Mini-Goals - my trip to forever 21.

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06-04-2007, 02:25 AM
i had not gone into a forever 21 store for a very very long time and knowing how they basically only cater to sizes small to large i had no desire to do so. well today while i was at the mall, i decided to go inside and check things out being that ive lost some weight. to make a long story short i found a cute top in MEDIUM (it was stretch) that actually fit and it looked so adorable expect for the fact that the sleeves where "choking" my arms lol. alright well that might not be such a "goal" but what was a goal for me is the fact that i went in there and i felt alright.. i didnt feel like i was the biggest one in there or that people where going to look at me funny because of my size.. i actually felt normal today and thats a mini goal for sure.

06-04-2007, 02:40 AM
Way to go girl. I cringe walking my my old favorite clothing stores, knowing nothing in there is going to fit me right just yet..But one day :D

06-04-2007, 02:47 AM
Hey, I think that is a great NSV! :)

06-04-2007, 05:50 AM
Congratulations on your NSV, I bet your on cloud nine way to go. Keep up the good work :)

Miss Princess
06-04-2007, 05:02 PM
I love their clothes. I found some cute nautical stuff I really liked but I cant fit into right now.. My bf is a sailor so I love anything like that :) Congrats girl!