unbeleivable. I finally brought in all I had here at home so I wouldn't snack on it here. So there are no cookies or candy in the house . But I have caved. My system is so off!! Water intake is better. ANd I am trying not to be so hard on myself. did 2 workouts this week. which is better than none at all. Still retaining carb water though. Mega whine. It is almost over.

Sue how did your thing go?

Dana the computer thing any better?

B00 how are you?

Where are our other passengers?
Miss you guys

Will try and check in this weekend

12-21-2001, 05:06 PM
Nibiling today but i know that i have my christmas party tonight. so i will have a bet off plan. I am staying withjin reason and not going whole hog. So i will ride for the rest of the day. sat will be a new day and stronger resolution.

My thing went fine i talked to my self. but that is ok i was a dry run. I do not expect anybopdy to be there oon the holidays, so I was OK with it. the next one will be on jan 8. so watch out here i come!!!

12-21-2001, 10:37 PM
I just wrote along post but pushed the new post button instead of the reply. That makes me mad. So here goes again. I'm not getting on the scale today. It's that time of month and I've gorged all week except today. I'm ashamed to get on anyways this monthly thing makes me put water weight on anyhow. Anyways next Friday You bet I'll weigh in. I hit rock bottom this week with my weight issue. So last night I decided I need to make changes in the way i'm going about trying to lose. I get discouraged when the scale isn't nice to me and mess up. I ate alot of fresh fruit today with alot of water. I feel pretty good today for the first time this week. My weight is destroying my life/marriage. I'm so grumpy my husband said he cant take it anymore. I wish I could tell him what's wrong with me but I can't. I don't know how I got to this point. I think about dieting and food 24/7. I haven't slept good in 3 wks. I'm up all night off and on thinking about dieting and why I'm failing. I've decided to take back the control. I realize the slim-fast is full of carbs but I've gorged so much lately that I just can't handle food right now. I can't wait to get back OP but for a couple of day's I've got to get this bloatness over with. I'm making one change at a time instead of all at once and maybe I'll do it this time.

12-23-2001, 10:26 PM

I havent had a lot of time to be online lately but I do have a few days off during holiday and I am getting over the cold and sore throat thing.........

I hope everyone has a great holiday and I will talk to everyone later.........


12-26-2001, 04:18 AM
Hey, Hey, hey!!!!!!!! My Fellow Weight Warriors......Geeze I disappear for just a while and what do I find! My girls about to give up and discusted. People falling aside like Indians at Wounded knee!!!

I have not gained or lost but then TOM has been here for 7 weeks now! Guess who has a Doctors appointment! Girls I am tired!!!!!
I have spent that time cracking pecans and studing my Atkins book so as not to have the problems I did before. Not read studied!!!! Susie Q you were right as was Pat not enough food and starvation mode went into full swing!I have some real medical issues to get sorted out and then watch out my Darlins...because I am back as soon as I can get rid of Tom!!!!!

I have put away 7 Gallons of pecans in my freezer so far and have a 51 lbs bag of unshelled pecans in my bedroom in a double garbage bag!!! 51 lbs......aand I can't move that bag to save my life!!!! I am carrying around twice that no wonder it is so hard to function and I get so tired. Hubby is still picking pecans and we will take them to the shelling center as my hands are swollen and can't do anymore! I have shelled darn near 50 lbs already, by hand!!!!!! I told Dan to leave that bag in my bedroom to walk around and feel the weight of it as a reminder. Come on now my Darlins we are approaching a brand new year, untouched and clean an whole new start lets make it a wonder to behold!!!!

Have A Happy New Year!!!!!!!! May Serenity, Health, Joy, Happiness, Abundance and Love be your constant Companions now and always.
Love, Pam
Come on Lee lets be a force to recon with!!!!!!

12-26-2001, 07:03 AM
Good Morning all!!

Well x-mas is over!! I am not sorry to see it go by any means. I didn't really have a nice one. ANd most of that had to do with me. I am sorry to say. Family stuff can be so complicated. Anyway, I am back and able to focus again!

DH got me new sweats size ....... (DRUM ROLL PLEASE)
18-20!!!! and they fit great! He also got me an ab-roller. So I can work on my flabby gut. I will be using that this morning. It also looks like I will be using my snow shoes as teh lake effect machine is on full force here( our payment for the spring like fall) so have I got snow!!!
The new job is going fine. My neck continues to slowly improve. What a pain no pun intended. I am eager to see teh 220's however Unless something drastic happens I probably will be a week behind in acheiveing that goal.

Pam it is so nice to see you posting. I am on the bus but a little battered. Got duct tape glue all over me. The next couple of days will be **** as I have to go thru carb withdrawel again. What are you doing with all those pecans? Hope your holiday was grand.

Terri Merry x-mas to you too!

B00- How are you doing? You seem to be in a bad place before the holidays>

Sue Merry x-mas, how were your holidays?

Dana Have a great holiday with teh kids home? how is the computer? Did you pick out your furnature yet?

Well I am off to the ab roller. Water water water!!! Must purge my system>

12-26-2001, 07:53 PM
Hi guys. I am here and haVING A CARB HANGOVER.

BOO we are here. take it one day at a time and pllease do not stop. just one step today thatis all we ask. maske the decision to take control over your self. do not st your sights tto high, be patient it will take time to get the weight off and will be up and down. but now that the push for the holidays is over lets all start to amek a goal for valentines day. that is far enough in the future that we can make a reasoable goal and still make it far enough to be able to see some progress. it is 7 weeks away. We all can do that.

7 weeks i will go for 10 lbs!!! (10 after i lose this water weight that i have put on. so that will be down to 170 start weight)

Pat i so am glad that it is over, i can now restart to focus. i am having a hard time to get on the uter for any times when the kids are home!!! UGH> they are hitting me up for maore attention!!! got to go.

Pam glad to see you posting and back such a worm message and that 50 lbs of pecans i would love to have in my bedroom not only as a remeinder but for the munchies!!!.

Lee and Terri HI too

Dana I know you are fighting the kids so i will just say HI!!!

12-27-2001, 07:56 AM
Hi All,

I had an OP day yesterday!! WHat a great feeling!!!. Water OK, lo carb foods and worked out too!!! It is so good toi be able to focus and not have a fight to stay OP. Thank God There was just the usual candy dish in the chart room!! We are getting such winter weather here!!! There is snow in the forcast for the next 2 weeks. I plan on breaking out the snow shoes this weekend!!Now there is a workout.

Sue carb hangovers are the worst!! Can't wait till mine is gone

Dana, kick that kid off the computer for 5 mins!!!

B00 How are you making out?

Terri , Pam where are you?

Well off to teh workout room