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12-13-2001, 03:18 AM
Listen up girls, cuz I just discovered something that will help us in reading all the posts without going to the 2nd page! We can control the number of posts that appear on a page! You need to go to 'profile' at the top of the page. Then choose 'edit options'. Then scroll down towards the bottom where it says 'default posts per threads' and in the drop down box at the right you can choose how many posts you would like to view - it gives you many choices. And - it works! I set mine to 30 and even tho our thread says 2 pages - I can see everyone's on one view! We have been starting a new thread after 29 because in the past the 30th started on a new page ... but now, with this option we can go to 30 or even back to 40 on one thread if we wish. (40 is the max) So let's take a vote - 30? or 40?

I posted this on our regular thread .... but then, thought it would probably get noticed a bit more if I made a separate thread out of it also.

PLEASE NOTE: I made a poll out of this one ... look above the title of thread .... vote for 30 or 40. I set the poll for 5 days. This was a good chance to try out the poll option, don't you think?

Later ...
Love, CJ