LA Weight Loss - The All Natural Peanut Butter Diet

07-04-2007, 02:29 AM
Found this diet on another site thought I would post it here for you guys.


Let’s look at the breakdown of the diet;

These are the supplements and foods that will be needed on this diet…
Multi Vitamins/Minerals (generic versions are fine)
Vitamin C, E, A, D
4 Jars ANPB (local grocery store)
3-5lbs. of whey protein - Get non flavored or a flavored w/ minimal carbs.
1 tbsp. measuring spoon

(1) Figure out your Basal Metabolic Rate (BMR), this number will usually be weight x 12 for most people. For example, if I’m 200lbs., my BMR= 2400 (200*12).

(2) Take your BMR number and multiply it by 0.95, this will allow for a 5% deficit from your BMR (.95=95%, which is 100-5). For the 200lbs. example, the BMR is 2400*.95= 2280 calories, this will be your daily caloric intake. This number will be called DBMR (dieting BMR).

(3) Look at your ANPB jar: 2tbsp. of ANPB = 200cal., 16g fat, 5g carbs (7-2fiber), 7g protein. Now, take your DBMR and multiply it by 0.75, this will give you’re your PBMR. In our example of 2280 calories, this would be 2280 (DBMR) * 0.75 = 1710 calories = PBMR.

(4) Take your PBMR number and divide it by 200, now take the number you get and multiply it by 2. In our example, 1710/200=8.55; 8.55*2= 17.1 (round down). Thus, we have 17. This number is the number of ANPB spoons you’ll have a day; thus, in our case we can have 17tbsp. of ANPB.

(5) Take your DBMR – PBMR = RBMR, take RMBR and divide it by 4, this will give you the amount of protein (grams) you take in per day. In our case, 2280 – 1710 = 570; 570/4 = 142.5 (round up) = 143 g protein per day.

Therefore, in our example, this 200lbs. person would be eating 17tbsp. of ANPB per day and 143g protein (whey protein) per day. If he was to have 6 meals, this would be about 2.8 tbsp. of peanut butter per meal w/ 23g protein per meal. If you were to use your ratios, this would be done by taking your number of tbsp. per day divide by 6 and take your protein intake per day and do the same. This will vary depending on the amount of meals you have.

For our example, this individual would be taking in:
2280 cal per day – 72 fiber cal = 2208 calories total
136g fat per day, 1224 calories (55%)
203 g protein per day, 812 calories (37%)
43 g carbs per day, 172 calories (8%)

Take 2-3 tabs of Multi vit/min, 500mg Vit C per day, 2 caps Vit E and 1 tab of the vit A/D combo. For the calcium, 500mg per day.

So, with this easy to follow diet you’ll get some amazing ratios: 55%fat/37%protein/8%carbs.

07-04-2007, 10:45 AM
That much fat would make me feel sick - and I LOVE peanut butter.

Sorry - I think any diet that restricts what you can eat to one (or two or three!) foods is ridiculous. Unless I wanted to eat upwards of a cup of peanut butter every day for the rest of my life, this just sounds foolish.

Just my opinion. Seems unbalanced and unhealthy to me, but I am by no means an expert.


07-11-2007, 08:56 AM
Eating pretty much nothing but peanut butter is unhealthy. It isn't a balanced plan-it is a crash diet.

07-11-2007, 09:53 AM
OMG . . . Kyle2227 . . . please come back and tell us you're kidding . . . you've got to be kidding . . . :hug: