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07-04-2007, 09:16 PM
I just LOVE olives!
Months ago I noticed under Fats that I could have 9-10 olives.
So I got some and they made me gain weight! More then likely water weight because of the salt.
I am just wondering if anyone here has olives for a fat? Is there low sodium olives?

07-05-2007, 10:14 AM
I use them sometimes when I am making my "taco salad". I just rinse them off as best I can and then go for it. I haven't noticed any weight gain from them, but I only use them occasionally.

By the way, the taco salad I make is like this...

Morningstar Farms Spicy Black Bean Burger (one or two, according to plan)
3c lettuce
5 scallions
1 or 2 oz rf cheddar
9 black olives, sliced
1 hard taco shell, toasted and crumbled
1 1/2T rf sour cream
1 1/2T salsa

Using the olives and the full 2oz of cheese really makes it taste like something you get in a restaurant. It so tastes like you're cheating. I put everything into a big bowl and then use one of the rectangular chopper blades like they do at the salad places at the mall food court and it combines everything into bite size pieces and the salsa and sour cream get on the whole thing and you only need that little bit. Then I add the taco shell on top. The whole thing counts as P,V,V,D,Fa,C,C,C,S.

Repo girl
07-05-2007, 10:31 AM
Is the shell a starch? I do mine a lot the same, and squeeze a lime over it. So yummy!

07-05-2007, 10:52 AM
Yep, it's a starch. Changed the counts 'cause I forgot it. And I do the lime too!

Depending on what I have left for the day, I'll cut the dairy to 1/2, or leave out the fat or starch. But it's really good with all of it.